InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Teacher! Teacher! ❯ Teacher! Teacher! ( Chapter 1 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Teacher! Teacher!
By Inu Hanyou Nikkie
Summary: InuYasha Yamaguchi can't wait any longer for Kagome to be of age so he makes plans to take her. Hard and powerfully. What does it matter that he has a class going on… (From my On Your Knees, Bitch, You Are MINE!!! World)

Warning(s): What looks like N/C, Dom Male, Older Male/Younger Female. OYK Inu Muse is BACK and cooperating!
Disclaimer : I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi and known affiliates. I am only using them for pure entertainment value.
Teacher! Teacher!
The over six foot tall gorgeous male moved about his classroom with strong, purposeful strides and movements. His ass-length, thick, waterfall of ebony-black hair with smoky highlights swayed and swung with each motion behind him caressing his tight ass with each pass. Pausing a moment, a strong hand came up to brush thick, unruly bangs out of pewter coloured eyes.
He narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized the set up of the classroom's easels about the back two-thirds of his classroom. He had re-arranged them three times so far and now, finally, they were positioned properly for his goal. His favourite student's preferred easel was placed at the furthest end of the classroom tucked out of the way and very close to the floor length curtains which were now closed.
The only light source would come from the two floor lamps that shone brilliantly down upon the still life he had created in the middle of the circling easels. Once the classroom lights were turned off, the room would be thrown into utter blackness that would act as his cover for his `feeding'.
He smirked and the tip of one `fang' looking canine peeked out from between his full lips. Perfect.
It was all perfect.
He glanced up at the school clock and noted it was only five minutes till his final class of the day showed up. That sent a surge through his body, making his nipples erect under his black, tight muscle shirt and his more than generous cock harden up in his snug, black leather pants. Just a little longer until he would take what is his and always has been his since he first caught sight of her.
Kagome Higurashi.
The petite girl with the odd coloured eyes one was a sapphire-blue and the other a smoky-quartz-grey who would only come up to his chest in height. Her waist thick length, wavy, black hair with the bluish highlights her stunning eyes framed by unruly bangs. She had a fiery temper and a stubborn streak that match his own.
The now sixteen-year-old female teen.
His strength and his downfall.
His lust.
His Angel to his Demon.
His succubus to his incubus.
His dark desires.
His heart and soul's mate.
His deepest love.
As he let his thoughts trail off to Kagome his hand slipped down to his straining-to-tent-those-pants cock and stroke softly. Because he had gone commando that day he could feel the metal of the zipper's teeth press into the throbbing skin of his cock and it only sent trills of pleasure through his heated blood. His hand applied pressure gently and he let his fingers pressed down to stimulate his weeping cock head. His tongue slipped out from between his lips and ever so slowly licked the top lip - sensuously. He wished it was Kagome's sweet honeyed pussy he was licking instead.
Soon, very soon.
Then his prey would enter his predator's trap he had lying in wait.
Then he would feed…
The bell rung announcing the final period of the school day and InuYasha made his way to his desk to sit down neatly covering up the obvious sign of his state of arousal. Then the chatting, giggling, and playing students came in in small to medium sized groups. InuYasha knew that Kagome would always be the last one as she always spoke to her teachers at the end of every class before heading off to the next one.
His students went to their favourite easel to check out the composition of the still life before stowing their gear away after removing what they needed for the assignment from their bookbags - their brushes and pencils. They then went to the cupboards to pull out paints, sleeved aprons for protecting their uniforms and water jars for brushes.
She entered the class last during the bustle of activity and he sucked in a breath at her beauty. She had her top two buttons undone in this summery weather. Her uniform scarf was pulled apart to hang loosely on either side of her neck (like many of the other students had done with the heat). She gave him one of her brilliant smiles and went to her easel.
Once his class was settled in, he gave them their assignment. A completed painting by the end of the final bell. They were to leave their painting on the easels and head home for the weekend. Their grade would be given to them on Monday. They could listen to music but their eyes were to remain on their paintings and on the still life only. They also couldn't ask for any help from anyone including himself. This assignment was meant to look for their strengths and weaknesses.
Then he flicked off the classroom lights and the room was plunged into darkness.
He laughed silently as his students went immediately to work on their assignment. He only needed to make his way to Kagome now and with his black clothing he blended in to the shadows. In the time that it would take him to slip slowly around to her, she would be deep in her concentration of her work and vulnerable.
He stepped backwards carefully and quietly until he reached the curtains and slipped himself behind them. The curtains would act as a secret passageway to his prey. He felt his cock throb hard at the soon-to-be fucking-her reality. He moved with such deliberate slowness that no one would notice the movement even if they glanced up at the curtains.
Then he was behind Kagome, he slipped free from the curtains to stand behind her. His predatory smile turned darker.
So vulnerable.
So easy.
So fucked.
He reached out and clamped a hand over her mouth at the same time he wrapped an arm around her body. She was trapped against his body. Her eyes widened in shock and fear. Her trembling form against him only served to heighten his hunger.
Lowering his mouth to her ear, he whispered his vile words, “Now Kagome, be quiet. You wouldn't want your classmates to think you were trying to get them in trouble would you? Not when your grades rely on this assignment.” A lie at the end but needed to get her to remain quiet and pliant in his arms for what he wanted from her.
Kagome nodded her head, a tear slipped down her face.
“That's a good grrrl, Kagome. Just like that,” InuYasha purred quietly into her ear before he let his tongue come out to trace the shell of her ear slowly. “Just follow my instructions, my sweet bitch, and I won't hurt you.”
He let his hand wander up from her waist to pull her scarf free, he bundled it up into a large ball.
“Now Kagome, my bitch I want you to open your mouth and make no fucking noises, do you understand?” He growled lowly as he pressed kisses to her creamy neck.
She nodded again and more tears slipped free. She opened her mouth and he removed his hand. The other hand brought the balled up scarf to her mouth and used it to plug her mouth and muffle any future noises effectively.
“Baby grrrl, you are to keep on painting while you let me prepare your sweet pussy for my hard cock. You want it don't you? You've been craving my hard cock in your filthy, soaking pussy haven't you? Wanting me to make you a real woman. Well, Kagome, my sweet bitch, today is your lucky day. I'm tired of your fucking teasing me with your so pure white panties. Of your seductive looks you throw at me of your eyes promising me that me and my cock will be the only things you scream for.”
InuYasha had dropped his hand down to Kagome's blue skirt and was sliding his hand up her inner thigh to her covered pussy. There he cupped her suddenly and let his middle finger slowly spread her pussy lips apart so the fabric was pressing into her most secret place. Using his finger, he started to stroke her until he got her clit swelling enough to attack with his fingers. As he did this he nuzzled the side of her neck and pressed open mouthed kisses to her exposed skin. He would pause in his worship of her neck to languidly drag his tongue up from the collar of her uniform to her ear.
Kagome closed her eyes shut and trembled more. Her favourite teacher had his hand between her legs and was fondling her and he was seducing her with his kisses making her body react in ways she didn't want. She couldn't believe he would do such a thing to her and in his classroom!
Once InuYasha felt the dripping of her honey start he used his hand to whip her panties to the side and cup her fully with no barrier. His other hand had stealthily made its way up under her shirt to pull down the soft cups of her bra and pinch her nipples.
InuYasha smirked against her neck as he moved his middle finger to suddenly penetrate her heated, slick core before he pressed the side of his face to hers and panted with his ministrations to her soaking core.
“Whoops, looks like my finger slipped, baby grrrl,” he teased maliciously. His finger began a leisurely pumping motion in and out, in and out. Letting Kagome know exactly what was going to come when he filled her with his cock.
He hummed his pleasure against her neck. His nose nuzzling her skin. Little puffs of heated breath passed over her flesh making goosebumps form and a low moan vibrate her throat behind her gag.
His hands worked in unison.
One hand buried between her legs with two fingers now plunging in and out of her oiled slit and his other hand squeezing, pinching, and fondling her breasts under her shirt. Her breast nearly fit in his whole hand with fingers spread out.
Kagome felt her legs becoming weak and in response to her body's reaction to InuYasha's finger-fucking she spread her legs apart granting his more access with muffled moaning. Her hips began to move in time to his fingers as they danced in and out of her pussy, throwing droplets of her honey down her legs and coating his hand.
This was what InuYasha was waiting for, Kagome to be wet enough for him to take her and fuck her into next week. His honey coated hand flew to his pants and gripping his zipper tab, pulled the zipper down to release his eager sword. His honeyed hand made a tight fist around his cock and he fisted himself a few times to spread her slick honey. Lubricating his cock up for entry.
Bending his knees somewhat, he positioned his cock to her pussy letting his pre-cum dripping bloated head pressed snuggly against her slit. He gripped her opposite breast tightly keeping her pinned against his body.
“Now baby grrrl, don't you dare make any fucking noise…” was the only warning he gave her before his honeyed hand gripped her leg tightly and his hips snapped forward and up burying his cock to the hilt within her incredibly tight body as she gasped soundlessly at the sudden penetration in her body. InuYasha groaned silently into Kagome's neck as he drowned in the strangling feeling around his cock.
So good.
So fucking good.
It was heaven, pure heaven and the deepest hells.
“You feel so good, Kagome, so very good. You are such a good grrrl.”
He didn't wait for her to adjust to his length and thickness before his was pistioning in her pussy hard and fast. His hand had moved up to her pussy again and he held her tighter. He used his hand to push her groin and her greedy inner walls into his cock harder. He loved the way he could feel his surging cock as it plunged deep within the zipper teeth biting against her soft flesh before retreating back out and the ridge of his cock head tickled his fingertips. Loved the way her walls pulsed and throbbed making his own throbbing in his cock greater.
His cock twitched as he jerked it harder in Kagome. She whimpered in response to his increasing tempo, his harder thrusts.
Kagome could feel her nectar as it trickled down the inside of her legs. She was lost to her body's responses to her teachers aggressive fucking of her pussy. She knew she would be bruised from his assault upon her.
InuYasha felt his eyes roll up and back into his head from the intensity of surging in and out of Kagome's body with her pussy sucking on his cock hungrily, greedily. Felt so incredible.
Felt so fucking good.
He reached deeper in her with his cock.
Knew that his leather pants were being coated in her glistening honey.
“Oh, fuck me, fuck me, yes, baby grrrl. So good, you're so good to me. So fucking hot. So incredibly fucking tight. Fuck me! You're strangling my cock…” He breathed harshly into her ear.
He was tattooing his cock's shape inside her pussy for all eternity. Marking her with his claim of ownership. She was his and only his! He swore he felt like he was pounding the walls of her uterus with his lunges. Oh fuck, how he could pound her honey out of her for the rest of her life and still not get enough of her.
Oh fuck!! If only his cock had a mouth and tongue! He would lick up her honey straight from her walls and drink down her nectar.
He drilled her even harder and stronger adding little swivels of his hips to stroke her walls not caring anymore but for his own black desires and his own hungry needs. He could feel her moving in time to him as much as she could in his tight grip. The sudden pulsing of her walls alerted him to her upcoming orgasm and he upped his pace. Curving his body more into hers as he strove to fuck her with inhuman force and power just to force her to cum all over his cock; making the taking and claiming of Kagome so much easier.
Then she shattered - her walls clamped like a noose around his cock and cried out soundlessly in her climax and yet he still pounded her hard and fast… without mercy or tenderness. InuYasha managed to siphoned off two more orgasms from Kagome before he finally felt his balls tighten into rocks and draw up against his body and then he was spraying her walls with his creamy thick cum. He pressed his face into her shoulder and growled out his orgasm. He shot off so many sprays that he had never done before in his previous ejaculations. Then he slumped against her body as his cock continued to throb and jerk inside her locking pussy as she struggled and trembled to keep them upright and not collapse herself.
When they opened their eyes that they didn't know had closed they saw they were all alone in the classroom. All the students had finished their assignment and left without them ever knowing. Kagome's own painting was barely even touched, but her - extra credit - performance pleasing InuYasha so much it meant he would give her an extremely good grade.
Kagome lifted her sweaty head up and turned furious and tear filled eyes towards her teacher and he blinked at her lazily - cockily… satisfied.
“Damnit InuYasha! How many times have I told you, not during class!! We could get caught, you jerk! See if you get any pussy time for a month cause this kitty is pissed!!”

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