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Sailor Moon's Tentacle Adventure:

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon.

Warning: This is a dirty, dirrrty story. Put it simply, Sailor Moon X Tentacle Youma.


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It was past midnight, the moon was bright and dominant in the night sky. Stars twinkled faintly from a far, but up close the city lights cast a light glow above the city.

Usagi was exhausted and on her way home. A youma attacked the city near midnight and it was up to her and the scouts to stop it. It was after one am not, and all the scouts went their separate ways to go home and bury themselvs in soft blankets.

Yawning she stumbled forward and was about to make her trek out across the park. Her blue eyes took in the scene, everything from empty swings to the vacant tunnel. It was completely empty except for her. The only sound was the nearby passing car, and the wind stirring the branches of trees and the faint sound of squeaking swings and the wind gently rocked them back and forth. A shiver traveled down her spine, and she took a double look. The hair on the back of her neck stood up, and she couldn't help the eerie feeling that settled in her gut. Something didn't feel right. Usagi's slender fingers touched her brooch in caution, ready for anything that came her way.

What she encountered, was not what she was expecting though.

"Cheehahaaaa." A quiet whisper reached her ears, she spun around so fast her blond hair whipped around. Nothing, she didn't see anything. Her heart was pounding against her rib cage as she now clutched her brooch in anxiety. A slithering sound caught her attention, she turned to her right to look. Before she knew it, she was slammed into and she was sent flying a few feet. She screamed in pain as her slender frame crashed to the cement ground. Scrapes started to bleed from her pale skin.

A shadow scurried past her and before her tired mind could process what was going on she felt her ankle being grabbed and she was picked up and thrown again. She landed further into the park landing behind some bushes, withering in pain.

"Think fast Usagi!" She tried to boost her confidence. "Moon dust this thing!" Grabbing her brooch she reached high shouting,
"Moon prism make UP!" A glow of colors and ribbons swirled around her, she could feel her strength returning and her heart warming with love and power. Where once stood a blond odango now stood, Sailor Moon.

Still panting for breath she walked out back into the clearing, ready in fight mood. Her eyes scanned the scenery but It looked empty, but she now knew better. It snuck up on her once, she couldn't let it happen again!

"Come out creep, so I can moon dust you!!"

"Cheehahaaaa" It sounded like a hushed voiced, breathing out. "Little girl, are you ready now?" The voice challenged.

"You bet your ass I am!!" Sailor Moon yelled.

"Bet your own ass Blondie. Be prepared, I am ready for you!" Fog started to swirl around gathering tightly in a small tornado form. Dirt picked up and Sailor Moon shielded her face to protect her eyes. When the winds of fog slowed she dared a peek from behind her fingers. Her blue eyes widened in astonishment.

The last swirls of fog disappeared, and a youma stood glaring back at her with yellow eyes. The youma was noticeably standing taller than herself. Her face had defined features, high cheek bones, perfect nose. Her skin was a deep purple. Smooth and flawless and her naked breasts were huge. Where her upper body was petite but noticeably strong with muscles rippling beneath her skin- her hips were wide with tentacles holding her up instead of feet. Four blue, large tentacles with small sucklers oozing green slime.Not only her "legs" were tentacles but her arms too.

"Oh, my god." was all Sailor Moon could think of, all her witty fight speeches left her mind before she could grasp them. Standing before her looked like a creature from some poor smut video.

"Sailor Moon, chehhh. Are you ready for me?" the youma smiled, licking her lips.

Every fiber in her being told her to run, to call for back up. But she found herself stuck, all her courage oozed out of her pores in fear as a sheen layer of sweat formed above her brows. Sailor Moon felt like if she moved a muscle she would crumble.

"Ready, or not...Here...I....come....haa!!" The youma quickly slithered, charging straight for Sailor Moon and it took everything in her to throw her body to the side. Tuck and roll. The youma charged past, quickly spinning around and charging again. Sailor Moon jumped to her feet, her scepter forming in the air between her fingers. Not fast enough, for the youma slammed into her with a wicked laugh as it watched the blond haired senshi fly a few feet away landing with a thud. Sailor Moon was struggling to stand up when the youma started to speak.

"You stupid human, I heard so much talk about the strength and will power of the scouts. And I have yet to see this bravery, chah!"

"You know NOTHING about such a thing, freak!" Sailor Moon screamed, her cheeks flushing with anger. Her knees were shaking, but she could NOT let fear fog her judgment.

"I know enough!! You humans are pathetic, you and this stupid planet."

"Shut up!"

"NO-YOU shut up Sailor Moon. We all stand back and watch as man kind destroys this planet, little by little. You and everyone else corrupt this planet, there is no saving it now. I'm not here to take it from you, or to take your powers. No, chehhah ha, I am not!" The tentacle creature moved fast, making a B line for Sailor Moon but before reaching her, disappeared.

Sailor Moon's blue eyes frantically searched around, looking for any clue. But there was nothing. Vibrations beneath her feet startled her. Beneath her, But how?! She made for a quick jump for the tree branches but the ground tore open as the youma reached up grabbing her and jerking her back down. The slime tentacles wrapped around her shoulders and another one wrapped around her waist, holding her securely.

"Chah! Sailor Moon, we are not taking over your planet. You humans disgust me. We want nothing to do with this dying planet. All we need is you, or should we say, the females." The youma whispered behind her.
"You see, from where I come from its the male species that carry the children. But after a terrible war, all our males have been killed off! We searched hard and long, and the only other species that carry almost the same reproductive organs are the females from your race."
Sailor Moon's eyes widened, her body trembled with fear, for hope to survive this! But hope diminished when she felt the large breasts from her captor press against her back and a warm tongue lick her ear. A black glow started to surround the both of them.The darker the sphere got the less she could see. Trapped in the sphere and hold of her captor Sailor Moon could only watch as they were lifted and held suspended in thin air before all went dark. Tears of frustration leaked down her cheeks as she struggled to get free.

"Please!" She whimpered and half choked out. "Please d-don't do this!" Sailor Moon was trapped, and she knew it. Her only hope was that Tuxedo mask felt her transform, and will be on his way with the others.

A long wet tentacle slid up her side, brushing against her breast startling her from her thoughts. She felt her nipple harden from the contact. The tentacle was pressing itself against her nipple and she could feel the small sucklers working on her breast threw the thin senshi material of her senshi suit .She gasped and kicked back with her red heeled boots. The tentacle around her shoulders tightened, crushing her rib cage. A scream erupted from her lips as two more tentacles wrapped around both of her ankles. They slid up her long boot covered legs until they reached her bare knees. Each one wrapped themselves around her knees and forced them and apart.

"Cheh there we go, child. We shouldn't have anymore problems now, shall we?" The youma said, with lust dripping with every word.

Sailor Moon's heart beat rapidly against her rib cage, she could feel the blood rushing threw her veins and pounding in her ears. She could feel the warm tentacles on her skin like hot acid. Hot, wet, and powerful. She struggled more, whimpering out soft pleas that fell on deaf ears.
Another tentacle slipped up her neck, the hard end tracing her lips.

Thump Thump Thump her heat raced.

"Scream, and I will kill you" The youma promised, as she teased Sailor Moon's lips. The sucklers oozed slime all over her dry lips, and it dripped down her chin. The senshi of love and justice could feel the sucklers on her nipples, rubbing against her breasts, curling and squeezing them. It was sending her brain all kinds of pleasure waves that she couldn't ignore.

Another tentacle brushed underneath her fuku, brushing against her ass as it slid between her legs to the front, pressing against her pussy.
Blue eyes widened as Sailor Moon panicked screaming in fear.

"STOP!!! Pleeease! Please someone!" Green slime stretched from one lip to the other, dripping into her mouth. It was hot, and thick like warming jelly.

Quickly the youma shoved its tentacle into her mouth gagging the senshi and cutting off her obnoxious screams. Sailor Moon gagged and it took everything in her to stop from vomiting.

She could feel her cheeks burn in shame. Unable to yell out, unable to break free, sailor Moon felt helpless. Helpless, and scared. Her eyes burned and she could feel her cheeks wet with tears.

Thump thump thump thump

The park was empty, but for her and the youma.

Thump thump thump

She could feel the hard tentacle moving on her pussy.

Thump thump thump

Her heart racing.

Thump thump thump

The sound of the bottom of her fuku ripping was loud to her ears. Couldn't any one else hear it?

Thump thump thump

Sailor Moon's pussy was bare,her blone mound open to the fresh air. She could feel the tentacles heat as it once again covered her pussy. Dipping into her lips, wet, it slid across her clit with ease. The soft bumps of the tentacles adding stimulation. Back and forth it moved, rubbing itself against her.

Blue eyes slid shut, defeated. The thumping of her heart, and the breathing of the youma was all the senshi could hear.

Her pussy was getting hot, and her own juice was starting to seep out from her vagina. All these sensations were new to her and she could feel her whole body warming up.

The thick tentacle wiggled freely, now moving in circles around her clit and Sailor Moon groaned in pleasure. She felt pressure at her entrance, another tentacle she knew. It pushed against her until her vagina opened taking it in. Her virgin pussy was tight, but the invader worked slowly to relax her inner walls. It pulled out slightly before pushing further into her. Pulling, pushing until it was several inches deep.

"Your so tight Sailor Moon, your pussy is clamping around me. It wont be too much longer, I promise." The youma's voice sounded sultry.

The youma waited a few moments before it moved again. Pulling out slowly, Sailor Moon felt the bumps of sucklers. Could this be what a ribbed dildo felt like?

The long tentacle thrust back into her wet pussy and yanked out again. It pushed back in and continued with deep thrusts.





Sailor Moon could hear soft moaning, and realized it was coming from herself. The thick tentacle thrusting deep into her vagina made her head swarm with pleasure. The aroma of sex was heavy.

Her toes started to curl, the pleasures were becoming too much. Dots started to dance behind her eye lids.

One last thrust deep inside of her she felt her pussy clench. The tentacle burst filling her pussy with hot semen and she let out one last moan as she felt her first orgasm wash over her.

When the tentacle pulled out, Sailor Moon knew it took her virginity with her.

Exhausted and panting heavy, she felt the youma start to move. Sliding out of her mouth Sailor Moon's jaw finally relaxed shut. Slowly the darkness receded as she saw the city lights come into focus. The ground was getting closer and she realized once her warm body touched the cool grass the youma laid her down.

"Sweet dreams Sailor Moon. Ch Ch Chaah"

Sailor Moon watched the youma fade into the night before she let her eyes close as she slipped into a deep sleep.

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