Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Costume ❯ Chapter 1

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Note 1: Pokémon is copyrighted by Nintendo Inc., Game Freaks, Creatures Inc, ViZ, 4Kids, & Pokémon USA from 1994 to 3994. All rights reserved. Don't send the Sharpedo-like lawyers after me.
Note 2: This takes place in the game universe.
A "Pokémon" Fan-Fiction
by Dr. Thinker

Jasmine sighed. Recently a hurricane damaged her Pokémon gym in the Olivine City, Johto region. Jasmine was told that it would a week before her gym would be ready for her trainers.

Six years ago, Jasmine trained rock Pokémon like Brock of Kanto, Roxanne of Heonn, and Roark of Sinnoh. She was thinking of heading back to catch some more Onix--and try to defeat Roark--then recall that Roark had a nasty Golem with the following Earthquake--and even level 100 Steelix would have problems with--even it's half Steel Pokémon, it's still half Rock Pokémon-and she heard rumors that Roark has a habit of following his dad, Bryon, in fossil work.

She recalled a two trainers that come by her three years, Eric Mustard and his rival which was only know by the name of the Sliver. Sliver was upset that was she taking care of Amphy, an Ampharos, a electric-type Pokémon that looked a odd mixture of a naked sheep, a tall human, and a Pikachu. If it wasn't for Eric Mustard, Amphy would still back sick or worse--dead.
She knows she was suffering boredom--which she didn't have to much. She decide to digging something out from the closet. It was a long gray robe with a gray Onix mask. She recalled that wearing it when she was the Johto's Rock Gym Leader--but when her main Onix involved into Steelix--around the time that some members of Eevee started to evolve into Espeon and Umbreon. The Pokémon League started doing some researching helped by the Devon, a company in Heonn. Steven Stone had reveal that Steel-type Pokémon exists--which Steelix was one of them. Lt. Surge and Seven found out that her two Magnemite, are steel Pokémon was well. They even visit her Sinnoh in their Steel Pokémon researching.
As she handled the costume. She come to the point where of the costume where her hands would send Pokéballs up though the mouth of the Onix--this surprised both Pokémon trainers both within the gym.. Just before the evolving of her Steelix , Master Red and Gym Leader Green decided on battling the Johto Gym Leaders. Red was too shocked--and asked his Venusaur to do figure out on to handle the Pokémon send out by the strange Gym Leader. Green was different--his Charizard burned the costume---revealing Jasmine's true form to the gym trainers.

One of the Pokéballs rolled out of the mouth of the costume--and landed by Jasmine's feet. She picked up the Pokéball--and send it out. A very small rock snake Pokémon--a very small Onix. The baby of her two
Onix. Onix looked up at Jasmine--and started kissing her feet. Jasmine know that she need to train her baby Onix so it can become a large Steelix.
Jasmine heard one of her gym trainers, Mina--had gotten six Steelix. That means a good level Pokémon. Jasmine know that Mina looks like her--and had confused some of trainers didn't who know that Jasmine uses a Onix costume.
Mina had been in charged of the gym for two years-even know that the trainers come by to defeat the Steelix.

A middle-size large Steelix slipped into the gym. Mina didn't blink but she did asked,
"Painted that Onix costume sliver, Jasmine?
The large Steelix nodded as it replied, "Those goes my element of surprise."
Mina remarked, "You still be somewhat lonely. The Elite Four had make us the Eight Gym of Johto."
Jasmine remarked, "Clair's going to doing her version of Dragon Rage on the Pokémon trainers."
Mina replied, "She can't--but I bet Pokédollars to Pokéfood, she wishes she could do it on the starting gym trainers."

Jasmine asked, "What's the order?"

Mina said, "Clair, Falkner, Bugsy, Pryce, Whitney, Chuck, Morty, and us."
Jasmine asked, "What's order for the Kanto?"
Mina asked "For Johtoians or for Kantoians?"
Jasmine replied,, "For Kantoians."'

Mina stated the following: "The order are Blaine, Jamie, Lt. Surge, Erika, Sabrina, Misty, Brock and Green."
Jasmine said, "Is Roxanne is still the same place in Heonn?"
Mina replied, "Yep, still handing the starting Pokémon trainers there. Where had you need last two years?"

Jasmine replied, "Training Rusty."
A small Steelix showed up.
Mina said, "I thought you out of surprises.
Jasmine replied, "This one is only contests in both any regions that hold Pokémon contest."
Mina nodded, "Welcome back, Jasmine."
==== THE END=====

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