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Chapter 2
Lovers and Lies
While Inuyasha slumbered, Kouga sat, leaning against the headboard, deep in thought.  The sun had already cleared the horizon and was shining brightly through the terrace doors.
'He must be really fatigued to sleep through that light.  I wonder just what the hell it is that has him spooked enough to come to me like this,' Kouga pondered then gazed over at the snowy-haired half-breed, who didn't appear quite so tough anymore.  The drawn lines of his face had relaxed, though there were still signs of stress.  Dark, sunken circles lined Inuyasha's eyes, something Kouga hadn't previously noticed.  
As Kouga perused Inuyasha's form, he noticed something reflective on Inuyasha's shoulders and moved in closer to get a better view.  When he had his nose almost on Inuyasha's skin, his eyes widened in shock Thin, silver stripes crisscrossed his back.  Gently sliding the sheet further down, he discovered more of the same.  'Scars?  What the hell happened to him?  He should have healed perfectly,'  Kouga scowled.  'Someone has been beating him and for some reason, he couldn't completely heal it.  I wonder if it was Sesshoumaru.'  Kami, he wanted to tear into whoever had done this.  Inuyasha might have once been a rival, but he certainly wasn't an enemy.
Curious about how much damage had been done, Kouga gradually slid the sheet further down.  Inuyasha's ass and thighs were just as bad.  'Fuck!  I'm gonna kill whoever did this to him!'  
He heard a groan then Inuyasha went still again.  Taking a risk, he traced one of the scars with his finger.  He was angry--very angry.  Inuyasha was too beautiful to be marred like this.  His hand smoothed over the scarred flesh as though it could wipe away the blemishes. When Inuyasha didn't move a muscle, Kouga frowned.  'That should have damn well woke him up.  I wonder if he's even in any shape to go on a mission.'
Kouga's eyes drifted to the patio while he absentmindedly caressed the relaxed cheeks of Inuyasha's backside. He wondered what he would do if Inuyasha was somehow defective and useless to their cause.  He couldn't very well toss his pseudo friend out into the cold.  That would be too cruel for his tastes.  'Strategically, it wouldn't be good to send him out before I know what's going on.  He'll tell me today or he won't be going anywhere.'
'Did some female get me drunk and in bed last night?' Inuyasha groggily wondered as he gradually awoke and felt someone fucking with his bare butt.  Sunlight blared through his eyelids and he slowly blinked them open then scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.  He didn't recognize the place at first, not until he was lucid enough to sniff the air.  'Aw, hell.  That better be Kouga fucking with my ass...I did not just think that.'
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Inuyasha growled.
Kouga snatched away his hand.  He'd been so deep in thought that he hadn't noticed the change in Inuyasha's breathing.  It only took a second for him to regain his composure.
"You're gonna tell me what the fuck these are," he growled and traced one of the scars on Inuyasha's ass.
"None of you're damn business," Inuyasha snarled then yanked the sheet over his ass and sat up.
"Oh yes, it is.  You think I'm going to send you out on a mission if there's something wrong with you?  What kind of idiot do you think I am?"

Inuyasha's lips thinned.  He couldn't deny the truth in Kouga's words.  "Remember the Moura incident?"
"Hell, yeah.  It took out a lot of us.  What's that got to do with it?"
"I was there," Inuyasha sighed.
"What the hell were you doing in Australia?"
"There were some Japanese youkai being kept prisoner in the mines.  I volunteered to help get them out.  Stupid idiots thought Australia would be a safe place to hide," Inuyasha huffed.
"Doesn't explain that," Kouga said with a scowl and waved his hand at Inuyasha's body.
"I swear, if you tell anyone, I'll have to kill you," Inuyasha muttered.
Kouga rolled his eyes.  "Fine, spit it out."
"They'd managed to convert their mine's ULF communications system into a weapon.  Whatever it did, it fucked me up on cellular level.  I just heal slower now, that's all.  These scars should be gone in a couple of weeks."
Kouga whistled low.  "Damn, I didn't know the humans had any weapons like that."
"Humans are very ingenious when they're motivated."  Inuyasha sighed and leaned back against the headboard.
"Tell me about it.  We found a fucking homemade nuke!  I swear, when everything went to shit, humans hid so much of their stuff into hidey holes that are almost impossible to find.  That's why intelligence gathering is so damn important.  We have everything we need for this mission, though."
Inuyasha gave him a calculating gaze.  "You sure about that?"
Kouga nodded.  "Yeah, the humans are holed up in a network of caves.  They send out runners every now and then and we've tracked them to some swamps.  Some of the humans there are hiding out in the upper canopy.  They did a pretty good job with camouflage.  We're gonna take 'em on both fronts at the same time."
Inuyasha shook his head.  "Man, it took a long time to get that ecosystem back in place.  What the hell are they up to?"
"Looks like they're trying to build another communications system.  I swear, if humans get hold of global communications, they'll start bickering all over again and we'll find ourselves right back at square one."
"Yeah, I just hope we do a better job," Inuyasha muttered.
"Hey, you know it!  We ain't gonna allow any weapons that'll scorch the earth or vibrate the tectonic plates.  And, we haven't had any beached whales in years!" Kouga enthused.  "They came up with so many ways to create destruction that it ain't funny."
"No one ever said it was," Inuyasha stated with an extremely flat affect.
"Hey!  You looked and sounded just like Sesshoumaru when you said that!"
"Oh Kami, fucking save me!" Inuyasha said, slapping his forehead with one hand and shoving Kouga's head with the other.
Kouga laughed as he went tumbling off the bed.  However, when he came back up, chin level with the mattress, his eyes were serious.  "It still doesn't explain how you got those wounds to begin with."
At that, Inuyasha's features hardened.  "That really is none of your business, Kouga.  It's history and has nothing to do with any future missions."
Kouga narrowed his eyes at the half-breed.  "Maybe, but whoever did it might come back for you and I need to cover all my bases."  Sure, it was an excuse, but it wasn't all that far-fetched.
"Fuck you, Kouga.  That's bullshit and you know it," Inuyasha snarled then grabbed the sheet around him and climbed out of the bed.
"I'd love to fuck you, but, you aren't gay and all," he said with a smirk.  Yeah, if they did it again, everything would change.  Their first time, though it was rather unusual, was still business.  If Inuyasha allowed him another go around, the situation would change considerably.
Inuyasha's face turned the loveliest shade of crimson before he stomped to the other side of the bed and hit Kouga on the head with his knuckles.  "Keep it up and you won't ever get to," he snarled and stalked to the bathroom.
Kouga's jaw nearly fell to the floor.  Despite what Inuyasha had said, he hadn't believed that Inuyasha would ever let him climb into those leather pants.  'Fuck, yeah!'  Abruptly, a frown creased his brow.  'But...I ain't gay either.  What the hell?  Oh well, go with the flow.' 
Quickly recovering his cocky attitude, he grinned and strutted into the bathroom just as the shower spray began.  He could barely see Inuyasha's silhouette through the textured glass.  It was obvious that Inuyasha had his eyes closed while allowing the water to wet his hair.  He took the opportunity to sneak up on the half-breed.  As soon as he slid the door open, Inuyasha whipped his head around and slapped Kouga in the face with the length of it.
"What are you doing?" Inuyasha exclaimed and tried to shut the door on Kouga's neck.
"Aw, come on, mutt face.  Lemme in," Kouga practically whined.  It didn't matter one bit to Kouga that Inuyasha was glaring at him.  As long as he didn't find himself tossed out on his ass, there was still hope.  Finally, Inuyasha sighed and Kouga took that as his cue to enter the shower.
"You're a pushy fucker," Inuyasha grumbled and turned around to finish wetting his hair.
Kouga just grinned and allowed his eyes to peruse Inuyasha's back side.  Rivulets of water glistened against the pale skin and Kouga wanted nothing more than to run his tongue all over the slick flesh.  He licked his lips and glanced up to see if Inuyasha was paying any attention.  The manner in which Inuyasha was separating strands of hair from around his slicked-back ears was just too cute.
'There's gotta be a way to touch him without startling him; don't want to lose a hand.'  As Kouga watched Inuyasha thread his claws through the thick mass of hair, an idea struck him.  He grabbed the bottle of herbal-based shampoo and squeezed some of the liquid into his hand.  "Heh, lemme wash your hair, mutt," he said casually.  'I feel like such a girl.'
Golden eyes peered suspiciously over Inuyasha's shoulder.  When Inuyasha turned away, Kouga heard a sigh.  "Whatever, but back up so I can get out from under the water.
Kouga happily complied.  At the moment, he was in heaven.  He applied the shampoo and began to work it through Inuyasha's hair.  It was thinner than he'd imagined.  Inuyasha had yet to notice that he had been inching closer and closer.  Soon, he would be in range to entice Inuyasha with a nibble to the neck, a caress of the waist and hip, and perhaps more.  'Baby steps,' he thought to himself as he reached up and gently rubbed behind those fuzzy ears.  His eyes widened when Inuyasha tipped his head back and let out a quiet moan.  'A weakness!  Woohoo!  This might be easier than I thought!  You are so mine, half-breed!'
Kouga hadn't been this excited about anything since...well, he couldn't remember when.  He just knew that if he could take Inuyasha one more time, they would become lovers.  No doubt about it.  He gave a couple more scrubs to the back of Inuyasha's ears, delighting in the quiet hums dog boy made, then moved to thread his fingers through the thick strands of hair.  After pulling the strands aside, he took another risk and placed his lips against Inuyasha's neck.  In the back of his horny mind, he realized that his hands were matted with hair that was no longer attached to Inuyasha's head.  He'd check that out later.  For all he knew, it was a normal occurrence.
"Kouga," Inuyasha growled, but it didn't sound sincere, so Kouga suckled at the sensitive skin and was rewarded with a whispered moan.
"Don't deny you like it, dog boy," Kouga murmured against Inuyasha's skin while his right hand skimmed down the half-breed's side.  When Inuyasha didn't say anything in return, Kouga molded himself to Inuyasha's back and pressed his erection between the two firm cheeks of Inuyasha's ass.  Even though he heard a quiet growl, Inuyasha didn't protest when he wrapped his arms around the sleek body and ground his arousal against Inuyasha's ass.
"I gotta rinse my hair before this shit gets in my eyes," Inuyasha grumbled.  He just wasn't a morning person, and though Kouga's attentions felt good, he was still half asleep and cranky.
Kouga was a bit disappointed, but moved back anyway.  Fortunately for him, his disappointment didn't last long.  Once Inuyasha had rinsed his hair, he stepped back out of the spray and right into Kouga's grasp.  Right away, Kouga went to work on those fuzzy ears and felt Inuyasha immediately begin to relax.

"I'm not a whore," Inuyasha mumbled and Kouga shook his head and grinned.

"There are many things you are not, but I do intend to make you my lover," Kouga suggested, planting the idea into Inuyasha's mind.  Only time would tell whether or not the move would be successful.  'Sooner, rather than later, would be greatly appreciated.'

"Soap," Inuyasha said quietly.  He wasn't about to complain about the sticky feeling between his thighs, especially considering the reason for its presence.  And, that lover's comment?  Was Kouga brain damaged?  Sesshoumaru would have his damn head.  The bastard nearly had when he and his ex had split.  After that, if Sesshoumaru even caught him looking at a woman, the bastard would beat him within an inch of his life.  Sure, he got in some good hits, but ever since the Moura mines incident, his youki exactly been up to Sesshoumaru's standards.  That had been so fucking embarrassing.  He just hoped the effects of that weapon would wear off.  If it didn't, well, as long as it didn't get any worse, he would be fine. If it did, well, Sesshoumaru had a few good ass-kickings coming.

Inuyasha wasn't surprised when Kouga took advantage of his request and began soaping his back.  He rolled his eyes.  'Damn horndog.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.  He's almost as bad as he was when he was with Kagome.'  He couldn't say that he didn't enjoy someone touching him without the intent of causing pain.  In fact, it was probably the reason he'd allowed this.  Sesshoumaru may not have let anyone else near him, but he damn sure made up for the lack of touch with that damn whip of his.  'Bastard,' Inuyasha thought and his rebellious nature kicked in.  'I'll be with whoever I want, even if that means Kouga.'

Even as the sponge drifted down to his ass, Inuyasha narrowed his eyes in determination and crossed his arms.  'All this shit going on in the world doesn't give him a right to treat me like that.  I got too soft while I was living with him.  What the hell happened to turn me into such a fucking pussy?'  But, even as he asked himself that question, he knew the answer-Kagome.  They had been happy in the Sengoku Jidai...until she'd gotten sick.  She had been only thirty-nine when he'd taken her home.  The medicines available to them just hadn't been helping.  As it turned out, not even the medicines in her modern time could save her.  He had been a complete wreck after her death and never had truly recovered.  She had been another female he hadn't been able to save.  Without her, his confident autonomy had failed him and he'd become lost.  When his human friends had died, he'd been set adrift.  He had lived, barely, sparsely, and alone. 

Then the human wars broke out and he couldn't play hermit anymore.  Their weapons had been making the world unlivable.  Not only had much of the environment been poisoned, but they had weapons that worked invisibly; microwaves and shit like that; weird stuff with 'waves' that Inuyasha couldn't comprehend.  Well, after he'd gotten up close and personal with one type, he sure as hell understood them a lot better.  And, he would destroy every single one of them that he could find.  It was a personal mission.  Besides, as far as he was concerned, the damn shit put out by 'modern' technology was what had caused Kagome's body to break down.  Some modern amenities still remained, but what was left was gradually being dismantled, ground up, and returned to its natural state.

A soapy sponge, sliding between his legs and rubbing the underside of his balls, startled Inuyasha from his ruminations.  He hadn't even noticed the hand that had been stroking his belly.  Even though it felt weird, after the hellacious year he'd had, it also felt good. Because of that, he forced himself to relax beneath Kouga's hands.  He deserved some kindness and this was as good as any.  At least, it wasn't coming from a female.  That damn bitch ex of his had ruined his taste for women.  Oh, he looked, but he didn't want for one.  As far as he was concerned, Sesshoumaru was just a paranoid fuck that had control major issues.

When Inuyasha didn't take off his head, Kouga had to repress a sigh of relief and instead, voted on a silent cheer for victory.  It appeared as though he was going to have access to that nice, tight ass again.  Without any hesitation, his left hand drifted down Inuyasha's belly and took the mostly limp cock into his hand while his other fingers traced the crack of Inuyasha's ass.
"This won't do at all," he murmured against Inuyasha's neck then gave the half-breed's dick a good squeeze.  "We're gonna have to fix that." 
If Kouga was going to convince Inuyasha to become his lover, he had to make the scenario irresistible, and he was going to give it his best shot.  He quickly and easily slipped around the hanyou and slid to his knees.  He didn 't give Inuyasha the chance to protest before he sucked the slightly swollen appendage into his mouth.  The fact that it wasn't completely hard, allowed him to suck the entire thing into his mouth and he found himself enjoying the slow growth toward rigidity as he sucked and tugged at it.
"Ung...Kouga," Inuyasha gasped as he panted.  The wolf sure knew how to suck dick.  He'd give him that.  That mouth had efficiently thrust all thoughts from his mind and bent his focus entirely on the sensations spreading from his cock to the rest of his body.
Kouga hummed around Inuyasha's shaft, pleased that he'd gotten a vocal response.  His own cock had twitched at the sound of his name on Inuyasha's lips.  So, in an effort to wring more of those sultry tones from his lover, Kouga slid a hand between Inuyasha's legs and began massaging his balls while one finger stroked the magical line behind them.
"Fuck," Inuyasha panted.  He wasn't sure his legs weren't going to give out on him.  He braced himself with one hand on the wall and the other on Kouga's head.  When he stared down at the wolf, his eyes met the deep blue of Kouga's irises.  The sight of Kouga staring up at him while Kouga's head bobbed up and down his cock was enough to send a zing of electricity through his body.  His cock pulsed and throbbed then Kouga swallowed around it and he knew he'd been dripping precum.  "Holy fuck," he groaned and thrust into the wolf's throat.
If Kouga could have, he'd have given Inuyasha a saucy smirk.  However, he did one better.  The finger that had been massaging behind Inuyasha's balls worked its way back and prodded against that tight little hole that was just begging to be breached.  Immediately, Inuyasha tensed.  'Can't have that now, can we?'
Kouga pulled back and sucked on the tip of Inuyasha's thick cock while swirling his tongue over the heated head.  The abdominal muscles in front of him were flexing and trembling.  He was getting to the hanyou alright, but before he could go further, he needed to relax that delectable body.  Giving Inuyasha's cock one last lick, he pulled his mouth and hand away.
"Turn around and brace yourself against the wall," he instructed and was ever so pleased when Inuyasha complied.  The position caused Inuyasha's ass to stick out a bit, but not enough, so Kouga stood and pushed down on Inuyasha's back while grabbing him by the hip and tugging.  Through it all, Inuyasha hadn't complained once, and Kouga counted his lucky stars.
Having his ass stuck out like that was a bit embarrassing, but Inuyasha figured he'd get used to it...if he decided to become Kouga's lover.  He hadn't really made up his mind, but when he thought of Sesshoumaru, well, the rebel in him railed at him to go for it.  Besides, when he wasn't being embarrassed, he was rather enjoying himself.  Sex with a guy was turning out to be a pleasurable discovery.  Giving himself a mental nod, Inuyasha braced his body more securely and determined to enjoy every bit of what Kouga was offering.  It didn't stop him from flinching when Kouga pried his ass apart and attacked him with that slippery tongue.
"Relax, mutt.  This won't hurt at all," Kouga chuckled and patted his ass.
Kouga had patted his ass!  Patted some bitch!  He didn't know why, but it made him feel as though he were being treated like a girl, but it did.
"Don't pet me like some girl, flea bag," Inuyasha growled.  He didn't expect the hard slap that came next.  "What the fuck?"
"Heh, you said not to do it like a girl.  I guess you don't want it done like a guy?  Hm, maybe you'd like it like an animal?"  With that, Kouga reached up and scratched Inuyasha behind the ear then stuck his face back between the crack of Inuyasha's ass.  It was a reach to do both, but he managed it.
"Fucking asshole," Inuyasha grumbled then sucked in a breath when he felt a warm slippery tongue, sliding along very private, very sensitive flesh.
'By the time I'm finished with him, he isn't going to smell anything like a dog,' Kouga mused as his tongue worked, prodding circles around Inuyasha's entrance.
The reactions he wrung from Inuyasha aroused Kouga to no end.  There were moans and whines as he teased with his tongue while he squeezed and flicked Inuyasha's nipples with his fingers.  It wasn't long before he had Inuyasha panting.  By the time he'd wrapped his hand around the hanyou's deliciously hard shaft, Inuyasha's hips had begun to rock back and forth, seeking the friction that would ease the heat of his arousal.  While teasing his new lover with firm strokes, he began to work a finger through that tight ring of muscles.  It pleased him to note that Inuyasha had relaxed much more quickly than the night before and the first finger slid in without much resistance. 
Inuyasha was finding this session much less intimidating than the first, though it still felt a bit surreal that he was doing such an unusual thing.  However, the fact that he was aroused beyond his expectations helped him to overcome his reluctance.  No matter how strange it was, Kouga's tongue, flicking prodding the most well-guarded area of his body--not to mention when that evil tongue slid down to his balls--had gotten him so worked up that he didn't really give a flying fuck about the implications of his activities.  No, he was too busy thrusting into that hand and shoving him back on the finger that was now hitting something inside of him that shot jolts of electric pleasure racing through his body.
"Ung, fuuuuck," Inuyasha moaned as Kouga hit that spot again and his hips jerked, thrusting his cock through Kouga's hand.  The sensation was so overpowering that he barely noticed the second finger that entered him.  It only took two thrusts to get comfortable then Kouga was pumping the two fingers into his ass.   "If you keep that up..." Inuyasha panted.  "...I'm gonna come soon."
Inuyasha was relieved to feel the fingers pull away.  Yeah, it felt good and all, but they were rougher than the smooth slickness of Kouga's cock.  It felt odd to want a dick inside of him, to want to feel that smooth glide that would fill him up, but Inuyasha could honestly say that he wanted it.  He wanted it bad.
"Fuck me, Kouga," he hissed through gritted teeth.
"My pleasure, mutt."  
Inuyasha noticed that Kouga's voice was deeper than usual and had a rough quality that wasn't normally there, and he found that he liked it.  He liked it a lot.  It sent shivers racing down his spine.  When he felt Kouga's hard length press against said spine, he let everything go-all of his reservations.  He rarely did anything halfway and he wasn't going to make this an exception.  Kouga deserved better.
Spreading his legs wider and lowering the upper half of his body, Inuyasha left his ass hiked up for Kouga's entry.  The heat within his body died the tiniest bit when he felt the large, slick head of Kouga's cock press against his tiny entrance.  Involuntarily, his jaw clenched when he felt the pressure gradually stretching the flesh of his body.  It wasn't pleasant, but he knew that would soon change.  He simply had to wait out the discomfort.

"Kami, you're tight," Kouga grunted as he gradually pressed himself forward.  The quicker he became embedded, the quicker Inuyasha would adjust, but he wasn't going to hurt him.
When he was completely sheathed in that tight, gripping heat, Kouga had to pause in order to catch his breath.  Just the fact that Inuyasha was bent over beneath him made his cock twitch, and he wondered just how long he'd last.  Perhaps it wasn't so important.  After all, he had teased the hanyou quite a bit.  Maybe it wouldn't take him long either.  To test his theory, he leaned over and grabbed Inuyasha's cock.
'Yup, hard as a rock,' Kouga triumphantly observed.
It took a few moments for the tense grip of Inuyasha's body to slightly loosen.  When it did, Kouga began a slow, rocking motion with his hips while stroking Inuyasha's shaft.  Once again, Inuyasha's body tightened around him and he knew his new lover wouldn't last long.  He sped the pace of his thrusts and groaned as the friction heated every part of his body and made his cock swell to capacity.
"Not gonna last long, mutt," he growled out.
"Me either," Inuyasha panted.  He'd long since let go of his reservations and had fully given himself over to the experience.  "Fuck me.  Fuck me hard."
That was music to Kouga's ears.  He used every muscle in his body to pound ferociously into that tight ass.  'By the Kami, he feels good.'  His skin felt tight and swollen with passion.  Even his lips burned as he thrust to reach that precipice.  In his hand, Inuyasha's cock was throbbing.  It wouldn't be long.
"Come for me, Inuyasha," he ordered, for once using the hanyou's name.
"Agh!  Fuck!" Inuyasha exclaimed.  Oddly enough, his body had obeyed, the muscles becoming taut just before the cum that had been crawling up his cock shot out of the tip in long white streams.
"Holy fucking hells," Kouga groaned.  Inuyasha's tight walls were clenching and releasing their hold on his cock.  He couldn't take it any more and pounded into that gorgeous ass with a fury until he felt his own cock pulse.  He thrust into that body once more, completely burying himself before shooting his seed deep inside Inuyasha's body.  Again, he thrust, and again he was rocked by the unbelievable power of his orgasm.  Over and over again, he filled Inuyasha's body.  It excited and thrilled him more than he could have ever imagined.
Inuyasha wasn't sure, but he believed that it was Kouga's dick hitting that spot inside of him that had made his orgasm rack his body until he was sore.  He just couldn't seem to stop coming, not as long as Kouga continued to thrust into him.
Eventually, Kouga's cock became too sensitive to continue.  He wrapped his arms around Inuyasha's waist and brought them down to sit at the bottom of the shower, Inuyasha cradled in his lap.  Except for the panting, there was silence for a long while.
"Fuck, Kouga," Inuyasha finally complained.  "I'm not gay, but...damn, that felt so good," he finally admitted.
"Yeah...can we do it again?" Kouga asked hopefully.
"You're such a horndog," Inuyasha huffed.
"Take that back!  I ain't no dog!  Besides, I didn't mean right now.  I got shit to do."
Inuyasha laughed at that and Kouga groaned when it caused Inuyasha's ass to clamp down around his cock.
"Get off me, mutt," he growled and loosened his hold.
Kouga was relieved that Inuyasha had been gentle about leaving his lap.  His dick was still fairly sensitive.  Pulling Inuyasha's leftover hair off of it didn't help.  "What the hell is this?" he asked and held up the few strands that had been left behind.
"I'm half human, so my hair does that.  It grows back," Inuyasha huffed as he cleaned himself.
With the shower and scents from the soaps, Kouga couldn't smell that Inuyasha was lying, but he could see it in the hanyou's guilty eyes.
"You're fucking lying, but I'm not going to push it right now," Kouga snarled.  "I just might not send you out on a mission though."
"You wanna fight?  I'll show you that I can handle myself just fine," Inuyasha growled back.
 "I just might have to test you.  This ain't normal," he said and held up the hand that was webbed in white strands of hair.  "And, I'm going to get to the bottom of it.  You still haven't told me who gave you those scars either.  I'm not letting you go out in the field until I get some answers."
"Fuck you," Inuyasha hissed, clearly upset.
Kouga didn't stop him when he stormed out of the shower.  He could only shake his head.  Refusing to reveal embarrassing information was understandable, but Kouga wasn't about to endanger his men or Inuyasha.  This had to be settled. 
The sooner, the better.
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