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Chapter 1: His Special Girl

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.
His special little girl.
Their Special time…
Under cover of darkness.
His special touches…
Sacred, secret, gentle…
After “the incident”, where Sesshomaru had made “the journey”, where Rin had almost been lost to him forever, and everyone in his little motley pack had borne witness to his breakdown…well… everything changed.
The entire group now regarded Rin differently. Of course, they had all known she was favored, but no one had realized by how much.
Kohaku had instinctively backed off from the girl, as if he knew not to become a rival. No one had any intention of either presenting a challenge to or becoming a distraction from the little girl's envy and adoration of her `Sesshomaru-sama'.
No one questioned the little girl's right to throw propriety to the wind and embrace, cuddle, and even sleep on the lap of, the demon lord.
Despite the private thoughts and some serious suspicions on the part of the members of this strange group not a single word was ever said in regards to the inu-daiyoukai's habit of orchestrating events to allow he and Rin to spend ample time alone… sometimes for many nights in a row.
When Jaken had worked up the nerve to finally ask about his Lord's strange behavior, he was surprised that not only did he not get a beating, his inquiry seemed to be considered, and then answered
“This Sesshomaru intends to develop a bond with the girl, and that is more easily accomplished without undue distraction. She will be given reason to adore this Sesshomaru, and will understand her importance.”
When Jaken had however, as was his way, pushed his luck by inquiring as to the nature of the bond, he was promptly beaten to within an inch of his life, and told it was “none of his concern.”
Kohaku was nowhere near as brave as Jaken, but his curiosity did one night get the better of him, and he followed the “couple” and observed them from afar. Of course, Sesshomaru could smell him, but decided to let the boy see the affections of the girl that would never be his.
Kohaku had watched in awe as the two had sat stargazing and a seemingly completely different demon emerged from the stoic façade. The cold gaze replaced by molten amber beaming with unchecked affection for the small girl who sat in his lap.
The lord traced lazy patterns with partially sheathed claws on the girls cheeks, neck, ears, shoulders and collarbones, with his, (at the time) single hand. He paused occasionally to run claws through thick black strands and tug only hard enough to feel shivers of delight course through her tiny body.
This was how it began…
Rin was not a stupid child, she understood that he was different when they were alone, she knew instinctively that he did not share these moments with others. No one had to tell her not to say anything about it… she simply KNEW.
Rin did not mind however, as he was gentle, and having this secret made her feel special. She knew him as no other did, and for that, Rin felt loved.
When his claws reached for her, it was to send shivers down her spine, not poison to her blood stream. When his mouth came near her skin, it was not to devour her flesh, but to plant kisses on her forehead, nose, chin and ear. Sometimes, he would tickle her neck with his mouth and she would curl away and giggle, giving him THAT smile… the one she knew he loved to see.
When Rin slipped on a rock in the river while fishing, and her lord had removed her kimono entirely, it was only to check for wounds… of course… and when he had declared water sources unsafe and commanded she bathe with him from now on, her young mind accepted it easily, never considering ulterior motives.
Yes, new touches were most often introduced there, bathing in the onsens his keen nose was so easily able to locate. Still, Rin didn't mind, these new “special touches” felt good… just like the old ones… they were just in different places…
Rin-chan, His special girl, his chibi-hime, these were things he only called her in the darkness.
In time she learned to not only enjoy it, but look forward to it, because Rin had nothing to compare it to, this version of love was all she knew.
It takes time and patients, the seduction of a child. Still, he was a patient demon. This little girl, he was molding, training, willing to become HIS, in every sense of the word.
He won her over with kindness, gifts, affection she was not shown by anyone else. He told her things she wanted to hear, and his motives were not entirely selfish, afterall. No matter how aroused he became, he never once asked her to touch him back. No, that would come later, when she was properly prepared.
As she marinated in his caress, he could not help but to fantasize about the day when he could finally feast, the meal made all the better by the time he had taken preparing it. He would sink his fangs into the tender hallow of her neck and taste the sweetness of the years of cultivation at his hands. She would surrender to him, even as he had surrendered to her... and yes, he had surrendered.
His beliefs, time held, came crashing down around him. His resolve, so strong, was so easily broken by this tiny human girl. In the blink of an eye she had demanded his white flag, and he in turn, would demand that she give him... everything.
Her very essence, her life and her love. He demanded her love in the most subtle of ways, and manipulated her heart until there was room for no other but him... 'as it should be' he told himself.
She was in the village now, living with the old miko. She would be there only long enough to learn to care for her illnesses, and grow old enough to not be a constant liability. She knew she was a guest, and did not need to mourn his loss, for he was there with her, seen or unseen, almost always.
He had listened intently as the younger miko had given Rin, 'the talk'. He was... apprehensive... that learning these things might give Rin a different perspective on their after dark activities, and Kami-sama he prayed she didn't tell the miko anything she shouldn't.
She didn't. In fact, Rin either seemed to not notice or care about the similarities between the activities between a man and woman and the things she and the Great Dog shared after dark.
And so it continued. Several nights a week, when the old miko lay asleep he would come and sneak her out of the hut. He wisked her away to a far away field. Far enough so they would not be come upon by the disturbingly nosy hanyou who's sense of smell had almost earned him death at the hands of the demon lord many times.
No shame was felt by Rin as the demon lord's claws roamed her bare form, tracing nipples, budding breasts and newly curving hips of a now 13 year old girl, on the cusp of marrying age. Of course, Rin knew she would not be married. She knew that, in a year or so, her Sesshomaru-sama would come for her and she could leave this horrible village and these horrible people behind... as soon as her moon cycle started, she could return with him, he had promised.
He traced her inner thighs, after more than an hour of caressing the rest of her, just to build the tension, to prepare her for what he was to do this night.
"Rin, I have a new touch to show you, would you allow it?" His hand traced higher, massaging her inner thigh, the backs of his knuckles brushing her outer lips, as if by accident. He always asked, it was formality at this point. He knew she would never deny him.
Without a moment's hesitation, Rin instantly complied, feeling a new ache building at the crux of her thighs... he was SO CLOSE to touching her there.
"Hai..." she breathed.
Slowly, deliberately, he began to stroke up and down her outer lips, never slipping inside, waiting to feel the moisture seep out and scent her bodies arousal. When he knew she was there, and moans were escaping those pouty lips and flushed face, he began to use the pads of his fingers to rub slow, gentle circles near the top of her, where he knew her most sensitive bud was hidden beneath the folds.
He smirked in satisfaction as her head lolled and her breathing came in short sharp pants. Her swelling bud began to peak through and he took that as his cue. Finally slipping inside, he gathered moisture from her, and leaned down, placing his lips at the shell of her outer ear.
"Your scent is divine..." She shivered as his hot breath rushed across the sensitive appendage.
"Onegai..." What she was begging for, she didn't know, she only knew that it was CLOSE.
He applied more pressure, and sped up his ministrations.
He felt self satisfied as he watched her body tense and convulse before falling slack as he heard the sigh of her release.
"It won't be long now, Rin... is your choice the same? Will you leave with this Sesshomaru?"
"Hai..." She panted out, "Rin will leave with Sesshomaru-sama."
In the darkness of the night, her first orgasm.
In the darkness of his heart,

Chapter 2
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