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Chapter 4: Not So Parental Guidance 2

She lay on her back, and he lay on his side next to her, her tiny naked body wrapped in mokomoko. His hand came to her cheek and he leaned down and pressed his larger mouth to her tiny one, slipping his tongue into the cavern of her sweet small mouth. She smiled against his mouth, and kissed him back eagerly. His tender fingers slid from her cheek and he ran the backs of his claws down her neck and to her shoulder, squeezing lightly and pulling back from the kiss.
She wriggled her body closer to his, turning her adoration filled eyes to him in anticipation.
“Sesshomaru-sama, will you touch Rin again… all over?”
He looked at her softly, knowing from experience what she was asking for.
“Hai… touch yourself, Rin.”
She smiled and nodded, cupping her small hands over her tiny sex and grinding her hips against her hands as her palms pressed into her tiny pink bud.
His larger hand covered hers, and he felt her pleasure herself. Her hands moved away, leaving only his behind, and he used the pads of his fingers to rub gentle circles over her outer lips, over the place where he knew his little girls most sensitive bundle of nerves lay hidden beneath her plump and hairless outer lips. He did not need to spread her open, did not want to overwhelm her sensitive body with direct stimulation, his only intention was to provide her with pleasure, and that could be accomplished best with a light and indirect touch.
Her tiny hands, still covered in the sweet scent of her virgin intimate area, reached up to grip the sides of his face. Her eyes never left his, only closing ever now and then as she sighed and gasped, her tiny pink tongue darting out to wet the delicate bow of her petal soft lips. She stared up at the provider of her pleasure with nothing but adoration and innocent love as he continued his ministrations, and she spread her legs wide and bent her knees so she could push up into his hand, humping against the pads of his fingers and flexing her tiny bottom rhythmically.
She pulled his head down, placing his mouth over her tiny nipples, wordlessly demanding he lick and suckle at her miniscule budded peaks. He nibbled lightly as she gasped and arched her small back, greedily pulling his head down and burying her fingers in his long silver mane.
“Sesshomaru-sama feels so good to Rin…” she breathed, as he rough humping increased, her chubby little legs pumping and her curveless hips bucking wildly as her thighs began to shake and Sesshomaru could feel her tight and tiny opening begin to pulse and squeeze, begging to suck his finger inside, but no… he would not penetrate her tiny body yet, it may cause her discomfort, and he would never hurt his precious little girl.
He gave a light growl of approval against her flat chest.
“Good girl, Rin. Come for your Sesshomaru-sama, please, do it for me.”
He heard her keening whine, and he pulled his head back, so he could enjoy the look on her face as she orgasmed under his touch.
She was so beautiful, with her head back, her spine arched, her eyes scrunched shut, and her mouth open in a tiny `O'. Her hips bucked wildly and her chest heaved, her heart beat fluttered, and her scent was heavenly as she shook and came.
When her small body stilled and she caught her breath, he swept his fingers reverently over her still quivering core a few more times, before bringing his hand up to cup her cheek again. He turned her head to face him, and she lazily opened her eyes, love shining in her mud-colored depths. She gave a tiny shiver, and mokomoko curled over her naked body protecting her from the cool breeze.
He planted a light kiss on her forehead, then her nose, then her tiny mouth.
“Good girl, Rin, you are this Sesshomaru's very good girl, and you please him very much.”
His girl gave him a brilliant smile, and giggled as she brushed her chubby fingers over his neck and down to his broad and muscular chest.
“Can Rin touch Sesshomaru-sama back?”
“It is not required, you may do so only if it is your wish, if you do not wish it, this Sesshomaru would not be angry.”
“Rin wants to! Please?”
He nodded his consent and rolled onto his back, as the girl came to her knees next to him, reaching for his erect member. Rin has used her hands to stimulate him many times before, so fascinated and delighted with her ability to bring him pleasure. She plants a chaste little closed mouth kiss directly on the tip of him, and his head falls back, his eyes close, and he lays passive beneath her ministrations. It is only in this tiny human girl that he has found the ability to trust another being enough to lay back and give up his control completely, and simply enjoy being touched.
He allows the girl to use him, exploring him once again, and he, as always lets her move at the pace she chooses. His clawed hand reaches for her, stroking her from the top of her head, running claws through her hair and continuing down over her tiny rounded bottom.
Yes, he gives his body over to the girl, completely for her use, as he has long ago given his heart over to her as well. His life is spent in service to her, but she never takes advantage of that fact.
His perfect precious little princess, the only one he loves, and the only one who loves him in return. He will never give her up.

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