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Winner! 1st Place for Best Yaoi/Yuri – Feudal Association, July 2012


Just a quick note stating that everyone’s human in this particular story. Don’t worry, I’ll do some sexy inu-on-inu fics in the future, just not this time. Also, for simplicity’s sake with regard to customs and housing layout let’s say this story takes place in America rather than Japan, although I’m not specifying a city or state. It’s a fairly large city, though; they’re not out in the middle of nowhere. They’re in a big enough city where a teenage boy with a fake ID can hit the gay clubs. You can use your imagination to fill in the rest. Enjoy!

Brotherly Love

“I’m sorry, son, but Mr. Steinberg is an invaluable client, and my boss-”

“It’s cool, Dad, I understand. Don’t sweat it.” Inuyasha interrupted his stepfather. Even though Toga Taisho had never officially adopted him, he still thought of the man as his father.

Toga sighed, feeling truly guilty that his boss had thrown such a last minute business meeting on him. The family was used to his cross-country business trips, but he’d always tried his best to make sure they never interfered with important events, like birthdays.

“Would you like me to stay home, dear?” Izayoi asked her son next, sympathy in her gaze.

To miss her baby boy’s eighteenth birthday would be inexcusable in her eyes, though she usually accompanied her husband on his business trips those days. Not that she didn’t trust Toga when he was off by himself, but since his company permitted spouses to travel along, why not go? To her they were like mini vacations. Of course, she’d stayed home back when the boys had been younger, but once Toga’s son Sesshoumaru had reached an appropriate babysitting age she hadn’t minded trusting their two sons to stay out of trouble for the few days they would be gone. At least during the summer when there wasn’t any school or homework to worry about. Fortunately, Toga’s business trips were always quick and to the point. They would be gone just three days this time, with Inuyasha’s birthday smack in the middle.

“Are you kidding?” Inuyasha asked his mother with humor in his gaze. “I know how you get whenever Dad’s not around, so no offence, Mom, but the last thing I want to do is spend my birthday cheering you up.” He made his statement with a laugh, which earned a small chuckle from the raven-haired woman in return.

Izayoi relented then that her son wasn’t a little boy any longer, he was a man, and perhaps an eighteenth birthday was one that such a man would actually like to spend without his parents.

“Okay, we’ll leave you alone.” Smirking, she added in a teasing voice, “But I don’t want to hear about you having any girls over while we’re gone.”

Inuyasha playfully spluttered on the outside while mentally cringing.

Yeah, not much chance of that happening

Nodding his own agreement while cupping his stepson’s shoulder in both apology and thanks, Toga knew that neither one of them could rightfully tell Inuyasha what he could or couldn’t do any longer, but certain rules were to be obeyed while the teen still lived under their roof, and while he didn’t personally mind it if Inuyasha wanted to invite his girlfriend over, there were to be no parties. Thinking on the subject a moment longer, he quickly decided he’d give his son Sesshoumaru a call. Inuyasha would probably be pissed to realize that Sesshoumaru had been brought in to babysit him at age eighteen, but he’d tell Sesshoumaru to leave Inuyasha be so long as the boy only invited one or two friends over and they didn’t make a mess of the place.


Heading up to his room while leaving his parents to their own devices, having a party was honestly the furthest thing from Inuyasha’s mind, the soon-to-be eighteen-year-old instead worrying his bottom lip over how to go about coming out to his mom and stepdad. He’d first realized he was different even before hitting puberty, still thinking girls were ‘gross’ and carried ‘cooties’ when his guy friends had all started to change their opinions of the opposite sex. He’d even mentioned something about it to his mom, once, when he’d been around ten or eleven, wondering what had been wrong with his friends for suddenly being interested in girls instead of action figures. Izayoi, merely assuming her son was a late bloomer, at least emotionally since he certainly hadn’t been one physically, had told him that ‘one day’ he would find himself interested in girls, too, and that there was no hurry and if he wasn’t interested in them yet there was nothing to be worried about. There was nothing wrong with him, or his friends, because everyone ‘grew up’ at different ages. At that time he’d been appeased by his mother’s words, if not also a bit doubtful, because even back then he’d been certain that nothing could ever make him suddenly start liking girls…and he’d been right.

Well, he liked girls well enough, he just didn’t ‘like’ like them. His best friend Kagome was a girl, but she also knew he was gay, and bless her heart, she didn’t even mind playing the part of his female companion, insert air-quotes here. Although he’d never straight out lied to his parents and called her his girlfriend, he was pretty sure that his stepdad thought they were together, which had kind of been the idea. Lying without lying, he just hadn’t wanted his dad to start wondering why he never hung out with girls, and so he’d started hanging out with one. He’d actually been honest with his mom when she’d asked and told her that he and Kagome were ‘just friends’ but he got the distinct impression that she was smiling to herself in secret, just waiting for the day he confessed to having deeper feelings for the girl.

Never gonna happen.

Not that he was grossed out by the idea of falling in love with her, because he did love her, in a way, though pretending it was more than a close friendship to actually ‘be’ with her wouldn’t really be fair to her since he could never truly be happy with a woman, and he didn’t want to be one of those guys who got married and maybe even had kids all while living a lie. But that was a moot point, really, considering his heart already belonged to somebody else, and Kagome knew it, even though the person in question didn’t know it.

But while he knew he had to one day come out to his parents, and to this other person, letting that man know how he really felt, about him, was something that Inuyasha had no intention of ever doing. Ever.

Besides it probably weirding his stepbrother the fuck out, if Sesshoumaru ever found out he was sweet on him, Inuyasha would also prefer it if all of the various bones in his body remained intact and unbroken. Not that Sesshoumaru was some raging homophobic psychopath, at least that he knew of, but it was no secret that he didn’t care for his younger stepbrother all that much; they’d gotten into their fair share of fights over the years.

Toga and Sesshoumaru’s mother had gotten a divorce when the boy had been nine years old, a perfectly horrid age for a kid’s parents to separate. He’d been much too old to be completely confused by what was going on, but still much too young to truly understand. To make matters worse, Toga had met Izayoi not long after, the single mother having gotten a new job as a receptionist for one of the local companies some of Toga’s hometown clientele worked for. Even though you could prove it on paper that Izayoi hadn’t started her new job until after Toga’s divorce, Inuyasha was pretty sure that to that day Sesshoumaru was still convinced that their two parents had been having an affair, and that the divorce had been Izayoi’s doing, Inuyasha’s mother breaking up Sesshoumaru’s parents to steal Toga away for herself.

Inuyasha had never known his real father, the man having died before his first birthday. He had pictures, and had heard stories, but he had no actual memories of the man. His earliest memories were of his mother struggling to support them on her own, just the two of them, the duo constantly receiving help from family members. His aunt had babysat him when his mother had first gotten her new job at that company, and then not long after, a man had starting coming around. He remembered his mother introducing his then five-year-old self to her ‘new friend,’ and then before he knew it, before his sixth birthday, he had been walking slowly down an isle flanked by guests on either side seated in white folding chairs, while carefully balancing a pair of gold rings on a small silvery satin pillow, a ten-year-old Sesshoumaru giving him a nasty look from his place standing beside his father.

It had only gone downhill from there, Inuyasha recollected with a sigh, though truth be told he supposed Sesshoumaru had mellowed out some after moving out at age twenty. He supposed the man had grown up, the now twenty-three-year-old businessman treating him civilly whenever he’d come over for dinner. Of course, Inuyasha had realized he was in love with his stepbrother long before Sesshoumaru had started treating him like a decent human being.

He remembered the time Sesshoumaru had ridiculed his haircut, because Sesshoumaru, like his father, wore his locks in long, flowing waves. One thing Inuyasha really loved about Sesshoumaru was his waist-length, silvery platinum blond hair, the same color as Toga’s. At the older boy’s taunting he’d asked his mother if he could grow his own raven hair out like his stepdad and brother and Izayoi had immediately said that she didn’t have any objections, allowing her son to forgo the short doo that had made him look so much like his own father so that he could feel more like a part of his new family.

Every time Sesshoumaru had found something to criticize, instead of rebelling by doing the opposite, Inuyasha had endeavored to fix whatever was supposedly wrong with him, to change himself into whatever it was Sesshoumaru wanted him to be, for all the good it did him. Sometimes the older boy had gotten under his skin to the point where their slung insults escalated into blows, swinging fists at each other until he’d end up on the ground with a few bruises, but like some twisted battered wife he could never fault Sesshoumaru for very long, immediately trying to change whatever it was about him that had upset Sesshoumaru in the first place. They’d never fought about the same thing twice, every time it had been something new, and every time he’d change whatever it was about himself that had started it so that it would never happen again. Looking back on it, he wondered if Sesshoumaru had ever even noticed that minor detail. Finally, though, at age fifteen, when Sesshoumaru had moved out into his own apartment, Inuyasha had finally started to think more for himself, instead of hanging on every word that left his stepbrother’s lips. That didn’t mean, though, that he’d gotten over his ‘crush’ for the older man. If anything, the separation had only made his own feelings mature, and now whenever Sesshoumaru popped over for a visit, or whenever he would meet the family at some restaurant for lunch somewhere, it was all Inuyasha could do to keep the butterflies in his stomach from escaping. He no longer tried to mold himself into however Sesshoumaru wanted him to be, though…come to think of it, Sesshoumaru hadn’t in recent years offered him any sort of criticism, either. Maybe he’d actually achieved it, then, whatever ‘it’ was…

Staring at himself in the mirror, Inuyasha let out a frustrated sigh as he reached behind his neck with a hair tie and pulled his long sable locks up into a ponytail. Making his way over to the Bowflex in the corner of his room, he vowed to stop wasting time thinking about his ‘brother.’ Even though they weren’t really related, he should have grown up thinking of Sesshoumaru as a big brother. He thought of Toga as a father, so how could he have the hots for his father’s son? That was just…

“Who am I kidding?” he murmured allowed. “That body of his is anything but gross.”

```````````````````````````````````````````````````` `

“So then what did you do?” asked Sesshoumaru’s friend Kouga, the man eating up every word of the story his buddy was telling him about his latest conquest.

“What do you think?” Sesshoumaru spoke into the phone with an obvious smirk in his voice. “I tapped that ass.”

“You dog!”

Laughing, Sesshoumaru pulled his cell away from his ear when an unexpected beeping drew his attention. Glancing at the screen, he grumbled under his breath about bad timing and mood kills. “I’ll have to call you back, I’m getting another call.”

“I can hold.”

“It’s Father, so it’s probably business related.”

“Okay then, later.”

“Yes, Father?” Sesshoumaru answered professionally, having pushed the button to engage his second caller once he got his mirth back under control. His father was a serious man.

Sesshoumaru listened patiently as the elder Taisho explained how he had been called away on business last minute, and that his wife would be going with him, thus leaving Inuyasha to his own devices for three days. While Sesshoumaru personally believed that the boy was perfectly capable of being by himself at his age, he couldn’t deny a simmering desire to take advantage of the opportunity to spend three days alone with Inuyasha. His baby stepbrother had grown into quite the gorgeous specimen of man meat over the years. Looking back on it, he felt horrible for how he’d used to treat the boy when they’d both been children, but he felt even worse for the way he’d started to eye-fuck the teen as he’d grown into his adult form. Not only was he a would-be pedophile, but it was borderline incest. They were brothers! Well…sort of…but he had known better than to make his attraction known, for multiple reasons, the least of which being the minor fact that he’d yet to come out to his parents. Sexual orientation aside, though, how could he have possibly explained being attracted to his underage stepsibling? It’d been all he could do to maintain the illusion of continued hostility, acting like how he’d used to act even as he grew and realized that the last thing he wanted to do was be cruel to Inuyasha.

He used to pick fights, hoping Inuyasha would take a swing at him, just as an excuse to touch his body. He would ‘wrestle’ his brother to the ground while mentally wrestling with his own arousal, praying a poorly timed boner wouldn’t give him away. He did eventually cool it with both the physical and verbal onslaught as he grew older, but he never really treated Inuyasha with the respect he knew he deserved. But how could he have explained suddenly going from hating him to loving him? Though the truth was he had never really hated Inuyasha to begin with; he just hadn’t understood at first, it hadn’t been fair. As he’d gotten older, though, and realized he should feel grateful that at least his mother was still alive and he could visit with her on occasion, he’d come to accept the fact that his parents’ divorce had been neither Inuyasha nor Izayoi’s faults. He had never thought of Inuyasha as a little brother, though, and he supposed that that was where the underlying problem originated. If, while he’d still been a small child, he had come to accept Inuyasha as a sibling, then perhaps his adult feelings wouldn’t have twisted into such a perverted direction. Instead, he had always thought of Inuyasha as an intruder, an outsider, and even as he’d slowly stopped disliking him he’d still merely thought of him as some other boy, a friend, perhaps, but not a brother. They were not related, they didn’t even have the same last name; they’d merely lived together in the same house, and that was all.

For quite some time Sesshoumaru had been able to use their age difference to his advantage. When he’d first begun to realize his attraction to members of the same sex Inuyasha had still been a child, both in reality and in his eyes, but that hadn’t lasted for as long as it should have. A sixteen-year-old Sesshoumaru should not have been attracted to an eleven-year-old Inuyasha, no matter how physically mature he’d appeared at that age, but they say you can have up to murderous thoughts and it’s okay so long as you don’t ever act on them, and so Sesshoumaru supposed since he’d never actually done anything inappropriate that maybe he wasn’t completely broken, after all. As twisted and immoral as it all seemed, the last thing he’d wanted to do was anything that was actually illegal, scarring the poor boy for life, and so even though his father had said that he could stay with them until he finished college Sesshoumaru had finally called it quits with his self-inflicted torture and moved out at age twenty, the then fifteen-year-old Inuyasha already far too sexy for his own good.

Now, though, Inuyasha would be turning eighteen, a legal adult, which meant it would no longer be quite as sick and perverted to ogle him wantonly. Sure, there was still the whole ‘stepbrother’ issue, although technically, being with a stepfamily member was not illegal. They were not truly related.

As the man on the other end of the phone finished making his request Sesshoumaru only had one thing to say.

“When did you need me to arrive?”

``````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``

“I guess having the house all to myself isn’t all bad…” Inuyasha chuckled to himself as he strolled into his bedroom, having just bid his parents a safe trip a few minutes earlier down in the living room.

Firing up his computer, he smirked to himself and logged onto his favorite free gay porn site, free being the most important word in that sentence because he could not risk getting found out. He didn’t have any credit cards in his own name, he didn’t receive his own bills in the mail, and so he could not do anything that would create such an obvious way of getting busted. He never downloaded anything onto his hard drive, either, and he always deleted his browser history after every use. Sure, a hacker could probably still trace his web activity with ease, but he wasn’t trying to hide what he was doing from McGee on NCIS, just his parents. Courtesy of his friend Miroku, who was dating Kagome’s older sister Sango, he even had some Playboy magazines underneath his bed, just in case either parent went snooping. The cleared browser history could look suspicious, he knew, but hopefully they’d just assume he’d been looking at straight porn. Not that he really thought either his mom or stepfather went snooping around in his room to begin with, but better safe than disowned and kicked out.

Of course, he knew he was probably being paranoid. His mother, at least, should love and accept him no matter what. But he’d heard too many horror stories, he knew or at least knew of too many people who were either living with some random school friend because their parents had kicked them out or they were still at home but life had gotten incredibly uncomfortable, and so far he just hadn’t muscled up the courage to take his own chances with the truth.

‘The truth shall set you free…’ he thought to himself sarcastically. He snorted. Figuratively or literally?

Leaving the speakers on his computer turned off despite the fact that he currently had the house all to himself, Inuyasha put his worries aside for the time being as he eagerly clicked through a slideshow assortment of gorgeous, naked hunks. One man in particular was so hung that Inuyasha’s eyes almost popped right out of his head, and he was so distracted as he checked out that model’s ‘portfolio’ that he didn’t even notice the sound of the front door opening and closing, the sound of footsteps gradually making their way upstairs towards his bedroom muffled by the carpeting.

“Man…” he groaned to himself, his jeans starting to feel a little tighter. “That guy’s so large you could almost fuck him and suck him at the same time.”

Sesshoumaru paused in the hallway, baffled by what he’d just heard, although he knew such a random and obscure comment could very easily not mean what a dirty little part of his mind wanted it to mean. What he hoped it meant. It would just be too presumptuous to assume anything from overhearing a single comment that he could be taking completely out of context. Deciding to quietly tiptoe back a few paces and slowly count to ten, he then resumed approaching Inuyasha’s room a bit more loudly than before, asking in a sincere tone “Anybody home?” as he appeared in the doorway, as if to indicate he did not already know for a fact that his stepbrother was in his room.

He still ended up catching Inuyasha off guard, as the teenager jumped noticeably in his seat and frantically closed down whatever it was he’d been looking at on his computer. Unfortunately, for Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha had his room arranged in a layout that prevented anyone from seeing his computer screen from the doorway, a floor plan that had clearly been deliberate and honestly smart thinking on the boy’s part, presuming he spent part of his computer time looking at naughty no-nos. Smirking, Sesshoumaru couldn’t resist the urge to tease him, making no mention of what he’d overheard a minute ago though he didn’t see a point in pretending he hadn’t noticed just how flustered Inuyasha was at his sudden appearance.

“What’s the matter, little brother? Watching dirty movies?”

“No!” Inuyasha vehemently denied, even as his cheeks darkened to a cherry hue. Technically, his denial was honest; they had been still photos, not video. “Shut up.” he added for good measure as Sesshoumaru laughed.

“Relax, Inuyasha, I’m not the porn police.” Sesshoumaru stated with genuine amusement, and Inuyasha couldn’t help relaxing as the older man’s teasing but also approving words gently washed over him. He almost smirked back at his brother in a way that would have looked anything but platonic before quickly reining in his desire.

Damn Sesshoumaru for being so distressingly sexy!

“Thanks, I guess.” he settled for with a quiet laugh, unaware of the hidden contemplation in his brother’s eyes as Sesshoumaru compared the teen’s not-in-so-many-words confession to the statement he’d overheard out in the hallway.

Still, Sesshoumaru knew he didn’t dare say anything, should he be wrong, and there was truly nothing outside of that solitary statement that suggested his hypothesis was correct.

Unaware of the thoughts running through Sesshoumaru’s mind, Inuyasha discreetly relaunched his web browser, which opened to a harmless search engine page. Quickly deleting his search history, he shut his computer off entirely before scooting away from his desk and standing up.

“So…what’s up?” he asked the twenty-three-year-old, hoping he didn’t sound rude though he was honestly confused by his presence. “Why are you here? Mom and Dad just left for a business trip.”

With his mirth only increasing, Sesshoumaru adopted a feigned look of surprise. “You mean, Dad didn’t tell you?” he asked. “He sent me over to make sure you don’t burn the house down while they’re gone.”

Rolling his eyes, Inuyasha felt torn at that news. He believed Sesshoumaru. Even with as much of a dick as the guy used to be towards him, he’d never been a bald-faced liar, and it irked him to realize that his father still didn’t trust him enough to stay home by himself for a few days. Sesshoumaru had always been the ‘responsible’ one. Shrugging it off after a moment, though, Inuyasha decided to play along, just for the hell of it.

“Crap, that means I have to call everyone back and tell ‘em the party’s off.” he joked, knowing that Sesshoumaru knew damn well he’d never made such plans to begin with.

Or perhaps the party is just beginning… Sesshoumaru thought to himself at Inuyasha’s comment, realizing that at the stroke of midnight the boy would no longer be underage. At least then he could admire the teen’s physique without feeling quite so guilty about it.

Inuyasha certainly wasn’t a little kid any longer, his body just as defined, if not more so, than Sesshoumaru’s own body had been at that age. He hadn’t started working out too intensely himself until after graduating high school, but no sooner than he’d signed up for a gym membership had Inuyasha talked their father into buying him the home gym contraption that to that day still occupied a quarter of the real estate in the boy’s bedroom. Sesshoumaru had to admit, Inuyasha was a living advertisement for the machine.

Unaware of the fact that his older stepsibling had temporarily become lost in thought, Inuyasha’s own mind wandered off for a moment as well as he aimlessly followed Sesshoumaru out of his room and down the stairs into the living room below. The more he thought about it, the less upset he was with his dad for having sent Sesshoumaru over to babysit. Now that the two of them could actually behave like civil adults while in each other’s company, Inuyasha was actually kind of looking forward to the prospect of spending three whole days alone with Sesshoumaru. Of course, there was the potential risk of disaster, should he somehow manage to do something totally humiliating within that brief timeframe, but it was a risk he was willing to take.

“So what’s for lunch?” Inuyasha spoke up as he plopped down on his favorite part of the sofa.

Frowning, Sesshoumaru stated, “I agreed to stay here throughout the duration of Father’s business trip to ensure the safety of his worldly possessions, not to role play as your personal assistant.”

Inuyasha mentally groaned at the unintentional imagery his brother sparked in his mind at those words. Oh what he could do if Sesshoumaru were truly up for such a game. Quickly clearing his throat, the teen shook his head to clear it of such wayward thoughts before stating, “Well I ain’t cooking, so pizza it is.”

Nodding his head in acquiescence, Sesshoumaru collected the overnight bag he’d left by the door and made his way back upstairs, towards his old bedroom. One thing he would state in the positive with regard to his stepmother was that Izayoi had refused to change his old room around into any new type of room for the house, be it for a hobby of some sort or otherwise. Instead, she’d left his furnishings right where they’d always been, merely applying new linens and turning the bedroom into a spare guestroom. Most of the time the original guestroom downstairs was all that was needed, but it never hurt to have a spare, had been Izayoi’s reasoning, on the surface at least. In reality Sesshoumaru knew she was holding the room for him for any such occasion as this one, and for that he would admit he felt grateful. Not because he had any lingering emotional attachments to his old bed or dresser, but because his room was right next to Inuyasha’s.

Unpacking, Sesshoumaru was caught off guard when a shirtless Inuyasha walked past in the hallway a few minutes later.

“I’m gonna jump in the shower before the pizza gets here.” he called out as he closed the door to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Staring dumbly out the opened doorway of his bedroom, it was all poor Sesshoumaru could do to shake the disorientation free from his mind.

“Get a hold of yourself…” the silver-haired man inwardly scolded once he heard the sound of the shower turn on, his stomach still doing flips from the brief flash of muscles he’d only managed to catch the slightest glimpse of before they’d disappeared behind closed doors. What he wouldn’t give for X-ray vision.


Letting the hot water cascade down his back as he stood facing the showerhead with his own head bowed, stringy wet locks framing his face like a curtain of ink, Inuyasha bit his lower lip to keep from crying out, his left hand resting on the tile in front of him to steady his balance while his right hand pounded his swollen erection at a frantic pace. He’d started to become aroused by the naked hunks on that porn site, but rather than cool his heated blood, Sesshoumaru’s untimely appearance had only exacerbated the situation. He’d tried, and failed, to get his raging hormones back under control, and so after hanging up with the pizza place he’d made the quick decision to take matters into his own hands, literally. It was either jerk off in the shower or be miserable for the rest of the day.

Of course, it hadn’t been necessary for him to walk past Sesshoumaru’s room shirtless, but he just couldn’t help wanting to show off, even though he new the older man didn’t swing that way. Even though Sesshoumaru had never brought any of his girlfriends over to the house he’d made casual mention over the years regarding whichever girl he happened to be dating at any given time. His excuse for not bringing them over had always been because he wanted to be sure she was ‘the one’ first, which apparently none of them had ever been. Inuyasha snorted to himself at the thought. Their dad thought Sesshoumaru was so perfect, the spitting image of himself, but he knew the younger Taisho wasn’t as prim and proper as Toga wanted to believe he was. Sure, Sesshoumaru was responsible, he’d always taken his babysitting duties seriously when their parents had started leaving the two of them alone for two or three days at a time, and he took his job at the company very seriously, but even so, Inuyasha knew there was a naughty side to his older stepbrother that Toga either didn’t know about or didn’t want to know about. To put it bluntly, Sesshoumaru was a player.

Part of the two of them finally acting civilly towards one another included Sesshoumaru occasionally sharing tales of his more adventurous encounters with his younger stepsibling, and even though Inuyasha didn’t particularly enjoy hearing about the man he loved being with his latest flavor of the week, he did feel a well-deserved sense of pride from the simple fact that Sesshoumaru now felt they could ‘bond’ over such intimate topics. That fact alone brought them much closer together, in Inuyasha’s mind; it was just too bad he couldn’t return the favor.

Though Inuyasha wouldn’t admit it to Sesshoumaru, he had a bit of a wild side himself at times; he had a fake ID and knew how to use it, but when it came to physical closeness he was more cautious than some of the guys he hung out with. He wasn’t a virgin, by any means, but he had been careful. The last thing he wanted was to have another confession added on top of his ‘coming out’ speech when he eventually braved telling his family his secret.

Thinking about Sesshoumaru getting it on with his various girlfriends over the years quickly had Inuyasha’s thoughts in a vortex, the only thing still on his mind being just how sexy Sesshoumaru truly was. He quickly replaced the image of the faceless women with another guy, allowing his fantasies to take on a life of their own as he pictured just what Sesshoumaru’s beautiful mouth would look like wrapped tightly around a throbbing cock. With chocolate eyes pinched tightly shut, the sound of his hand sliding along his slickened phallus muted to him by the roar of blood in his ears, Inuyasha dared imagining the forbidden as his thoughts shifted yet again and it became his cock engulfed by the searing heat of his brother’s mouth. He imagined looking down to see Sesshoumaru kneeling before him, and that image was all it took to send him spiraling over the edge so fast and hard that he almost slipped in the tub with how badly his legs started shaking, his left hand shooting up to grab the curtain rod to steady himself as he grunted under his breath, the evidence of his desire washing down the drain.  


Sesshoumaru stood panting in his doorway, hand on his chest, as if the gesture could actually sooth the frantic pounding of his heart. He had no idea what had excited his little brother so, but now he would have to find the time to masturbate or else be miserable for the rest of the day.

After first shaking himself free of his original, perverted thoughts upon Inuyasha’s initial entry into the bathroom, he had gotten back to work unpacking his overnight bag. His intention had been to then head downstairs and wait for the pizza delivery guy, but an unexpected and very distinct rhythm coming from the hall bath had immediately drawn his attention. He imagined that at Inuyasha’s age jacking off in the shower was probably a daily occurrence, and one that probably hadn’t been triggered this time around by anything in particular as teenagers were always horny by nature, but that simple understanding did nothing to cool his heated blood at the realization that it was happening right then in that very moment. His sexy…check that…his gorgeous younger not-brother was naked, and aroused, and pleasuring himself, less than twenty feet away. If he had been a demon more fully consumed by his lust he would have broken the door down and ravished the younger man before Inuyasha even had time to realize what was happening. Fortunately, for the both of them, Sesshoumaru was no such monster, and so as soon as the sounds coming from the shower started to resemble those of somebody actually washing their hair and body he quickly made his way downstairs.

By the time Inuyasha reemerged from the shower Sesshoumaru was casually watching television in the living room, and the younger man joined his older stepsibling on the sofa without any idea of just how agitated the twenty-three-year-old was underneath his calm façade. Fortunately, the doorbell ringing prevented the silence between them from becoming awkward, and Inuyasha quickly got back up to go pay for the pizza with some of the cash his mother had left him.

Coming back into the living room and setting the box on the coffee table, Inuyasha asked Sesshoumaru what he wanted to drink, and with a mildly surprised expression the silver-haired Taisho told him that a Coke would be fine. Nodding, Inuyasha quickly retrieved two cans of Coke from the fridge and brought them back into the living room, offering the one in his right hand to his brother. He mistook the way Sesshoumaru hesitated with wide eyes while reaching for the can as mock-shock in regard to him being so hospitable; the raven-haired boy had no way of knowing that Sesshoumaru was actually gulping to himself and trying not to sweat at the thought of taking the can that was being held by the same hand that had only just recently been holding…

“What? I can act civil too, ya know.” Inuyasha teased, effectively pulling Sesshoumaru out of his downward spiraling thoughts, for which he was grateful.

“Indeed? Will wonders never cease…” the older man teased in the hope of redeeming himself, taking the can and popping it open for a casual sip. Inuyasha merely snorted before plopping back down on the couch and opening the box of pizza; Sesshoumaru exhaled in relief.

Lunch was relatively uneventful, at least at first, the two filling the silence between them with mild and pleasant chitchat as each man caught the other one up on what had most recently been happening in their lives. Of course, neither man was completely honest with the other, as Sesshoumaru twisted the story of his latest conquest to be about a woman while Inuyasha mentioned nothing of his current and troubling dilemma. He couldn’t fully hide the fact that something was bothering him, though, flinching at the tale of Sesshoumaru’s latest fling, which the silver-haired man did not let slide when he asked his younger stepsibling point blank what was troubling him.

Whatever Sesshoumaru had been expecting, Inuyasha’s reaction was not it.

Eyes widening in mild panic, another major telltale that all was not well, Inuyasha tried his best to bluff through it, stating that he was fine and was merely preoccupied with worry over being a freshman again, since he would be starting college soon. He jokingly stated that he hoped the experience wouldn’t be too brutal, remembering what it was like being a freshman in high school.

Narrowing his eyes thoughtfully, Sesshoumaru was certain that that wasn’t the problem. If it were, then what could it have been about his story that had caused such a reaction in the boy? Inuyasha’s flinch had definitely been a direct result of hearing about his latest conquest. Was Inuyasha perhaps having a relationship issue of some sort? Sesshoumaru was just about to delve deeper when the doorbell going off again interrupted his line of questioning.

Practically leaping off of the couch, Inuyasha mentally thanked the gods for the distraction while joking aloud to hopefully seem unflustered, “Whoops, I forgot to cancel the stripper.” as he went to see who was actually at the door, hoping he could think of something new to change the subject away from himself by the time he got back. Damn Sesshoumaru for being so perceptive! But why the hell did he even care what was bothering him in the first place? It was always easier to lie with the truth, and so if he wouldn’t let it go, Inuyasha quickly decided that he’d admit that he was jealous, but twist it into a different kind of jealousy than the one he actually felt, as if he were merely envious of Sesshoumaru’s lavish love life. That should be believable.

Telling the door-to-door kid that he didn’t want to buy any magazines, Inuyasha made his way back into the living room, quickly picking up the left over pizza while stating casually that he would put it away for later, hoping Sesshoumaru would just let the subject of whatever was bothering him drop.

Sesshoumaru did decide to let it go, for now, though he hated the idea of something actually troubling the boy. Inuyasha was more than just a piece of eye candy to him, he honestly cared for the young man and so if something was bothering him that the teen felt he couldn’t discuss with their parents then the least Sesshoumaru could do was put his sexual attraction aside long enough to be there for the boy as the older brother he was supposed to be.


“What do you want for dinner?” Inuyasha asked over his shoulder as he stared at the various frozen entrées in the freezer.

After lunch Inuyasha had excused himself by stating he felt like playing his latest video game for a while; he was ‘this close’ to beating the level he was currently stuck on. Shrugging, Sesshoumaru hadn’t argued, having plenty to keep himself occupied with as he worked on finishing up some of the reports he had brought with him from work in preparation for spending three days out of the office. Fortunately his salaried position allowed him to do most things from home if he so chose; so long as the reports were done on time it didn’t matter where he did them.

Of course, he had first taken a moment to take care of the ‘problem’ he’d been stuck with all throughout lunch in the downstairs bathroom; damn Inuyasha for being so sexy!

Coming up behind where said teenager stood in the kitchen, Sesshoumaru gazed at the way Inuyasha had his head in the freezer in mild surprise as what he said finally registered.

“You don’t want to go out? It is the eve of your birthday, after all.” Sesshoumaru stated in what he hoped was a conversational enough tone of voice, hoping he didn’t sound disappointed. “I had assumed we would be going out to eat.”

Inuyasha merely snorted.

“Is that an invite?” he asked over his shoulder, surprised though not opposed to the idea, although he didn’t really think his brother was serious. “And just where could my still-seventeen-year-old ass go that would actually be worthwhile?” he laughed, thinking it unwise to inform his brother of the false identification hidden securely in his room, lest the younger Taisho decide to rat him out to Daddy. He might not be the porn police, but fake IDs were illegal. “Tell ya what, you can take me out on my twenty-first birthday, so long as you’re buying.” he compromised, figuring Sesshoumaru had only offered to be polite and would appreciate being let off the hook for the time being.

Sesshoumaru had a brief flash of a drunk Inuyasha pop into his mind before quickly shaking that thought free.

“You got it.” he promised casually, speaking back up with, “But you should still get a birthday dinner out tonight, too. Come on, my treat. You deserve a more decent meal than frozen meatloaf or leftover pizza.”

Slowly closing the freezer door, Inuyasha tried to fight the growing feeling of butterflies in his stomach as he realized Sesshoumaru actually was serious.

“What if I order something crazy expensive and a la carte, like ‘market price’ steak and lobster with all the trimmin’s?”

Sesshoumaru only chuckled, knowing his brother didn’t have very expensive taste when it came to cuisine.

“And who said I was taking you to that kind of a restaurant?”

“Well I sure as hell ain’t goin’ to Denny’s.” Inuyasha retorted, amusement in his voice. Feeling emboldened by his sense of humor, he jokingly stated, “I’ll have you know I’m no cheap date.”

Sesshoumaru laughed again at his brother’s obvious joke, although he couldn’t fully deny the tingling feeling in his belly as the boy joked about it being a date. If only…

Deciding to play along, Sesshoumaru’s comeback was, “Well I’m not spending too much money on you; it’s not like I’m trying to get into your pants.”

It was Inuyasha’s turn to laugh, though he quickly turned back around to pretend giving the freezer’s inventory another once-over to mask the twinge of pain he felt at his brother’s mock rejection. If he were trying to get in his pants he wouldn’t have to try very hard, and it wouldn’t require an expensive dinner first, either. Of course, it wasn’t as if a prospective romantic partner had actually rejected him, and so quickly telling himself to get over himself, Inuyasha turned back around while closing the freezer door with a playful scowl on his face, determined not to let his stepbrother know how much his innocent joke had hurt him.
“Well I would sure as hell hope not.” he lied through his teeth, figuring it the most appropriate response. Then to not dampen the humor of the moment he added with a smirk, “The man tries to get into the woman’s pants, and I’m the man.”

That part was mostly true, in a sense; he definitely preferred being the top.

Also doing his own best to mask the twinge of disappointment he felt at Inuyasha’s words, Sesshoumaru asked with raised eyebrows, “Are you saying I’m the woman?”

Inuyasha merely laughed again before walking past his brother into the living room, cupping Sesshoumaru’s shoulder for a moment along the way.

“Hell no, ‘cause that’d mean I’d have to pay!”

Sesshoumaru chuckled genuinely at that and turned to exit the kitchen as well. Grabbing his keys, he was ready to go by the time Inuyasha met him at the front door.


The car ride was neither awkward nor silent thanks to Inuyasha’s iPod, which Sesshoumaru honestly didn’t mind since he would have had no idea what to talk about otherwise. He decided to take Inuyasha to a nice steak restaurant, though not one so nice you had to pay extra for the baked potato. The raven-haired teen had no complaints as he ordered a monstrous rib eye, while Sesshoumaru opted for the fillet. Not having forgotten about earlier Sesshoumaru tried to gently ease into the conversation while they waited for their food.  

“So has there been anything going on lately that you wanted to talk about?” he asked, earning himself a surprised and slightly nervous glance from the younger male before the boy suddenly decided his Coke was incredibly interesting. Okay, so maybe finesse wasn’t his strong suit.

“Nah…I’m good.” Inuyasha finally answered, in an obvious show of not wanting to talk about it. Whatever ‘it’ was.

Remembering that the boy had flinched during the story about his latest ‘lady’ friend, Sesshoumaru took a shot in the dark and asked, “How’s Kagome?”

Inuyasha looked more genuinely surprised and a little confused than nervous at that question, answering without hesitation, “She’s fine, why?”

Sesshoumaru merely shrugged, trying to act nonchalant and merely interested in his little brother’s life, as any good older brother should be.

“I just haven’t heard that much about her lately, was wondering if you two were still together.” he replied honestly. He had wondered that, although the thought hadn’t crossed his mind until earlier that same day at lunch.

Unexpectedly, Inuyasha rolled his eyes, which earned a curious expression from Sesshoumaru.

“Kagome and I were never really ‘together’ together.” he informed Sesshoumaru honestly, only truly feeling the need to let his dad believe the unspoken lie of her being his girlfriend. Besides, he eventually wanted to come completely clean with his entire family, so baby steps. He would be honest about this with Sesshoumaru now.

“Father seems to think so.” Sesshoumaru commented, which Inuyasha had expected would be his next remark.

He shrugged, trying to seem casual about it. “We’re just really good friends, is all. I’ve told Mom before that we’re just friends, even though I don’t think she believes me.”

“Are you ‘we were going out but then she broke up with me so now we’re just friends’ friends, or were you truly never dating to begin with?” Sesshoumaru asked not in a pushy manner, but in a way that suggested he genuinely wanted to know, and surprised that the older man was showing any kind of actual interest in his life, Inuyasha almost felt compelled to answer his question.

“Never dated to begin with.”

“I see…” Sesshoumaru replied for lack of something better to say, mildly surprised by the news, while also filing it away along with the other things he’d heard that day.

Looking back on it, he honestly couldn’t recall Inuyasha ever even once referring to Kagome as his girlfriend, and truth be told, they did always seem to hang out in rather innocent settings, doing things ‘just friends’ would do. But yet for some reason, whenever he’d heard Inuyasha mention in passing something that he and Kagome were going to do or had done, he’d always just assumed that the young woman was his girlfriend. Quickly deciding that the teen had no reason to lie, though, he accepted Inuyasha’s answer as truthful, barely suppressing the smile that wanted to climb up his lips as a result.

Inuyasha was single.

That was one hurdle eliminated in an impossibly long race to the finish line, but Sesshoumaru was just getting started.

Dinner was served shortly after their conversation began to fizzle out, which Inuyasha considered perfect timing since he had absolutely no idea what else to talk about, and soon the only sounds coming from the stepbrothers were those of utensils clanking and food being eaten.

Sesshoumaru did permit his smile to show as Inuyasha slouched in his seat, horribly embarrassed, when their waiter came back around after their plates had been cleared with a piece of chocolate cake, complete with lit candle, singing Happy Birthday for the whole restaurant to hear. At least all the other available servers hadn’t joined in to turn it into a chorus. Inuyasha wanted to know when the hell Sesshoumaru had slipped it to the waiter that it was his birthday; the man was good, he’d give him that.

The chocolate cake was good, too, and soon enough his embarrassment was forgotten as he enjoyed the treat, then it was time to go, and Inuyasha uttered a genuine thanks as Sesshoumaru paid the bill.

Heading out of the establishment, Inuyasha blinked for a second in mild surprise as Sesshoumaru stepped ahead to open the door for him, and mumbling another thanks Inuyasha exited first, hoping his expression had been neutral. Sesshoumaru was just being polite, after all.

Then the blond Adonis moved to the passenger side of his car and opened that door for Inuyasha, as well, and unable to take it any more, the raven-haired boy relied on his witty sense of humor to defuse the potential awkwardness of the situation, sure Sesshoumaru was screwing with him by that point and not wanting to seem too dense to catch on.

“Free dinner, doors opened for me, maybe being the woman’s not so bad after all.” he joked, laughing a bit more confidently when Sesshoumaru chuckled as well.

“And just why does either one of us have to be the woman?” Sesshoumaru inquired with amusement as he and Inuyasha fastened their seatbelts. “Can two men not decide to dine together?”

Two men can do lots more than just dine together… Inuyasha’s traitorous thoughts popped up with immediately, and doing his best to quell the tingling in his loins, he unwittingly said, “You’re right, who needs a woman?”

Were it not for what Sesshoumaru had overheard late that morning, such a simple and directionless statement could have easily been taken with an air of ‘bros before hoes.’ Inuyasha’s tone of voice had certainly been casual enough, and considering his new discovery regarding the lack of a love life between the boy and his not-girlfriend Kagome, perhaps even a twinge of sour grapes could be added to the mix. Sesshoumaru knew he was gambling, in a way, with the next words to leave his mouth, but he’d always been a bit of a gambling man, he admitted to himself with a silent chuckle. The bigger the risk, the bigger the potential reward; you couldn’t learn to swim if you stayed in the shallow end.

Sesshoumaru already knew how to swim, though, so he was truly in no risk of drowning; no matter what he was about to throw himself into he knew he could get himself back out again safely. He was looking forward to getting wet.

“You certainly have no use for one, am I right, little brother?” he asked Inuyasha then, keeping an edge of teasing in his voice.

His mocking question could actually be taken two different ways, the other being if the younger male were merely a hopeless virgin with a failed track record. If that were the case, then Inuyasha’s response should be to bristle in indignity and either insist that he was quite the lady’s man in his own right, or excuse that he wasn’t thinking about women for the time being to instead focus on his studies, acknowledging that there would be plenty of time for romance in the future. In fact, Sesshoumaru was even prepared to have his own ‘womanizing’ thrown in his face, if Inuyasha in turn accused him of being a man-whore who’d wind up with an unwanted baby-mamma if he wasn’t more careful.

If he has in fact merely had zero luck in the love department, that would explain his facial expression while listening to my latest tale… Sesshoumaru relented, just starting to think that perhaps that was the case after all when Inuyasha’s actual reaction to his words sank in.

Spluttering helplessly in both shock and panic, Inuyasha, with eyes the size of saucers, scooted a little closer to his door, staring at Sesshoumaru like he was an FBI agent who’d just shown up out of nowhere and accused him of treason. Treason he was guilty of.

“What are you…how…when did…who…shut up!”

Knowing he was thoroughly busted, and that it was his own damn fault, Inuyasha turned in his seat and stared unseeingly out his window at the blurs of lit nightlife going by.

Way to go, jackass… he scolded himself, knowing that Sesshoumaru might have just been taking a stab in the dark, and that he could have still had a chance to play it off in a manner of believable denial if only he hadn’t just floundered like an idiot.

Too late now; catching the older man’s reflection in the window, the look in his eyes said it all.

Sesshoumaru was, in a word, stunned. For half a second a little part of his brain had wanted to pump its fist in the air and cry out “Yes!” but then seeing the way Inuyasha was now so utterly miserable, and only being able to vaguely imagine the ungrounded horrors running through his mind, Sesshoumaru immediately kicked back over into caring and nurturing mode. He didn’t try to think of the boy as his younger brother, after all, a part of him did still hope that perhaps, one day, they could be more than that, but so thinking of Inuyasha as a friend he tried his best to sooth the teen’s fears.

He didn’t get very far.


“I don’t want to talk about it.” the teen interrupted.

Sesshoumaru sighed.

“I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Inuyasha snorted.

“Oh, like throwing something like that in my face wouldn’t upset me.”

He was still staring out the window; it would be another five minutes, at least, before they got back to the house. Sesshoumaru sighed again, realizing he had been wrong; he was in danger of drowning after all.

This mopey, self-conscious Inuyasha would never do.

“Hey, come on...” he tried again.

Inuyasha turned his head just enough to glance his way, and the unshed tears pooled in his mahogany eyes were enough to drown Sesshoumaru right then and there. “Just promise me you won’t tell Mom or Dad.”

Okay, that’s it… Sesshoumaru was many things, but overly patient was not one of them.

“Quit being so ‘Prayers for Bobby,’” he scolded lightly, keeping the look in his eyes understanding.

Inuyasha’s eyes turned mildly surprised at his words, probably from his use of such an obscure yet accurate analogy, but then they turned slightly more hopeful, and Sesshoumaru, smiling, pressed forward.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, you know.” he murmured gently, all the while mentally cursing his own cowardice. This whole conversation could go a whole lot smoother if he’d just tell Inuyasha the truth.

“What if I told you…told you that you weren’t the only one who felt that way?” he hedged, testing the waters.

I have got to get my brain away from these blasted sink or swim analogies… the older man silently cursed, holding his breath for Inuyasha’s response, which was quick and not what he’d been shooting for.

The teen snorted again, and then with a shake of his head, said “I’ve seen my share of ‘It gets better’ videos. Don’t worry, I ain’t gonna kill myself or nothin’ stupid.”

“Well that’s certainly a relief.” Sesshoumaru stated honestly, before finally deciding to go for broke. “It would be a crime against nature to let such a gorgeous body go to waste.”

Inuyasha’s reaction to those words was comical, as a light blush first rose to his cheeks as his brain initially accepted the compliment in the same manner a mother might tell her son he looked handsome in his prom tux, and then suddenly, as the exact words and tone of voice Sesshoumaru had used slowly seeped into his brain, Inuyasha’s eyes grew so large that they would have popped right out of his head if it weren’t for that pesky optic nerve thing keeping them in place. Sesshoumaru could almost literally see the wheels of his brother’s mind turning as his previous statement about others feeling the same way clicked into place next, followed by a jaw dropping, gaping stare as Inuyasha slowly raised an accusing finger aimed at his stepbrother’s chest.


Sess houmaru nodded, trying not to laugh at Inuyasha’s expression.


Inuyasha shook his head, as if trying to clear it of illogical nonsense.

“What are you…how…when did…whoa…”

“You forgot ‘shut up.’” Sesshoumaru supplied, earning a sharp glare, to which he did laugh a little, unable to deny the irony of the situation.

As their house came into view both men remained silent for the last several seconds it took to reach their driveway and pull in. Then Inuyasha was out of the car before Sesshoumaru could dare think about walking around to open the door for him again, and beating the older male to the front door of the house, he produced his own keys from his pocket and opened that door for himself, as well, Sesshoumaru standing back and watching Inuyasha’s actions with a hint of uncertainty in his gaze.

Did Inuyasha think that he hadn’t been serious? That he was teasing him, mocking him? Did he think there was some sort of a misunderstanding happening between the two of them and that they’d actually been talking about two separate things? While neither of them had actually come right out and said the words, enough other things had been said to make it exceedingly clear, at least in Sesshoumaru’s mind, what the two of them had been discussing.

“Inuyasha, please do not run from me.” Sesshoumaru beseeched as the teen started to head for the stairs immediately upon entering their parents’ house.

Pausing, he turned back and gave Sesshoumaru an unreadable look, a conflict of warring emotions visible in his eyes.

“Don’t screw with me, Sessh.” Inuyasha begged in turn, and Sesshoumaru’s heart panged at the pleading sound of his voice, of the nickname Inuyasha hadn’t used for him since childhood. The teen pressed forward. “Are you really telling me that you’re gay, too?”

There, at least one of them had been brave enough to actually say it.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” Sesshoumaru confirmed.

“And all those stories about being with women?”

“Only partial lies; they had simply not been women.” Sesshoumaru admitted, closing the distance between them.

With a look in his eyes that suggested he couldn’t decide if he wanted to slap him or kiss him, Inuyasha turned around as Sesshoumaru approached and began heading up the stairs, a deep and exhausting sounding sigh leaving his lips.

Sesshoumaru remained at the bottom of the stairs, unsure of what to do, when Inuyasha’s encouraging, “Come on, I ain’t running, I just wanna put my shoes away.” reached his ears.

Following after the boy, then, Sesshoumaru had to remind himself that for the next few hours, at least, Inuyasha was still a boy. They were going into his room to talk, nothing more.

Entering his bedroom, Inuyasha took a quick seat on the edge of his bed and immediately bent over to untie his sneakers before placing them neatly in their designated spot in the shoe rack in his closet. Sesshoumaru, deciding to get more comfortable as well, sat on the edge of the bed Inuyasha had vacated and untied his own shoes, standing back up and casually tossing them out into the hall to be collected later.

“So where were we?” Sesshoumaru chuckled lamely, his own nervousness clear, and knowing that Sesshoumaru was just as on edge as he was somehow put Inuyasha’s own racing mind at ease, at least a little bit.

Once again finding strength in humor, the younger brother adopted what he hoped was a nonchalant posture, trying to mask just how eager he actually was at the prospect as he stated with a playful chuckle, “Well, you just paid for my dinner, so I guess now is the part where you try to get into my pants.”

Sesshoumaru laughed as well, and with Inuyasha successfully concealing his true desire, Sesshoumaru thought to reassure his stepbrother at his joking that he wasn’t a total man-whore, after all. Of course, it was too bad the offer wasn’t serious. He mentally sighed, then stated reassuringly, “I truly had only wanted to take you out for your birthday, Inuyasha. I’m not trying to take you to bed.”

At least not on the first date… he added in his mind.

Inuyasha’s expression was amused but also challenging, in a way, as he countered with, “But you’d said that when you thought I was straight.”

And I’d only said what I said ‘cause I thought you were straight… he added in his mind.

“It’s not that I don’t think you’re extremely attractive, because I think we both know I was speaking the truth about that gorgeous body of yours.” Sesshoumaru decided to confess, the last thing he wanted to do being to inadvertently reject the boy if Inuyasha were somehow, miraculously, serious.

“Yeah, I’m sexy and I know it.” the teen smirked, running a hand through his long, wavy hair.

“And underage.” Sesshoumaru added pointedly, cursing under his breath that perhaps he shouldn’t have said that at the way Inuyasha’s eyes immediately widened to the size of saucers again.

Then the teen blurted out, “Holy shit, you actually are into me!”

Though he knew he risked freaking the boy out with his next words, Sesshoumaru quickly chose not to deny it, his voice adopting a predatory edge as he confirmed, “I would love to be into you, but that’s illegal.”

Surprisingly, Inuyasha actually rolled his eyes at that, and glancing nonchalantly at his bedside clock, he argued, “For like three and a half more hours, big fucking deal.”

“It’s a big deal for me.” Sesshoumaru insisted, needing to stick to his morals above all else. “I’ve been resisting my attraction to you for years, I’m not going to turn my back on my scruples now.”

Inuyasha smirked again.

“How many years?”

“More than you would probably care to know.”

The teen laughed at that, a genuine laugh, not one of the ones you force out to pretend you’re not disturbed by something.

Raising an eyebrow, Sesshoumaru couldn’t help inquiring, “This doesn’t bother you?”

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow of his own. “Should it?”

“We are stepbrothers.” Sesshoumaru couldn’t help but point out, though truthfully, the fact that Inuyasha seemed okay with the knowledge of his desire was damn near cause for celebration in his mind.

Step being the operative word.” Inuyasha pointed out, confessing, “I’ve been into you for quite a few years as well, truth be told. Why do you think I always tried to change myself so you wouldn’t have anything to pick on me about anymore?”

Smirking himself that time, Sesshoumaru countered, “Why do you think I always picked on you?”

Eyes widening as true comprehension dawned, remembering how many of their fights had turned physical, ending with him pinned underneath his older brother, Inuyasha just laughed again, too delighted in the revelation that the man was both gay and attracted to him to worry about the technicality that he’d been, and actually still was, a minor.

“My big brother, the child molester.” he stated with a chuckle.

Sesshoumaru frowned.

“That is not funny.”

Inuyasha quickly sobered at his tone, admitting sheepishly, “No…no you’re right, it’s not. I’m sorry.”

Clearing his throat nervously, the teen added, “So uh, thank you, for not screwing with me a few years back. That probably would have messed with my head. But this just goes to prove that sexual orientation really is all in the genes. If you’d been molesting me well then nobody in their right mind would think my feelings for you were real, or healthy. I’d need like fifty shrinks to tell me what a monster you really are, and I’d be denying it all the while. Now I can love you free and clear, as an adult capable of making my own decisions, and nobody can say it had anything to do with any outside influence on your part.”

It was Sesshoumaru’s turn for his eyes to widen.

“You…you love me?”

Inuyasha had not said that part on accident.

“For more years now than you would probably care to know.”

Sesshoumaru sighed, cupping his face in the palm of his right hand, and Inuyasha was just starting to worry that he’d screwed everything up by admitting the true depth of his feelings when the older man’s muffled voice reached his ears.

“This is going to be the longest three hours of my life.”

Inuyasha laughed at that, and feeling both relieved and giddy, he couldn’t help rubbing in, “Three and a half hours.”

Groaning, Sesshoumaru turned and exited the room without another word, Inuyasha’s laughter trailing out after him as he picked up his shoes before heading into his own room next door.

Suddenly feeling both excited and horny, Inuyasha headed into the bathroom at the end of the hall, figuring he could make use of some of the time to ‘freshen up’ as women always put it.


Sesshoumaru sat on the edge of his old childhood bed, staring at the wall unseeingly, running his conversation with Inuyasha over and over again in his head. Had they really just made plans to…?

Hearing the shower at the end of the hall turn back on, Sesshoumaru figured he had his answer, and shaking himself out of his stupor he grabbed his pajama pants out of his bag before heading downstairs to the guest bath. It was a good thing their parents had splurged for a top of the line water heater.


Sesshoumaru was sitting casually on his bed, pretending to read a book while trying to convince himself he wasn’t counting the seconds as he glanced at his cell phone on the night stand every few minutes, when suddenly, he jumped a little in surprise as an obnoxiously loud MIDI of Westminster Chimes sounded from the room next door. Chuckling despite himself, he quickly responded to the not-so-subtle summons, smirking at his stepbrother from the doorway as Inuyasha’s computer continued to mimic a grandfather clock, synthesized chimes striking midnight.

“Cute.” he commented after the final bong.

“I thought so.” Inuyasha agreed from his place standing beside his computer, leaning over the desk to reach the mouse and close whatever application he’d been running.

“I think a cuckoo clock would have been more appropriate, though, don’t you agree?” Sesshoumaru added, entering the room and, out of general habit, shutting the door.

“Why?” Inuyasha asked with a teasing edge. “‘Cause I’m coo coo for Cocoa Puffs?”

Now that he knew his brother was one of them, joking around about it didn’t bother him in the slightest. Miroku teased him about being into guys all the time, but he just teased him right back about being into women.

Sesshoumaru crinkled his nose in mild disgust at the rather tasteless pun, although a part of him did have to admit it was somewhat clever.

“I was referring merely to the craziness of the situation we are finding ourselves in.” he decided to explain.

Inuyasha just shrugged, looking as innocent and nonchalant as ever, the fucker.

“If you want to wait a while longer that’s fine with me,” the teen spoke up, hoping his brother wouldn’t call his bluff. “And besides,” he added with a smirk, “if you want to get technical, I wasn’t actually born until 5:32 in the evening, so-”

His words were cut off as Sesshoumaru, without warning, closed the distance between them and slammed his lips upon the younger male’s.

Inuyasha was surprised for all of two seconds before immediately surrendering to the kiss, raising his hands to fist in Sesshoumaru’s hair as he grabbed the slightly taller man by the back of his head with both hands, refusing to let go. Not that Sesshoumaru had any plans of vacating the kiss any time soon. His hands quickly found purchase fisting the back of Inuyasha’s t-shirt, pulling the newly minted eighteen-year-old in even closer, as he pressed the two of them together, body to body. Sesshoumaru’s pajama bottoms concealed his growing excitement about as well as Inuyasha’s sweats did, and so it didn’t take long at all before each male was fully aware of their partner’s state of arousal, as well as the fact that neither of them had donned underwear after their showers.

Finally pulling back from the kiss when the need for air became too great, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha both panted for a few seconds until, as the first to recover, Inuyasha smirked before immediately reaching for his prize, squeezing his big brother’s erection through his pajamas. Sesshoumaru hissed, then thought to up the ante, reaching inside Inuyasha’s sweats to grab at bare flesh.

Inuyasha’s legs buckled.

Chuckling, Sesshoumaru wrapped his left arm around Inuyasha’s waist to help support him, plus the teen also still had a firm grip on his pajama-clad length with his right hand, though that hand was suddenly rather idle as Sesshoumaru continued to use his right hand on barely legal flesh with an expert’s touch.

“F-fuck…” Inuyasha groaned, closing his eyes.

“Eventually.” Sesshoumaru chuckled, earning a strangled sound from Inuyasha that sounded like a cross between a chuckle and a gasp as he used his thumb to spread a bead of precum around the boy’s sensitive mushroom tip.

Easily maneuvering Inuyasha over to the low bed, he let the boy flop down like a rag doll, then chuckling once more, Sesshoumaru made quick work of Inuyasha’s sweat pants, rendering the lower half of his body naked for his viewing pleasure. Damn but was the teen hung; he wasn’t quite as impressive as himself, Sesshoumaru silently amended, but he was still very impressive nonetheless.

“Happy birthday, Yasha.” Sesshoumaru cooed in a seductive tone of voice that sent tingles up the younger man’s spine as he propped himself up on his elbows, staring down the length of his body to the way Sesshoumaru was staring at him like a piece of meat with a flush of desire staining his cheeks.

A part of him couldn’t believe his wildest dream was about to come true. Happy birthday, indeed!

“Gah!” Inuyasha cried out as Sesshoumaru lowered himself to his knees and took his stiff, thick length into his mouth.

Gripping the base of his cock with his right hand, Sesshoumaru bobbed his head up and down over Inuyasha’s shaft at a swift pace, his tongue doing secret things Inuyasha couldn’t see as he watched, though the sensation was sending his body straight into overdrive.

“Holy shit, you’re way too good at this.” Inuyasha groaned as he allowed his head to flop back, staring up at the ceiling for a moment though his upper body still remained propped on his elbows.

He offered no resistance as he felt Sesshoumaru use his left hand to push his legs apart, his right hand vacating the base of his cock only momentarily so that he could grip both of his hips and pull his ass closer to the very edge of the bed. Then Sesshoumaru’s hand was back, pumping vigorously as he started focusing more on the tip with his tongue, pealing his lips back so that Inuyasha, as he tilted his head to watch once more, could observe the way the older man ran his tongue up and down his length like a lollipop.

“You’re so beautiful.” Inuyasha murmured quietly, so quietly he wasn’t sure at first if Sesshoumaru had even heard him until the man glanced up his way for a moment, golden hazel eyes piercing chocolate brown with a fiery intensity that turned Inuyasha’s insides to mush.

Normally he liked to be the one in control, but for right now he would gladly be Sesshoumaru’s bitch, in whatever capacity the man would have him.

When he felt a single finger, the left index, gently start probing at his male opening, Inuyasha responded by pulling his legs back at the knees, granting his stepbrother better access.

Content to tease with the single digit for the time being, Sesshoumaru quickly found what he was looking for, pushing up against the eighteen-year-old’s prostate in steady strokes that matched the rhythm previously set by his right hand and mouth. The sounds coming out of Inuyasha’s own were music to his ears, as the boy gasped and whined, almost whimpering like a puppy when he suddenly pulled his mouth away.

Inuyasha instinctively thrust his hips a little in an attempt to regain the stimuli as Sesshoumaru rose to his feet.

“Patience, little one.” the older man chuckled, crossing his arms in front of himself to pull his shirt off over his head.

Inuyasha blushed a little at Sesshoumaru’s tone, not used to being the submissive, but quickly regaining more of himself, he sat up properly on the edge of his bed and pulled his shirt off as well, becoming completely naked. Sesshoumaru’s pajama bottoms were then the next to go, rendering him fully nude as well, and Inuyasha’s eyes bugged at the sight of his huge, weeping cock staring him right in the face. Their positions were such that, to an outside observer, it definitely looked like Sesshoumaru was about to fuck Inuyasha’s mouth.  

The teen unconsciously licked his lips.

Sesshoumaru mistook the gesture along with the look in Inuyasha’s eyes as nervousness, and unaware if the boy had ever actually performed oral sex on another man before he attempted to reassure his stepbrother that he would be gentle with him, as he said “Don’t worry, we can take things however slowly you need to.”

Sesshoumaru was surprised when Inuyasha snorted, the teen raising his eyes to meet his stepbrother’s with amusement sparkling in their chocolate depths.

“Under the circumstances, I’ve had to keep my sex life a secret, and I apologize for that, but I ain’t a virgin Sessh, so don’t worry.” Lowering his eyes to stare once again at the older man’s impressive erection, he commanded, “Bring that thing in for a landing.”

Chuckling, Sesshoumaru stepped forward at the younger man’s words. If the boy truly was experienced then all the better, as far as he was concerned; now he wouldn’t have to worry about it later turning out that what the boy had thought meant he was gay was in reality merely a passing phase of bi-curiosity, later deciding he didn’t care for it. While being gay wasn’t a choice, there was also such a thing as being bisexual, as being equally attracted to both genders, and for those individuals some type of a choice did have to be made when it came to the gender of their partners at any given time; there was nothing wrong with swinging both ways but having a preference towards one way or the other. Sesshoumaru himself had been with a woman, once, in high school, as it’d seemed the right thing to do at the time, but he’d quickly decided that he preferred males. Whatever you truly craved was whatever you truly craved, and while you could decide to deny yourself what you wanted, you could never truly make yourself cease wanting it; that was the difference.

Inuyasha spread his legs so that Sesshoumaru could step between them as he approached, and raising his right hand to grip the base of Sesshoumaru’s cock, Inuyasha was waiting and willing when the older man gently began thrusting into his mouth. It only took a few seconds for Sesshoumaru to realize that Inuyasha definitely knew what he was doing, the raven-haired man’s tongue damn near just as talented as his own as he swirled it around his swollen mushroom tip with every thrust. It was like wrapping his cock in a hot, wet, pulsating blanket of pleasure. He groaned, and fisting his right hand in Inuyasha’s hair, he began guiding the teen’s head forward to meet his thrusts. Inuyasha was unfazed, rumbling in the back of his throat in a way that had Sesshoumaru seeing stars.

Locking his lips in a tight ring around his brother’s throbbing phallus, Inuyasha applied just the right amount of suction to cause Sesshoumaru’s knees to shake, and the older man, reluctantly, had to pull away before he became unable to complete their joining.  

“You’re way too good at that, too.” he said with a strained edge to his voice as he pulled back, his dick dark red and twitching.

Inuyasha laughed lightly, absolutely enthralled by the sight of his older stepbrother panting and weak-kneed. Casually stroking his own erection, Inuyasha asked, “You got a rubber?”

Smirking, Sesshoumaru reached for his discarded pajama bottoms and produced a gold foil wrapped condom from their pocket.

“Never leave home without it.”

Inuyasha nodded in approval, secretly relieved. As much as he loved his brother, until the both of them were freshly tested he wouldn’t agree to go bareback. Though he had a stash of rubbers in his room, and so it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if Sesshoumaru hadn’t brought any, he was relieved to learn that the man regularly used protection.

That thought reminded him of something else. “What about lube?”

Sesshoumaru had the good grace to look sheepish.

“Ah-hah!” Inuyasha smirked in triumph, “So you hadn’t plotted to seduce me all along.”

Sesshoumaru chuckled at that, and admitted, “No, honestly, I’d had absolutely no idea you were attracted to me, or attracted to men at all, for that matter.”

Standing up, Inuyasha winked at Sesshoumaru before approaching his bookshelf, and confessed, “You’ll find I’m full of surprises.”

“You’re going to be full of something.”

“Patience, little one.” Inuyasha teased sarcastically as he reached for one of his childhood Harry Potter books.

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow but remained silent, both eyebrows disappearing into his bangs to discover the book had been hollowed out and that Inuyasha had not only a stash of condoms and a bottle of lube, but a fake ID to boot. There was nothing discriminating that would have given away his sexual orientation, but even so, if their parents ever found out…

Sesshoumaru felt his heart warm with the knowledge that Inuyasha trusted him with such an important secret.

“I thought you liked Harry Potter.” he teased as the teen put his stash back away, bottle of lube in hand.

“He’s not my type.” Inuyasha replied suggestively, making his way back over to the bed.

“And what, exactly, is your type?” Sesshoumaru replied knowingly, sealed condom held up between his fingers.

“Let’s get this on you and find out.” Inuyasha answered, removing the golden square from his brother’s grasp and tearing it open before expertly rolling the thin latex down the older man’s throbbing hard-on.

Sesshoumaru hissed pleasantly at the contact.

“So…” Inuyasha began rather awkwardly after a moment, figuring since they were both men they could cut out all the bullshit. “How do you want me?”

Oh, that didn’t sound desperate at all…moron… Inuyasha lightly chastised himself, a faint blush rising to his cheeks, though he didn’t avert his gaze from meeting Sesshoumaru’s eyes  

The older man merely smirked again, and asked in a tone of compromise, “How do you usually prefer it?”

“As the top.” Inuyasha answered honestly, though his all too recent application of his brother’s condom was all the evidence Sesshoumaru needed to know that Inuyasha was willing to submit to him despite his dominant nature.

He felt truly touched, though that didn’t stop him from teasing the boy with, “Then you may ride me if you wish.”

Inuyasha only blushed darker. He wasn’t a virgin, but he’d never tried that particular position before. Maybe another time.

“Uh…let’s just do it this way.” and with that said, Inuyasha handed Sesshoumaru the lube before maneuvering himself back over to his bed. Leaning forward, he rested his hands on the mattress and shifted himself until his back was completely straight, his legs slightly parted.

To Sesshoumaru, it was a magnificent sight.

Coming up behind the boy, he pressed his sheathed erection between them as he draped himself fully over Inuyasha’s back, in order to whisper into the boy’s ear, “I’ll make it up to you.” and then his hands were on the teen’s ass, gently massaging and molding the smooth, pliant flesh. Inuyasha had an adorable butt.

Slowly inserting his right index finger, Sesshoumaru gently thrust the single digit in and out a few times, thoroughly reigniting the fire in Inuyasha’s loins as his gradually deflating erection flared back to life with every press against his prostate. Thinking ahead, the teen grabbed his t-shirt from where it still rested on the bed and brought it over to spread out directly in front of him. He didn’t want to stain his comforter.

Applying a small amount of lube to his fingers, Sesshoumaru pressed back inside his stepbrother with his index and middle fingers combined, turning them this way and that, scissoring gently as he pumped. He then added a third finger, his cock weeping precum inside its condom in anticipation of what would happen next.

Panting, Inuyasha attempted to relax his muscles as he felt the cold touch of a thoroughly lubed erection press gently yet firmly against his opening. This wasn’t his first walk in the park, and he was with Sesshoumaru, so preference or not he was eager to complete their joining. As Sesshoumaru moved forward, Inuyasha breathed through his mouth, his hands fisting the blanket. Sesshoumaru was big, but it didn’t hurt near as badly as he’d feared it would.

As Sesshoumaru sank steadily into his younger stepbrother’s inviting heat, he had to bite his tongue to keep from groaning hoarsely like an idiot. He was always in control of such trivial displays; he was the one who made his partners moan and gasp and beg for more, not the other way around. He wasn’t above breaking down one emotional barrier, though, since there were unquestionably more emotions involved with this joining, for the both of them, than had ever been present during any of either of their previous encounters.

“Thank you…” Sesshoumaru murmured sincerely as he pressed himself fully inside, once again draping his body across Inuyasha’s back to whisper into the boy’s ear.

Inuyasha’s response was to turn his head as much as he could in order to meet Sesshoumaru’s eyes from over his shoulder; the look in his coffee orbs said it all. This was no casual fling. It would absolutely crush the boy if he ended up treating him as another one of his conquests, yet knowing the risk, Inuyasha had submitted anyway because his desire to be with him was that strong. But Sesshoumaru had no intention of discarding Inuyasha’s feelings so carelessly, and he would make sure the teen knew it.

Deciding he’d given Inuyasha enough time to adjust to his intrusion, Sesshoumaru slowly retracted his length, the feel of Inuyasha’s inner muscles squeezing him so tightly absolutely exquisite as he exited all the way to the tip before slowly pushing back inside. Over and over he fully retracted himself before submerging into paradise once more, until finally he could take the slow teasing no longer and began thrusting in shorter, more rapid strokes.

Holding on for the ride, Inuyasha was seeing stars. While he still preferred being the man, he was having a really hard time coming up with a legitimate enough sounding argument as to why that was, especially with the way his brother was pushing up inside of him just so with every thrust, and that, coupled by the powerful grip Sesshoumaru suddenly had on his cock with his right hand, was really making it hard to think coherently about anything at all.

“F-fuck…” Inuyasha groaned, tightening his fingers in his blanket.

“Astute observation.” Sesshoumaru replied with a chuckle, and Inuyasha was too far gone to think of a witty comeback.

With the duel stimulation repeatedly sending his body into oblivion and back again, not to mention the way he’d been left hanging earlier, no pun intended, it didn’t take long at all for Inuyasha to tumble over the cliff head first, the point of no return sneaking up on him like a ninja to rip his heart out and show it to him before he died. Crying out more loudly than someone who was an expert at muffling the sound should have felt comfortable doing, Inuyasha unabashedly let Sesshoumaru know just what he did to him as his cock began spasming in the older man’s hand, white hot jets of liquid fire landing on his t-shirt. Nothing a go-round in the washing machine wouldn’t fix.

At that same moment, as Inuyasha’s internal muscles clamped down impossibly tight over Sesshoumaru’s sensitized schlong, that was all it took to send the older male tumbling into the abyss right after his younger brother, as if in an attempt to rescue the lad. But then who would rescue him?

“Gah!” Sesshoumaru cried out briefly before clamping his lips shut, grunting in the back of his throat still as the most powerful orgasm he’d had in quite some time rocketed through him, filling the condom he wore to maximum capacity.

Carefully gripping the edge of the condom around the base of his cock so that it would not pull off, Sesshoumaru retracted himself from his brother’s ass before he began to soften. Wordlessly, he quickly made off with the used prophylactic and disposed of it down the toilet of the hall bath before then returning to Inuyasha’s bedroom.

He wasn’t quite sure what the eighteen-year-old might or might not want to talk about, but he knew enough to know that he couldn’t just say ‘Well that was fun, goodnight!’ and head back into his own room. Reentering the teen’s private chamber, he smiled to himself at the sight of Inuyasha stretched out properly in bed, but scooted closer to the wall, making room for a second occupant. All of their discarded laundry, some of it dirtier than other pieces, were in his laundry basket, ready to be washed tomorrow, and not seeing the condom wrapper in the waste basket he imagined Inuyasha had stashed it somewhere to be more properly disposed of later; the bottle of lube was also missing and presumably put away.

“I don’t know about you, but I could use some shuteye after that.” Inuyasha stated casually enough, trying and failing to mask the flash of relief he’d felt when Sesshoumaru had returned.

“Inuyasha, we need to talk.” Sesshoumaru stated seriously, coming forward and having a seat on the edge of the bed.

“Ah crap.” Inuyasha grumbled under his breath, though Sesshoumaru heard from his close proximity.

“Don’t worry,” the older man reassured him, “I’m not about to say that we made a mistake or that we should pretend it never happened. I don’t think I could do that even if I wanted to, which I don’t.”

“But it ain’t like we can be all lovey-dovey in public, either, I get that.” Inuyasha accepted.

“It will certainly be difficult to confess everything to Mom and Dad, but we have done nothing illegal, and as far as morality is concerned, our parents have always been fairly open minded.”

“And serious, and professional.” Inuyasha added.

“But not overly conservative, and we are both serious and professional, are we not?” Sesshoumaru reminded. After all, he already worked for a fabulous company, a chip off the ol’ block, and Inuyasha was set to start college very soon, business school, to also follow in their father’s footsteps. Neither of them were screw-ups when it came to their life goals, so what if they enjoyed having sex with one another? They were not biologically related.

“I will not force you to come out before you’re ready; after all, I haven’t even come out to our parents yet, and I’m five years older than you, so I can hardly give you grief where that is concerned. It is a very delicate subject. But I will promise you this: I’ll stop playing the field. I think all this time I’ve just been trying to fill the void, trying to replace what I thought I could never have.”

“Me too…” Inuyasha murmured quietly, in regard to the scant few other partners he’d had in his brief two years of being sexually active.

“So a relationship, then, no matter how secret it has to be at first.” Sesshoumaru stated, reading Inuyasha’s eyes to make sure they were on the same page.

“Yeah…I’d like that, a lot.” Inuyasha admitted.

“And I’ll also keep my promise of making it up to you.” Sesshoumaru added then with a touch of humor in his voice. “I don’t want you as my bitch.”

Inuyasha’s eyes widened slightly as Sesshoumaru’s meaning dawned on him, and then he grinned, realizing that their parents would still be gone for two more days.

“I’d like that a lot, too.” he chuckled, asking for clarity, “But sleep first?”

Sesshoumaru nodded. “Sleep first.”

He then proceeded to climb up into bed beside Inuyasha, their nude bodies sliding against one another in a way that felt far too right to be wrong. As Sesshoumaru pulled Inuyasha into a spooning embrace the younger man could not wipe the giant smile off his face. It had been a very happy birthday, indeed.

~ Fin ~

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