Other Fan Fiction ❯ Mafioso? I don’t think so! ❯ Ends Well Enough ( Chapter 8 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]


Jack walked into the house and the first thing she heard when screaming towards the back of the house, and didn’t know what to make of it. She sat her pack by the door and walked in further to walk up to Todomatsu in the kitchen. They silently locked eyes, and she looked at him confused while he looked at her shock… dread, even. There as another scream, and then manly grunting followed and she looked towards the hallway and back to Todomatsu, who never looked away from her. Jack suddenly put her hands over her mouth and laughed, and Todomatsu laughed out of relief. “I’m just gonna go,” she said in giggles and left. Out of all the ways that could have gone, Todomatsu was happy that was the route it took!




Jack took the bus into town, and went to go look at the shut down pizza place. They emptied it out quickly. She didn’t know how she felt about that. “Hola, Jack!” a small voice said running up behind her. She turned around confused at first “Carlos!” she said and gave the child a big hug. “Carlos,” an adult voice called out as an adult came into view. “Hey, Jack!” a person called out and walked over to them. “Hey, Juan,” she said and got up to hug him.




“You have time to hang out. You’re about to get something to eat. It sucks that-- Umm,” Juan didn’t want to state the obvious. “Yeah, but I already had another job, so its fine. I miss my friends, but it seemed like it was for the best for everyone. Most of the others were ready to move on to something else. I was one of the few caught off guard,” she explained and started walking with them. “I’m glad our Silf and Olly fan reboot is still getting a lot of views,” Juan said proudly. “Yeah, a few 10’s a day, if that. But, whatever. All that work is always worth the vision, not matter how many people view it.” ”Rock!” came from Carlos, and she picked him up and hugged him tight with pink and black hearts popping out.




“Summer always comes and goes. It seems kind of unreal that it’s already fall,” Juan commented as they walked into a dinner. “And, Carlos is so big now! It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago when we did the show!” she said happily. They talked more about the show, but continued to talk in Spanish, so it would be less likely that people would understand them. And, they honestly enjoyed the weird looks that speaking Spanish in public got them.




After food, adventuring, and some picture taking, Juan dropped Jack off at home later that evening. She walked in the see Todomatsu and Karamatsu in the kitchen doing dishes. “Hey, fellas!” she greeted with a big grin, that looked like she was about to laugh. “Hey! Welcome home! For real this time,” Todo replied with a big grin. “Hey,” was all that came from Kara and he didn’t turn around to look at Jack. She through the pack in her room and sat at the kitchen table and looked at Kara amused. “So~, how was Hong Kong~?” she asked playfully. “It was productive. Made a lot of money, as usual,” he said, and turned to her with a lite smile.




She was smiling big at him. “I’m sure you’re a master of your craft” she complimented in a sweet voice. Todo snickered at how tense this conversation could be and was very glad it wasn’t. “Good to see the boss hanging out! To what do we owe this rare occasion?” she said and Kara looked at Todo. “Oh~ business!” he chimed in the same tone she was using. “Busy-ness, you say?!” She said and laughed. “As in, people GETTING BUSY?!” she finally broke out into cackling, and Todo crashed with her. Kara looked annoyed at them laughing but didn’t say anything.




“Why is that funny?” he finally asked when they calmed down. “It’s just something about knowing you since middle school makes like like “Aww. I’m so proud”,” she said with her hands under her cheek. ”And, I’m glad you got it outta your system. From the short bit that I heard, you’re a real tiger,” she said with the big grin back on. “Oh, yeah. This one right here’s got the knock out juice,” Todo says thumb-point at him. “For all that yelling, he better have something,” she agrees and snickers. “But, in the meantime, I brought back survivors!” she said and ran to go get them.




They looked at each other and Todo laughed and Kara irritated expression, that was gone when she came back with a 16 oz bag of wrapped Indian candy. “This is for both of you,” she said handing it to them and Todo took it. “Oh! Thank you so much!” he said opening it and started eating. Kara looked at the bag more and started eating it too. “Mmm! This is so sweet! It’s great!” Todo said with stars in his eyes. “I knew you’d like it, Todomatsu!” Kara wasn’t that big a fan fan of something sill sweet, but he liked the slightly sour after taste. “It’s good. Thanks,” smiling at her and she gave him a thumbs up.




A few days passed, and it seemed like Jack and Kara were mending their friendship. She stopped drinking with him, and they talked more in the den than in the kitchen. In the den, she was usually doing something else to more distract herself from him, like drawing or watching streaming. Things want to be very happily platonic around the house.




Osomatsu called a meeting, and all the other brothers entered his office at the time to see that Jake was not only already there, but where a red button up with black pants and behind the desk with Osomatsu. She smiled big at all of them, and they didn’t what to think so they all sat don looking concerned and confused. “Well, fellas, Jack and I talked it over and it would be a waste from Jack’s skill set to be relegated to to whatever’s going on at Karamatsu’s house so--” Osomatsu gestured for her to speak. “I’m a part of the gang! Meet your new spy!” she said and did a cartwheeel and landed dramatically and skillfully on her knee. “Meet your new little sister!” Osomatsu said cheerfully. “Only by a month!” she added annoyed.




Todomatsu shrugged and Ichimatsu looked at him. Choromatsu had to take a breathe but he nodded quietly. Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu looked at each other and back to Osomatsu. “There’s already 6 of us. We gotta fit her into the budget?” Ichi asked. “I can make it work,” Choro jumped in. “You have have a proper spy, and I know parkour, so I’m pretty much a shoe-in for the position,” she said disappointed that no one seemed happy about the addition. “I’m glad you want to be included, but I don’t know about this,” came from Jyushi and she frowned at him. “I was really hoping you all would be happier about this,” Oso said I disappointment. “I was, too,” Jack echoed.




“Women make the best spies because we’re less likely to be viewed as a threat. That’s when misogyny works for us,” she commented and Todo nodded in agreement. “It’s not we doubt your abilities, it’s just…,” Kara started but he did really know how he felt. “It’s dangerous. I know life is dangerous, and anything bad can happen to anyone at anytime, but this is what you took away from being on the receiving end of trafficking,” Jyushi asked and they looked at him thoughtfully. “Well, everyone has to agree on it, and if y’all don’t agree it doesn’t happen,” she said disappointed. “It was worth a shoot,” Oso said with a irritated expression.




“Sorry, but I just don’t think it’s a good idea,” Jyushi doubled down. “It’s ok, Jyushi. I knew you’d say no. Which would soften the blow when I told you I’m leaving to join the circus!” she said with a big grin and did another cartwheel. “Wait, what?” Todo said and they all looked confused. “Jyushi, you soft hearted thing, you,” Oso said through some soft chuckles. “Are you serious, right now, or…?” Kara asked and she nodded. “Yep, the fun’s over Karamatsu,” she said looked at him with a soft smile. “What the fuck?!” Jyushi yelled as he looked between Oso and Jack. “I need a job where I can apply my skills and fulfill my need to travel. You already have my replacement at work, Todomatsu. And my stuff is already out of you house, Karamatsu,” she said softly. Jyushi and Kara looked kind of stabbed in the chest, and Todo looked surprised. “I’m going to go with my new family and see what happens. Goodb--,” she bit her lip and put on a big smile. “UNTIL NEXT TIME! TO BE CONTINUED!” she yelled happily with a flashy pose with starry eyes and ran out of the office.




They all looked at each other completely bewildered and dumbfounded by all the emotions that just happened. Jack joined the circus, but they were the clowns, except Osomatsu. He didn’t know she was joining the circus, but he knew Jack wasn’t seriously going to join them. “Well, back to normal,” Choromatsu said blankly and exited in the left door behind Osomatsu. “It’s was fun while it lasted,” Todo said with a smile. “Jack was good to have around,” Ichi said with a soft frown. “Maybe we’ll see each other again,” Jyushi said thoughtfully.




“Time passed by so fast. Jack made days feel like years,” Karamatsu said slumped over, staring at the floor. “What could I have done differently?” he asked himself aloud. “Nothing. What has happened is what was supposed to happen,” Todo said then left out the main doors. “I lost my friend, again,” Jyushi whimpered and sat on the floor. “She moved, not died,” Ichi said getting up to leave. “If this happened, maybe we will see Jack again. But, we know where to find her on social media, and if she went where I hope she went, we’ll see her on tv,” he said with a hopeful smile and left. Oso looked at the other 2 thoughtfully and decided to leave quietly.




Jyushi and Kara left eventually, and went out drinking. Back to normal.




Years later…




Osomatsu was sitting at the front desk of his delivery service, which turned out to be a much better front than the bar. Choromatsu walked in smiling, and said “See? Doesn’t making a profit make you feel good inside!” he continued mockingly. “Not as good as catching those debtors, but this turned out to help with that, too, so thanks for the suggestion,” he commented irritated with his behind-the-scenes brother. Karamatsu walking in from the his taxi company’s dark green uniform and a brown cane. “Look at that straight laced boy, right there,” Oso said and Choro smiled big.




“You better hope you live to retire, too,” he retorted. The memory of him laying on the ground bleeding flashed behind his eyes. “I suppose I better,” Oso replied knowing better than to say anything else. “Speaking of straight laced boys,” Choro said as Jyushimatsu opened the front doors with a baby stroller with twins. “Yeah, check out the shirt one of my families gave me!” It was a black shirt but on the back it said “Nanny” in police/ security font. “Nice!” Kara said and they all laughed. The twins heard them and started laughing, too.




Karamatsu smiled gently at the twins. “So, how’s running the cabs with Hatabou been going?” Jyushi asked. “A small fleet is easier to keep track of. It sucks that Hatabou got a bad rep for being difficult to work with, but he’s working on clearing his name. How are you doing the girlfriend rentals and nannying?” “VERY. CAREFULLY.”




Time seemed to stop when someone with long curly hair, with lip piercings walked in. The person was wearing a white crop top with a red plaid over shirt and denim short-shorts and low platform sneakers. The person took the “Hiring” sign out of the door and they all looked hen person walked up behind Jyushimatsu. “Got any room for me, boss?” Jack asked. They all froze and Karamatsu nearly dropped his cane. Jyushimatsu let out a loud scream and hugged Jack, making her drop the sign. The twins started crying and he picked them up while frantically apologizing to them. “I like your shirt, by the way,” Jack pointed out. “Thanks!” he replied with a big grain while dancing to calm them down.




She turned to Karamatsu and pointed. “The fuck happen to you?!” she said annoyed. “He got shoot,” Choro answered. “How are you, by the way?” Oso asked. “Oh, tired. Being the the circus fun, but it’s demanding. Too much traveling by plane for me,” she said and waved her hand dismissively. “So what’s this about getting shoot?” she asked and looked from him to Kara. “It was my last job. I’m retired, now,” he answered. “Oh~, straight laced boys, huh?” All the brothers laughed and she giggled, and picked up the sign. “But, seriously!” They all stopped and looked at her. “Uhh… Yeah!” Oso said with a big grin.




Oso, Choro and Jack talked about the details of employment while Jyushi and the babies, and Kara went outside to Kara’s blue and yellow taxi. When Jack came out they looked at her and Jyushi nodded to Kara. “Hey, let’s get lunch tomorrow?” Jyushi said as she walked over. “Ok!” she said with a thumbs up. “Need a ride somewhere?” Kara asked with a confident smile. “Sure do!” she said and they got in the cab. “Hey, umm, I know time is money, but can we sit somewhere for a little bit. I think we need to talk, and I know I left kind of weird,” she said looking forward. He silently drove to a random neighborhood and parked near a cafe. “What’s on you mind?” “I left because I started to like you, and the whole setup of how all if this started didn’t feel healthy,” she explained and looked at him when she was done.




“Ok,” he said with a slow nod leaning on his hand with a light smile. There was a pause. “I feel like for what it started as, it changed too fast, and I wanted to trust you, but I couldn’t,” she admitted. And, more quiet. “Do you have anything you would like to say?” she offered with slight annoyance. “I love you,” came from him and Jack stared at him. “Maybe I should have just said it back then but I did those things when I admitted to myself that I loved and respected you, and I know I still do. I want you to be my queen bee. I just wanna treat you like the queen you are,” he said lovingly and giving her his flirty “trying too hard” face.




She was blushing wildly at this point, and remained quiet. “You’re not angry?” he asked with a confused expression. “Well, the relationship has changed since we haven’t seen each other in a while. And, we’re more honest with ourselves, now, I see,” she answered and looked at her hands balled up in her lap. “Yeah… I should have said it back then. But I was afraid of rejection. But, I think about you all the time, and now I know I would rather be rejected and knowing how you feel and what you think over what happened last time we were together.”




She looked back over to him, and got closer to his face. “Jac--” she pulled him by the back of the head into an intimate kiss. He leaned into him and moaned in the kiss, and wrapped her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms under hers. They pulled from each other huffing, and she giggled and hugged him “I’m ready for us to go from here, if you are,” she said in his ear and his whole body got so hot under his uniform he started smoking. He hated that he had to pull her off, and she giggled. “Sorry. I forgot you’re at work. You can drop me off where I’m staying,” she said cutely. “And, pick you up and take you home, right?” he asked in a trembling voice. I was still so easy for the cool guy to melt off. “Get tested and come back negative on everything and I’ll think about it,” she replied. That might have been the least sexiest thing he’s ever heard, but coming her her maybe him half hard.




“I’ll go tomorrow. I’ll try to make it in the morning, and I’ll get the rapid test at the clinic,” she added. “Umhmm! Same here! Tomorrow morning!” he said loudly and strengthened up, trying not to full on yell. “In the meantime, here’s where I’m staying,” she said coyly and gave him her friend’s address. He wasn’t far from the place, and she kissed him on the cheek before getting out and walking in the house.




The next day, he picked her up in the personal car to get tested and she put her pack in the backseat. They went to the clinic for Rapid 20 minute result testing and both passed with flying colors. They went back to THEIR house, and fucked like the matriarchy had personally blessed them to. Karamatsu proved that he really learned his lesson, and Jack had no reason to doubt him ever again!




They lived happily ever after! The end!