Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Trigger ❯ Covet ( Chapter 6 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The forest was alive and astir with life as the sky continue to boom with thundering claps while streaks of lightning tear through the darkness of the land. Strong winds from the wet downburst howl and swept through the woods, blowing past the white tunic of the figure dashing underneath the heavens barrage.

Long silver mane slick from rainwater flew with the wind while argent tail swayed in time with the hurried gait. Muscular arms swinging as his running rhythm progressed. A sudden crunch of broken twig made his head turn back. Gold orbs peeked through thick wet eyelashes while the ears atop his head twitched in alarm. So persistent. He mused while hastening his movement. Smugly smirking when he gained distance, throwing his pursuing off his tail. He galloped over a wide stream, the slippery ground didn't deter his graceful but swift movements when he landed on the other side.

It was long moments before he decided to ease up, jumping from a tree branch then landing on the muddied forest floor with a squelching sound. He was about to straighten up from his crouched position when he felt a presence behind him followed by the tip of a sharp blade poised dangerously close to his jugular.

"How does it feel to be outsmarted this time, Youko Kurama?" A surprisingly pleasant feminine voice registered as the woman leaned forward to whisper in his left ear. The action sent a pleasurable shiver down his spine.

"Hn. I would not be so sure of that." He uttered before using his quick reflexes to hold the hand clutching the small dagger as he maneuvered with lightning speed, hoisting her small body up then slamming it to the wet ground. Dangerously clawed hand clasped both of her wrist to pin it above her head while he immobilize her lower extremities with his body.

Aurum eyes visibly widened a fraction when he saw the face of his hunter. He was instantly enraptured by the deceptively innocent doe eyes that stared right back at him, fiery amethyst orbs irradiated as a bolt of lightning illuminated the surroundings. An angelic face framed by unruly cerulean tresses matted by rain. Her ivory skin flushed due to exertion as puffs of breath escaped her slightly parted lips when she panted. Voluptuous body easily perceivable by way the drenched SDF uniform clung to her supple form.

"It's common courtesy not to ogle, demon." She snapped while struggling against his firm hold, cursing when she felt her legs being restrained by something slithering on the ground.

Youko regarded the woman with interest as he sat up, straddling her petite torso. He chuckled as the alluring woman glared at him when she noticed the vines encircling her wrist above her head. "Oh? Then I could say the same with you stalking me." He haughtily remarked then smirked when she sputtered.

"Excuse you. I was hunting." She countered while manipulating her energy in her attempt to cut the blasted vines. Her eyes widened when she felt her ki leaving her body. What the?...

"This plant flourishes by sucking out the energy of its prey." He uttered, answering her silent question. Observing with a raised brow as her face twisted into a belligerent expression when she absorbed the information. "You will do as I say unless you have a death wish, onna."

"I'd rather die than submit to your sick amusement." She spat, glaring contemptuously at the over-bearing demon. Do as you say, my ass.

Youko expected the defiance, though he still half-expected her to plead for her life. He regarded her as she kept struggling, pulling on his vines while grunting in frustration. It was amusing to say the least. It wasn't everyday that a woman - or any individual regardless of sex, did not cower when faced by his deadly plants or just by being near his presence. Not to mention, glare with the utmost intention of burning him alive. He surmised that she might be a new addition to SDF for her to act so fearlessly against him, compared to the more reserved veterans that is. Nevertheless, it didn't negate the fact that this woman was the only one who managed to threaten him by his throat. He has to admit that he's having second thoughts in ripping her limbs off its sockets. The deviation to his natural reaction towards a threat was perplexing but nonetheless, it became a conundrum that had his curiosity engaged. Hmm...

"Tell me your name." He demanded while resting his hands on either side of her head, a curtain of silver mane enshrouded the moment as he brought his face closer to hers. The dimming of once bright purple eyes a clear sign of her losing consciousness.

"What?" She thoughtlessly breathed out. Pearl white teeth bit on her lower lip, breaking the skin to desperately gain control when black spots started to cloud her vision. The last of her willpower receding as the demon plant feeds on the remainder of her energy.

"Your name, onna..." Warm breath fanned her face as she felt her muscles grew slack. The smooth voice nothing more than a faded echo.

The last thing she could perceive was the sound of pelting rain and the gleaming golden orbs that gazed intently at her as she uttered her name in a hushed whisper before surrendering to the seducing call of darkness.



Purple eyes gradually opened, blinking a few times before closing again. She stretched a little bit before shifting her body to turn towards her other side, mumbling incoherently while burrowing her head deeper on the pillow. Pillow? Botan thought while opening her eyes once more. Curious amethyst scanned the surroundings, subsequently widening when she noticed the unfamiliar location. She immediately bolted upright in realization, yelping as she reached for the fallen sheet after discovering her nude form. A deep chuckle made her head snapped at attention. Sharp gold eyes leered at her as it glinted eerily in the dimly lit room. Youko's imposing figure stood by the stony wall with half of his form shrouded in darkness. The muscles on his crossed arms defined by the few streaks of light that reached his position.

"You seemed sprightly considering your current predicament." His low and thick voice echoed as he pushed himself off the wall. Silver tail swaying hypnotically behind him as he languidly advanced towards the bed.

"Where are we? And why am I naked?" She questioned, tightening her hold on the linen when he reached the foot of the bed. Purple orbs involuntarily ogled his surprisingly attractive and mouth-watering form, pursing her lips when his keen eyes caught the subtle appreciation.

Youko smirked seductively as he lowered himself on the bed, slowly creeping towards the flustered woman in a crawl. "We would not want hypothermia to impede our tryst now, would we?" She blushed on his notion but immediately retreated until her back hit the stone wall behind her. Her face turned to the side to look for other means of escape just as his clawed hand tugged at the fabric by her feet.

"W-what are you doing?!" Botan shrieked as she pulled back, mortified when he laughed while giving a forceful tug, successfully yanking the linen out of her hands. She immediately covered her breasts with her arms, shuddering when his clawed hand caressed her legs and massaged her outer thigh. An alluring whimper escaped her lips when he nuzzled her neck. One of her hands pushed on his chest but her weakened effort did nothing to deter the demon from his lascivious quest.

"I am usually greedy. However, to reward your valor, I will be generous by giving you a proposition." He playfully blew on her ear and smiled at the hitch in her breath, then resumed his nuzzling while inhaling her appealing scent.

"A proposition?" She echoed meekly then bit her lip to fight back a moan when he sucked on her pulse point while his hand caressed her abdomen, occasionally brushing his fingers on her under breast.

"Freedom in exchange to your body." Youko stated offhandedly before shifting to look at her pretty face, chuckling when he saw the earlier defiance crossing her features. "You must know that not a single being ever made it out alive from coming up against me, which makes you the very first if ever you will be cooperative. Moreso, Need I remind you why it is futile to resist me?" As if on cue, vines in all forms started to slither through the cracks of his quarters, seemingly moving to strangle her as she unconsciously edged deeper to the beguiling safety of his arms. The plants immediately retreated after a subtle shift of his demon energy.

"Why you - You stepped on my honor and expect me to have sex with you?! You bastard! I'm not one of your whores!" She bellowed as she recoiled from his opportunistic advances, raising her fist to strike his handsome face. Larger hands caught her mean hook then with a series of swift movements, she found herself underneath him. Tears of frustration escaped from her eyes as she continue the fruitless struggle, pushing on his chest while kicking her legs, heedless of her naked form brushing against his tunic clad body.

Youko gazed at the writhing woman quizzically. It was the first time that he offered himself to the opposite sex and he was surprised to be outright rejected. Women usually throw themselves at him, some even beg him just to have one pleasurable night but this, reigen, even have the gal to strike him and call him a bastard. The insufferable woman has a knack of exceeding his expectations to the point that her unpredictable nature caught his highly coveted attention. It was vexing but he couldn't deny the sprouting attraction from the very depths of his cold-hearted being. He licked his lips just as her feeble movements gradually declined. The excitement brought by the idea of claiming this phenomenal woman made his ears twitch and his tail lash violently behind him.

"I want you. If that will make you feel any better." He muttered as he regarded her resigned bearing, swooping down to capture her lips in a seering kiss.

Botan stilled for a moment, cursing the demon mentally. The audacity of his actions was appalling - only if it was not pleasurable enough to make her mind go mushy. She whimpered when he bit on her lip to coax her for a reaction while his hands did wonders on her heated flesh.

As his persistent mouth slanted against hers and the comfort of his warmth started to seep into her frigid skin, she reckons that she would rather make the most out of this sexual venture than to let him take all what she has to offer without getting anything in return. There's nothing I could do anyway. With all her rational thoughts thrown out of the window, purple eyes fluttered close as she met his sensual approach.

Clawed hand gripped one of her thighs while he shifted to position himself in between her legs. The dangerous appendage painstakingly crept to latch on the band of her panties before ripping it to shreds, his sharp nails raked against her soft skin, eliciting an amorous whimper from her plump lips. He darted his tongue inside her glorious mouth then groaned when she responded instantly, her diffident tongue meeting his tenacious prodding.

Youko wrenched away from the lip lock to attack her neck with open mouthed-kisses, traveling to the valley of her breasts then towards a hardened nipple, the sounds of pleasure that tumbled from her lips encouraging his bold actions. He sucked and nipped on one peak while massaging the other breast, lowering his assault even further when he was satisfied in giving the mounds an equal fervent attention. A trail of saliva was left in her abdomen as he occasionally licked along her sensitive flesh, grazing his teeth upon reaching her inner thigh before settling his face in front of her sex.

Botan propped herself on her elbows when she felt her legs being spread apart, licking her lips in anticipation as he gazed at her cunt. Murky golds flicked to capture anxious purples before he delivered an experimental lick on her soaking core. She fell back on the bed with a moan, draping an arm over her heated face. Gasping while her hazy mind mulled over the unexpected turn of events. First she was hunting Youko, then at the next moment she was a moaning mess at the mercy of his expert tongue. Although wary of his genuineness, she couldn't dismiss her fascination towards the demon. His ruthlessness and cunning trait was fabled, it was the reason why she volunteered to hunt him down in the first place. However, she did not expect him to want her in this fashion and for her to respond with equal fervor. Her musings came to a halt when he sucked on her clit. She moaned loudly while one of her hands traveled down to clutch his head, hips uncontrollably bucking towards his face.

Youko grounded his groin on the bed in an effort to tame his heated member. This woman is driving him insane! Her scent and heavenly taste, unlike any other, awakened his mating instincts. All he wanted to do was to take her and drive both of them to the point of oblivion. He purred against her cunt when her hands made a delicious rub on his ears, recompensing her action with a solid suck on her sensitive nub thereafter. His tongue traced along her folds before diving into her pussy. The fox demon stilled when he felt her tightness and the fleshly tissue surrounding her opening. She's a virgin. He surmised before slowly righting his form into a kneeling position, her demure whimper of discontent spurred his man pride. Smothering golds went over her naked glory. A jolt of possessiveness coursed through him when he saw the once unsullied flesh now marred with his nefarious love bites and scored with amatory scratches. He licked his lips when he came across her kiss-bruised lips, parted slightly and beckoning him to have a taste. His hackles rising when purple eyes, formerly staring at him with contempt, now half-lidded with lust. He might have awakened something that could dominate his baseless desires.

Youko took hold of his tunic, carelessly tearing the fabric off his body before moving to hover above her. Allowing her dainty hands to explore the exposed skin of his alabaster chest, his muscles flexing beneath the soft caress. He splayed a hand beside her head as he proceeded to undo his pants, kicking it off his legs before making himself comfortable between her thighs.

Botan licked her lips in apprehension when she saw how big he was, biting her lip afterwards as he stroke himself and positioned his manhood against her entrance. Her breath was caught in her throat when the head of his thick shaft passed through her wet folds. Crooked fingers tilted her head, enabling her to look directly into his eyes. His thoughtfulness clearly reflected on the mesmerizing gape. The earnest overture tugged at her heart and appeased her nervousness. She wound her arms around his torso, baring herself to the demon.

"Tell me if it hurts too much." He uttered before bucking his hips, sheathing himself to the hilt. Hissing when she painfully scratched on his back as her walls tightened and clamped on his member like vice. Fuck, she's tight. Youko thought as he subdued the overwhelming desire to thrust mindlessly into the woman. A whimper of pain brought his attention back to her face, marvelling at how it scrunched beautifully even in agony. He felt a niggling feeling akin to worry when the metallic scent of blood reached his nostrils.

Warmth spread through her insides when Youko showered her face with feather-light kisses while his fluffy tail softly caressed her legs, the tenderness of his actions greatly encompasses the unspoken words in soothing her ephemeral misery. The pain felt like she was split in half but it eventually faded to a dull sensation of being filled as she adjusted on the penetration. "Youko..." She called out breathlessly while latching her legs on his waist. The movement did not surprise him as much as when she uttered his name.

Youko braced himself as he started thrusting, pulling almost entirely out before completely filling her again and again, relishing her moans of delight with every buck of his hips. He gazed at her face as he intensified the concupiscent onslaught. His desire building when darkened pools of purple stared right back at him coupled by her perky breasts bouncing in time with his minstrations. His hips forcefully thrusted into her as he came to a realization that it was the first time he ever dared to look directly at a woman during copulation. A growl erupted from his throat as he threw her legs over his shoulders then thrusted deeper into her while one of his hands cupped and fondled her breast. He could've sworn he heard a mewl coming from the woman beneath him.

"Y-Youko..." Botan panted his name in a form of chopped syllables, throwing her head back in pure bliss when he rubbed at her sweet spot repeatedly. She started to meet his powerful thrusts when the venereal knot in her belly tightened. Her legs dropped to his waist as he lowered himself to her, capturing her swollen lips in a passionate kiss while noticeably larger hand encapsulate her smaller one in a covetous hold. The titillating sound produced by their joined bodies made her go over the edge as she moaned against his mouth, closing her eyes when a blinding white light passed through her eyes. Heart thumping frantically against her chest, toes curling as she latched her legs onto him accompanied by her arms helplessly clinging to his torso.

Fuck. He gripped the sheets tightly when he felt her reach her first orgasm. His seed threatening to spill from the tight clamping of her slick walls. She feels so good. Youko shut his eyes as he continue to thrust into her although mellowed to put off his impending release. Truth be told, he wanted to prolong their engagement, however, he wasn't ready to welcome the reason why he was reluctant to let go.

She silently observed the man after riding off her release and couldn't help but admire his handsome features as her desire rekindled. A charming smile appeared on her lips when Botan sensed the demon struggle to restrict his movements, seemingly delaying the inevitable. At least I'm not the only one wanting.

He was caught off-guard when she pushed him onto his back, straddling him with his cock still buried deep inside of her. Youko watched as she lifted herself before slowly sliding down his rigid shaft. His ears twitched when she moaned as his cock impaled her deeper than before. Her movements grew frantic while riding him. She gripped her bouncing breasts as she threw her head back, exposing the column of her slender neck to his hungry eyes while parting her mouth, gasping in ecstacy. The erotic scene burned in his memory as he gripped on either side of her rounded hips, slamming her down his groin. He sat up without wavering his thrusts. Their breaths mingled when he pulled her closer with one of his hands cradling her nape while the other one gripped her buttocks, driving her battered cunt to the base of his cock.

"Youko..I'm - " She sought his lips as her arms wound around his neck in anticipation of her second orgasm, panting uncontrollably against his lips at the heightened friction of their fornication.

"Cum for me, Botan." He husked against her lips as his pre cum spilled from his cock, grunting while her hips bucked wildly when she was hit by the powerful rhythmic contractions of her peak. His own moan muffled by their kiss when he unraveled, spurting his seed inside of her, shamelessly filling her womb with the precious liquid. He shuddered as he spewed the last of his essence before regarding the weakened but fairly satiated woman in his arms with unusual gentleness.

She affectionately leaned her face on his hand when he cupped her cheek. He was tempted to bite on the precious junction of her neck and claim her, however, his life was already in danger as it is and he'll be damned if he embroiled her into this hellish mess. Also, being amongst the SDF is not a simple matter, he would lose her if their entanglement reached the intelligence of Spirit World.

He laid them on the bed as they came down their high. The walls that he built around his unbeating heart threatened to crumble when lithe fingers drew lazy circles on his chest while she settled comfortably in his possessive hold. Botan slowly drifted off to a deep slumber as she snuggled closer to his warmth.

Youko ran a hand through her long cerulean locks after hearing her soft snore. Breathing in her calming scent as he watched her tresses mimic their embrace, tangling with his long fingers before gliding softly off his hold. Pensive gold orbs gazed at the sleeping woman as his clawed index traced what his eyes could see, memorizing every detail of her beauteous features before reaching for his nape. There never came a time when he considered the thought of having a constant. However, even if it seemed too soon, he could already accept that the elusive legendary fox finally found his match. But one that is unattainable... For now...

"Youko..." Botan mumbled dreamily in her sleep just as she inhaled the powdery pollen particles of a Mugen Flower.


Sharp gilded eyes scanned through the audience watching from the stands, purposely searching for the familiar energy of the woman whom he is anticipating to see from the very first seconds of his regression. His gaze immediately softened as it landed on her petite figure. Eventhough she's staring back at his demon form with that alluring innocent purples, he could tell that she still has no recollection of what transpired in his olden lair centuries ago.

He felt blessed when she suddenly appeared on the street months ago, assisting Yusuke after his fight with Gouki. It came a surprise to him that she's now a ferry girl, nevertheless, it appeased him that her current work has a much less predominance of danger from being an active member of SDF. Furthermore, her current standing in the Spirit World is much more safer in the eventuality that she accepts his long-overdue proposal.

An anticipatory shiver ran down his spine as he approached the edge of the elevated concrete with purposeful strides. Eyes briefly fluttering close, tempering his desire as he thought of the lewd things that he would do to make her remember. Youko was about to jump to the stands when a sudden blast emanated in the middle of the ring. He turned his head sideways, looking over his shoulder as Karasu landed safely on the ground. The demon unscathed from the attack of his Ojigi plants.

Youko inwardly sighed in vexation. Oh well. His reunion with Botan can wait. In the meantime, he could spend his sexual frustration in pummeling this forestalling demon to the ground.



First installment for Youko x Botan.

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