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Pure Sex
By Andromache

This is a sequel to Rough Sex. This time, we pick up where we left off with RS and feature Squall and Rinoa as the couple du jour.

When we left them, Squall and Rinoa had just walked in on an intimate scene with the newlyweds in Squall's office. Hoo boy. The story starts just before Seifer carries Quistis out of the ballroom.

This is also dedicated to Dave WellHuang , male stripper extraordinaire. Mrow.

Oh yeah. I still don't own these characters. So there.

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Think about Pure Sex, Deep Sex, Hard Sex, Rough Sex!
- Lords of Acid
Rough Sex (All Night Grinder Mix)

"Squall, why did you say that they had to get married anyways? I mean, you would never think of them as a couple," Rinoa asked him as she handed Squall a glass of congratulatory champagne just before Seifer picked up and Quistis and carried her out of the ballroom.

He snickered and replied, "Well, that seemed like a sign of a couple who at least cares about each other." Squall straightened the silvery gray cummerbund on his tuxedo and said, "Besides, I thought that they might be good for each other. I guess I was feeling a little reckless when I said that. They must have been the same way when they first hooked up. I never thought that they would happen as a couple."

Rinoa smoothed her dark purple bridesmaid dress and replied, "Neither did I, but it seems to have worked out all right."

"I guess so," Squall replied and sipped his glass of champagne.

Rinoa watched him as he did so. Squall was leaning back against one of the large gold pillars inside the ballroom and sipping his champagne in the same manner as he did when Rinoa had first seen him. She smiled distractedly as she remembered attempting to get him out on the dance floor. She had not succeeded until she had forcibly dragged him there.

"Why are you smiling, Rinoa?" Squall asked quietly, as he always did really.

"Do you remember when we first met?" she asked.

The memory brought a smile to his own lips.

"I did not know then that you would be the girl I would be in love with right now. You were kinda scary, harassing me onto the dance floor," he admitted.

Rinoa rolled her eyes playfully and mockingly frowned at him, her dark brown eyes sparkling with mischief. She laughed and remarked, "So you thought I was scary, eh? I can show you scary!"

With that, Rinoa made to tickle Squall's ribs but accidentally hit his glass, spilling his champagne all over his tuxedo. He gasped when the chilled champagne hit his clothing and held still as Rinoa blushed and dabbed at the spreading stain.

"I don't think it is going to come out," she murmured under her breath as she vainly tried to stop the champagne from settling any further on Squall's tuxedo.

"It's alright. I think there is something in my office that will work. It's there for emergencies."

Rinoa eyed Squall with one arched eyebrow and said, "You keep stain remover there for emergencies?"

"No, but we do keep an extra set of clothes nearby for emergencies."

"Ah. Should we go?"

"I don't have my keys. Seifer took them. He said there was an emergency."

"And we just saw what 'emergency' means for him."

Squall stifled a laugh. "He did promise to leave my office open if he was not able to return my keys to me. We should still be able to get in and get my spare change of clothes."

"Good," Rinoa smiled and said, offering her right arm to him. "Let's get those clothes and get you changed."

Squall set his empty glass on a nearby table and left with Rinoa's arm wrapped around his left arm. They passed Irvine as they walked to the elevator. He was walking rather quickly toward the dormitory area, Squall noticed.

The elevator was clear as to be expected, and Squall and Rinoa stepped inside. She wanted to embrace him but still wanted to avoid the champagne. There was not another alternative so she stood silently beside him as the elevator rose to the third level of the Garden to his office.

When the doors opened, they walked side by side until they reached Squall's office. He said, " I will be right out."

"Okay, I will wait right here," Rinoa answered and nodded with a small smile.

Squall twisted the doorknob and was greeted by the sight of Quistis and Seifer lying naked on his mahogany desk.

Quistis snickered and said, "Seifer, you are driving me to homicide!"

Squall thought as he slammed the door shut behind him that Quistis might be right if she meant Seifer as the object of the homicide. So that was what he had needed his office key for. Damn him.

"Squall, what's wrong? Why didn't you go in?" Rinoa asked. She looked rather surprised to see Squall still standing on this side of the door.

He gritted his teeth and said, "Because Seifer needed my office key so he and Quistis could have sex on top of my desk."

"Really? I guess he still doesn't like you then." Rinoa barely stifled a laugh as she thought of Seifer figuratively screwing Squall one last time.

A foul expression on his face from being in alcohol-soaked clothes for so long, Squall said, "Traitor."

"What?" Rinoa feigned innocence.

"You know very well what. You laughed at me," Squall said, his lips in a tempting pout. "I will speak with Seifer and Quistis again tomorrow morning. I can't believe they did that on my desk!"

Rinoa tugged on his sleeve, the one not wet with champagne, and urged, "Come on. Let's leave them alone. You said you would talk to them tomorrow morning. We can always get something from your room right now."

Squall saw the mischievious mirth in Rinoa's doe brown eyes and relented.

"Alright," he conceded, offering his dry arm to Rinoa, who wrapped her arm around it. She smiled warmly at him to lighten the foul mood that accompanied the foul smell of the drying alcohol. Eventually, as they returned to the elevator, he smiled back. It was still a stiff smile since he was out of the practice.

As she pressed the button to take them to the first floor, where the dormitories were located, Rinoa half-heartedly reminisced about the summer that she had spent with Seifer. Occasionally as boyfriends and girlfriends are wont to do, they made out with hurried gropes that masqueraded as tender caresses and sloppy kisses that pretended to be intimate exchanges of breath. Rinoa shyly looked up at Squall and wondered what it would really be like with him. He did not seem the type to be into romance at all. She bet silently that he had only discovered girls shortly before she had danced with him the very first time.

The elevator smoothly descended without even a hiss of the hydraulics. It set them down gently on the first floor, and the couple exited shyly from its shiny brass interior.

As they walked around the pathway that would lead them to the dim dormitory corridor, Squall stole a glance down at Rinoa's soft black hair. The golden highlights softly shone in the low lights of the Garden and nearly disappeared when they began the journey into the dormitories.

"Rinoa?" Squall forced out in a whisper as he unlocked the door to his private room.

"Yes," she replied, her brown eyes guarded. What did he want to say?, she wondered.

"Would you like to come in or wait out here?" Squall said hoarsely. Thinking of changing clothing with Rinoa in the room was becoming more and more difficult to do. He would certainly be vulnerable to her there. Plus he was wondering more often, ever since they had first caught Seifer and Quistis in the former instructor's bed. That was more inspiring than anything. What was it like to wake up with someone else in your bed? He licked his lips nervously as he waited for her answer.

Rinoa paused before she spoke. Squall had a slightly nervous aspect to him which looked foreign on the brave leader of the SeeDs. What could make him nervous?

"I think I would like to come inside if that is alright with you, Squall," Rinoa spoke softly in the night air of the corridor. "It is getting a bit chilly out here," she finished with a completely false shiver. She would have to force it out of him. So annoying when she had worked so hard to get him to open up.

A nervous look passed flittingly over Squall's features as he turned away from her to unlock the door. Rinoa had never been inside his room before, and so a million thoughts raced though his mind. What if she laughed? What does one do with a girl in their room? His face reddened a little when he thought of one possible outcome.

The lock clicked, and the door swung open into his room, revealing a darkened interior. Thankfully no clothing littered the floor, but his bed was unmade, the blankets rumpled where he had flung them when he had gotten out of bed that morning.

"Well, this is it," Squall said as nonchalantly as he could. Inside, he was nervous. He had only really discovered girls recently, and this was feeling more than a little rushed. Maybe only to him though. Rinoa might feel differently.

Rinoa observed Squall from a seat on his rumpled bed. He fidgeted with the cufflinks on his tuxedo jacket after he turned on the lamp over his desk, but he never took them off.

"Squall?" she asked. "Do you want help with that?"

He jumped. How nervous was he? He was a SeeD for God's sake! SeeDs were calm no matter what. Squall composed himself and replied with what he hoped was a glowing smile, or as near as he could get to one, "No, I'm fine. Really."

"Somehow I don't believe you." Rinoa laughed and stood up, crossing the small space between the bed and Squall. She wrested Squall's right wrist away from the proximity of his body and concentrated on removing the offending cufflink. At first, it didn't want to give, but with enough force, Rinoa was able to get the catch to separate from the post, and the cufflink came free. She put the cufflink on his desk and worked on the left cufflink. Setting that one aside, she said, watching Squall's face for his reaction, "I might as well take care of the rest of you."

"The rest of me?"

"Your clothes I mean."

His clothes. She wanted to remove his clothes. How far was that away from making love? Squall thought, panicked. Well, that was alright, wasn't it? He was an adult now. He could make love to Rinoa if he wanted to.

Squall smiled as seductively as he could, letting Rinoa know precisely what his mind was on. She smirked shook her head and then unbuttoned his jacket, draping it on his chair. He held out his arms to embrace her while she removed the silvery cummerbund and bow tie, dropping them both on the seat of his chair. Rinoa unbuttoned Squall's shirt, and he ran his hands down her back, resting them lightly on the small of her back.

He took in the fragrant scent of strawberries in her hair and closed his eyes.

"Squall, have you ever, you know?" She wanted to confirm her suspicions.

He paused for just a few seconds and then replied quietly, "...No, never."

"There's always a first time."

Grinning wickedly, Squall tilted her chin upward with his fingers and said, "Yes, there is."

He kissed her deeply, so intensely that her knees actually weakened, and she leaned against him for support.

Breaking the contact, Squall smiled against her forehead and whispered, "It can't be that good, can it?"

"There is more, you know."

"I know...hey!"

Rinoa had pulled the unbuttoned shirt down over his shoulders and arms, then thrown the garment to the carpeted floor. She simply smirked, challenging him to do something himself.

He bit his lip in thought and then pulled her close to him, so that he could reach her back and unzip the dress. Rinoa slipped out of her shoes and out of the dress. She wore a white satin, strapless bra, a white lace garter belt and stockings, and white satin panties. Squall's jaw dropped. He had seen nude women in anatomy class with Quistis, but they were usually dead or just illustrated in the textbook. Rinoa was far more beautiful than any picture in a clinical book.

"Pussy got your tongue?" She put her hand on her hip, waiting impatiently.

"Huh, what?" Squall blushed. He had forgotten whatever he was going to say next. He blurted out, "You're gorgeous."

"Why, thank you, Squall, but there is something else."


Rinoa slyly put her hand on his belt and tugged upward gently, careful of his evident arousal.

He mouthed the word, "Oh," and undid the belt, slid it out of the belt loops, removed his freshly shined black dress shoes and trouser socks, and finally unzipped his pants. Rinoa helped him by slowing pulling them down and over his feet. She looked up at his evident erection and softly placed her fingers on the underside of the shaft. Rinoa stood up from her kneeling position, and she murmured, "Squall, I just wanted to let you know that I have never done this either."

"Really?" he gasped, with desire or surprise, she couldn't tell.

"Yes, really. Is that alright?" Rinoa was worried that he would say that it wasn't.

"That is perfectly fine." What was she worried about?

She relaxed and then gestured to herself with her free hand. "Well, I feel overdressed now."

He laughed shortly and then predatorily unclasped the bra, letting it drop to the floor as well as her garter belt. Squall inserted his thumbs in the waistband of the white panties and tugged them down her legs. The stockings followed soon afterwards. Now, both were a little bit nervous, given that this was their first time, but some things just come naturally to a person.

Squall picked Rinoa up in his arms and lay her on her back on his rumpled bed. He leaned over her and kissed her, a little hesitant at first but then deeply, molding his lips to hers. Pulling away slightly, he licked her lips and then whispered so softly that she could barely hear him, "Rinoa, I love you, but I don't know what you want me to do."

"This." She placed her hand on top of his and moved it down over her breast and hip. Squall quickly understood and began caressing Rinoa with both of his hands. Marveling at the soft concavity of her skin, he resumed kissing her. Women are remarkable creatures, he thought, so strong and yet so soft and tender. No wonder men seem to be unable to understand them sometimes.

Rinoa did not lay still during this, however. She ran her hands over Squall's back, gently applying pressure to urge him to move himself downwards. He complied with her wishes, and he shifted himself so that his face was between her thighs. There was a first time for everything, he thought wryly. How many firsts were they up to now?

Shyly, Squall parted the labia with his fingertips to reveal her inner workings, her clitoris and her moistening inner core. He touched the very tip of his tongue to her clitoris and was rewarded with a sharp cry from Rinoa. Squall deviously smiled and licked the skin around the clitoris. He felt Rinoa's thighs clenching and unclenching as he continued to stimulate her body. Eventually, just as she climaxed with a loud moaning cry, he felt a small voice in his mind remind him to do something. That was it, he had to get to his nightstand. In the drawer were condoms, and he didn't want to go without protection for much longer in his current state of arousal.

Rinoa relaxed on the bed and sighed while Squall sat up on the edge of the bed, pulled out the drawer in his nightstand by his bed, and pulled out a single packet which contained a condom. She looked away as he put it on, a slight blush tinging her cheeks. She was going to lose her virginity soon, at the same time as Squall, and she was beginning to understand the enormity (no pun intended) of the situation.

Squall turned to her and shifted himself to kneel between her thighs. Nervous looks were exchanged, and Squall held his breath as he tried to be as gentle as he could as he pushed himself into her. Rinoa relaxed as best she could when he reached her maidenhead and thrust through it, but she had to admit a small cry of pain. Thankfully, she was not bleeding quite so much, or else she was completely unaware of any more than the small spatter of it on Squall's stomach.

"Do you want to continue?" he asked breathlessly. She nodded, and he began to rock back and forth within her, trying to build up a little friction. Rinoa let out a breath that she had not even realized that she was holding, and she shifted herself against him to aid him.

Within a few moments, the friction did indeed build so that the pain became pleasure in Rinoa, and the love-making was more of a shared activity than merely Squall's efforts. His climax was drawing nearer, and he had been a little worried that he was not giving her any pleasing sensations at all.

She was certainly proving him wrong there. Rinoa was gasping and moaning. She arched her back and tightened her muscles around Squall, who was so sensitive that it brought about a violent rush over the edge. He was careful not to crush her with all of his weight when he collapsed and lay his head on her chest.

"My God," Squall breathed. He just realized there was a sheen of sweat covering both of them, and blood from Rinoa's maidenhead was still smeared on the both of them because of his movement. He pushed himself up off of her and stood up. Squall removed the used condom and dropped it in the trash can as he went to get a towel from his closet. Returning to Rinoa, he quietly cleaned her thighs and stomach then threw the towel back onto the floor of his closet. He got back onto the bed and pulled the rumpled covers back a bit and slid underneath them, inviting Rinoa to join him.

She did so, and she lay her head on his chest, silently and slowly starting to fall asleep in his arms. Squall's eyes were almost closed when he heard Rinoa whisper to him, "I love you, too, Squall."


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