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Hello once again. Here's a follow-up to my first fic, `violet eyes'. Would probably help to read that, but it's not necessary. I will be continuing on with the story line.

This takes place after the end of season one. I'm pretty much following the first season of Weiß, mixing up the anime and manga. A bit of warning though, I'll be playing around a little with some of the events in the second season, but nothing too major (mostly dealing w/ Aya-chan).

Hope you enjoy, and R&R are ALWAYS appreciated.

Much much thanks to Kabuki for the beta-read. Thank her for the ending, her suggestion made me change a few things and I think it came out all the better.


The bet

By nekojita

Disclaimer: Okay, if you truly believe that I own Weiss and etc, then you really need to get your head examined. Not that I don't want them, just that it's a highly imperfect world. And don't even think of suing me, I don't got much, but I'm a protective bi$*! of what is mine. Consider yourself warned.


Aya woke up to a gently burring sound and the impression that some type of constrictive snake had wound its way around his body during his sleep. It was becoming a rapidly familiar event. Blowing a puff of air at a lock of crimson hair that was falling onto his eyes, the swordsman considered his early morning predicament. It seems that his lover took cuddling to the extreme, and it wasn't at all unusual for Aya to wake up completely enveloped by Yohji's arms and legs. He suspected the older man did it not so much as a sign of affection as one of possession, and a way to prevent the smaller man from sneaking off while he was asleep. Yohji was a very strong believer in morning sex; hell, the blond considered the whole day as fair game, but he was particularly fond of starting the day off with it. And wasn't too terribly pleased when his lover, an early riser who had such trivial things such as work and duty on his mind, was nowhere to be found upon his awakening.

Judging from the slant of sunlight sneaking through mostly closed curtains, Aya figured that he had a little bit of time before having to get ready for his shift in the Koneko. He was scheduled to open the flowershop today, along with Yohji. The blond had used the excuse of `early to bed, early to rise' to drag his lover off to his bedroom shortly after dinner last night. Not that the two men had gotten much sleep, oh no. Yohji had been in an extremely playful mood the night before, and had kept the two of them up later than usual. However, Aya hadn't put up much of a fight on the matter. One thing he had to say for the man, Yohji had definitely made all the embarrassment of being hauled off for sex in front of his teammates and the resulting lack of sleep worth his while.

Still trying to adjust to the concept of being in a relationship with the blond, Aya often found himself mentally and emotionally thrown off balance, which Yohji then used to his advantage. Nothing in the redhead's past experience had prepared him for being involved with someone like Yohji Kudoh, or anyone else for that matter. There had been many times during the past few weeks that Aya found himself torn between wanting to strangle the man or dragging him off to the nearest bedroom. Naturally, the last choice always won out, but there had been several close calls. He never would have suspected the older man, notorious for his lothario ways, being such a… full time occupation, for the lack of a better description. The man was an almost constant presence by his side, talking and flirting, trying to get some sort of reaction out of his silent lover. Not to mention the fact that the blond was a sex fiend, and more than willing to `express' his devotion to the redhead at any given moment. Which had lead to Omi and Ken stomping around and loudly announcing their presence before hesitantly entering any of the house's rooms. Poor Ken hadn't been able to look either of his older teammates in the face for a week after that one incident in the den. The only thing that had saved Aya from dying of mortification on the spot had been the overwhelming urge to skewer his boyfriend with a sharp object. Yohji of course had found the whole situation hilarious.

Aya barely managed to find any time of his own anymore. Living and working with the older man as he did, there was almost never a moment when the blond wasn't around. Since Yohji was serious about having a monogamous relationship with his teammate, there was no longer the need for him to go out drinking and picking up strangers. Not when there was a mostly willing redhead to be enticed off to bed, or the mission room, or the greenhouse, or that damn den. Silent treatment, shi-ne glares, icy attitude, threats, refusing to acknowledge his presence, none of these worked for very long on the older man. Yohji would just overwhelm the redhead with attention until he caved in. The only time Aya really found himself alone anymore was when he ran errands or visited his sister in the hospital. Even when he tried to lock himself in his bedroom for some privacy, somehow that obnoxious playboy found a way to pry him out into the open and drag him off somewhere. Aya supposed he really must love the man, else Yohji would have been chopped into very tiny pieces by now.

All of which led back to the redhead's current situation. Aya longed for the chance to sit down and enjoy some peace and quiet. Just a couple of hours to unwind with a book, some classical music in the background, and no interruptions. He hadn't had a chance to finish the novel he had started a little over a month ago, before this relationship had started. Determined to seize the opportunity of a bit of quiet time before work, Aya started to disentangle himself from his sleeping lover, trying not to wake the man up.


Feeling something shift away from him, Yohji blinked open his eyes. Automatically tightening his grip on a squirming redhead, the older man gazed blearily at him while his brain slowly woke up. It was morning. Early morning at that. And his kitten was glaring up at him for some reason. Having just woken up, the blond couldn't begin to fathom what he had done to piss off the younger man already. He pulled Aya closer to give him a kiss, evaluating the man's mood by his resistance. The redhead growled briefly at the beginning, but after a minute returned the gesture, if a bit coolly. Brushing crimson bangs back from a creased forehead, the playboy swallowed a sigh.

Yohji glanced over his shoulder at the clock, and then back at his lover. There was still some time before they had to be up for work, so it couldn't be that. And while he had been a bit miffed at being whisked off to the blond's room last evening, the swordsman hadn't been complaining by the end of the night. Still clueless, Yohji decided to concentrate on putting the smaller man in a better temper; he had quickly learned to not try and reason out his lover's sudden mood swings; it was a good way to drive oneself nuts.

Nibbling on Aya's lips as he massaged the man's back, Yohji kept at it until he felt the redhead start to respond. Deepening the kiss, he pulled his lover in closer as his hands started roaming all over that pale body. Aya's fingers tangled themselves in blond hair, and after a few minutes tugged painfully on it so as to break off the kiss. Gasping for air, he shifted back a bit, putting space between him and Yohji.

The man just looked so fucking gorgeous, what with sleep tussled hair and kiss swollen lips. Yohji couldn't get over the sight. He felt something inside him constrict at the thought that the redhead was his and his alone, and he wanted to crow aloud the fact to the world. A plan was beginning to form in his mind. "Morning, love," he wished the man in a husky tone of voice.

"………, morning."

Okay, not exactly the warm greeting he'd been hoping to receive, but Yohji wasn't going to let a thing like that deter him. "You know, it's Saturday." The only response was a blank look. "As in part of the weekend, followed by Sunday. Which is our day off." The blond unleashed his sexiest grin on the silent man.

Even a complete idiot could figure out the blond was up to something. Still a bit annoyed at having his private time snatched away, Aya cut to the chase. "What the hell do you want, Kudoh?"

"Mmm, did anyone ever tell you how charming you are in the morning?" Right on cue, a piercing glare was directed his way. "I think we've been cooped up at home too much. How does a night out on the town sound? You, me, dinner, dancing and drink?" Yohji was looking forward to a little clubbing, lover firmly in tow. He wanted everyone to eat his or her hearts out over the fact that the redhead was taken, and by him no less. However, the little fantasy he was building in his mind was quickly shot down.


"Aw, come on Aya, you didn't even take any time to think about it. It'll be fun."

"No. You want to go out clubbing, fine by me. But you're doing it alone."

Now that didn't sound like any fun at all. He wanted Aya by his side, not staying at home while he sat by himself inside some nightclub. Who was he going to play with? "You know love, any other person would be jealous and upset at the idea of their boyfriend going off partying by himself."


"Wouldn't you be the slightest bit worried that I might meet someone else while out unchaperoned?"

There was a malicious glint on those violet eyes. Okay, the blond should of known better than to even ask that question. Although he thought it a bit odd that if the other man ever cheated, Yohji'd kill the person who dared to touch his kitten, but if he ever cheated on the redhead, it would mean a very painful and drawn-out death for /him/. Not that the blond ever intended on being unfaithful to Aya; it might be an extremely rare occurrence, but when he decided to be monogamous, he did so whole-heartedly. Besides, who in their right mind would cheat on a gorgeous, intelligent person who was incredible in bed?

"Hmm." Quickly rolling on top of Aya, Yohji lasciviously smiled down upon his lover as he slowly grinded his hips. "Does this mean you just want to stay home and `play' all night?" An even stare was all he got back in response. "So, what /do/ you want to do after work, then?"

It took a few seconds, but the redhead finally answered him. "I just want to spend a quiet evening curled up with a book. No tv, no movies, no `playing'." Well, at least not until bedtime.

Aya had to be joking. "And what will I be doing while you're being so boring?" That came out a bit more indignant than he had intended it to. Yohji was /so/ not used to being ignored by his lovers.

Violet eyes glared up at him. "Out clubbing, or whatever else you want to do. I'm not your babysitter."

"No, you're just my boyfriend." Feeling the anger rising in him, Yohji was at a loss to explain its intensity. Gods, how the icy bastard got to him. Aya could drive a temperate man to drink, let alone one somewhat of a drunkard. The blond really did need to go out now.


Maybe it was due to the fact that Yohji worked so fucking hard at this relationship. It wasn't easy dealing with a moody sonuvabitch who felt that `hn' and a few glares equaled a conversation. Or shut everything up inside of him, preferring not to bother dealing with his emotions. Part of it was that Aya obviously had never been in a serious romantic commitment before. But still, there was more to a relationship besides not killing your lover when pissed off, and having great sex. He'd been trying to teach that to Weiß' leader for the past couple of weeks.

Noting the force of the glower directed his way, and the tension in both of their bodies, Yohji realized that Aya and him were on the brink of yet another fight. Determined to not have his day ruined so early, the blond racked his brain looking for a way to defuse the situation. "It's a well known fact that in any relationship, there is some give and take. So give already." Upon reflection, maybe that wasn't the best solution he could have come up with.

"Already?" The glare was officially bumped up to Shi-ne level. "What the hell do you think I've been doing for the past month? I've let you carry me off to dinners, movies, that gods-awful concert ten days ago, and several other places how many times now? And how often did you bother to ask me if I really wanted to go? Not to mention all the times you've mauled me in public, after promising to behave. Do you have any idea how lucky you are to be alive right now?" Only the fact that there had always been witnesses around had prevented Yohji's death, although he'd gotten some interesting bruises instead.

The older man just blinked, brain rattled by the facts tossed out at him. It was true that he was often carting off the redhead to here and there. Otherwise they'd never leave the house. Aya just wasn't a very social person, and Yohji was hoping to get the reserved man to open up some. All the places had been his idea. The few times Aya had made any suggestions had been about some symphony in town or a bookstore he wanted to visit. Stuff like that, which the playboy considered too dreary for words. Maybe he had been taking advantage of the younger man's lack of experience a bit much. But he really did want to go out clubbing tonight, /with/ Aya.

"So you might have a point there. But come on, how often do we get a chance to spend the night on the town, what with work and missions. Go out with me tonight, and I promise we'll do whatever you want to do next time.

"No." The only thing icier than those violet orbs was Aya's voice. It seems that plan A wasn't going to work, and most likely that plan B, begging and wheedling, didn't have much hope either. Which left plan C.

"Alright. You want to stay home, and I won't go out alone. You do realize that you'll have little chance at some quiet time unless I co-operate." If looks could kill, Yohji'd be buried by now. Fortunately for the man, he was long used to those types of glares. Hell, he'd received enough of them lately, attempting to drag an uncooperative redhead off for a few quickies. "So how about we both compromise, and agree to a bet."

"A bet?" Aya didn't break eye contact with the man on top of him. Yohji had made a point about being able to wreck his time alone, so it might be worthwhile to hear the man out.

"Yep, a bet. You should be familiar enough with the concept, thanks to your old friend Teddy." Aya growled. "Here are the terms; whoever loses has to give up his plans for the evening. And no sulking or sabotage. If I win, you have to wear what I tell you to, go wherever I want, and act like an actual human being out having a good time. You win, and I leave you alone for the rest of the night. Fuck it, I'll even fetch you a fresh pot of tea whenever you want one."

There had to be a catch to this somewhere. "And how do we decide who wins?"

That smile was sin personified. "I think you'll like this, Kitten." There was more than one reason for proposing this little wager. "Seeing as we have a little more time left before work, we get a bit `frisky'." Did the man really have to sigh like that, in such a long-suffering manner? Yohji distinctly recalled not being the only one to enjoy all that fabulous sex they'd engaged in. "As I was saying, we put that time to some constructive use. And then go to work. Whoever breaks down first and drags the other off to finish what gets started loses. How does that sound?"

"You truly are hentai, you do realize that?" Yohji only grinned some more. "Can't we just flip a coin or something?"

"If I'm going to have my night ruined, I damn well better have some fun by way of compensation."

The smaller man snorted. "I am /not/ having you go at it like the nymphomaniac you are in the middle of the Koneko, wager or no wager. We've traumatized the others enough as it is, not to mention what it'll do to the customers."

Yohji rolled his eyes, but didn't dispute the points his lover had made. Any of them. "Alright. How about this instead; whomever drags the other back to the bedroom loses. Failure to make it back up here means the winner picks our dates (or lack thereof) for the next week. That's my only concession. Take it or leave it."

Aya considered his options. He wasn't crazy about the idea of being at Yohji's whim for the evening, but the chance of finishing his book in peace was too much to resist. The redhead had really been enjoying the story. And how hard would it be to get /Yohji/ to cave in? The man was always hauling him off for sex on a normal day. Aya nodded his head in agreement.

"Good." Wolfish grin stretching his mouth, the blond bent his head down to ravage his lover's lips. This should be pretty easy to pull off. While anybody who knew about the bet would place their money on the icy swordsman, Yohji knew something that they didn't. It wasn't all that difficult to get Aya hot and bothered to the point that he practically jumped the older man's bones. How else would the blond still be walking about in one piece, with the stunts he had pulled on the younger man? All it took was working the redhead to a certain point, and then just standing back to reap the reward for his efforts. Granted, that point was as mercurial as the man, but it was always an enjoyable endeavor. Sometimes all it took was nibbling on that slender neck, long fingers buried deep in crimson hair and bodies rocking together. Other times it took a considerable amount more. Yohji was more than game to give it his best shot before work started. And during work, if it was necessary.

Yohji groaned as he realized that Aya was every bit determined to win as he was. Fingernails lightly raking down the blond's back, Aya tilted his head back in a submissive manner that always drove his lover wild. Not being able to resist the invitation, Yohji quickly worked his mouth down that pale column, licking and nipping until the smaller man mewled in response. His hands began to rove all over alabaster skin, pausing to tweak a hardened nipple here or tug on a piercing before moving on, never settling long in one spot.

His own hands tangled in long blond hair, Aya jerked Yohji's head up and away from his neck. Briefly flicking his tongue against the other's lips, he trailed his mouth delicately across the older man's face, tilted the blond head until he reached an adorned earlobe, which he promptly commenced to lick at and nibble on. Violet eyes gleaming at the deep moan Yohji exhaled in response, the redhead released one hand and skimmed it down that golden body, past sweat-slicked chest and abdomen, to a neglected erection.

"Oh, you sneaky bastard." Yohji gasped out. His own hands flew down to knead the redhead's succulent ass, which he never got enough of. If Aya wanted to play dirty, he would retaliate back in kind. Although a rapidly diminishing part of his mind was warning him if this pace kept up, they'd soon be consummating the very act they were supposed to leave incomplete.


Omi shuffled out of bed, yawning as he rubbed his eyes. Time to get up for cram school. Luckily class today would only be for a couple of hours. He'd have some time to spend with his classmates before having to return to the Koneko no Sume Ie for work. Afterwards, Ken and him were supposed to go see a movie. It should be a fun day, made even better by the fact that he could sleep in the next. Assuming that Manx didn't show up with a mission in the evening, of course. Aya's shoulder had taken longer to heal than they'd thought; maybe Kritiker would take it easy on Weiß a little longer. That last major mission had been bad enough. It was nice to only have to deal with a couple easy reconnaissance mission as they had lately.

Making his way to the kitchen, the teenager smiled. The swordsman's shoulder might have healed a little quicker if Yohji had let his new lover rest in relative peace. But that hadn't been the case. Ken and Omi had barely seen their older teammates for the first two days following that mission. Yohji would occasionally leave the room for food and drink, only to quickly return and lock the door behind him. The one time Omi had caught the older man making a fast retreat back into his room, Yohji had just winked and made a comment about nobody interrupting him this time. It had been interesting when Aya finally left the little love nest. The redhead had come down for breakfast, eyes firmly fixed on his tea until the older blond pissed him off enough with his fussing to earn a glare. Glancing at his roommates afterward, he seemed taken back by their reassuring smiles. Omi doubted the reserved man appreciated his friends' amusement over his relationship.

Still a bit bruised and battered around the edges, Aya had been excused from working the front of the shop those first few days. He kept busy by taking care of things in the greenhouse. It was the younger Weiß who had to put up with a often disappearing Yohji. At first worried that the blond was resuming some old habits, it hadn't taken long to figure out where he was taking off to when the man returned, smiling blissfully and appearance all mussed up. Amusement wore thin after a couple more times, and not just for his co-workers. After returning very shortly from one of his vanishing acts, rubbing sore ribs as he muttered about bony elbows, the excursions were a bit curtailed. It wasn't much longer after that before Aya returned to the shop. Being a bit quick on the uptake, Ken and Omi had soon figured out to not intrude on the more secluded areas of the store when Yohji and Aya were both missing.

Smiling as he remembered poor Ken finding out that this new sense of caution included the house as well (the brunet had been red for almost two days, and still blushed whenever he entered the den), the genki blond noticed that the kitchen was empty. Checking the coffee machine, he found it turned off and empty as well. Great. That meant he would have to go drag the two lovebirds out of bed. One advantage to the couple's relationship was the fact that Yohji was now available to work the opening shift more often than in the past. No more of him staggering home in the wee hours of the morning, fresh out of some stranger's bed. Now the problem was getting him out of a bed that contained a certain redhead. Aya almost always made it on time when it was just him opening the flower shop, but it appeared that he wasn't as successful with getting Yohji up and out at the same time. Omi supposed that sleeping with a person made it harder to kick them out of bed, especially when you were in it also.

He started the coffee brewing, and headed back up the steps. Coming to Yohji's door, Omi kicked the wood as he rattled the doorknob threateningly. "Aya! Yohji! Time to get up, the shop needs to be opened." Repeating the names a couple more times, the youth sighed and slowly started to open the door. After that first time of not being able to interrupt the two men and get them out of bed, Omi had put his foot down and demanded that Yohji stop locking his door. The two other Weiß had definitely determined that they weren't stepping into /that/ room without a clear invitation. Now it was a last surefire way of `waking' up the older men, short of prying them apart. Dreading what he was about to walk into, the young blond kept pushing on the door. When it was about halfway open, he felt it hit something and stop

"Dammit, chibi, we're up. Give us a couple more minutes and we'll be downstairs." Yohji shifted his head out from behind the door to glare down at his friend.

"Last time I bought that, you guys were up here for another hour, at least! I'm not leaving until one or both of you are out of that room." Thinking about it for a moment, Omi remanded that last statement. "Make that just one of you. We ran out of hot water the last couple of times the two of you took a shower together."

"What are you doing, keeping score or something?" About to argue back with the man, Omi and Yohji were both startled to have the door yanked from their grips. Aya stalked out of the room, rewarding both men with an irritated look as he walked off towards the bathroom. The distinctive sound of a lock being turned could be heard in the quiet hall as he closed the door behind him.


Aya stared down at the knobs in the shower, debating whether or not to turn the `hot' on along with the `cold'. Right about now his body could use a dose of freezing water, but some part of him refused to give in to the need. Not so much for the fact that it would be cheating, but that he refused to believe Yohji had already gotten to him that badly. Turning on the hot water, the redhead stepped into the shower, not acknowledging the fact that his partner was very close to winning the bet. If Omi hadn't have interrupted the two of them when he did, Aya would have made the older man fuck him then and there. Not that the blond would have protested, being equally caught up. It had taken all the swordsman's control to just lie there in bed while Yohji stood at the door, preventing the teenager from entering the room. The urge to get up and forcibly drag the older man back onto the mattress repressed, the redhead had fled for the relative sanctuary of the bathroom. Now all he had to do was get himself under control and go open the Koneko no Sume Ie.

A quick shower and dry later, Aya cautiously opened the bathroom door and sped down the empty hall. Safely making it to his room, the violet eyed man threw on the first clothes he could find. The light tan khakis and navy blue knit shirt were worn and comfortable, a soft presence against his over-sensitive skin. Brushing his still damp hair into some semblance of order, the redhead set off for the kitchen. He heard Yohji singing some silly American song at the top of his lungs as the man showered. Aya paused in the kitchen long enough to nod good morning to Omi and grab a cup of coffee. The youth just eyed the older man with an amused expression on his face. Used to receiving these glances from his younger teammates by now, Aya took the hot beverage with him as he made his way into the flower shop.

It had been a bit of a shock to discover his friends' reactions to the relationship. Not quite sure what he had been expecting, Aya was positive it wasn't the open delight and acceptance that Ken and Omi expressed. The younger Weiß were genuinely happy for their friends, and didn't seem to mind the change of dynamics to the team. While it was true that there hadn't been any major new missions in which to gauge how Weiß would be affected, things had definitely changed in the men's living arrangements. Firstly, Aya had all but moved into Yohji's room. The blond wouldn't part with his precious bed, and it left the reserved man with somewhere to flee when he needed some personal space. Then there was the fact that the older blond was at home a lot more now than in the past, whenever he couldn't manage to drag off his anti-social lover. Which in turn had lead to Omi and Ken no longer being able to just wander the house carelessly, unless they wanted to walk in on their roommates making out. Much like Ken had the one day. Seems that Yohji thought refraining from sex in any room other than the bedroom to be a touch tedious. It must be the exhibitionist in him that felt the need to engage in sexual situations in trafficked areas, that and his hormones. For the most part the redhead tried to curb these tendencies, but being a young, healthy male in his prime and newly introduced to the pleasure of sex, he wasn't always successful. Something about the playboy just shut down the logic center of his brain.

At least he'd gotten the older man to stop calling him `kitten' in public. And to behave more or less in the flowershop. While the blond flatly refused to hide the fact of their relationship, he had accepted that it wouldn't do to scare away their customer base. Or to give the horde of fan girls any reason to try and `convert' their crushes back to `normal'. Aya suspected that enough of them were closet yaoi freaks, and upon finding out that two of their favorite bishounen were involved with each other would never willingly leave the shop. But Yohji wasn't always so well mannered elsewhere. It was a good thing that the redhead didn't blush easily. Although most of the time what the more experienced man did to him left him feeling too good to care what other people thought. The playboy was quite adapt at masking a caress as a normal gesture, or quietly murmur a racy innuendo with such a straight face that other people little suspected what the hentai bastard was doing to his beleaguered boyfriend

A sense of dread filled the reserved man upon thinking of what his lover would request if the older man won the bet. A night of loud music, crowded places, and a lot of PDA's would just be the beginning. If not for the sake of his pride than for that of his modesty, Aya fervently hoped he won the contest. There was more at stake than just a quiet, peaceful night. Determination renewed, he set about preparing the shop.


Whistling as he entered the flowershop, Yohji's emerald eyes scanned the room for his target. The little teaser that the two men were engaged in before being hauled out of bed had left him hungry for more, and resolute on cracking his love's icy façade. He had been so close to driving the quiet man past that certain point, it was hard not to direct numerous curses Omi's way. Still, the interruption gave him some time to rein in his lust and map out a game plan. First he would let the other man stew in his own juices a bit, wondering when the blond would make his move. It should also be interesting in seeing what tactics Aya chose to employ. Not to mention highly pleasurable. The younger man was proving himself to be a very quick study on the art of seduction. However, Yohji remained the reigning master of all things sex related. Or at least he told himself this. It just wouldn't do to lose this bet. There weren't many things that he had the upper hand in concerning the swordsman; the seme part of him insisted that he at least be in charge of this arena. While he was sure that Aya loved him back, just look at how much the man put up with; Yohji would accept whatever hold he could gain on the aloof man.

Ah, there he was. And surprise surprise, occupied with some flower arrangements. Apparently, the man had been very productive and managed to get everything ready for opening. Must have been all that sexual tension. After spending some time readying the register, Yohji crossed the room to where the pale man was sitting. He knew he looked good in a pair of snug, plain jeans and green cotton top that was just a little too small. While a slight expanse of his toned midriff was exposed, it was nothing compared to what some of his other outfits showed off. It hadn't taken him long to figure out his kitten appreciated it when he wasn't decked out completely in slut mode. Violet eyes would focus on him, patiently waiting for a glimpse of flesh, attention riveted on his body. All in all, it was quite flattering to receive such a reaction from his lover.

Yohji leaned against the smaller man on the pretext of picking up an arrangement so as to move it to the cooler. He couldn't help but sniff at the man's exposed neck, delighting in the scent of musk and roses that always clung to the man. Feeling warm breath against his skin, Aya shivered minutely. Attention centered on the older man, Aya watched as Yohji walked off, wondering if he should have done something other than sit there. When the man returned to pick up another vase of flowers, the swordsman steeled himself for another caress, only to be left perplexed when nothing happened.

Noting the way those violet eyes narrowed on him, in such a calculating manner, Yohji suppressed a chuckle as he returned for the last order. Aya took the opportunity to stretch his muscles, slender neck tilted to the side as he arched his back. Eyeing that slim body, the blond had to admit it was a masterful move. Schwarz could have burst into the shop and he'd be oblivious, awareness solely on the luscious physique before him. Never let it be said that Yohji Kudoh turned down such a delightful opening. "Looks like you're a little tense there, Aya. I think someone needs a massage."

Not sure if this was what he intended or not, the redhead could only nod. While it was to his advantage to have the playboy get physical with him, those adroit hands were often the start of many an inappropriate liaison. "Remember your promise about the customers."

Grinning in response, the older man couldn't help but retort back. "But Kitten, all is fair in love and war. And this is such a delicious mixture of both." Seeing that the redhead was about to respond back, Yohji quickly placed his hands on tight muscles and began to knead.

It wasn't long before Aya was purring. Yohji continued to rub the stiff shoulders and neck as he slowly rested the length of his body against the man's back. Pelvis rubbing back and forth against the seated man's behind, Yohji let one hand lightly skim up Aya's neck and tangle itself in silky strands of crimson. The other hand traveled downward to the swordsman's waist, wrapping around it to pull his body back against his lover.

"Yoh-ji," Aya managed to gasp out as skilled lips took to nibbling on his ear. He couldn't resist leaning back into the warmth of the older man, hips echoing the movement from behind him. It seemed that there was a good chance of the bet being settled rather shortly. Determined to /not/ be the one sent over the edge, the redhead tilted back his neck, and whispered his lover's name in a tone that usually drove the other man wild.

Growling deep in his throat, Yohji spun the stool around until the smaller man faced him. Hands grasping at slender hips, the playboy pulled his boyfriend to the edge of his seat, and ground their pelvises together. Feeling Aya's legs wrap around his waist, Yohji plundered the panting mouth, tongue flicking about in an effort to dominate the redhead every way he could. His arms clinched about the smaller man, until there wasn't any space separating the two of them. Melting into the embrace, Aya fleetingly wondered how much longer before the blond hauled him off to their bed. He couldn't dredge up any concern for leaving the shop unattended. Just as long as they made it /out/ of the shop. Although if Yohji kept kissing him breathless like this, he wouldn't much care if they fucked right here on the work table.

As if in response to this thought, a chiming sound filled the Koneko, signaling that a patron had entered. Yohji froze, halted in the process of lifting his love off the stool. Squirming to get free and gain his feet, Aya hurried up to the door, hoping his rush would cover the true reason for his panting breath. And muttering a few curses at being interrupted so close to him winning. The blond could only look on as the other assassin assisted the elderly man, as he tried to get his body under control. That had been way too close. Another few seconds and he'd have been carrying Aya upstairs, and there would've went his plans for the evening. Maybe he should have just flipped a coin after all, he seemed to have forgotten how much the violet eyed man could affect him. Noticing another customer entering the shop, he made his way to the register, pausing to pick up and tie on an apron around his waist. It was more than likely he was going to need it throughout the day to keep from embarrassing himself.


Wishing a giggling preteen girl a nice day, Ken turned away from the adolescent customer and her friends to direct a puzzled frown towards his co-workers. Something was going on between the two of them, something very odd. Well, at least when concerning them. Yohji was at his usual spot, the front register, busy flirting up a storm with all their female customers. The brunet couldn't remember the last time the older man had focused this much attention at the opposite sex. It was a bit much, even considering the blond's pre-Aya days. Almost as if he was trying to make the quiet man jealous. Aya appeared oblivious to the whole matter, being occupied with the steady flow of customers. In the middle of assembling an impromptu Tussie-Mussie for a client, the redhead walked over to and behind the register counter, apparently searching for something. Ken's brown eyes widened as he witnessed the redhead kneel down, as if reaching for an object near the bottom shelf, and place a steadying hand on his blond teammate's thigh. After a minute or two, he reappeared, silver curling ribbon in hand. Regaining his feet, the man somehow managed to brush his body against his boyfriend's backside the whole way up. He briefly nodded at the girls trying to get his attention, as Yohji stood there sputtering. The young women mobbed the blond, thinking he had choked on something, as Aya returned to his customer.

If Ken hadn't of seen it with his own eye, he never would have believed it. Even then, the only reason he had caught it was because unlike the rest of the people in the shop, he knew something was going on between the two older men. And that wasn't the first time today he's seen something along those lines. Ever since he'd started his shift at noon, there had been similar events all day long. While he was used to seeing Yohji covertly paw at and fondle Aya throughout the shift, he had never witnessed /Aya/ reciprocating that treatment. Usually he was too busy glaring at the older man and hissing back an order to leave him alone. And another thing, it only took a couple of passes before the blond tried to haul his boyfriend out of the Koneko and off to the greenhouse. But even though there had been several such incidents, from either of the couple, so far both men remained at work. Although there was a distracted look in a pair of violet eyes, and Yohji absolutely refused to budge from behind the counter for the past half hour. Ken was willing to bet that after the swordsman's recent actions, it would be some time before he moved away from that spot, let alone stood up straight.

Why me, the athlete asked himself. Why was it that he always walked in on the two men in the middle of something? Couldn't they have waited until it was Omi's turn to work with them before starting this game, or whatever, between them? Judging from the way the passes and covert caresses were escalating, Ken knew that it wouldn't be long before he was left to deal with the clientele by himself, and to explain why his two co-workers had rushed out of the shop. If they even made it out of the flowershop. Judging from the looks Yohji was directing at his lover, Ken envisioned the two men going at it behind the register.

Which thanks to him stumbling in on the older Weiß naked upon the den's couch two weeks ago, he could imagine all too well. He'd failed to notice just how smooth skinned Aya was, or the series of scars near the small of Yohji's back, as if some beast had swiped its claws there. The brunet had ample opportunity to observe both things as he stood there, stunned immobile. The two men initially failed to notice him, being a bit absorbed in each other's presence. Ken never realized that Aya could make sounds like that, every bit feline as his codename, or that Yohji obviously had a thing for pierced navels. It wasn't until a couple minutes later, when the blond pulled back to search his discarded pants for something, that the two men noticed they had company. Finally able to shake free from his paralysis, Ken had fled the room. Laughter and muttered `shi-ne's' followed him out of the den. The brunet hadn't been able to shake the images he had seen from his mind for days afterward, and they still appeared in his dreams. There was no way he was going to stand here and watch it happen again. Maybe he should cool off his friends with a blast from the water hose. He just couldn't make his feet move in the direction of the hose.


Teeth grinding together in frustration, Yohji kept gazing after his lover, trying to get the man's attention. As if sensing this, the redhead deliberately ignored the taller man, keeping himself occupied arranging flowers. Yohji knew that Aya had to be as horny and desperate as he was, the way violet eyes refused to focus on him was a telling sign. But there was little else to indicate whether or not the blond had any hope of winning the bet. Whereas is was becoming quite clear that he wasn't far from picking up the smaller man, throwing him over his shoulder, and carrying him off for the nearest private location.

It was all the customers' faults. They kept the assassins constantly occupied and apart. There weren't too many opportunities to make a move on each other, besides clandestine touches and heated looks. Yohji was left here at the register, imagination in over-drive as he thought about what his redhead would look like tied up in crimson floral ribbon, or naked in a bed covered with the petals from this particular arrangement, and so on and so forth. The blond was his own worst enemy, as each thought got him more and more worked up. If this kept up, he'd definitely be staying in tonight. That fact was the only thing keeping him inside the flowershop, with as much space between him and his boyfriend as he could manage. Still, he couldn't stop looking at the man.

Interrupted from his Aya-watching by yet another person walking into the shop, Yohji directed a frown at his returning teammate. Omi's return signaled that there wasn't much time left of his and Aya's shift. Usually the blond was excited by this prospect, however he knew that as soon as he was cut from work, his hormones would insist on tackling Aya the second they stepped out of the shop. Why couldn't the younger man have just agreed to go out with him tonight? Granted, the man hated noisy places and crowds, but still, he'd be doing it to make the person he was supposed to love happy. Squelching the tiny inner voice that said Yohji should be returning the favor, Yohji directed his glare towards the object of his affection. Surely there would be some time tomorrow that the swordsman could use for reading and privacy. Although there was some laundry that desperately needed to get done, and a visit to his sister, and a workout and training session to make sure his shoulder was finally healed. `I refuse to feel guilty about this. I know I can make Aya have a good time if he goes out with me.' So intent on mentally willing his lover to look up and acknowledge him, Yohji missed his nemesis' entrance.

"Aya-san, I brought some food for you. It looks like you're still a bit worn out from your illness. This should make you feel better." Sakura Tomoe stood in front of /Yohji's/ boyfriend, holding a quite sizable bento in her hands.

The blond growled, swearing he could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand up in the presence of such evil. Sure the girl had helped Aya with regards to his sister a couple of months ago, but when would she get it through her non-existent brain that the man was only nice to her because of that assistance and the fact she resembled his precious imouto? She kept stopping by the shop, bringing presents and trying to get her `Aya-san' to go get some ice cream with her. It had only gotten worse the past few weeks, after Aya missing from the shop for several days due to the injuries he'd received from the Aso mission. Weiß had passed off his absence as a nasty bout of flu. Many of their regular customers commented that it must have been a very bad case of illness, judging by his exhausted appearance when he had returned. None of the assassins thought it wise to point out that the lack of sleep was from his new late night activities, and not from being sick.

Aya blinked down on the school girl, taken once again by how much she resembled Aya-chan. Glancing at the package of food, he repressed a sigh. Knowing that the girl wouldn't leave until he accepted the damn thing, the redhead muttered some thanks as he placed the box on his work table.

"Are you feeling any better? There are some shadows around your eyes, and you seem a bit flushed."

"Hn." Years of wielding a sword enabled Aya to avoid the girl's reaching hand. Sakura evidently was using the excuse of checking for a fever to lay hands on her crush. Yohji, noticing this from his spot by the door, quickly stood up and made his way over to the couple. There was no way in hell he was letting the little bitch touch his boyfriend.

Aya kept stepping back to avoid the pest, and nearly ran into Omi. "Aya-kun, please watch where you are going. You nearly knocked the tray over. Oh, hello Tomoe-san, nice to see you again." Proving that the youth was often too nice for his own good, he smiled at the girl. He was carrying a tray of mugs filled with steaming coffee and a plate of cookies. Having noticed how strained his teammates appeared upon entering the store, Omi thought they might appreciate some caffeine and sugar. Hopefully that would put them all in a better mood.

Sakura nodded a hello at the blond youth, intent on cornering Aya to check his temperature. Maybe then he would notice the perfume she was wearing especially for him. The poor man had been so tired lately, that must be why he barely paid any attention to her. She failed to notice Omi moving behind her so he could place the food and drinks down on the work table, or Yohji advancing upon both of them.

Aya kept trying to dodge the girl, realising he was about to be pinned against the wall. Sidestepping deftly, he made his way towards the greenhouse, hoping she wouldn't follow him there. Sakura was rather determined, however, and whirled around to pursue her objective. She turned right into Omi, who was still clutching the tray. The teenager was sent flying, only to be stopped by an irate Yohji. The loud yell uttered by the man, as he was covered with very hot coffee, some cream, and a dozen cookies, echoed throughout the shop.

Hearing his lover bellow in pain, Aya swiftly returned back into the shop. Yohji stood there, completely soaked, as Omi and Sakura tried to clean up the mess. Seeing the playboy wince in pain, Aya grabbed the man by the wrist and tugged him towards the private stairway which lead upstairs. "You need to get out of those clothes, and be checked for any burns. Omi, I'll take care of this. Sakura, good-bye." The two teenagers just stood there, startled as much by Aya's brusque yet concerned manner as by the sudden grin that lit up Yohji's face.

Not stopping until the couple made it safely to their room, Aya shoved Yohji towards the bed as he went for the first aid kit and a damp towel. Re-entering the bedroom, he locked the door behind him, just in case that airhead decided she wanted to check up on the men. Setting the kit by the bed, he found Yohji quickly stripping off his wet clothes, smile still on his face. "You look pretty happy for someone who's more than likely sporting a few burns." The redhead raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

Yohji just shook his head. "I'll explain in a few minutes." Snorting in return, Aya handed his lover the towel to clean off with as he check the man's chest and stomach for burns. Finding several red spots, he spread some burn ointment on them. He couldn't help but notice that the blond was very `excited' about something. Despite the pain, he was fully erect. Not too surprising, since Aya himself was still semi-hard from the little games they'd been playing earlier. As soon as the ministrations were complete, he felt two long arms wrap around him and pull him into Yohji's lap.

"What are you so happy about? We still have to decide about what's happening tonight since the bet got interrupted." The blond's smile only increased its intensity. Aya glared back at the man.

"We're going out someplace nice for dinner, and then dancing. I think Sanctuary will be fun, we can always head to Morpheus later if we get bored." Yohji started nuzzling his kitten's neck.

"Did you get hit in the head, Kudoh? No one won the bet."

Chuckling softly, Yohji barely pulled back at all, his lips still brushed Aya's neck each time they moved. He didn't need to see the redhead's face to imagine the scowl it was wearing. "Try to remember, love. We agreed that the first person to drag the other back up here was the loser. Well, who grabbed whose hand and pulled them in here, huh?"

Aya got a handful of blond hair and yanked the playboy's face away from his neck. "I brought you up here to check your injuries, not to have sex. That's what the bet was about."

"At first. Don't you remember someone complaining about the chances of being jumped in the Koneko, and insisting on a new stipulation? You've only got yourself to blame. And that Tomoe bimbo." Noting the fury in those gorgeous violet eyes, Yohji couldn't help but smirk. "You lost, lover, fair and square. Now's the time to pay up, unless you're reneging on the bet."

The smaller man growled. Did the idiot have any idea how badly Aya wanted to smack him right now and wipe away that grin? But the blond was right; according to the letter of the wager, if not the spirit, he had lost. Aya didn't have much left anymore, but what little honor remained would not let him back out of the deal. "Damn you."

Yohji pulled his lover in closer. "Guess it's better than `shi-ne Kudoh', so I'll accept that. Now let's get down to that part of where you do whatever I want for the rest of the night. We left off in the middle of something earlier, and I'm thinking it would be pretty nice to resume that." Loosening his hold on the smaller man, Yohji quickly yanked off the blue knit shirt. He just adored how smooth and pale his lover's skin was. It was even better than some of the women's he had dated. And none of theirs had that delicious tang to it; sweet with a bit of salt. He couldn't get enough of it, mouth skimming over a prominent collarbone and up a slender neck.

The touch of those lips nibbling on the sensitive skin beneath his ear made the anger Aya felt towards his lover evaporate. He had spent too much of the day craving that mouth on him to hold onto the negative feeling for long. Besides, it must be the blond's influence, but the silent man had an evil thought. The longer Aya managed to keep Yohji in bed with him, the less time they would spend out. Moaning the man's name, the redhead circled his arms around Yohji's shoulders.

Taking note of his love's acquiescence, Yohji leaned back onto the bed. He laid there for several minutes, drinking in the sounds the smaller man on top of him made as he devoured that pale skin. Aya would have a new series of love bites to cover up. Knowing his lover wouldn't be too happy about that, Yohji continued on anyways. It was his night after all, and he just couldn't get enough of the mewls and gasps Aya made. Those sounds let the blond know how much the other man wanted him and the things he did to the redhead in a way Aya could never speak of.

After some time, the violet eyed man moved his upper body back from the assault. Pushing up on his arms, he gazed down into emerald eyes. Yohji kept his hold on the man's head, fingers lightly entwined in the strands of silk. Dipping down, Aya gently pressed his lips against the blond's mouth. Yohji eagerly parted his lips, and drew his boyfriend's tongue inside his mouth. Gods, making love to the swordsman was all about taste and texture, so sweet and smooth, but with an added bite that took one's breath away. It was the blond's turn to be left panting as Aya moved his mouth down Yohji's chin and lower. It was a leisurely journey, with the smaller man pausing often to lavish attention to one particular spot after another. Nipples left tingling from playful teeth and lips, the blond restrained the urge to force his lover's head down lower. Aya skimmed over the reddened skin, and slowed down once he reached navel. "Mmm, maybe you should consider getting a piercing here. That way I could find out what you like so much about mine." The words were spoken a hairsbreadth above saliva-coated skin, Yohji shivered at each burst of air. "Anything you want, love, just don't stop there." The blond swore he could feel the smirk on Aya's face as he once again pressed his lips against sensitive flesh.

Continuing down until he reached a patch of dark blond curls, Aya reached a hand up to hold Yohji's twitching cock. "What about stopping here?" Yohji leaned up on his elbows, glaring down at the man nestled between his thighs, and watched as a pink tongue flicked against the penis' head. Again and again. Feeling his arms go weak, he laid back down. This sudden sense of humor of Aya's during sex was about to kill him. "Please oh please don't stop there."

Taking pity on his lover, Aya ran his tongue up and down the engorged shaft as his fingers fondled the older man's balls. A sense of gratification spread through him with the way Yohji moaned out his name, amid the pleas to continue on. Long fingers tightened in his hair once more, urging his head down farther. Wrapping his lips around the cock, Aya took it into his mouth.

He swallowed several times, adjusting his mouth and throat to the size of Yohji's sex, as the blond's voice broke off in a ragged moan. Hands and tongue busy as he sucked on the organ, Aya let the blond thrust into his mouth. Concentrating on what he was doing, still being new to the whole concept, he was soon wincing in pain at the frantic tugging on his hair. Breaking off from the blow job, he wiped his mouth and glared down at the older man.

Yohji just laid there, eyes closed, trying to drag himself back from the edge Aya's mouth had almost taken him over. Sensing the man leaning over him, he opened one green orb and offered a weak smile. "Sorry love, but that was a bit too close." Watching as understanding dawned on his lover's face, Yohji opened the other eye. "Didn't think you'd appreciate it if things ended there."


That strengthened the smile. Yanking the slender man down into his arms, Yohji rolled over until he was on the top. He started working on Aya's pants, dragging them and his underwear off at the same time. "Later on will be a good time to take it slow, but I think we played a little too much today for that now." Enfolding the redhead's erection in his hand, Yohji pumped it a few times, enraptured by the way his lover's head fell back and eyes half closed. He could never get enough of that look on Aya's face, and the knowledge that he was the only person to ever see the assassin look like this. The only one to make him look like this. His other hand fumbled at the nightstand, searching for the bottle of lube.

Object found, Yohji leaned down to kiss the man's panting mouth as he speedily lubed up his fingers and probed Aya's puckered opening. Gods, how he wanted to be inside the man, right now. Aya's arms around his neck tightened as a finger entered him, and he shifted his legs wider apart. Second finger joining the first, the redhead moaned into the older man's mouth. Does he have any idea what the hell he does to me, Yohji wondered. Searching about, his digits found the spot he'd been looking for, and made Aya lift himself several inches off the bed. "Now, Yohji."

"Shh, love, I'm almost there." Fingers easing in and out, Yohji positioned the swordsman's legs on his shoulders and tilted his hips up some more. The smaller man's gasp was lost in the deep growl Yohji emitted as he slowly drove himself into the willing body beneath him, inch by agonizing inch. This is what made everything worthwhile, the nightmare his life had become, to find himself impaling himself on the most gorgeous, incredible person he'd ever met, hearing that person cry out his name. Finally completely encased inside Aya's body, the blond pulled out until the last inch and pounded his way back in. Today had been too frustratingly long, with too many interruptions, for there to be anything more than a piston-paced, mind-blowing fuck. Driving in and out of the redhead, Yohji released his left hand from its bruising hold on Aya's hip to grasp a handful of crimson hair. Stilling the thrashing head and tilting it up until lust darkened violet eyes focused on him, he growled at the smaller man. "Mine, you're mine, never letting you go." Aya merely responded by pulling Yohji down for searing kiss as his legs wrapped around the blond's waist, pulling him in even closer.

The older man let go of that red hair, and reached down to stroke the smaller man's erection. Aya gasped out Yohji's name against the man's lips, his whole body tensing at the double assault. It wasn't much longer before he felt as if his body exploded from the pleasure, his cum coating the blond's hand and both their stomachs. Yohji could only groan back as that incredibly tight sheath encasing him clenched even tighter. His whole body shook with the intensity of his orgasm; it took him a few seconds to find the strength to breath. He just wanted to lay here, wrapped by his kitten's body and utterly fucking content, for the rest of his life.

It took a few tries, but the blond was eventually able to lever himself off the smaller man. Aya just blinked up at him, a satisfied smile on his lips. Yohji treasured each and ever one of those smiles, hell half the time he molested the man in hopes of evoking one of them. The blond lowered himself back down, resting his head on the smaller man's chest so he could hear the slowing heartbeat. Aya toyed with a strand of sweat soaked honey colored hair, twisting it around his fingers.

"What now?"

"Hmm. You give me a few minutes to recover, and then we try the slow and easy approach."

"Sounds good. I thought you wanted to go out tonight."

Lifting his head briefly to regard the alarm clock, Yohji settled back down, chin on a pale chest, looking at his lover's face. Aya didn't seem too terrible concerned about anything at the moment. "I'm thinking we save the fancy dinner for another time, how about a great little noodle place to eat at instead?" The redhead just shrugged his shoulders. "Then a couple of hours at a club. Don't feel up to a real late night now for some reason, just a bit of dancing and a few drinks." He still felt the urge to rub the rest of the world's face in the fact that Aya Fujimiya was his now and forever. "What are you're plans for tomorrow?" Yohji inquired as he tenderly brushed back the redhead's bangs.

"Visit Aya-chan, do some chores, stuff like that." Aya grasped the hand combing back his hair and twined their fingers together.

"Have to do some shopping?" A nod. "Care if I tag along? Maybe we can hit a bookstore while we're out, find me something to read. Kama Sutra comes to mind, who knows, maybe there's a thing or two left for me to learn." This last comment was greeted with a snort, but violet eyes were sparkling with humor. Gods, the man was so beautiful.

"I'm thinking there's a book or two that should interest you. Might even find one on the nature of compromises, of all things."

"Who gets to read it first, you or me? Ow!" Yohji rubbed his tender side. He really had to do something about the man's bony elbows. They could be declared lethal weapons in their own right. Eyeing the clock one last time before moving in on those slightly smirking lips, Yohji tried to figure out if they would have time to stop at this one dessert place he knew.