Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Trapped ❯ Chapter 1

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By: Kinotama
Ranma sighed sadly, for three years she had been trying to cure herself of this cursed form. But now it was of no use, she was trapped forever in this female body.
Ranchan, I'm still your friend," a female voice said, Ranma looked up to see Ukyo standing in front of her.
No one else wants me anymore Ucchan, now I'm female and useless to their purposes," Ranma said and she started crying, Ukyo looked at her in sadness.
It doesn't matter Ranma, I said years ago when we were children that we'd be best friends no matter what and I still am," Ukyo said looking at Ranma, Ranma flung herself into Ukyo's arms and cried harder. <Ucchan, even when others hate me, still cared.>
"Ranma I'm leaving Nerima and starting my business over in Juuban, I want you to come with me," Ukyo finally said as Ranma dried her eyes, Ranma blinked knowing that no one would miss her in Nerima (no one but Kuno who was still obsessed with his pig tailed goddess).
"Ucchan I would love to, I may have lost everything else but I haven't lost my best friend," Ranma said and they both smiled, they knew that there friendship would last till the end of time. Ukyo smiled at her best friend Ranma. <I know now, that I had never loved Ranma as a husband to be, but as a brother. And now the love was aimed towards a sister-like figure.>
Before packing up Ukyo took the brown dye out of her hair.
Ucchan, when was your hair dark purple?
Since I was born Ranchan, but my dad had me dye my hair since before we meet.
The purple hair suits you. Thanks.
Then they packed up all of Ukyo's things at her restaurant & soon they were ready to leave. Earlier, Ukyo had sold everything they couldn't carry so they wouldn't have to pay someone to move it to Juuban where they were moving to.
Do you think we'll meet the Sailor scouts, Ucchan? Ranma asked her, she shrugged her shoulders. The two of them had been watching the news and reading articles about the Sailor scouts for awhile now, the idea that teenage girl fighting aliens to save the world was interesting to say the least.
Who knows Ranchan, but I hope we do for then we could get their autographs, she said and they both giggled. Since though Ranma had no family to go back to now because of Ranma being trapped as a girl Ukyo was making sure her friend didn't become depressed.
Ucchan I have a favor to ask, Ranma suddenly said in a serious voice as they closed the restaurants doors one last time, Ukyo adjusted the straps to her backpack wondering what Ranma wanted to ask her.
What is it? she asked Ranma, Ranma looked nervous for a moment as they walked.
I want to change my name since Ranma died when I became as I am now. I want my name to be Ran, so can you just call me Ran? Ranma asked her, Ukyo smiled liking the name.
Sure, and since this is a new start call me Kagome, Ukyo said.
They both nodded to each other, neither one wanted people from Nermia to destroy their new life. A new name now cut them off from their old lives when they had been Ukyo and Ranma.
Kagome lets be on our way, Ran said with a grin, Ukyo now Kagome smiled at her sister/friend.
Yes lets go Ran, our destiny awaits us, Kagome said, the two took off roof hopping out of Nermia heading in the direction of Juuban.
Two weary travelers finally entered Juuban, it was early morning and very few people were about. The two travelers were young teens around the age nineteen, the first had long dark purple hair and wore clothing that made her look like a boy with a giant spatula strapped to her back. The second person was also female with shocking red hair and an excellent figure, she wore Chinese style clothing. They each had enormous backpacks on.
"Juuban, interesting place so far," the red haired teen said, her sapphire blue eyes looked around herself but with sadness for she was still depressed from what had happened.
" It's a good place to start Ran, come on lets find a place to stay," the brown haired girl said. The red haired Ran nodded and the two walked on not noticing the person watching them.
Setsuna looked at the two travelers a small smile on her face, when she looked at the purple haired girl she felt tears of joy come to her red eyes. They're alive. Queen Serenity did manage to send them to the future," she said her voice choked with emotion. Setsuna wiped away her tears and continued to watch the two till they vanished from view. <Kagome, Hotaru's sister and fellow scout of Saturn and Ran, the mysterious scout of chaos. Oh how I missed them.>
"The circle will be complete again, soon all will be complete," she whispered, in a flash of light Setsuna, Sailor Pluto, was gone.
Another figure also watched the two from the rooftops. His eyes held deep sorrow and regret. "Why did this have to happen to you? I always thought that you hated me, except you cured me with the cursed-boy water after you were locked as a girl forever. In return, your 'family' stricken you from your clan." He closed his eyes not noticing that a single tear fell down his face. <Now the only person Ranma thinks she has is Ukyo. I'm not sure if Ranma wants to see me again, so I can only watch in the shadows.>
============================ //Flashback//
"I'm sorry, I'm trapped please forgive me for being female now and forever," Ranma begged her mother, then to the red haired girl's shock Nodoka took out her Katana and lay the edge of her throat.
I have no daughter, my son is dead so leave unless you wish to die," Nodoka said in a cold voice.
Ranma looked at Akane, saw the girl smirk and knew she had lost everything. Slowly she got up and took the backpack the sad Kasumi passed her. Ryouga watched as Ranma passed by him running from the house. He knew it was Akane's fault, since he saw her take the ladle pouring it over Ranma's head. Ryouga saw Akane's smirk, hating her for it, and followed Ranma from a distance.
=========================== //End Flashback//
"I never got to tell you the truth. I considered you my best friend even to this day," Ryouga whispered, he sighed and continued to watch his friend. Ryouga decided for now on he would be her hidden guardian.
Ranma/Ran paused in her walking a frown forming on her face, she didn't know why but she felt as if she was being watched.
"You okay Ran?" Kagome asked, Ran looked at her friend and smiled at the other girl. "I'm fine Kagome, it was just a strange feeling." Kagome looked at her knowing that her feelings usually meant something.
What did you feel?" Kagome asked, a serious expression on her face.
"Something big is going to happen soon Kagome, I don't know what it is but it includes us and whoever I felt watching us a few minutes ago.
I hope it doesn't include anyone from Nerima, we've had enough trouble from them," Kagome said referring to the Nerima wrecking crew. Ran looked at the sky and decided not to tell Kagome that she actually missed Ryouga who she had considered her friend. A cold wind blew by reminding them of the Chinese curse, 'may your life be interesting.'
The two girls headed towards an estate agency to buy a new home/shop. While waiting in the office for someone to help, Ran thought of something.
Kagome? Yes?
Are we going to open a restaurant or will it be something new?
Well, I want to open a restaurant like Ucchan's again, but call it something different.
I understand. How about we call it the Moon Kingdom?
Sure, why not? Now, Ran be honest with me. Do you have any other talents besides martial arts?
Ran blushed slightly, then rummaged around in her pack. Pulling out something, she shielded it from Star. Please don't laugh for I'm not finished with this one yet.
Then Ran showed Kagome an amazing wooden likeness of Kagome, herself, right down to the giant spatula on her back. It's beautiful. Why did you say it wasn't finished?
I like to color my carvings to make them more lifelike.
Kagome held it in her hands. Do you have any more?
Ran nodded and took out another carving. Kagome looked to see in Ran's hands a mini Ryouga looking like he's enjoying the peace & quiet as he sit by a tree.
I have more, but they're wrapped up in my clothes.
These are beautiful and that Ryouga carving looks very accurate.
The red head looked at the miniature Ryouga . This carving is my favorite, simply because Ryouga never knew I was carving him as he relaxed.
Ran, you must add your carvings to the Moon Kingdom when we buy the property for it. If you're willing, you can have a room in the back where you can carve & then maybe sell some of your pieces.
Sounds fine to me, but I will have the final say in which ones I sell. Okay. Ran took the two carvings and put them back in her pack.
The two were soon escorted into the office, then to a restaurant that the owners wanted to sell for it wasn't doing well. It's perfect! stated Kagome, who saw the place included a large grill, tables & chairs, and some great storage rooms in the back.
It's a nice place, agreed Ran, who looked upstairs where there were four rooms, a bathroom with all the necessities like a furo, and shelves downstairs where she can place her carvings.
We'll take it! they chorused. The place was sold to them for half the amount they got from selling Ucchan's.
When the estate agent left, Kagome when to the market suppliers for food supplies and Ran decided to paint the name in the window. Ran used blue for the words 'Moon Kingdom', then she painted yellow stars inside the letters making the words look like the night sky. When Ran was done, she saw she gathered a curious crowd.
A tall, blond teenager walked up to her. Hi, I'm Andrew from the video arcade across the street.
The red headed Ran shook his hand. I'm Ran. Me and my friend Kagome are going to run the Moon Kingdom.
Andrew looked back at the crowd, then at Ran again. Could you tell me what business this will be?
Ran raised her voice so the crowd could also hear. The Moon Kingdom will be a restaurant, and we'll be opening on Saturday, two days from now.
The crowd once hearing the information quickly dispersed, leaving Andrew and Ran behind. Andrew, if you come here tomorrow morning at nine, you can be the first to see what the place will look like before we open.
I'll be grateful to you. See you tomorrow then. Andrew went back towards the arcade.

Ran went inside and put her belongings in her new room. Then she did the same for Kagome in her new room across the hall from Ran's room. The room next to Ran's room, Ran made into a studio where she can carve and paint her carvings. The room next to Kagome's room, they had agreed earlier would be a guest room.
Once, Ran had finished all the upstairs rooms, Kagome came back with a ton of supplies to last the restaurant for at least two weeks. Kagome organized the storage rooms and the grill, while Ran started placing her carvings on the shelves. By the time they were done, night had fallen.
As the two cleaned up together, Ran told Kagome about the promise she made to Andrew. Kagome talked to Ran on how the restaurant will open at 3 in the afternoon and close at 8 at night on Mondays to Fridays, then 9 to 9 on Saturdays & Sundays. That way they would have time to do what they want. They soon went to their separate rooms to sleep waiting to see what tomorrow brings.
Friday, bright and early, Kagome & Ran got up to practice martial arts on the roof just in case. After practicing for an hour, Kagome grilled up some breakfast. When they finished eating, Andrew came by to see the restaurant. He looked around at the carvings of people ((people from Ranma's adventure's like Herb, but no one from Nermia except Kasumi, Ryouga, Kagome & Ranma in boy form)) and so thought mythical animals like a dragon, then looked at the grill.
Ran came up to him. Andrew, this is my friend Kagome. Kagome, this is Andrew.
Pleased to meet you Andrew. Please to meet you. These carvings are amazing, but why only one carving of Ran?
Ran blushed, I don't carve myself very often.
You're the carver?! Wow, you're really good. The carving above the grill, a palace, when did you think of it?
Ran shrugged, I remembered it in a dream I had before, and when I woke up I felt it was important to carve it.
Andrew then sat down at one of the tables. Ever heard of the Silver Millennium legend?
The teen girls shook their heads, and looked in askance at Andrew. The Silver Millennium supposedly happened on the planets in our solar system. Each planet was a separate kingdom, but they were all ruled by Queen Serenity from the moon.
So supposedly there really was a Moon Kingdom?
Andrew nodded his head. Yes, and on the moon was a fabulous palace. So I think that the mini palace Ran created with her carving skills is how the palace must have looked like.
Kagome-Thank you for telling us of the legend, Andrew.
No problem. I got to get to the arcade now, but I'll be back when the restaurant opens.
Kagome & Ran escorted Andrew outside, waving good bye until he was in the arcade. Ran turned to the purple haired girl. Kagome, why don't we take in the sights?
I guess. I think we passed a shrine when we came into Juuban, so we can start there. Ran nodded her agreement and they left to go find the shrine.
A Scout meeting was going on in Rei's room, yet it was unusual for Setsuna to show up and even more unusual with tears in her eyes. This picture of Setsuna about to cry was unsettling to the rest of the scouts and the two cat-advisors. Hotaru went to her and gave her a hug. Setsuna-mama, what's wrong?
Setsuna hugged Hotaru closer. Nothing's wrong, except that the Queen did send forward the last two scouts.
Two More Scouts?!!
Setsuna stared at the two cats, Luna, Artem is, don't you at least remember?
At the shakes of their heads, she sighed. Hotaru's sister, Kagome the Sailor D. Saturn. Kagome is the real Scout of Destruction, while Hotaru is the Scout of Healing, Sailor Saturn. If it was necessary, whoever was in her sailor scout uniform would be able to use her sister's powers. Hotaru's weapon is actually Kagome's which is why Hotaru feels weak for she's using her sister's and her own power.
Hotaru's eyes widen. I have a sister. Why wasn't I told before?
Artemis spoke up, I think I know why.
Luna swiped at him with her paw. Tell us already.
The last scout is Ran the Sailor Scout of Chaos. Instead of drawing her powers from planets like you all do, she gets her powers from.. from..
Rei-Just tell us! Where does she get her powers from?!
Instead of Artemis, Luna spoke up. That's the problem. Only Sailor Chaos knows where she gets her powers from, and all the attacks she can do. Ran never tells anyone how much she can do or what she can do.
Artemis continued, Sailor Chaos just appeared one day in front of the Queen, not even Setsuna knows anything about Ran for the time gates don't pick her up.
Ami looked up from her computer. There is no information on her, other than notes on Ryo.
Ryo? Usagi's eyes looked blank, then cleared and she stated. I remember now. Ryo was the captain of the Moon palace guards. He loved Ran, and it was obvious to everyone except Ran. It took all of us including my mom just to get Ryo to confess to Ran that he loved her. Ran's face was totally blank, and then when Ryo thought she didn't like him so turned to go. Ran snapped out of it, pulled Ryo's head down, and passionately kissed him. Ryo responded and the two kissed for so long that when they were done, they were gasping for air. What mom thought was funny was when Ryo & Ran kept kissing and gasping for air for about thirty minutes before they remembered there were people watching.
Minako- She had a giant wolf as a pet. Ran, being only five feet tall, rode the wolf to places she had to go when she didn't want to walk there.
Michiru shook with laughter from the comfort of Haruka's arms. Haruka you and Makoto used to be so mad when Kagome trained us in martial arts, because Ran only watched. So one day you and Makoto challenged Ran to a martial arts match. Neither of you two stood a chance. Both of you were knocked out under a minute. Kagome just looked at you two when you were late and limping to her class, all she said was not even I would be able to beat her.
While the group was remembering more about the other two scouts, the people they were talking about were nearing the shrine. Ran pouted as she walked up the steps. Kagome, there is one person I still wish I could see from Nermia.
Oh? Who? Ryouga.
Ryouga?! But why?
At the top of the steps, Ran blushed. I do like him a lot, but since it was unmanly I was confused at what to do.
Kagome-Ran, look at me. You are a woman now, and don't have to hold to their standards anymore.
Ran hung her head. I know, but still. Ryouga probably hates me anyway.
Ryouga fell out of a tree into some bushes from where he had been checking on Ran. When he saw Ran and Kagome turn towards the bushes, he did something he hoped he wouldn't regret later. Ryouga turned into a wolf while thinking, 'At least the curse is gone for it wouldn't do for a werewolf to turn into a pig.'
Ran pushed the bushes away to reveal a huge black wolf with silver tipped ears and tail. Ran coaxed the wolf out, then looked to Kagome with big puppy eyes. Can I keep him?
Kagome thought that the wolf would help keep Ran happy, so Okay, Ran. You can keep him, but you are taking care of it.
Ryouga thought to himself. This is like when I played P-chan. I hope Ran won't call me, W-chan. Wait I shouldn't be a pet again for if she finds out she might kill me.
Ran, who was thinking of a name while Ryouga had his inner dilemma, knelt down in front of the wolf/Ryouga. I think I'll call you Ryo. Is that okay?
Ryouga/wolf/Ryo nodded his head happy he didn't get a silly name and a name close to his real name.

Welcome to the shrine.
AAAhhhhh!! Kagome jumped straight up in the air, because of a green haired woman coming out of nowhere.
When Kagome hit the ground, she screamed Setsuna! Don't do that! As the head sensei of the outers, I wish you would stop doing that.
Ran looked questionably at Kagome. Kagome?
Since when did you know her, and why did you say you were a sensei?
The purple haired teen shook her head. No idea.
Setsuna smiled, 'It seems like Kagome is getting her memories back. Ran told me all those years ago, that to retrigger her memory & her wolf's memory if something happened, to just give her Ryo's broadsword. Thankfully, I was able to find it.' Kagome, your sister misses you. The scouts have all gotten lazy, and Hotaru has been using yours & her powers together so she is weak now. Ran and Ryo looked at Setsuna as if she was crazy, while Kagome was holding her head in agony.
As her eyes & headache cleared, she remembered everything.
Setsuna-It's good to have you back sensei.
It's good to be back. Do you have my wand and my glaive? And are the rest of the Scouts here?
Setsuna produced the asked for items and handed them to Kagome. Yes to both. Sailor Chaos and her wolf just need to remember. So just head into the shrine, everyone's waiting.
Kagome walked into the shrine, Setsuna turned to Ran and the wolf, Ryo.
Ran-What's going on? What happened to my friend?
Setsuna brought out the broadsword that Sailor Chaos's lover had that Chaos said should retrigger her and her wolf's memory. This is for you Ran.
The red head looked at her strangely and took the sword. A white glow surrounded Ran and Ryo-wolf, it only lasted for a few short seconds yet that was enough to get back their memories. When the glow cleared, Setsuna saw that Ran ended up on her knees with the sword strapped across the wolf's back and him in front of Ran.
Ran looked at Setsuna, I'll be there shortly, Pluto.
She sensed Ran wanted to be alone for a short while so she went inside to the other scouts who were welcoming their combat sensei back. Ryo-wolf looked up into Ran's face to see tears. Ran threw her arms around the wolf, surprising him. Ryo, I miss my love, the Captain of the Moon Place guards. What a joke, that I named you after him. The Fates conspire against me for not only have I lost my first love, Ryo, but also I lost my second love Ryouga. I'll be alone all over again.
Ryo-wolf couldn't believe his ears, for he is both Ryo from the Silver Millennium & Ryouga, he was a werewolf both times and never told Ran. 'I refuse to act like a pet, when I could just tell her. Since she loves me then and now, I think Ran will be overjoyed to know that I love her too.' Ran had stopped crying now, just leaning against her wolf. Ryo thought, 'It's now or never.'
His form shifted, and Ran's eyes grew wide. Ryo grinning his fanged grin, stated , Ran, Sailor Chaos, I loved you then and I still love you now.
Ran threw her arms around him, giving him her best imitation of the Amazon Glomp. Ryouga, Ryo, you're alive/here!!!
The Sailor Scouts reacted to her shouts by tumbling out of the shrine. Setsuna's eyes bugged out, Ryo is here?! He was sent forward?!
Kagome's eyes bugged out, Ryouga is Ryo?!
While the rest of the scouts just stared with their jaws hanging open at the passionately kissing couple who were oblivious to everyone else except each other.
Ryo/Ryouga has a wolf form that makes him a huge black wolf with silver tipped ears and tail. And a werewolf form that makes him into a cross between his bishonen human form and his kawaii wolf form.
** ******************************
When the couple couldn't hold their breath anymore, Kagome pounced on Ryouga and Ran. Ryouga, you're Ryo?! Will you still get lost? Are you going to stay with us? Help teach the scouts? Help in the restaurant?
Ryouga pouted at Ran, who was laughing and holding on to him as if he would disappear, after asking if she thought that he would get lost. Calming down, Ran gestured to Kagome, Ryo, don't you think it would be a good idea to answer Kagome before she hits you with her spatula?
Ryouga snorted, I'm a human tank, Ran, looking towards Kagome while keeping Ran encircled by his arms. First off, I would like to go by Ryo now, instead of Ryouga. No, I won't get lost, because my directional sense curse is gone since I regained my memories. Yes, I'm staying with you and Ran, helping in the restaurant and with the two of you to teach the scouts to fight better. The Sailor Scouts were still shocked by all the turn of events, so Kagome told them to come to the opening of the Moon Kingdom restaurant tomorrow.
Ran and Kagome took Ryo to their home/restaurant. While showing him around, Kagome pointed out all of the carvings after telling Ryo that Ran made all of them. Ran blushed bright red as soon as Ryo saw the one she made of him under the tree. Kagome, finishing the tour with the guest room where Ryo will be staying, asked, Ryo, do you have any hidden talents like Ran did for carvings?
This time it was his turn to blush as he pulled out a folder, opening it up to show sketches and paintings. Kagome's eyes went wide when she saw a painting of all the Scouts in a ballroom gowns that they wore at a ball during the Silver Millennium. Ran kissed Ryo tenderly, after looking at a painting he done of her lying on a rooftop looking at the stars. Ryo set up his things in the studio agreeing to sell some paintings like Ran will with some of her carvings.
Kagome reminded them, Tomorrow the restaurant opens, so we all need plenty of sleep.
Ran yawned, waved good night to Kagome, and shared one last kiss with Ryo. Good night, she told him, And pleasant dreams.
Of you? he asked. She smirked, Of course, of me. Likewise, I will about you.
Ryo just shook his head while watching her go to her room. The night was the only witness to his parting words. If she ever dies, I will surely and willingly follow her again into oblivion.
Today was Saturday, the big opening day for the Moon Kingdom restaurant, and to the three people running it, it seemed like all of Juuban was stopping by. As the day continued, the trio settled into a routine, Kagome was cooking skillfully in front of the people, Ryo would greet the people leading them to their tables, also clearing them away, and Ran was doing flips & tricks to get people's orders to the tables. They were so into the routine that when the scouts in their civilian forms showed up, the scout got ushered to a table, feed, and cleared out.
Usagi was the first to realize they were out of the restaurant, so she looked at Setsuna's face, then laughed at her expression bringing the others out of their shocks. Ami turned around to go back to the restaurant talking to the scouts as they walked back, All we have to do is talk to Ryo after getting him to recognize us.
Ami caught Ryo in a lull for the moment telling him who they were and why they came. Ryo almost didn't believe them until she told him about what happened yesterday, then he took them inside to the counter where Kagome and Ran were. Kagome looked at them, Makoto, Michiru, and Setsuna has to help me cook. Rei, Usagi, and Minako has to be waitresses, but don't worry, you won't have to do flips & tricks like Ran did. Haruka, you can help Ryo ushering people to the tables and to clear them out.
As everyone went to work, Hotaru tugged on Ran's shirt for they were the only two left there. What should I do? Ran smiled at the youngest of the scouts, while leading her to the back of the restaurant. Well, Hotaru, you can watch me perform marvelous feats of speed while washing & drying the dishes.