Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Sex, Lies, Cassettes, and Digi-Destined ❯ Blackmail ( Chapter 1 )

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By Robster80

Part 1: Blackmail

Veemon80: Hello, folks! Be right with you. (Finishes locking a closet door with several large padlocks.) Sorry for the wait, but I had to tie up some loose ends for this intro. The Robster's taking a break after writing this heck of a fic, so he left me in charge.

(TK and Kari come in.)

TK: Veemon80, have you seen Matt?

Kari: And Tai?

Veemon80: Uh, they're with Mimi.

TK: Okay. Where?

(Gotsumon rushes in, carrying a tied and gagged Sora.)

Gotsumon: Open it up! We missed one.

Veemon80: Whoops! (Quickly unlocks the closet and opens the door to reveal Matt, Mimi, and Tai all tied up and gagged.) Toss her in quick! And Sora, if you four need anything, just ring.

(Gotsumon throws Sora into the closet, then helps Veemon80 lock it up again.)

Kari: Would either of you guys mind explaining why our brothers and their girlfriends are locked up in there?

Veemon80: Because this here is a Lemon fic, and though they're in it, you two are the main characters.

Gotsumon: Not only that, but the boss did something he never thought he'd do. Anyhow, we have to dish out the disclaimers. (Pulls out a sheet of paper and reads.) "I do not own Digimon or the characters. I write fics for fun, not profit, so please don't sue me." (Passes paper to TK.) Your turn.

TK: "Concerning ages, they are as follows: TK, and Kari are 17, Mimi 19, and Tai, Matt, and Sora 20. If you're expecting the 02 kids, then you're wasting your time because they only get mentioned in this fic." (Passes to Kari.)

Kari: "If you hate or are offended by Lemon fics, or if you hate Takari, then it is best you should exit right now. Also, don't say you were warned n the review, because you were. Other couples include Taiora, Michi, Sorato, Mimato, and possibly Daiyako." (Passes to Veemon80.)

Veemon80: "This fic is very loosely based on the lemon fic entitled 'Kari's Change,' which was taken down off of FF.net, sadly. To the author who wrote it, should you have a spare copy of that fic, please e-mail it to me. I liked it very much, especially since it was Takari. And I ask the same of the author of the fic "Laundry and Quarters," another Takari favorite of mine. This fic is dedicated to Archangel Bloodraven and CloudXIII Strife for their inspirational fics. All I can say is that you two warped my already mixed up mind, and I thank you. This also goes out to Matt's Girl, who strangely kept bringing up the topic of lemon fics in some of her previous reviews. Singed, Robster80." And now, on with the story... ROLL FILM!

It was a lazy summer afternoon as Kari calmly walked into the flower shop that Sora's mother, Mrs. Takenouchi, owned and where Sora would work after school and during breaks. Sora was arranging some roses while humming a tune, and didn't notice the younger girl until she heard a slight cough. She turned and smiled. "Hi, Kari! What brings you here?"

Kari smiled back at her friend and fellow Digi-Destined. "Hello, Sora. Is your mom around?"

"No, she just walked out to head for the market. She said she'd be back in an hour. Why?"

"I need to speak to you, in private. Do you have a cassette player handy? There's something I need to show you."

Sora checked her watch. Well, it's been a slow day, so mom said to close shop after I finished with these roses. Looks like we can talk right now. You go put up the 'closed' sign, then meet me up in my room. I have a stereo you can use."

Kari nodded and did what she was asked. She then followed Sora up to her room and they sat on her bed, with the stereo sitting close by on Sora's dresser. "So," Sora began. "What is it you want to talk about?"

"Well, as you know I've had two certain guys in my life since the Seventh Grade."

"Ah, yes: Davis Motomiya and Takeru 'TK' Takaishi, two of our fellow Digi-Destined. Wait a minute! You're not planning to date both of them are you?"

"Hell, no! You know me better than that! I had a date with Davis once just because I was sorry for him, and I never want to do that ever again. He's like an exact copy of my brother, only 20 times worse, and I could never date someone like that. After careful consideration, I've finally realized that TK's the guy for me, and I'm madly in love with him."

Sora couldn't help but grin. "That's good! Us older Digi-Destined kept saying you two would end up together, but we didn't think it would take this long."

"I do love TK, and that's why I'm here, Sora. I've been thinking about TK a lot lately, and I came to ask you on how I can please him."

"Please him? I don't understand..."

"You know what I mean, Sora. I want to seduce TK into making love to me."

Sora's jaw promptly dropped. "Kari! I... I'm absolutely shocked you came to me about this."

"Why? You've been sleeping with my brother for about three years now. I thought you'd know a few things on how to arouse a guy."

"No offense, Kari, but I think you're a little too young to be thinking about sex."

"Oh please! You were around my age when you first did Tai, remember? It was just before my 14th birthday, and my parents were out of town that week. Tai invited you over to our place, which you covered up by saying you were going over to a friend's house. Not being the sound sleeper you all think I am, I overheard you two going at it, and I didn't get any sleep for most of the night. I swear, you moan loud enough to wake the dead."

Sora sighed heavily at the memory. "Well, your brother did a wonderful job for our first time together." <This is embarrassing! I've been outsmarted by a girl three years younger than me. Kari's definitely Tai's sister, alright.> "But, why come to me, and not Mimi?"

"Sora, you're like a sister to me. Besides, you have a right to know about something my brother's doing behind your back." <Besides, I already talked to her, and she said to talk to Sora. That is, after she gave me a few tips.>

Then Kari pulled out a cassette from her pocket. "I have here a tape I made three weeks ago come Friday, with my TalkGirl, of Tai and Mimi doing an 'activity' while my parents were out at a party. I'll play it for you, if you promise to tell me how to seduce a guy."

Sora looked at the tape. <What sort of 'activity' is she talking about? If it's what I think it is...> "Kari, you have a deal."

The younger girl smiled, then jammed the cassette into the stereo and adjusted the volume slightly so that only they could hear it. They listened to the sounds of clothing being removed and the voices of Tai and Mimi:

"Are you sure that Kari can't hear us?"

"Relax, Mimi! My sister could sleep through a typhoon and never know. I doubt she'd hear us."

"I just don't want anyone else to know about us, especially Matt and Sora. We're just lucky that Matt's got a concert tonight and Sora's out of town visiting relatives."

"Yeah, lucky for both of us. But, tell me something, Mimi. Why did you come to me? I thought we weren't as close as you are with the other guys minus TK and his friends?"

"Because, you silly, Izzy's more interested in computers than girls right now, and Joe just started dating Jun last month."

"Jun and Joe... who would have guessed? God, you have a beautiful body!"

"Tai, has Sora ever blown you?"


"Then c'mere!"

Sora's eyes widened as she listened to Tai moaning in pleasure from the blowjob Mimi was supposedly giving him. <He never asked me to do that to him! I would have if he did.> Tears filled her eyes, but she wiped them away quickly. She didn't want to waste them on her now ex-boyfriend. She then listened as Mimi started moaning:

"Oh, Taichi! You're a better lover than Matt! He's too aggressive!"

"He knows nothing about women. Betcha he never made you felt so good, or did this your pussy."


Sudde nly, Sora stopped the tape, having heard enough. She looked at Kari, who had a neutral expression on her face. "Thank you for sharing this with me, Kari. Now, listen very carefully to what I'm about to tell you..." and she began to tell her what she knew about sex.

******************************************************** ************************

Meanwhile, over at the Kamiyas' apartment, Tai had just let in TK, who had come over. "Now," Tai said as they sat on the couch. "What is it that you need to talk to me about? Especially if you didn't want Kari around to listen?"

TK blushed a little. "Well, Tai, to be perfectly honest... I'm in love with your sister... a lot."

Tai smiled warmly. "It's about time, man! Do you know how many times Davis almost stole your chances with Kari? I'm glad you came to me about this. So, when do you plan to tell her this?"

"Well... you see I first went to my brother... and he told me actions speak louder than words."

"What kind of actions?"


Tai frowned. "And he gave you his personal advice on how to please a girl?"

"He did, but I could never be... how can I put this? Being aggressive in bed just isn't my thing."


"That's another reason why I'm here. I once overheard Sora telling Mimi about how good you were in bed, by accident mind you, so I came to seek your advice."

Tai crossed his arms. "Gimme one good reason why I should help you with this kind of situation? We're talking about my little sister here, after all."

TK reached into his one jeans pocket and pulled out a small box of condoms. "First reason is that I plan to take every precaution. Second-."

"Sorry, TK, but I think you should leave right now. I do like you, buddy, since your Kari's best friend, but I do have to look after her. Just be thankful I'm not saying anything to her or my parents."

TK got up and pocketed the condoms. "Okay, but then I guess you don't wanna know about what Matt and Sora are doing behind your back. I understand." He took a step towards the door, but then Tai grabbed him by the arm.

"You have my undivided attention, TK! Perhaps I was a bit hasty and overprotective about all this. Now, what was that about Matt and Sora?"

TK turned to looked him straight in his eye. "If I show you, do you promise to help me?"

Tai raised his right hand and crossed his heart with the other. "On my honor as a Digi-Destined!" He always did this when he was serious about this kind of promise.

Satisfied, TK pulled out a cassette from his other pocket. "I made this the Friday before last with my TalkBoy over at Matt's place. I was making one of my usual overnight visits and our dad was working very late that night, when Matt invited Sora over. They had made up excuses about a concert and visiting relatives that night, when in fact they were at the apartment. I quietly sneaked my TalkBoy into his room with a fresh new tape and recorded them. They never suspected a thing."

Tai looked at the tape, then led TK quietly to his room. TK put the tape into Tai's stereo and set the volume correctly. The tape played Matt and Sora's voices and the sounds of clothes being taken off:

"How did everything go for you?"

"No one suspects a thing. Not even Tai."

"Mimi, too. And don't worry about TK. He usually sleeps with his earphones on when he's over here, so he can't hear us. Sometimes he sleeps like a log. Speaking of logs, have you ever blown Tai?"

"He never asked me to, so it's his loss."

"And what if I were to ask? Ah! Sora! At least... wait until we're... both naked!"

"Sorry. I've just waited for so long to do it."

"I understand. ...And it felt so good."

"Then why wait any longer?"

TK looked over at Tai, who fixed his eyes at the tape in his stereo, and glared. His fingers were digging into his legs as he listened to Matt and Sora having sex:




Having listened enough, Tai angrily shut the tape off. "That horny bitch!" he fumed. "And that... that..."

TK crossed his arms. "Dickhead?"

"Yeah, thanks. That musical dickhead! TK, when I get my hands on him, I'm sorry to say that you'll be an only child." Tai then took several deep breaths to calm down. "Thanks for filling me in on this, TK."

"No problem, Tai. I consider this payback for Matt forcing me into that date of his with Davis's sister Jun a few months back. I was broke for two weeks after that night, and Kari refused to let me explain until Matt told her the truth."

"Oooooooh, so THAT'S what happened, and why Matt got two black eyes! No wonder Davis was laughing himself silly all that time. This definitely should even the score. Also, I swear he or Sora will never know how I got this information."

TK smiled as he said, "You shouldn't swear, Tai. It's a nasty habit." And they both started to laugh.

****************************************************** **************************

Kari happily skipped into her building later that day. The information Sora had given her was enough for her to make TK horny as hell the first chance she got. <I just need to do it at the right time and place. Luckily, my folks are going out of town this weekend, and that Davis is with his family on a cruise for another few weeks. If I can get Tai out for the house for one night, though. That's my biggest problem.>

Kari walked up to the elevators and pressed one of the "up" buttons. Just then, she saw TK emerge from a different elevator, but he didn't see her. "Hey, handsome," she called to him.

TK jumped with a start, then turned to see Kari with a puzzled look on her face. He sighed with relief and clutched his heart. "I'm sorry, Kari. I thought Jun was back from the cruise for a second."

Kari giggled. "It was my fault, TK. But I was being honest, because you are handsome. What brings you up here? Looking for me?"

TK began to sweat. "Well, kinda... but I also needed to talk to Tai about something."

"What's that?"

"Actually, it was a guy subject. Mostly concerning Davis."

Kari nodded, but knew TK was hiding something from her. But, since he was telling her some of the truth, she decided to let him go this time. "Well, if Davis gives you any problems, you come to me. I need to set the record straight with him anyway about his crazy idea of me being his girl."

<Then she doesn't love him! There may be a chance for us.> "You'll be first on my list, aside from Matt, of course."

"Of course. Well, I have to get back before dinner. See ya later!"

"Bye, Kari!" TK stood there a moment as Kari walked to one of the elevators, watching her bottom. He then quickly turned to walk out of the building. Little did he know that Kari was watching his rear as he exited. Smiling, she walked into the elevator. <God, he's hot!>

**************************************************** ****************************

That evening, the phone rang at Kari's apartment, but she didn't answer it. She was lying on bed, imagining herself putting the moves on TK. She sighed happily at the thought of them together, alone and naked, until her mother entered her room.

"Kari," Mrs. Kamiya said. "Do you have any plans for this weekend, specifically Friday through Monday?"

Kari looked at her mother. "Nothing set in stone, except helping Tai watch the house while you and Dad are gone." <And possibly put up with him screwing Mimi for another night... but also hoping to get TK to make love to me.> "Why do you ask?"

"TK's mother just called. She and her ex-husband are going on business trips for four days and Matt's got a concert in another city, and she wants to know if you'll help TK watch his apartment. She knows that TK's 17 now, but she felt that there should be a woman around to keep everything in order and to keep TK in line."

Kari almost couldn't believe it. She raised an eyebrow. "And she wants me to?"

"She trusts you since you and TK are very good friends. I already told her you would, since I know you wouldn't want to hang around the house all weekend with Tai."

"No offense, mom, but how much are you being paid by whoever to tell me this?"

"You don't believe me?" Mrs. Kamiya tossed Kari the cordless phone. "Call Mrs. Takaishi and see for yourself. But, mind you, not a word to TK. It's supposed to be a surprise." With that, she left.

Kari quickly dialed TK's number, which she knew by heart. She spoke with Mrs. Takaishi, who confirmed everything. Kari hung up with a wide smile on her face. <YES! I'll have four days with Takeru all to myself! This is almost like a dream come true... oh! Friday's the day after tomorrow! I'll have to go by some condoms before I pack.>

End part 1

Robster80: OH DAMN!

All: What's the matter?

R80: I was up to page 17 of the original version of this fic and I accidentally erased it all! Now I have to start all over again.

TK & Kari: YOU BAKA!

Veemon80: At least he got this far with the rewrite. 6-7 down, and 10-11 to go.

Gotsumon: Next time, Kari goes over to TK's place for the first of the four days she'll be spending there, and has she got something cooking besides breakfast!

Veemon80: I thought I smelled something burning. (Gets hit with a frying pan.)

TK: Don't talk that way about Kari's cooking!

Kari: You're so sweet, TK.

(TK and Kari begin to make out.)

R80: All right, all right! Save it for part 2, you two lovers. That reminds me, I apologize to all you Taiora and Mimato fans out there. This fic just seemed like a good idea at the time...

Gotsumon: Read and review, but flames will be stomped out and bombs will be mailed to those who send them.

Chapter 2
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