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[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Title: Sharing the bed

Author: Yorda

Disclaimer: I don't own the Gundam boys

Warnings: yaoi, lemon, smut(?), humor, PWP

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: 1x2

Summary: Heero and Duo are forced to sleep in the same bed during a mission with some nice consequences ^_~

AN: This is my first Gundam Wing related fanfic, so bear with me. I think of this as my little practise-fic ^_^

Also, I use some japanese words on my fic, but I don't actually speak a word of japanese, so don't kill me if it's all

wrong! I looked them up from a site with different phrases. Also, I always enjoy feeback! ^_^

Sharing the bed

"Damn cozy." were the only two words Duo Maxwell could manage, as he and Heero Yuy entered the shabby and fusty apartment that was to serve as their 'safehouse' on the current mission.

"Very." came Heero's reply. Duo hit the light-switch, but the room remained dark.

"Oh that's just great!" the braided boy exclaimed.

"Do you need the lights if you're asleep?" the Japanese boy commented, yawning. "I mean, I just want to go to bed after the mission and the elevator-scene down in the lobby." Heero added, walking over to the small table that was placed in the middle of the room, and lay down their gear. He glanced to his left and watched as the other pilot explored the rest of the flat.

"Hey! I didn't mean my hair to get stuck between the elevator-doors Heero!" Duo said in his defence and entered the bedroom.

"And I already thanked you for pulling it out and-" Duo went silent and Heero raised his face, wondering what in the world could have silenced the always so talkative American.

"Heero, come and see...we have a tiny little problem here.." Duo's voice called from the other room.

'Let me guess, no lights?' Heero thought in his mind, a small sarcastic smile on his lips as he joined Duo. The Japanese pilot raised his eyebrows in question and met Duo's eyes.

"Check the bed Yuy." The braided American said, a wide smile on his heart-shaped face.

"What!? Where's the other one?" Heero exclaimed as he saw that there was only one bed. He turned to face Duo who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Heero narrowed his eyes at this.

"I guess you're gonna have a nice time sleeping on the floor Hee-chan." Duo snickered, but was interrupted by Heero, who started to remove his shoes and other clothing.

"Oh no way am I sleeping on the floor Maxwell!" Duo raised his brows, surprised, and quickly pulled his black shirt up and threw it on the floor. Both of them were undressed in a record time and rushed towards the narrow bed and dived under the blankets.

"Ouch! Heero you're lieing on my braid!" Duo yelped under the covers, and pinched the other boy's thigh. Heero moved a little and they both sat up, panting. The Japanese pilot turned to face the braided one, giving him a death-glare.

"Stare me all you want, but I'm still gonna sleep on the bed." Duo stated, sounding determined and lay down. Heero groaned, a frown on his face and after a moment of staring, he joined Duo.

"Fine.....But you better not hog all of the comforter or snore." Heero said through gritten teeth.

"Hey! I never snore! I'm a very quiet sleeper." Duo snorted, sitting up again to undo his long, thick braid.

'He snores, he turns in his bed all the time and talks in his sleep---and still he claims to be a quiet sleeper!' Heero thought in his mind, but was interrupted by Duo's long hair, landing on his face, tickling him.

"Duo!!" He snarled. Duo looked down to his left, noticing Heero was covered with his auburn hair.

"Oops...Sorry Hee-chan." Duo said with an innocent smile on his lips as he collected the mass of hair and lie back down. Heero let out a sigh and closed his eyes, ready to fall asleep. However, his eyes flew open, as he felt Duo press against his side. The American brought his legs towards Heero's, tickling him with his toes.

"You have cold feet Heero. Want me to warm them for you?" Duo chuckled.

"Iie!!" Heero groaned and pushed Duo away. "Just sleep and stay on your side of the bed!" The Japanese boy muttered, his brows knitting together in irritation.

"Fine, fine.." Duo laughed and turned around, trying to find a comfortable position.

"Oyasumi." He whispered, closing his eyes, but no reply came from the boy lieing next to him.

Heero closed his eyes, feeling relaxed. He was listening to Duo's calm and steady breathing, letting the sound lull him asleep.

'Good night Duo.'

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Heero's eyes shot open and he tensed as the heavenly silence in the room was suddenly broken by the American boy's loud snoring. Heero blinked a few times, before realising Duo was the cause of the horrible sound. Slowly he turned his face to look at the boy next to him. He stared at Duo in disbelief.

'How does he manage to be so loud even when he's asleep?!' Heero brought his hand up, and using his thumb and index-finger, he held the tip of Duo's nose, trying to silence him. The Wing-pilot quickly pulled his hand back, as the snoring only got louder.

"Maxwell, you damn baka!" he hissed and gave Duo a kick in the knee. Fortunately, this worked, and Duo went silent without even waking up. Heero sighed and lay back down, closing his eyes.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

A few hours later, Heero's sleep was once again disturbed, and he felt Duo move beside him, pulling at the blanket they shared. The long-haired boy turned around and suddenly twined his arm around the Japanese boy, nuzzling against Heero's bare chest. The dark haired boy was immediately wide awake and balled his fists in anger.

"Omae o korosu!" Heero hissed and rid himself of Duo's unwanted embrace. Again, the American boy remained asleep, letting out only a small whimper.

'If he disturbs my sleep again, I swear he'll find himself sleeping on the floor and-' Heero's thoughts were interrupted when Duo suddenly began wriggling on the bed, letting out small moans.

'That's it!' Heero sat up and took a deep breath. "God damn you Duo!" Heero hissed through gritted teeth, trying to shake the other boy awake.

"Mmmhhhh...Heero.." Duo moaned and made a small gasp. Hearing his name caused Heero to blink his eyes in confusion.

'Huh? He's already awake...but I thought---?' Heero leaned closer and observed Duo's face. Duo had his eyes closed and his brows knitted together. The boy was biting his lower lip and suddenly thrust his hips up under the covers.

"Heero more!" he moaned.

'What? I didn't even touch him...Duo?' Heero was confused. He let his eyes wander on Duo's body and when he reached the lower parts, the Japanese boy let out a surprised gasp. His eyes went wide as he saw the 'tent' on the sheets, below Duo's hips. Duo moaned his name again and Heero felt a sparkle in his own lower-regions.


There was no doubt of the nature of Duo's dream. As Heero watched the writhing man before him, he felt his own cock stir in his boxers.

'What?! I'm getting aroused? And---and it's because of Duo?!' Heero gazed back down and let his eyes rest on Duo's sheet-coverer erection. He watched as the long-haired boy thrust his hips up, moaning Heero's name again. The Japanese boy felt his own erection twitch at this. He could only watch as his hand slowly moved towards Duo's manhood, and hesitantly touched it. He didn't know what he was doing, but neither did he care. Heero was suddenly feeling an overwhelming need to ram his own hardness deep inside his friend's tight ass. He took a quick glance at Duo's face as he gently squeezed the long-haired boy's dick in his hand. Duo remained asleep, but

thrust his hips up at Heero's touch.

"Ooohh!" Duo moaned in his sleep, and Heero noticed the boy was slowly starting to wake up. He leaned forward, and as he saw Duo's eyes flutter open, the Japanese boy closed the distance between them with a passionate kiss.

"Mmhhh?!" was the only thing Duo could manage. Heero pulled back, still holding the other boy's cock with his long fingers. He gave Duo one hard stroke and the boy was wide awake.

"He-Heero?...What are you doing?!" Duo exclaimed, blinking his eyes, still a bit fuzzy.

"What were you dreaming about Duo?" Heero whispered with a hoarse, lust-filled voice.

He saw Duo turn away, as if feeling ashamed.

"I...I was---Ahh!" The long-haired boy couldn't even finish his sentence when he was interrupted by Heero's strong hand down on his lower-regions.

"You were moaning my name Duo..." Heero said, not at all shy, which surprised not only Duo, but himself too.

As Heero slowly pumped the cock in his hand, he felt his own erection harden even more.

"I..I was dreaming that Heero!" Duo sighed when Heero suddenly slipped his hand under the sheets and in to Duo's straining boxers. The beating organ felt warm against Heero's hand. He slowly moved his thumb over the slit, gathering the juices and smearing them all over the long shaft. Duo squeezed his eyes shut, biting at his lower lip.

"You were...fucking me Heero...In my dream.." Duo managed to whisper. He felt Heero tighten his grip under the sheets, causing Duo to thrust up in to the tunnel created by the other boy's hand.

Heero let Duo have his way and didn't hold back as the long-haired boy kept rocking, quickening his pace.


"Would you like me to fuck you Duo? And not just in your dreams.." Heero purred, leaning closer again to kiss the slightly smaller man.

"Oh yesss...Oh yess !!" Duo hissed through gritted teeth, breaking the kiss. Heero brought three of his fingers in to Duo's mouth. The boy greedily sucked them in, making them slick with his own saliva. He released the fingers, urging Heero to guide them down, towards his opening.

"O-Ohh!" Duo gasped as Heero pushed one finger pass the ring of muscle. Heero slowly moved the finger in and out, stretching the boy before adding a second and a third finger.

"Feels so good...Ahh...Heero!" Duo moaned as Heero kept stroking the boy's beating erection, and pushing his digits in and out of Duo's tight channel.

Heero felt the organ in his hand pulsate and released it from his tight grip. A whimper escaped Duo's lips as Heero brought his hand up, removing his fingers and slowly moved the sheets aside.

"Not yet Duo." Heero said simply.

The American boy watched Heero remove his own boxers, and moaned as he saw the boy's hard rod bounce up, freed from the material prison. Duo shifted, spreading his slim legs, waiting for Heero to slip in between.

"No. Not like that." Heero said as he used his own saliva to lubricate his throbbing manhood.

Duo raised his eyebrow in question.

"On your hands and knees. I wanna do it from behind." Heero ordered. Duo smirked, though Heero couldn't quite see it in the dim room. The boy did what he was told and got in to the position Heero wanted.

"Are you ready?" Heero asked with a lustful voice, positioning himself behind Duo.

"Yeah...I want you to fuck me Heero! Fuck me hard!" Duo sighed and could suddenly feel the swollen and slick head of Heero's erection on his entrance.

Heero grabbed Duo by his hips and slowly pulled him towards his own hips, penetrating him. He closed his eyes, as he felt the hot tightness around his swollen cock.

Heero heard Duo hiss when the pain hit the long-haired boy, so he waited, letting him adjust. After some time he felt Duo push back against his hips, urging Heero to move.

"So you want it rough, eh?" Heero inquired, tightening his grip on Duo's narrow hips. He heard Duo moan his answer and finally started to pound into him. Duo groaned in pleasure, squeezing the bed sheets in his fists.

Every time Heero rammed himself into Duo's tight channel, he pushed back, meeting Heero's hard thrusts.

The Japanese boy changed his angle slightly and hit Duo's prostate, making him scream in ecstasy.

"Oh that's it Heero! Faster, please!" the other boy pleaded and Heero slammed into him harder, quickening the pace and hitting Duo's magic spot with every thrust. After a moment of mindless pounding Heero could feel his peak was nearing.

"This is it! I--I--" Heero groaned as droplets of sweat rolled down his temples.

"Cum for me Heero! I wanna feel your hot essence fill me!" Duo whispered, pushing his hips back and squeezing his inner muscles purposely. Heero could no longer hold back and felt his orgasm take over, filling Duo's ass with fresh, hot creamy liquid.

Duo sighed, feeling content as Heero filled his insides throughout. The Japanese boy slowly pulled his dripping tool out, making the liquids leak out of Duo's hole. Heero pulled Duo in to his lap, against his heaving chest, noticing the boy was still rock-hard.

He brought his left hand up to Duo's chest, caressing the erect nipples. Duo leaned back, his hair tangling on Heero's damp body.

Heero guided his right hand down to grip Duo's slick man-meat, squeezing it in his hand.

"Ohhh yess.." Duo hissed in Heero's lap, as the Japanese boy stroked Duo up and down, tracing the veins on the long shaft. Soon Heero could feel the organ twitch in his hand. Combined with the loud moans Duo was making, Heero knew the American boy wouldn't be able to hold it back anymore. He gave Duo one final stroke which caused the boy to release his seed all over Heero's hand that was covering the tip of Duo's cock.

Duo leaned against Heero's chest as the tremors of delight washed over him. Slowly he opened his eyes, gazing down at Heero's now cum-coated hand. He watched as Heero brought the hand up, towards Duo's mouth. One by one, Heero slipped the fingers in to Duo's wet mouth, letting the boy lick them clean of his own essence, making sure he got every drop.

"Mmmh.." Duo moaned and moved to sit on the other side of the bed. He watched Heero from the corner of his eye, as the Wing- pilot lay down on his side of the bed.

"That was great.." Heero whispered, a content smile on his lips.

"Yeah...Maybe we should share a bed more often Heero, mmh? What do you think?" Duo purred.


The only answer Duo got from the other boy, was a loud snore.

:::::::::The End::::::::


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