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Mine to Take

Inuyasha sat up on a much higher branch than usual as he watched his companions settle in for the night. It was warm out, unseasonably so and making a fire unnecessary except for cooking. That also gave them the freedom to spread out more than they normally would in their search to get comfortable for the night. With the exception of himself, they had even layered down and were still kicking off thin blankets. Kagome had woken in a half daze an hour or two ago, muttering about the heat and absently changing into something she called a "tank top."

He gave the others no more than a passing glance, long enough to check their positions and ensure that they were actually sleeping before his gleaming eyes went back to the girl dozing half out of her sleeping bag below him. He had perched above her intentionally, casting a quick smirk at where Shippou had -for once, substituted the
warmth of the girl for the cooler fur of Kirara. That, of course, left the girl alone for his calculating gaze.

She'd changed since he first met her, and it wasn't just the way he'd
noticed her body filling out with maturity. 'Although that IS nice,' he couldn't help but muse as he traced the lines and curves of her body in the bright moonlight, pausing to watch her chest expand and contract with deep, even breaths.

He shook off the wandering thoughts with effort, lying out along the branch so he could prop his chin up in his hands and stare at her peaceful face. When they'd first met, he'd thought she was downright obnoxious, especially with the fucking rosary, and he'd wanted nothing more than to run away from her as far and as fast as possible. But then there had been the jewel, and that whole bit about her being the one to free him, and he couldn't just forget that, no matter how much he despised her power over him. Now, however...

Kagome had grown up in the years since he'd first met her. She was no less enthusiastic or innocent for the added knowledge and experience that darkened her luminous eyes, and that unfortunately made her that much more appealing. She'd gained the confidence she'd lacked when the mission had started, and she seemed less... flighty... that was the word he was looking for.

The thought brought a scowl to his face and his attention roamed over to the slumbering monk and fox as a growl rose in his throat. Admittedly they weren't the worst of offenders, but having to share Kagome's attention with them on a regular basis made him much less inclined to be forgiving of their presence near her. Especially when he'd had such a stressful day.

Today had been much, MUCH worse than normal.

They had traveled to a new town after a rumor and they hadn't been there more than an hour when the young human men had started approaching her. He'd once thought her odd clothing would help to protect her, relying on the inherent distrust humans seemed to have for strangers, to say nothing of the fact that she was obviously surrounded by fighters. Yet the older she became, the less it seemed to matter to the men they came in contact with.

Almost a dozen men had approached her today, giving her gifts and praise, and promising all sorts of things in an effort to catch her eye. She'd been so honestly confused by all the attention, looking blankly at all of them for help, that he'd wanted to shake her and tell her to just fucking take a look at herself for once. Inuyasha wondered sometimes if he'd done more harm than he thought in repeatedly telling her she was unattractive if she was so blind to her effect on the men that saw her, and spent even more time cursing his pride and his blatant lies.

Miroku had bodily restrained him more than once to keep him from going after the men and ripping them apart when they refused to leave her alone, and finally suggested they move on and camp in the woods rather than find lodging in town.

That suggestion had been more than fine with Inuyasha, enough to justify rushing Kagome away from the longing, lustful gazes and finally settle his agitation... that is, until they actually reached the woods.

Inuyasha's already frayed temper had strained even further when almost one right after another, no less than three kitsunes had sniffed out their group. At first they'd been predictably interested in the jewel, but after apparently deciding it would be a bit too much trouble to procure, they had turned their attention to the human girl so lovingly protecting the young kit. They had been able to feel the power in her as well, and had decided that if they couldn't have the jewel, they wanted Kagome instead.

He'd been in the middle of scaring them away from her permanently -and admittedly more aggressively than necessary- when through a stroke of the worst luck he'd had in his entire long lifetime; Kouga had put in an appearance.

Even Inuyasha had been surprised at his explosion, and Kagome, for once, rather than defend the wolf youkai, had hurriedly convinced him to leave with some bullshit excuse and what Inuyasha called her "puppy face." It was a look that never failed to get his agreement when she turned it on him, but he absolutely, completely despised it when she turned those heart-melting eyes on anyone else.

And yet, it had worked like a charm... Kouga running off after kissing her on the cheek and yelling out a few choice insults to Inuyasha.

In the tense aftermath, Sango had recommended they make camp while Shippou suggested he and Kagome bathe in the nearby river. Inuyasha had growled, his only vocalization of continued strain and jealousy, but one Kagome had at least partially translated. Or at the very least, she had understood he was frustrated with all the male attention she'd had in the last few hours since she had bathed alone.

Well... his watch from a high, safe perch didn't count.

That was his right.

The bath had been an equal blend of calming him and frustrating him even further, but not enough to deny him of what had become one of his favorite pastimes: watching Kagome.

The scowl he'd been wearing melted into an affectionate smile as he recalled her delighted reaction to the cool water after the heat and exertions of the day. He still had no idea how a human took such open and innocent pleasure from something so simple, but he lived to watch the way her eyes would light up when she was excited.

He was rather abruptly brought back to the present when he realized he'd been picturing the way she looked. The image was crystal clear; Kagome standing in the river with the sun sinking on the horizon and turning the water pink and gold as it slid gracefully down her naked body. While he imagined her, he'd been absently rocking his lower body back and forth against the branch in a mindless rhythm to soothe the familiar ache in his groin.

Inuyasha growled in frustration, pushing himself up and frowning down at the source of his problem. He couldn't remember exactly when he'd first started wanting her. Hell, it may have been from the beginning, once he'd realized she wasn't Kikyou and she'd been trusting and accepting of him, openly and honestly caring no matter how rude he acted. That may have even been part of why he'd been so desperate to get away.

She might have been a miko, but she was such an unorthodox one, that he'd never felt like lusting after her was just begging to get himself killed. He'd felt safe wanting her, imagining being with her, knowing that as a human, and a naive one at that, Kagome wouldn't pick up on it. And of course, if she didn't know about it, she couldn't reject him. Not unless he opened up and told her how he felt.

Rather than take the risk, he'd kept it inside and hoped it would go away. Kagome was the only one he was afraid of losing and he was terrified that if she knew the fantasies running around in circles in his head that she'd leave forever.

But... but as time passed, he had only wanted her more.

Kagome hadn't helped him get over his desires at all. With the passage of time, she'd seemed to only grow more relaxed, at ease with him. She was always taking care of him when he was injured, whether he wanted it or not, crying over him when he was hurt... Kagome always took such great pains to make sure he was comfortable, even staying with him all night if it had been a serious injury, regardless of what the others or the humans in the house they stayed in thought.

Moments like that made him think that Kagome might actually say yes.

Inuyasha swore darkly when he realized he'd been stimulating himself again, this time absently rubbing his growing erection through his hakama with one hand. He growled again at his lack of self-control, cursing Kagome for making him feel that way. Then cursing himself for not having the courage to act on his desires.

Silently, he kicked one leg over the branch to push off and drop to the ground beside the object of his attentions. He set his jaw as he studied her sleeping face again before his gaze slid down to the rise and fall of her breasts.

His heart warmed considerably when she seemed to sense him, rolling over to face him and murmuring his name sleepily. The smile that had crossed his face froze when his eyes trailed lower again and found that her shirt had gotten twisted and pulled taut when she rolled. The flimsy shirt now barely covered one of her breasts, leaving the other completely bare to his burning gaze.

Inuyasha swallowed thickly, torn with indecision over what to do as he stared down at her. This was the closest he'd ever been when she was naked, and his heart was pounding out a heavy rhythm in his chest when she shivered, the rosy tip hardening in a stray breeze, practically begging to be more thoroughly explored.

His tongue sneaked out to wet dry lips as he shifted closer to her, ears perking as his eyes snapped up to tune his senses to the others, checking yet again to make certain there were no signs of waking. Through some stroke of good luck, the sluggish heat seemed to have put the others in an even deeper sleep than normal, and he let out a pent up breath he hadn't even realized he'd been holding.

More confident, he turned all his attention back down to Kagome, tilting his head and inhaling deeply as he reached out to fist his hand in the fabric of the sleeping bag. After she'd changed into that little shirt, she'd flopped down and wiggled around a bit before finally settling down. At the time he'd thought she was just getting comfortable, but now he was curious. She'd changed her top; maybe she'd changed those ridiculous pants too.

His breath caught and held unexpectedly in his throat when he pulled the sleeping back down to her knees, eyes going wide and hungrily taking in the sweep of bare thighs.

Kagome wasn't wearing pants at all, just that triangle scrap of white fabric he'd seen before that barely covered her crotch.

Inuyasha forced himself to let go of the sleeping bag before he accidentally cut through the material, his hand lowering and almost tentatively pressing flat on the curve of her naked hip. She shifted under his touch, sighing and moving closer until her head was resting on his knee, her arm coming up across his lap to circle his waist.

He blinked several times, staring down at her as his hand slowly squeezed and then rubbed up to her waist and all the way down to her knee. He couldn't hold back the slight growling purr of approval when she shifted closer yet again, his name leaving her lips as they turned up in a faint smile.

Inuyasha's hand came up and undid the ties of his haori, releasing her to slide out of the top layer and dropping it carelessly to the side. Funny how he hadn't even noticed how warm it was until he felt the slightly cooler breeze blow over him. His hands had started to pull at his kimono when Kagome's nose wrinkled and she rolled back over onto her back.

He sat transfixed when she arched her spine, stretching as she brushed her hand over her face and then down to cover her bare breast. His mouth fell open when her fingers brushed over the nipple once and then again, and she let out a soft moan.

"Kagome?" he whispered uncertainly. 'Is she awake? Or is she really doing this in her sleep?'

He was met with the silence of the evening, only the rustle of clothing from their companions and the even breathing that signified they all slept on oblivious to the hanyous rapidly growing discomfort.

"You're really asleep," Inuyasha breathed in amazement as his eyes fell hypnotically on the other hand as it lifted and slipped down between her legs.

The erection he'd been trying to control immediately returned in full force, throbbing hard and heavy as her scent deepened with arousal under her stroking fingers. His eyes flicked back and forth between her hands and her face, watching the flush creep over her cheeks as let out a throaty sigh, pressing her head back into her pillow.

He hadn't noticed his hands working at his hakama until he was pushing his remaining clothing off, kneeling beside her and sitting back on his heels as his own hand lifted to absently squeeze and stroke his engorged shaft.

Kagome abruptly let out a whimper of frustration, removing her hand and rolling over onto her stomach. Her arms wrapped around her pillow as she buried her face, clenching her thighs together and pressing down against her bedding.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed on her and he shook his head before snorting in faint amusement, "Hell, Kagome, you can't take care of yourself at all, can you?"

He could still smell her arousal clearly; his jaw tightening with the force of his restraint as he rolled forward on his knees and slowly leaned over her. He braced a hand on either side of her torso, dipping his head and pausing for a moment before he growled off his continued indecision and trailed his tongue up over skin and thin fabric along the line of her spine.

He flashed a satisfied grin when she arched her back, her ribs expanding with a deep breath and slowly contracting as she let it out, the tenseness of her muscles seeming to melt away. Slowly, taking great pains not to wake her, he lowered his weight until he'd fit his chest down along her back and his pelvis pressed snugly at the juncture of her closed thighs.

Inuyasha let out a low groan, his eyes squeezing shut when he felt the damp heat brushing against him, teasing his arousal and his instincts. He rested his chin on her shoulder, breathing heavily through his nose and rubbing his cheek slowly against hers when she shifted again, her hips lifting and unconsciously pressing him harder against her.

He bit his lip, sucking in a tense breath and easing one hand under her, his fingers finding a position nearly identical to where her own had been a few moments ago. However, Inuyasha's hand slid inside the soft underwear, fingertips brushing through the soft hair and sliding in the moisture that her body had already created to ready the heated flesh. His lips pressed a soft kiss to her bare shoulder when she moaned again and two of his fingers sank into the tight passage.

For a moment he was content to stay like that, his fingers creating the friction she had been missing as he rubbed against her and drank in the soft sighs and whispered moans coming from the restlessly shifting girl. It wasn't long though until that was no longer enough. Kagome was still asleep, but he was trading relief of her frustration for a sharp rise in his own.

Inuyasha didn't want to just feel the clench of her muscles around his fingers, as exciting as that was in itself... He wanted to be inside her.

He slowly withdrew his fingers, keeping them low on her body as he caught the edge of her underwear and slowly pulled it aside. Kagome let out a slight whimper; her brow creasing as she moved in an attempt to regain those sensations and making him chuckle ever so slightly.

Inuyasha used his knee to ease Kagome's legs apart enough to settle between them, still careful not to wake her just yet. The scent of her arousal had grown even stronger and was now resting heavy on his senses, speeding his breath and making his blood heat thickly.

He bit back an audible groan as he leaned forward, sliding his knuckles up along the slick folds of flesh before guiding the tip of his erection into the silky heat of her opening. Kagome squirmed underneath him, unexpectedly drawing up one knee and pushing back to take him a little deeper inside.

The hand at her side clenched into a hard fist, the other pressing against her stomach and keeping her still as he finally let out a deep-throated growl. His jaw clenched so hard, the muscle in his cheek started to spasm and he took several deep breaths to distance himself before he rushed through what he'd been dreaming about for so long. How in the hell did manage to be so provoking when she was asleep?! What was it about Kagome that made her so irresistible to him?

He shook his head, forcing the fisted hand to open and slide up along her body until he reached her face. He gently eased her hair aside to clearly see her profile and the line of her throat, but his hand hovered close to her mouth. He had to make sure that she didn't accidentally wake up the others.

"Time to wake up, Kagome," he whispered, kissing her ear and pressing her hips up as he gave a smooth, hard thrust that buried his erection deep inside her. He shook with the effort to hold himself still when he felt the slight tearing, dropping his head to her shoulder under the wave of possessive pride that swept through him.

Kagome woke with a startled jolt, not sure what had brought her so completely and unexpectedly out of her sound sleep. She was hot, she felt heavy, and she could feel her lower body throbbing insistently. Groaning in annoyance, she fought against the blush that rose to her face, 'I have GOT to stop having these dreams about Inuyasha. He'd hear me for sure if I talked in my sleep and if he can smell this...?!' The blush deepened and she tried to shake off the lingering images of the dream, but it was a lot more difficult than it had been before.

"Looks like a late night bath in the river, Kagome," she muttered groggily, oblivious to the intently listening, and suddenly amused presence above her as she worked her hands beneath her to rise. Inuyasha couldn't help but wonder all of a sudden if these "dreams" of hers were more common than one would think.

She tried to push herself up, only.... pushing up sent a spasm of tingling, absolutely mind-numbing sensation spiraling through her stomach at the same time she collided with what was unmistakably a person above her.

Kagome's entire body clenched, limbs and muscle freezing in shock even as some part of her mind heard and registered the low moan close at her ear. She sucked in a breath to scream for Inuyasha, when a hand clapped over her mouth and muffled the startled shout. Before her mind could really start panicking though, the groan smoothed out into a quiet whisper.

"Shh, Kagome," Inuyasha turned his head to look at the others again, noting their undisturbed sleep with relief as sweat rolled down his face. The muscles deep inside her clenched hard around him again, dragging a nearly silent hiss from his throat. His teeth clamped down on her shoulder as he gripped her hips to hold her in place and rocked himself hard against her. "Just...stay still for a minute..." he pleaded, holding her close and just focusing on the unbelievable feeling while his mind silently chanted over and over "please don't hate me for this."

Kagome's eyes went wide, her mouth falling open as his hand eased away. She let out a confused squeak, "I-Inuyasha?!"

"Shh!" he repeated, nipping her ear and covering her mouth again. "Do you want the others to wake up and see us?"

When she twisted to cast a blank, rather dazed look over her shoulder, blinking at seeing his face so close, Inuyasha realized that Kagome had absolutely no idea what was going on. Part of him was delighted to know that she'd slept right through the only really painful moment, but the other part was a bit nervous. He hadn't exactly thought this through…. Either this was going to be brilliant, or the worst mistake he'd ever made. What if she was so angry she didn't care if she woke up Sango and Miroku?

"See…. us?" she repeated behind his loose hold, bracing her forearms and trying to turn over.

Inuyasha just barely clamped his hand down in time to catch her instinctive cry when he didn't budge and coincidentally ground her hips up hard against his. His ears flattened back and he fell forward against her, gradually losing the tenuous hold on his control. That was the third time she pushed back into him, and even if she hadn't known what she was doing, he could feel every tiny nuance of motion from the clenched muscles gripping him so very sweetly.

He could feel her chest heaving, her breath hot against his palm as she shook beneath him for a moment. Tentatively, experimentally, her abdomen contracted and she purposefully pushed upwards. She felt the pull and stretch of her body around the thick, foreign hardness deep inside, the rush of excitement and knee-weakening pleasure that accompanied the motion…

"Ah…. Inuyasha?" she managed to whisper the loaded inquiry breathlessly as she trembled under the intense sensations humming through her, knowing his sensitive ears would pick up on it without reaching her sleeping friends. "W-what-? What are you doing?"

`She didn't sit me, she's not screaming, she pushed up on her own….!' his mind was racing with the implications, his heart picking up pace and thundering in his ears. `Does that mean…. Kagome isn't angry to wake up like this?'

Inuyasha's eyes darkened and he used the hand over her mouth to turn her enough that he could catch her wide, dilated eyes with his. For a long moment he just stared at her flushed face, watching her stare questioningly up at him as he tried to think of the best explanation for his impromptu decision.

He finally set his jaw, flexing the fingers on her stomach to feel her squeeze around him again before he murmured, "Taking what belongs to me."

When her eyes went wide and the blush visibly darkened, Inuyasha pulled out and thrust back into her a little more forcefully. She obviously tried to keep her eyes open, but her lashes fluttered as her head fell back on a low moan that brought a proud smile to his face.

"Be quiet, Kagome," he growled softly, again catching her earlobe in his teeth and biting gently. "If you make any noise, Miroku and Sango might wake up and I'd have to stop. Do you really want that?" he warned, his voice gently taunting after seeing her reaction.

`HA! She isn't mad! She wants me just as much as I want her!' Inuyasha nipped at the side of her neck, feeling her throat move as she swallowed hard and drew her knees forward to allow him in deeper.

Inuyasha set a slow, easy rhythm, forward and back as he rubbed his fingers in the same gentle stroke she had used on herself while he watched. His chin rested on her shoulder, sliding his hand down her throat and lower to cover her bare breast and lightly squeeze, "Just like that, Kagome. Not a sound or I'll stop."

Kagome bit down hard on her lip, pressing her forehead to her pillow and clenching her hands into fists. She was half afraid to say anything, thinking he really would stop, but she wanted to know…. "Belongs to you?" she repeated his words in a halting question that was barely a whisper of sound.

It was almost impossible, but Inuyasha stopped moving, a soft growl vibrating through her wherever they touched. With a hint of desperation, she reached down and covered the hand he was starting to move, keeping it pressed against her, "No! Don't…. don't stop! Please…?"

Inuyasha wasn't sure he'd ever be able to get the arrogant grin off his face at her plea, chuckling quietly as he fitted her back to his chest. He purred almost lazily as he restarted the easy glide in and out of her slick, gripping flesh before he answered her honestly, "I haven't been protecting you for so long to let you throw yourself away on someone else, Kagome. You've always been mine to claim when I decided you were ready."

How he'd managed to speak so coherently when Kagome felt like she was losing her mind, she'd never know, but somehow, hearing him speaking to her like that made her want to lean back and melt into him. Her eyes had closed again a long time ago, once more biting her lip to keep from giving voice to the incoherent moans and gasps dying to break free.

She was afraid of the others waking up and catching them in such a blatantly compromising situation, but at the same time, knowing that any moment they could get caught sent a little thrill down her spine. She could feel the hanyou's throat vibrating against her shoulder with the near silent growling and hear each hot, panting breath beside her ear, arching her neck to bring more of her skin in contact with his.

"I've waited so long to feel myself inside you," his cheek rubbed against hers as he took his hand away from her breast and braced his forearm on the ground at her side.

When Inuyasha increased the force and speed of his thrusts, Kagome buried her face in her pillow letting out a sharp cry to be almost completely muted in the soft fabric. Her hand groped blindly until she found his, her heart soaring when he threaded his fingers through hers and squeezed reassuringly. Her other hand curled up around his head awkwardly to stroke through his soft hair before finding the velvet soft ear and stroking gently.

His eyes slipped closed on a silenced moan as he pulled her up hard against him, his movement losing the controlled rhythm in favor of even harder, deeper thrusts. Kagome was arching up against him, keeping her face hidden as every motion seemed determined to drag a new sound from her throat, to say nothing of the feelings pulsing through her.

Inuyasha somehow managed to brace the arm beneath her to support his weight, using the other to urge her face up enough that he could turn it towards him. Her mouth opened on a gasp and he closed his lips hungrily over hers to swallow the sound and explore the taste of her with his tongue.

He could feel the pleasure coming to a peak, toying with her with his fingers and reveling in the way the clenching of her muscles was turning into more of ripple. Just a little more and she'd be over the edge and that would leave him free to find his own release. The last thing he ever wanted was to leave her unsatisfied, especially now.

Inuyasha released her mouth with reluctance, covering her mouth again with his palm as his eyes burned into hers, "Give me all of you, Kagome."

Kagome lurched beneath him, the words apparently the last little push she needed to send her crashing over the edge of the building pressure. She bit down on his hand, the scream she emitted as the unbelievable pleasure swamped her body and mind making Inuyasha clamp down a little harder in an attempt to muffle it further. Spots danced behind her eyes as her entire body convulsed, only Inuyasha's weight keeping her from curling into a ball in an effort to hold onto the feeling as long as she could.

For Inuyasha, the spasmodic clenching of her internal muscles fired an urgency in his blood, and he thrust into her with nearly mindless abandon. The white-hot bolt of sensation snaked down his spine, stiffening his muscles as he curled possessively around Kagome's trembling form. He could feel the shout rising in his own throat and clamped his teeth down hard at the nape of her neck to prevent the sound from escaping as more than a snarling groan as he reached his own climax, filling Kagome's body with thick, liquid heat.

They lay panting for a long moment, Inuyasha slowly easing his hand away from her mouth to hold himself off her rather than flatten her even more with his full weight. An arrogant grin passed over his lips as he leaned down and languidly stroked his tongue up the column of her neck to taste the sweat glistening in the moonlight, "I should have known."

Kagome was so focused on the heavy thud of her heart matching the rapid pulse of her satiated body around his that she almost missed the soft whisper. Blinking, she frowned and tried to turn her exhausted body enough to look at his face, "Known what?"

"That you'd scream for me," his eyes gleamed with lazy warmth and possessive pleasure.

Kagome's faced turned red in an instant and she made a great effort to rear up and smack him for that cocky observation, but her limbs quite simply refused to respond the way she wanted them to. Well, that and the fact that she had a completely relaxed dog demon lying on top of her with no obvious signs of moving anytime soon….

Inuyasha pressed his mouth to her shoulder, attempting to subdue his bubbling laughter, but he couldn't stop the way his chest and shoulders shook with it. He stretched up to press a gentle kiss to her temple and then eased out of her with agonizing slowness that had her gasping all over again.

"C'mon, Kagome," he gathered her in his arms and inhaled deeply, grinning at how strongly his scent clung to her at the moment. "I'll help you bathe, and I think we've tempted fate enough for one night," he motioned to the blissfully oblivious sleepers at the far side of the wide grove.

Kagome nodded a little numbly, turning over on her side to watch as Inuyasha found his discarded clothing and pulled on his hakama. When he looked down at her, finding her eyes moving over him with both curiosity and admiration, he wuffed softly to draw her gaze up.

She blushed again, mentally kicking herself over her embarrassment when they'd just shared such a deep level of intimacy and reaching for his outstretched hand. He was chuckling again when her knees buckled and she ended up falling heavily against his side. She let out a frustrated grunt and lightly swatted him on the chest.

"If you don't stop laughing at me, I won't let you do that again," she grumbled sourly, looping her arm around his waist as he urged her towards the river.

Inuyasha snorted his opinion of that, his hold tightening briefly before he looked down at her upturned face, "I wouldn't count on that if I were you, Kagome."

Kagome came to a stop, bolder now that they were out of range of the camp and demanding archly, "And why not?"

Inuyasha's hands moved down to her hips, turning her and pulling her up against his chest. His smile was slow and maybe even a little conceited as he leaned down, his mouth moving over hers with warm confidence for a long time before he pulled back and caught her cheek in his palm.

"I have every right to take what's mine," Inuyasha's eyes gleamed brightly in the darkness. "And you, Kagome, have always been mine."

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