Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction ❯ Foxy Ol' Injured Bardock gets Laid ❯ One-Shot

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Bardock had been in the infirmary on this alien planet for several weeks now.  The purge had been a disaster.  He knew nothing about the fate of Toma, or the others.  Gods knew why Furieza-sama had sent them here; the beautifully efficient, deadly inhabitants had taken down the Saiya-jin mercenaries with ease.  Now he lay here, alone in the bed, a gaping hole in his side.  He wouldn't die from it.  He was made of much tougher stuff than that; but there were no regeneration tanks here for him.  He knew he was in for a long, unpleasant recovery.
The door clicked open, and the doctor entered.  He had grown to tolerate her.  Of all the medical staff in this unit, she was the only one who would attend him.  She checked his progress; she bent and shaped his inactive limbs, keeping the firm muscle tone intact.  She brought him his meals, she changed his dressings, and she was the one who bathed him.  At first, many had probed and analysed him; the proud, violent Saiya-jin warrior had been reduced to their lab rat.  He was in no fit state to harm them, and he was solidly restrained, but the medics of this planet were no warriors.  His death-dark eyes and their malevolent stare that promised pain had driven them all away. 
She'd been frightened at first, like the others.  But, she too seemed to be made of much tougher stuff.  As the weeks wore on, she noticed a side of her bound - but still dangerous - charge no one else had bothered to see.  She'd been checking his signs, late one balmy evening, and the ever-strengthening pulse in his neck throbbed steadily under her soft, fingers.  She had usually hurried through this procedure, standing as far away from him as possible; she wasn't anxious to have her flesh ripped apart by her volatile, savage patient.  But, of late, he seemed to be calmer, he no longer snarled at her, he no longer tried to sink those sharp, snapping teeth into her.  He had finally learned not to bite the hand that fed him.
As her fingers rested against his flesh, she noted how remarkably soft the skin that covered his pleasingly contoured muscles was, and then she observed the muscles themselves, and how they told the tale of his inner unrest.  She expected them to be hard; she didn't expect them to be so tense.  She softly trailed her fingertips over his thick neck, gauging the tension that he held within him.  Every muscle was as taut as a bowstring.  Her eyes flicked up to his.  He still held the grim, murderous look in them, but underneath there was desolation, frustration, emptiness… 
She remembered what she had been taught about the Saiya-jin, and she remembered what she had experienced, at first hand.  They were no match for the warriors of her own planet, but they were strong.  They were dangerous, wild animals; feral and savage, used to a brutal life of violence and purging.  They weren't meant for the life of enforced solitude and stillness that the man before her had endured for long weeks.  Even if he hadn't been securely tied down to the bed that was his prison, his wounds would have prevented him from free movement.  He was as trapped by his injured body as he was by the restraints.
She soothed a hand over his brow, and he drew back, hissing sharply, his black eyes boring into hers.  Distrust etched sharply on his features.  Her hand followed the movement of his head, stroking gently; the delicate blue tone of her skin contrasted aesthetically against the thick, wild ebony spikes of his hair.  Slowly, he relaxed slightly under her soothing touch, the midnight eyes fixed on hers softening, a little.  Taking a deep, steadying breath she reached down to the clasp that held the neck restraint and released it.  The large black eyes that had been fixed on her widened in surprise.  She made a small 'Shhh' sound and stroked gently along his face, her fingertips tracing the contours of the vivid, jagged scar that blazed down his left cheek.  Unthinkingly he leant his face into her caress.
She'd started light, soft strokes on his neck and shoulders, soothing and relaxing him.  He smiled to himself as he saw the shock that crossed her face at the deep, rumbling purr that her touches brought forth from him.  His smile vanished as she stood back swiftly from him, and left the room.  He lay his head back on the uncomfortable pillow and sighed, resigned to more hours of aching loneliness and inactivity.  He'd been staring bleakly at the ceiling, misery claiming his very thoughts when he heard the door open once more.
She was back. 
She crossed the room toward him slowly, hesitantly.  Her hands were in her pockets, and her eyes were trained on his.  She saw his lessened hostility toward her still there.  She drew one hand out of her pocket, held in it was a small glass phial filled with a pale amber liquid.  She laid an uncertain hand on his chest and his eyes softened a fraction.  She removed the stopper, and slowly dripped the contents over his torso.  Bardock jumped slightly, as the oily fluid, warmed by her hand, splashed onto his golden skin.
  Long sensuous strokes swept slowly across the soft, velvety skin of his stomach.  Her fingers dipped into each indent, softly tracing each crease, pressing gently onto the solid muscle that lay underneath.  He hadn't felt a woman's touch for a long while; he closed his eyes and sighed at the feel of her soft hands caressing his hard body.
  As she leaned over him, and soothed away his tension, her thigh brushed against his bound wrist.  His hand unclenched from its habitual fist, and his fingers stroked over her white coat, edging their way underneath, caressing her thigh with a gentleness that she had never expected them to possess.  The purr returned.  She glanced up into his face, his eyes were still closed, his jaw not so set.  Her hands slid smoothly over his oiled chest, cupping his large pectorals and gently pinching and rolling his nipples between her fingers.  His fingers closed tighter around her thigh and a smile played on his lips.
  Their hands worked together in perfect rhythm; her hands on his body matched every squeeze and stroke he made on her thigh.  She stroked along his shoulders and her thumbs trailed, whisper light down the length of his biceps.  He sighed quietly and gripped her more firmly, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, not enough to be painful, but on the wrong side of gentle. 
  Firm, smooth passes of her hands eased away the rigid tension she'd felt in his neck.  Her hands applied pressure, but her fingertips followed with feather light fluttering caresses, his eyes rolling under his closed lids, a low moan escaping his lips.  The deep, relaxing purr still rumbling within in his chest.  She finished off her massage by re-attaching the neck restraint, and trailing her hands back down the warm strong arms and stoking her fingertips along the back of his hands.  She stood up straight and looked down at the prone man below her.  He opened far less harsh eyes to her and smiled.  She returned the smile and made to step away.  
  He slipped his hand outside of her coat and squeezed her hand, his ebony eyes urging her to follow their gaze.  His reaction to her ministrations was evident.  Clearly visible even through the covering of the sheet, the large bulge at his crotch twitched expectantly.  She raised her eyebrows, and gently removed his hand from hers.  With a wink, she turned to leave.  Ignoring the frustrated, dangerous sounding growl coming from her patient, she exited the room.
  The doctor returned early the next morning.  Bardock scowled at her in murderous frustration.  She'd sentenced him to a long, painful night of unfulfilled lust.  No amount of stretching and straining at his restraints had allowed him to ease his arousal.  He'd spent some very miserable, uncomfortable hours before his erection had accepted defeat and deflated.  Nevertheless, it was on its way back, as soon as she entered the room, locking the door behind her.
  Silently, she stripped the sheet from him.  She ignored both his arousal, and his pleading, desperate glances as she briskly removed the covering from his wound.  She cleansed it gently, taking care not to hurt him any more than was necessary and carefully re-packed and bandaged the wound.  She left him uncovered as she fetched the washcloth and bowl.  She stood over him and wrung the cloth out as his fingers stroked along her thigh.  As she passed the cloth over his cheek, his tongue snaked out, ran along the tender skin of her wrist, and she froze in fear.  The smooth, circling motions he was making over her flesh with his fingers and tongue both thrilled and frightened her.  Shock seeped through her as she realised how much she had let her guard down.  After the low trick she'd pulled on him the previous night she was unsure exactly why he was tasting her so thoroughly, and quickly removed her arm from the reach of his sharp teeth.  
  The doctor kept the horizontal lids shrouding her eyes carefully half closed, the thin membranous vertical ones flitting across every now and then to keep them moist.  She didn't meet his eye as she washed his face, but his teeth met the washcloth, and his hand clenched around her thigh in a futile attempt to gain her attention.  She tried to pull the cloth from his grip but he bit down harder, and his hold on her thigh tightened to painful.  She finally glanced, up and his burning black glare chilled her.  He growled low in his throat, and she pulled away sharply, and left the room.
  He lay there again, uncovered, hungry, alone, hard, and frustrated.  Cursing her in every tongue he knew.  She didn't return until the evening.  As soon as he saw her, his body betrayed him, and the blood rushed to fill his aching member.  Avoiding his eye, she focused on the fists that lay bunched at his side as she raised the head of the bed and sat down to feed him.  He made his usual short work of the food, as she sat so close, and yet so far from his taut excitement, and once he had finished, she lowered the bed leaving him prone before her once again. 
  She fetched more warm water into the bowl and resumed the wash she had started earlier that day.  She still made no eye contact with him as she worked quietly and efficiently, cleansing the upper part of his body.  When she reached the taut ripples of his stomach, she slowed her pace, and finally raised her eyes to his.  Her cool amber gaze never left his, and his fist once again uncurled to caress her thigh, as she slowly moved her hand lower, long lingering passes of the cloth inching maddeningly nearer to his tortured manhood. 
  A small whimper escaped Bardock's throat when she bypassed it completely and concentrated on sweeping strokes along his thighs.  Whether by accident or design, he could not work out which, every so often the rough edge of the cloth would lightly scrape against the sensitive skin covering his testicles, making him jump, and sending yet more blood rushing to his already painfully overfilled erection.  The doctor dipped the cloth into the warm water and carefully wrung it out, a little. 
  Bardock's breath caught in his throat as he felt the first drops of warm water drip onto his sac and then the doctor deliberately let the cloth drip warm droplets up the length of his arousal.  In his over excited state, this was enough to make Bardock groan aloud and grip the doctors' thigh convulsively, as he waited with closed eyes and growing hope for her to relieve him.  Her eyes flicked up to his face, his eyes were tightly closed, and his ragged breathing was being forced through bitten lips and flared nostrils, desperate hope was written plain for all to see. 
  The alien doctor, whose life he would have wiped out without a second thought, had the purge been successful, took pity on Bardock, and lowered her head closer to his stiffened member and softly blew on his sac, travelling upwards.  He arched as much as his injury would allow and groaned loudly.  His grip on her thigh clenched painfully and she cried out and tried to pull away.  Snarling in anger and frustration at her attempts to escape he held on to her as tightly as he could, she cried louder and writhed in pain, but could not free herself from the vice-like grip his still-strong hand had on her soft thigh.  In desperation, and fright, she jabbed one finger painfully into the wound at his side.  He yelled out and, instinctively, his hand unclenched.  She pulled out of his reach and fled the room. 
  Bardock lay, and whiled away the long night hours bathed in frustration and pain; almost missing the first few days of his captivity when he was drifting between delirium and unconsciousness.  At least then he hadn't felt this desolate misery.  He tried to curse out the doctor again, but underneath, he knew that this time, the fault lay with him.  Bardock had begun to look forward to the doctors' visits, they were tormenting, and ultimately unfulfilling, but the little physical contact he got from her was better than the aching loneliness of before.  He lowered his eyes in defeat and resolved to try to curb his instincts, as he watched the pristine white dressing covering his side slowly turn crimson with his blood.
  For the next three days, the doctor came in, tended to her patients' medical, and nutritional needs and left.  She carried out her duties with a mechanical efficiency.  Bardock behaved impeccably.  His body still sprang to life as soon as she opened the door, but he did nothing to try to draw her attention to it.  Bardock was reluctant to meet her eyes; the doctor was reluctant to meet his.  She never noticed the sorrow that dulled the inky black depths.  On the second day, he had tried to purr reassuringly at her, but this action had made her flush deeply, rush through her tasks, and leave abruptly.
  On the third day he had tried the purring again as she fed him breakfast, she had not rushed through it this time, but she still refused to meet his eyes.  At lunchtime, he had purred to her again, and ventured to stroke one finger along her knee apologetically.  Her eyes had darted quickly up to his face, just long enough to notice the considerably softened and saddened eyes of Bardock.
  Dinner passed without incident, and when he had finished, the doctor fetched the warm water and washcloth.  He closed his eyes and relaxed as she washed him, the slightly rough texture of the cloth making his skin tingle, and bringing back his deep, reassuring purr.  His eyes flew open as he felt her turn around and lower her bottom onto his hand.  As best as he could, he moulded his hand around the soft, plump curve, stroking and caressing gently, carefully.  She turned her head around to look at him and he smiled at her.  A small smile curved her lips upwards as she heard his breath hitch and saw his eyes narrow, as she trailed the cloth lightly over his erection.  His grip tightened softly on her.  She felt the carefully controlled tension; the hand that could crush her bones to dust was, instead, caressing her, as gently as he could.  She met his pleading gaze, winked at him and turned back to face his thighs, 
  A low moan slid out of Bardock's throat, as the cloth swirled around his swollen sac; she caressed her way up to the tip of his rigid shaft.  She moved down his shaft gently, and then squeezed the base firmly, her free hand moving down to gently cup and roll the soft orbs held below.  Each time her hand reached the tender head of his excitement, she squeezed it lightly, his hips bucking up involuntarily in reaction.  She smiled and turned her head to look into his face, satisfied with the closed-eyed ecstasy she saw there.  Bardock groaned louder as the fibres of the cloth stimulated him beyond coping with each stroke.  He erupted violently, arching his back and crying out as his long awaited, much needed release overtook him. 
  The huge Saiya-jin gasped with fulfilment, and his fingers clutched at her bottom as he pulsed under her gently stroking fingertips, his thick white seed shooting out to lay in stark contrast on his olive skin.  When his throbbing had stilled, she took the cloth and wiped him clean.  She stroked his cheek as she got up to leave.  Bardock trailed his fingers over her thigh as she moved away, and he followed her departure with deep black eyes in which the light of gratitude burned softly.
  The next night she followed much the same routine.  She fed him, turned her back on him, and folded down the sheet, exposing his arousal.  Softly trailing one fingertip along his length, she turned and smiled at him, her eyes growing heavy as the first strains of the music of his pleasure drifted over her.  She lowered herself to him and his fingers eagerly delved under her coat to find her soft round bottom.  She heard his breath catch and felt the jolt that wracked his entire body as she lazily reached one hand behind her and slowly lifted the coat to reveal her naked, pale blue flesh beneath the stark sterile white garment. 
  She slyly cast her eyes over one shoulder and smirked at the wide-eyed astonishment written plainly on Bardock's dark, handsome face.  His coal-black eyes and searching fingertips hungrily devoured every satin inch of her that was exposed to him as the deft passes of her hands once more brought him to climax.  Her heavy eyes closed dreamily, Bardock's agonised sounding groan caressing her ears as his hot fluid spattered them both.  She slowly lowered her head to him and he felt her soft lips touch his chiselled abdomen in a gentle kiss, before her warm pink tongue darted out and licked the warm sticky fluid from him.
  They followed the same routine for the next week, or so.  Sometimes, to tease him, she would undo the buttons of her prim white lab coat to reveal a thin strip of naked flesh.  It was obvious to him she wore nothing underneath on these occasions; but, maddeningly she would not fully open the coat.  For possibly the first time in his life, Bardock found himself uninterested in food, his eyes glued to the teasing glimpses of soft, pale flesh before him.  She would use her hands to pleasure him, then depart, leaving him to his dreams of pale blue skin pressed flush against his own, and soft full breasts filling his squeezing hands.  One such night of delicious frustration was continually re-played in his mind…
  She had perched on the edge of the bed to feed him, the coat gaping slightly as she did so.  It was not an easy task.  Bardock's head had moved each time she raised an arm to feed him.  His eyes desperate not to lose sight of the soft swell of her breast that peeped out of her coat each time she raised her arm, and leant slightly to bring the food to his mouth.  His mouth had been open, but not for the food.  She popped forkfuls in anyway, and he swallowed absently, not noticing, or tasting what she had given him.  He'd been too busy craning his neck, hoping for a glimpse of her nipple, which remained so frustratingly hidden.
  The plate was still emptied quickly, despite the hide and seek game with his virtually salivating mouth.  Bardock's heavy lidded eyes never left her as she removed the plate, and stripped the sheet from him.  She licked her lips and winked at him as she moved onto him and rested the firm, taut cheeks of her bottom on his naked thighs.  His head dropped forward, his eyes closed, and he drew in a shuddering breath as he felt the warmth of her smooth, bare flesh settle so deliciously against his own.
  He moaned in excitement, as her fingernails fluttered lightly over his sensitive sac, any chance of rational thinking driven from his mind at the arousing sensation. He automatically bucked wildly beneath her, a sharp bolt of pain stabbing through him, reminded him of his injuries.  Bardock hissed sharply through clenched teeth as the pain flared, then receded.  One hand softly caressed his cheek as he recovered; when his eyes opened they gazed directly into hers.  Emotions as alien to Bardock as the green haired female before him shone through her gaze.  Sympathy and concern were clearly reflected in her deep, honey coloured pools.
  His eyes darted away from hers hurriedly, and were met with the far more pleasing sight of the thin strip of naked skin revealed between the edges of her coat.  She snorted lightly and drew back from him, inclining her head down toward his jutting erection.  As she moved, the coat fell apart a little more.  Bardock growled in frustration, as more, yet not nearly enough, of the perfect curves of her plump breasts were revealed to him.  His eyes feasted on her as his fingers yearned to touch her.  His tongue unthinkingly caressed the roof of his mouth, as his mind filled with fantasies of tasting her.
  Her full lips pouted seductively as she blew lightly on his engorged shaft. Shivers of pure lust washed over Bardock's entire body as the cool air caressed his hot flesh.  She smiled mischievously at his reaction as she gently encircled his hard, aching member in her silky hand.  Bardock's groans became louder as she relentlessly stroked his manhood.  Slowly, the rhythm of her strokes increased.  Bardock's forehead rested against hers.  From under his brow, his heavy eyes speared her, trapping her in their pitch-black gaze.
  Eye to eye they moved together. The steady rhythm of her hand matching the pattern of the frantic, laboured breaths that washed over her.  As her hand stroked faster, the thick emerald braid of her hair swayed gently.  The soft, teasing tickle of the silky tip lightly brushing the bare skin of his chest, as the firm, rhythmic pulse of her hand tormented Bardock.
  The sweet torture stretched on for an eternity.  Bardock was desperate for relief, yet needed the pleasure to continue.  The overwhelming sensation of her sensuous hold finally took him.  Feeling as if he were being ripped apart at his very core, Bardock threw his head back against the bed.  A low, primal growl was torn from his throat as he let go his seed.  Through half closed eyes he watched as the sticky fluid coated his flesh, and the thin strip of her bare skin revealed by her slightly parted coat.
  Bardock relaxed back against the bed, his body exhausted from the passion and release she had provoked in him.  He lay still beneath her as she leant over him and the slight tang of salt touched her tongue as she gently licked the thick fluid from his body.  Once she had finished her task, she lifted herself off him, lowered and covered him, and turned and left the room without a word.
  It was around the eighth day, when she returned earlier than usual.  Bardock was alive and tingling with anticipation.  She stood in front of him and slowly, deliberately undid the buttons of her coat. 
  Bardock's eyes widened as she peeled the white coat from her blue skin, and dropped it to the floor.  The heavy weight of his sheer lust forced his breath out in harsh, ragged spurts.  His eyes roamed freely over her perfectly formed body, finally revealed to him in its entirety.   She carefully raised his bed, and sank down into his lap.  An exquisitely tortured gasp was torn from Bardock's throat as she deliberately pressed her naked groin teasingly against his painful erection.  A small satisfied smirk of triumph quirked her mouth up at the delicious sound.  It was music to her ears. 
  She absently reached over, and picked up the plateful of food, placing it between them.  Bardock's eyes were trained solely on the firm, round breasts he ached to touch. He automatically opened his mouth and accepted the food that was offered, mesmerised by their slight rise and fall as she fed him.  The doctor cleared her throat sharply, breaking his thrall.  Bardock looked up into the doctor's face, her honey eyes were alight, and a mischievous grin danced about her lips. She lifted a forkful of food up to his face, deliberately tilting it before he could reach it, and the food dropped, to coat one of her bare breasts.
  Her eyes widened in false shock, then she lowered them to look at the food, biting her lower lip in mock agitation.  The amber orbs lit up, as she met his gaze, a slow smile crossed her face, and she cocked one eyebrow quizzically at him She placed one hand on his chest and slowly walked her fingers up toward the neck restraint.  Looking coyly at him from under lowered lashes, she saw Bardock's eyes darken with excitement, and tremors of desperate anticipation shake through his entire body.
  She edged herself closer to him, as she undid the neck restraint.  She barely had time to release the clasp properly before his head surged downward, his mouth urgently seeking out her plump, tempting breasts.  He devoured the food swiftly, then Bardock's mouth set about caressing the firm flesh eagerly.  His tongue and teeth were merciless in their onslaught. He raised his eyes, meeting hers in a searing gaze, as he trailed his hot tongue over her taut, aching nipple.  She sighed in rapture, and her free hand clutched the back of his head tightly, her fingers gripping the black spikes, holding him in place.  She gasped in pure heat as he pulled the erect bud into his mouth, his strong, eager sucking drawing it out even further.  He turned his attention to her other breast, his sharp white teeth playfully snatching at her, before his tongue swirled around, easing the sting in her painfully throbbing nipple.  Eventually, she pushed him away, and with a groan of anticipation; she dropped more food on her, revelling in the burning pleasure as she allowed him to feast from her supple breasts.
  Bardock's excitement grew, as he felt her soft fingertips begin feathery strokes up and down on his hard shaft.  The movements of his mouth on her breasts became more forceful and desperate with each whispered stroke.  He was hungry for release, but she had other ideas.  Ignoring his excited growl, she steadfastly refused to bring him near to it.
  The plate was finished, all save a few scraps.  She scooped the last few morsels up, and smeared them along one thigh.  With a small smirk down at Bardock, she pulled herself away from him, and raised herself so he could reach the last of the food.  His mouth descended, to relish in the soft clean taste of her skin as he licked the food from her smooth thigh.  She shivered involuntarily, and gripped his erection tighter, as his tongue stroked her heated skin, grazing over the small patch of hair between her thighs, and snaking out to reach the small nub within.  She sat back down sharply, denying him her core.  His bound hands moved as far as they could reach, and began to stroke her legs lightly, sending small ripples of pleasure up her tingling flesh.  His mouth revelled in the attention it paid along the length of her body, lingering ecstatically at her swollen, overly sensitive nipples.  He finally buried his head in the crevice between her neck and shoulder, lavishing smouldering kisses on her sensitive flesh.
  He moaned his pleasure against her, the tension in his body increasing unbearably as her soft hand worked and squeezed him to his limits.  He howled his passion into her neck, as he felt his all-consuming release claim his body.
  Bardock kept his head buried against her, as he recovered from the force of his orgasm.  When he regained control of his breathing, he raised his head slightly, and kissed along the base of her throat.  He felt the fearful tension seize her body, as he placed light, soft nips and kisses up her throat toward her mouth.  His smooth wet tongue lapped gently against her skin as he shook his head softly against her neck. His mouth caressed along her jaw, before kissing her mouth gently.  Her head snapped up in surprise, and her shocked eyes met his.  He smiled at her seductively, and once more pressed his lips to hers.
  His mouth moved against hers in a gentle, persuasive rhythm until he finally felt her relax against his lips, and give in to him.  He deepened the kiss, using his tongue to gently explore every inch of the sweet essence of her mouth.  She allowed him to kiss her for a long while, but not once did she return the kiss.  She sat still in shock.  Never had she imagined that this wild, brutal, barbaric Saiya-jin could be capable of such a tender invasion.
  The next night she returned for the feeding ritual.  Again she fed him sitting naked on his lap.  Again her groin was pressed so tantalisingly up against his.  Again she freed his head and allowed his mouth free rein on her breasts, her hands tangling in the thick spikes of his hair as he taunted and pleasured her at once.
  There was only a small amount of food left on the plate when she set it aside, but it was the pinkish, jellylike stuff that he didn't know the name of, but had acquired a taste for.  He followed the plate's departure with narrowed eyes, and growled in disappointment at his carer.  She silenced his complaint by twining her fingers in his hair, and covering his mouth in a deep, searing kiss.  Bardock smiled around her lips as he felt his head being pressed back into the bed with the sheer force of her desire. 
  When she broke away, she casually reached over and dipped a finger in the food he was missing so much.  She was smirking directly into his eyes, and he paid no attention to the movements of her hand, and jumped slightly in surprise when she flicked the pink glob onto his chest.  Bardock watched her as she raised the finger to her mouth and slowly licked the remnants from her pale blue skin.   He made a sharp intake of breath as she deliberately drew it into her mouth and sucked, her cheeks hollowing as she worked her tongue around the digit.  Her eyes travelled down to his chest.  The heat of his body had softened the food, and a small trail had trickled down to his chiselled abdomen.  Her hands stroked the solid expanse of his chest as her tongue followed the path of the food.  Light, tantalising strokes tracing the deep crevices between each perfectly defined muscle, cleaning his soft, golden skin. 
  She straightened up and again gathered more onto her finger.  She pointed her carefully positioned hand downward, and watched with interest as the gelatinous substance made its slow descent from her finger to fall, with an almost soundless squelch, onto the quivering tip of Bardock's erection.  He squirmed beneath her in unfulfilled lust as her lips and her tongue slowly, and torturously removed every trace of food from him.  When it was gone she brought her head back up, her lips trailing over him until they met in a kiss at the very tip of him, her tongue gently dipping into the tiny slit there.  She almost laughed at the crestfallen expression on his face as she looked up at him.  He looked so pleading, so utterly desperate, that she abandoned her teasing, and immediately wrapped her mouth back around him.   Bardock sat back, and looked down at her head bobbing up and down on him, as she worked him until he came, in a howling frenzy, into her mouth. 
  … And so they entered another phase of their strange union.
  So far, this was proving to be a very enjoyable spell for Bardock; the doctor's skills in pleasuring him seemed more than equal to her skills in healing him.  He relished the sight and feel of her naked body; he certainly welcomed the release she brought him.  He had never got this kind of attention from a regeneration tank…
  Bardock was half expecting the change of routine when it came. 
  Nothing changed at first…  Everything up to her pinning his head to her as his mouth paid its usual ardent attention to her breasts remained the same.  She pulled out of his mouth with some difficulty; Bardock's enthusiasm had been at its peak that night. His disappointed groan masked the small, wet popping sound that came from her finally breaking his suction on her.  She bunched her fists in his hair and forcefully pushed his head back up against the bed, to avoid his desperately seeking tongue and lips, and distracted him with a deep kiss.
  So distracting was the kiss, that Bardock was blissfully oblivious to her actions, until he realised that she was no longer pressed up against him, but lying on top of him.  He jerked his head out from underneath her, and glared up at her, an ominous growl beginning to grow deep within his throat.  The doctor just winked seductively down at him and placed one finger against his lips, then gently stroked along his scarred cheek.
  His growl ceased immediately, and he smirked expectantly at her - his compliance surprising, but gratifying her.  At least the surly bastard trusted her to oversee his satisfaction.
  She bent her head back down to his, and continued the kiss.  Her arms tightly wrapped around his head, his bound arms longing to be wrapped around her.  He stretched his fingers out as far as they could go, and lightly squeezed her thighs, each movement of his fingers in perfect rhythm with each caress of their tongues.
  She finally broke away, and straddled his chest.  He made no protests, just gazed upon her bare flesh as she lazily trailed one hand along her waist, up to her waiting breast.  Bardock watched in rapt attention as she casually toyed with herself.   She closed her eyes, and moaned softly as her tender, swollen nipple was caught between her fingers, and she provocatively ground her womanhood against him.  His eyes widened in surprised delight as her hand stroked down, to dip between her legs.  She sighed softly, as her fingers penetrated her warm, wet folds.  She brought two sticky, coated fingers up to his mouth and he instantly sucked them in, his tongue eagerly licking the warm, sweet fluid from her.  When the last of it had gone, and all that remained were her soft, delicate fingers, he felt a loose pressure around his wrist.   Bardock snorted in dark amusement as the rationale behind her highly erotic little display suddenly became clear to him.  All the time, while he had been so entranced by her show, the devious little reptile had used her other hand to undo the restraints on his right arm, and had turned his hand to face upward…
  She carefully hopped down from him, a satisfied smirk curling the edges of her lips, one finger playfully delivering a solitary flick to the end of his nose.  As soon as she'd turned her back to him, the backs of his fingers brushed softly against the velvety skin covering her bottom.  She cast one sly grin over her shoulder, then raised one leg to lie over his hips.  Slowly, with great deliberation, she lowered herself until her core lay, cupped in his waiting palm. 
  The feel of her moist heat against his hand was pure bliss for the excited Saiya-jin.  His clever fingers squeezed and stroked the doctor until her head dropped down to rest against his broad hard thigh, and her pleasured moans echoed around the room.  She twisted her hips around to face him, and placed her entrance over his fingertips, pushing down onto him, pleadingly.  With a slight flex of his restrained wrist, Bardock obligingly slid three strong fingers into her, his thumb resting teasingly upon her bud.  She threw her head back and groaned in ecstasy, as his thick, powerful fingers filled her, circling and stroking as best as he could.
  Slowly, steadily, the alien doctor rocked her hips against the blissfully invasive fingers of the alien warrior.  Bardock rested his head back into the pillow, and closed his eyes.  The low, rapturous gasps that escaped her as she rode his hand filled his ears, and the sharp thrill of her wet heat encasing his fingers filled his excitement to bursting point.  
  He groaned in bliss as he felt her lips close around the thick, warm column of flesh that begged for her attention.  She sucked eagerly, relishing in the salty taste of the heated, living marble flesh in her mouth.  She bathed his sensitive head with her tongue, the tip flickering around the rim, her leg pressing down heavily into his hips as he bucked and panted under her attentions.  Her mouth and hips moved in perfect unison. Through narrowed eyes, his attention flickered between watching his fingers disappear into her and the steady, undulating movements as her mouth and tongue lavished every pleasure on him he could ever desire.
  They strained together with exquisite precision, striving for their desperately needed release; Bardock ached for the moment when he would lose himself to the soft pull of her lips.  The flickering expertise of her tongue edged him ever closer; the firm pressure of his thumb and fingers drove her into a frenzy.  Even when she exploded in rapturous completion, she did not relinquish her hold on him.  The deep vibrations from her low, satisfied moan shot through him, tipping him over the edge.  Breathing harshly through her nose, she drank down his essence, as he pumped his satisfaction into her warm, receptive mouth.
  It had been weeks now, and he had grown to eagerly anticipate the sound of the lock turning.  They followed the same routine every day.  The doctor was brisk and business like, his tormentor during the day - seductress, and plaything at night.  Each night she brought him to fulfilment, yet each night she left him wanting more.  He lay alone afterwards; longing for the feel of her skin against his, the sensation of his tongue softly rasping against her firm, erect nipples.  Picturing her naked and spread before him as she used her soft hands or mouth to bring him to shattering climax. 
  She had seen him that morning, fed him, and changed the dressing on his rapidly healing wound, her calm efficiency driving him mad with desire, knowing what was to come later.  As she worked silently upon him, he had grown hard, again.  As usual, she ignored it, save for tiny, semi-accidental brushes.  Small teasing glimpses of what was to come.  With her usual smile, she had left him there, drenched with lust, to await her next visit.
  It was lunchtime.  She was here.  She leant back against the door, as she placed the food tray on the small table to her right.  She locked the door and laid a lingering, sultry look on her handsome, pliant patient.
  Bardock returned the look, a small, satisfied smirk tugging up one corner of his mouth.  Slowly, he sat up, by himself, the sheet falling from his body and pooling around his hips.  A small disquieting thrill of fear slunk its way down her spine.  Equally slowly, he raised his free wrists in the air.  One hand reached down and flung the sheet from him as he brought his knees up to his chest, his free ankles crossing as he did so, he turned around and stood up from the bed, the glowing black eyes never leaving her face for a second.  Icy fear flooded her as she sank back against the locked door, and she shut her eyes against her approaching death.
  She moaned in stark terror as she felt his body press her into the door.  He placed one large hand on either side of her, the huge arms blocking any escape.  He lowered his head to hers, and a silky voice murmured in her ear, low and seductive.  The first words she had ever heard him speak.
  "I think it's payback time."
  His strong hands wrapped tightly around her arms as he hauled her off her feet and practically threw her on to the bed.  He smirked down at her as he raised her arms above her head and pinned her down with one hand.  One fingertip grazed lightly down her arm, to the collar of her coat.  Almost lazily, he curled his fingers around it and smiled at her.  With one lightening fast, effortless tug the coat was ripped from her.  Still pinning her down easily, he dangled the shredded white remains in front of her, before tossing it aside.  Every article of clothing she wore met the same fate.  Soon she was as naked as he was.
  He let one hand roam casually, appraisingly down the length of her body, making her shudder with both fear and desire.  As he reached her ankle, he gripped it tightly and yanked her down to the end of the bed.  Where the restraints were anchored.  He slowly bound both her ankles in the thick harnesses.  Enough to hold her, but not so tight she could not escape them if she tried, she noticed with shock, and a strong surge of excitement.  Her wrists were too far from the ties that bound him; they were useless anyway.  He had shredded them when he had broken free.  With a look that warned her not to move, he let her wrists go and bent to retrieve her coat.  He tore the shredded strips free and used them to bind her arms above her head to the metal bars at the head of the bed.  He tied her wrists far more securely than he had her ankles.
  He lowered his head to her chest, his chin digging painfully into the valley between her breasts, as he looked her steadily in the eye.
  "What shall I do with you?"  He wondered aloud, as his hands gripped her breasts tightly, he turned his head to one and nipped the inside sharply.  She yelped in pain as he raised his head again, a smug look on his face as he said,
  "I'm hungry."
  His hand trailed over her in a farewell caress as he turned on his heel and headed back toward the door.  Her eyes devoured his bare buttocks, so round and tempting as they swayed away from her, his now-free tail swinging in counterpoint to them.
  He picked up the tray and bought it back to her, carefully looking from the food to her, as if debating something.  He put the tray down next to her, then, with great care and precision, piled the food upon her body.
  He dipped his head down and took a mouthful of food, raising his head back to look her in the eye as he chewed slowly and carefully before swallowing.  The bastard, she thought, she'd fed him for weeks now, and knew exactly how a Saiya-jin ate.  He's never taken this much time with food in his life.  He looked over the food pile, slowly, deliberately, taking his time, deciding what to eat next.  It took nearly half a torturous hour for him to eat his way through the meal, each sadistic bite bringing his mouth ever closer to her aching skin.  He purposely nibbled at her with his lips as he took the last mouthfuls, taking special care around her painfully aroused nipples; making her squirm with need as he taunted her with his silky skill.
  "You are a very dirty little girl." He murmured against her ear, as he knelt over her, one hand on either side of her head.  Bardock sank back onto his heels and lowered his head; he started at her knees and slowly, tantalisingly used his mouth along the length of her thigh.  In between long, sweeping licks along the soft, aching skin, he made gentle sucking motions.  Drawing her skin into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around, then let her flesh fall back down between his teeth before it escaped his lips. 
  She tensed expectantly as he reached the top, closing her eyes and waiting for his tongue to clean away the desperate ache there.  His head ducked back down to her other knee and repeated the slow, wet torment up her other thigh.  She was shaking violently, and he looked up at her and smiled, his thumbs brushing her cheeks gently.  When he reached the top of her second thigh, he allowed his tongue to graze dangerously close to the only place she wanted it to be.
  He felt her body tighten, as his tongue slowly licked around the edge of her trim green thatch.  He raised his eyes and was caught in the desperate gaze of her wide amber eyes.
  She writhed beneath him, her hips arching up, desperately trying to force him to where she needed him most.  He calmly placed his hands on her, and held her down while his teasing mouth licked and nibbled its agonising way over her stomach.  His tongue dipped into her belly-button, before kissing a hot, slow trail down to the edge of her soft curls.  Her breath hitched, and she managed to speak,
  "Please, please, I want…" Her voice came out in a soft croak. Bardock smirked into her face, allowing one thumb to strafe softly over her emerald bush.
  "I know exactly want you want…” Bardock's voice was low, soothing - promising.  Her heat soared with relief… he was going to…  He cocked his head to one side, and smiled wickedly at her.  "But you're not getting it."   Her head slammed back against the pillow, and the strangled sob that was wrenched from her obscured the "Yet,” he muttered under his breath.
  Bardock callously ignored her desperation as she moaned and writhed under his torturous attentions.  He looked up at her face, and gave her a satisfied smirk when he saw the raw need in her eyes.  He placed vicious little nips along her waist as he made his slow, torturous way up to her breasts.  He licked around each one thoroughly, removing every trace of food.  Then, he placed one hand above one breast, and his mouth hovered above the other.  Although he tried, he could not stop himself from grinning, tauntingly up at her… this was going to be fun.  
  He used his tongue and teeth to tease one taut nipple, while his hand paid homage to its twin.  He tormented the firm ripe mounds for what seemed like an eternity, 
  "Why are you doing this to me?"   The words were forced out between ragged gasps.
  "Because it drives you insane…" Bardock taunted.  He gently closed his teeth around her and muttered under his breath,  "And I enjoy it," before finally taking one of her nipples fully into his mouth and sucking with a force that verged on painful.
  He finally abandoned her breasts and kissed his way up her arms, toward her bound hands.  One hand painfully clutched a handful of his thick ebony spikes as protest at having to endure his torture.  He moved his hand up to hers, gently unclenching the fist and untangling it from his hair.  He raised his mouth to her hand and kissed its palm gently before licking all around her fingers and wrist, the sensations causing her to moan in pure pleasure.
  His hand released hers, and lightly stroked the length of her arm to her hair, his fingers threading through the thick emerald tresses, pulling her head up to meet his.  She shivered with desire as his mouth caressed hers in a lingering kiss.   Bardock's hands and lips stroked against her tenderly, his silken tongue filling her mouth, gently gliding across her, melting her with its warmth and skill.
  She whimpered with a profound sense of loss as he ended the kiss, and moved his mouth back to her body.  Every sweat-soaked inch of her tingling skin was covered in small, precisely placed licks and kisses as Bardock, slowly, calculatingly drove her to the brink of losing her mind with need.  She shivered with uncontrolled want, as his hands and mouth sent her on a journey of torment that stretched on endlessly.
  He broke away from her abruptly.  The poor, tormented woman tethered to the bed closed her eyes and sobbed, not knowing whether it was from relief or despair.  She felt as though fire was licking its way through every fibre of her taut body.  She so badly wanted it to stop.  She so badly wanted it to carry on.
  He stoked one fingertip along the entire length of her body, and held it up to his face for inspection.  He raised his eyebrows, and looked down at her admonishingly.
  "Still a sticky little thing aren't we?"  He asked in a bright jovial tone.  Shaking his head in mock despair he fetched a bowl of warm water, and a washcloth, and using the same teasing techniques she'd used on him, mercilessly cleaned every trembling inch of her.
  He trailed the edge of the cloth, tantalisingly slowly between her legs.  A low, malicious laugh rumbling in his throat as her hips arched up at the sensation.  Drops of warm water were dripped upon her burning nipples.  He watched the water run over them, then lowered his head, and blew gently, smirking in gratification as they stiffened further, and she squirmed as the chilled air hit her.
  "I've been waiting a long time to pay you back for that."  He murmured dispassionately.
  As he continued to bathe her with the warm water, she strained harder, increasingly urgently against him.  She opened her tear-filled eyes, and looked at him, instinctively drawn to the large, jutting erection that she craved so desperately.  She narrowed her eyes and licked her lips, as she took the sight of him in. 
  "Don't worry,” He smirked at the sheer lust, so plain in her gaze.  "I can control myself.  I've waited much too long for this, to rush it along."  He drew one finger tenderly along the side of her waist, making her writhe under his touch.  He leaned over her, and brought his face up to hers  "I intend to take my sweet time with you tonight," came the promise, dressed up as a threat.
  He finally decided she was clean enough and discarded the cloth and bowl.  He pushed her legs apart with one knee, and climbed over her, covering her damp body with his own.  With great care, he positioned himself, so that the tip of his erection was nudging against her, so tauntingly close to where she so desperately needed him.
  She was trembling violently under him.  His caresses from his hands and mouth had driven her to the brink of insanity.  Right now, his silky tongue was trailing streaks of liquid fire along her neck.  Her eyes closed and she moaned in burning frustration. 
  "Does it hurt?"  The quiet, low voice purred into her ear, his smooth lips brushing over her, his warm breath caressing her.  "Does it feel like every nerve is screaming at you?  Demanding release?"  A soft note of tender menace crept into his tone as he questioned her.  Abruptly he sat up and moved down to her feet, wrenching one leg free of the restraints.
  He hooked her leg over his shoulder, his tongue flicking out to lap against her ankle. 
  "I'm being much kinder to you than you were to me." One fingertip whispered against her skin as it made its maddeningly slow way downward. 
  "How long did you make me wait?"  He abandoned his attention to her ankle as his detached gaze followed his finger while it slowly inched toward her desperate womanhood.
  "How many days did I lay there, aching and wanting?  How many times did you torment me, until you finally gave me what I needed?"  He turned his head to her leg, as his mouth followed the same slow path his finger had taken.  His eyes occasionally flicking up to hers to gauge her reaction.
  "I'm only making you wait a couple of hours."  He murmured against the silken skin of her thigh.
  His mouth finally reached her aching core.  He paused, and listened to her frantic, erratic breathing with satisfaction.  With sadistic precision, he parted her folds, and she cried out in agonised pleasure, as his nose nuzzled at her most intimate area.
  His hand shot up to cover her mouth…
  "Shhh," He chided gently; her wide eyes met his, and she quickly nodded her assent.  "Anyone would think I was torturing you in here."  With one last, lustfully amused glance at her face, he lowered his head to her and she moaned through bitten lips, as Bardock drew his tongue along the length of her entrance.  She arched and groaned under him as he slowly drew her arousal into his mouth, his tongue flickering out a gentle, damp tattoo over her.
  His hand left her mouth and stroked its way down to play with her breasts, while the other hand, and his mouth toyed with the centre of her pleasure.  Slowly, he pushed two fingers deep into her wet sex, and caressed the slick silken walls inside of her.  When they found what he was searching for, she cried out and arched off the bed.
  "There you are…" He murmured against her.  The movements of his fingers became firmer and quicker as he stimulated the sensitive spot.  He sucked harder on her swollen clitoris, his tongue flickering over it with snake-like dexterity.  She came violently, her juices dripping freely from her body.  Bardock eagerly drank down her sweet sticky nectar before raising his body above hers, and softly rubbing the swollen tip of his erection against her over-stimulated bud.
  "What should I do next?"  He purred huskily against her cheek.
  She brought her heels up to his buttocks, and thrust her hips upward, trying to guide his engorged manhood into her desperately waiting body.
  "Ah, ah, ah."  He chastised lightly, clamping one arm across her hips, preventing any further attempts to draw him into her. He grinned down at her, as he slowly inserted just the head of his shaft into her entrance.  He moved excruciatingly slowly, tiny little thrusts tormenting her beyond endurance.  His deep, black eyes met hers, and a sadistic smirk crossed his face.  "If you want it, you're going to have to beg me for it."
  "Please."   She whispered desperately, breathlessly, her wide eyes pleading him to relent.
  "Please what?"  He prodded her as he slowly nudged himself a little further into her, smiling at the agonised wail that came from her as he abruptly withdrew almost completely from her encompassing heat.
  "Do it!" she moaned in agonised lust.
  "Say it!" He demanded as he thrust a fraction deeper inside of her.  She whimpered in frustrated protest as he again withheld his wonderful hardness from her  "You've been teasing me for weeks, and I will have retribution.  Beg me for it."  He looked down at her, his serious intent clear.  "If you don't, I swear, I'll walk away now.  It'll cost you more than it does me."  Bardock lowered his head, and ground out,  "Say it.  Beg for it.  Tell me you want me to fuck you."
  "I want you to fuck me," she screamed in his ear.  "I need you to fuck me.  Fast and hard.  Fuck.  Me.  NOW, Saiya-jin!"
  Bardock smirked happily at the forcefulness of her voice.
  "Now, that wasn't so difficult, was it?"  He enquired innocently, his head cocked to one side.  His tail wrapped tightly around her thigh, and she screamed in ecstasy as he plunged up to the hilt into her trembling, aching sheath. 
  Bardock's Saiya-jin instincts took over as soon as he was embedded deep within her silken warmth.  His rhythm was punishingly hard and fast.  One hand rested lightly, threateningly, against her throat as he glared down at her, slaking his lust on her willing body. 
  He thrust into her over and over again; each forceful stab of his hips jolting her entire body and making her cry out as he finally delivered what she so badly needed.  With each powerful stroke he made into her his grip around her throat tightened imperceptibly. The strong pulse of her jugular under his hand, and the sound of her strained breathing increased his pleasure to an unbearable intensity. 
  She squeezed her legs around him tighter.  Her hot inner walls convulsing around him as their sweating bodies stained against each other with frenzied need. Bardock raised his body from her and slipped one hand between them to tease the small bud of flesh that could give her so much delight.  Their cries echoed out as they finally crested together in a hot, enveloping blast of completion.
  He lay panting and trembling on top of her, her legs still wrapped around his waist, his tail lazily stroking her thigh.  He finally rolled off her, and onto his side, pulling her into his chest and stroking her hair.
  "You have 15 minutes of rest time, then we're going again."  He smiled into the top of her head.
  It was about a week later - a week spent in the relentless pursuit of mutual satisfaction - that the planets warrior troops came for him.  Bardock and the alien doctor were laying together in a pleasantly spent stupor, when the door burst open, and he was forcefully wrenched from her arms.  They'd smiled down at her with friendly indulgence, as they handed Bardock his armour, and ordered him to get dressed.
  They'd pushed Bardock out of the room and forced him outside the building.  Immense relief flooded him, as he recognised his crew, among the Saiya-jin troops amassed around the landing site.  They ambled over to greet their comrade.  A grim nod of their heads sufficing as a welcome.  None were willing to show their joy at being reunited in front of these beautiful, strange creatures.
  The Saiya-jin were instructed to leave the planet immediately, with a caustic warning not to be so sure of their strength in the future.  They made their way over to their pods swiftly, gratefully.  As they clambered into them, Toma remarked to his leader that this had been a dreadful experience for them all.  Bardock was secretly glad that the pod hatch easing shut, hid the small smile that he could not keep from his face, as he answered,
Well, there you go - if you liked it, PLEASE leave a comment, let me know that writing it was worth the effort… I don't spend all this time imagining Bardock in the throes of passion for the fun of it you know!!  (Wanders off whistling innocently)

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