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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Title: Adventures in Bansitting
Author: Christina/AquaianGoddess
Rating: PG-13, I guess (GASP! No Porn!)
Pairings: None, really. (Gasp again!)
Summery: During a mission in a science lab, Ban and Ginji get a very nasty surprise. Oh dear.
Warnings: Silliness. Extreme Silliness and Extreme cuteness. Yami no Cameo! Second in the Arc of Cliché.
As always, thank you Sammei for being my beta.
Part 1:
The mission was simple enough. Enter the lab and get back the stolen plans. Easy. Too easy, even, which was why Ban was cursing himself when they encountered a lot more security then they expected.  Ban threw them left and right, never realizing when he stepped inside a circle on the floor.
Ginji was in the upper level, fighting off his own batch of guards as Ban fought below. Neither of them noticed Ban stepping into a circle that a giant gun-like... thing was pointing at. At least, Ginji didn't notice until the guy he punched out landed on a red button. According to Ginji's past experiences, pushing a red button was generally a Bad Idea. The would-be-gun-thing fired just as Ban threw his last opponent out of the circle.
Then the world went dark.
End Part 1
Chapter 2
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