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The Doggie's Whine

A/N: This fic is an entry to the teasing fanfic challenge. Yup, yup! This is the first challenge I'm entering! Challenges…hehe don't ya just LOVE em?! XD Mona is the BEST! Anyway on with the fic.

Pairings: Gureru (aka Tohru x Shigure) although I can't really call it a PAIRING… *wink* You'll see… xD

Disclaimer: Yes…unfortunately I'm not Natsuki Takaya… but if I was, I'd be the creator of Fruits Basket so…I'm not! XD


Tohru hummed to herself, gathering the sheets from the laundry. It was such a beautiful spring day! All the birds were whistling, all the flowers were bloomed and brighter than ever, all the clouds were away, the sun was bright, the house keeper was giggling.

"Eh!?" Tohru blinked.

"Shigure-san??" She looked back at the house at the window of his study. Ok, it wasn't uncommon to hear the older man giggle but no one was home. Kyou was having lunch with Kazuma-san, and Yuki was tending to his precious fruit and vegetable patch. Was Shigure looking on those funny websites that must have had funny jokes on? (A/N: Yes of course…joke sites…*evil snicker*)

Tohru shrugged it off and got back to work. She continued to hum to herself happily, watching a white butterfly flutter past, which caught her attention. She smiled.

Her eyes shot open as an alarm went off in her head. Shigure sounded like he was in pain! He's in PAIN!

Tohru immediately dashed back into the house and rushed directly to Shigure's study. She stopped, thinking about knocking but the moaning sounds had gotten louder, much louder! If he was in pain, how could he possibly talk?

"Shigure-san!!" Tohru called in panic as she burst through the door, only to freeze in her spot.

Shigure looked up at her, his eyes wide, a subtle flush across his cheeks, his bangs a little damp and more importantly, his robes were wide open, including around his more private area. And not only that, but he was holding himself in his hand!

"WAHHHH!" Tohru flushed completely crimson to an almost purple color. She drifted away, bowing low continuously.

"Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai! Gomen-"


"E-Ehh?" She opened her eyes, only to blush brilliantly again and spin around to face away.

"Gomen nasai! Gomen nasai!!! Gomen--"

"Tohru-kun" Shigure said again, trying to keep a casual tone to his voice.

"H-hai?" She asked, not foolish enough to turn around this time.

"W-w-would you mind…helping me with something…onegai?"

"H-hai! Of course! What would you like? Would you like some tea? Or something to eat? Or some clean clothes ah, ano! I mean uh…some clean sheets? IIE! Ano-Gomen nasai! Ah, ano one of your books? Ano--"

"Iie" Shigure panted. Tohru was simply too innocent. This will take way too long. But then again, innocence can always be taken for advantage!

"Tohru-kun, come here…onegai"


"I just want you to do something…for me…"


"It's ok to look at me. I won't be offended. In fact, look at me all you like!" He said in a flirty tone.

"Ah-a-ano…h-h-hai…" She turned around, blushing. She walked around his desk, helplessly being distracted by the male organ in his grasp. She kicked the leg of the table with her bare foot.

"IIIIITE!" she groaned, falling to one knee to rub the throbbing sore toes.

The new view played a teasing sight to the Inu's eyes and mind. He got a perfect view of her innocent white cotton underwear, which was tightly clinging to her womanhood.

"Ah, Tohru-kun!" Shigure called, feeling a demanding throb of his swollen organ.

"Ah, h-hai!?" She rushed to his side on her knees. She looked up at him with concerned eyes.

"What is it, Shigure-san?! What do you want?!!"

"Ah…your hand…onegai, lend me your hand…"

"Ano…" Tohru looked at her hand, which she held up in front of her face. She blinked.

"Gomen nasai, Shigure-san. I can't take it off"

"Iie!" He reached forward and grabbed her wrist, quickly loosing his patience in such a demanding situation.

Tohru gasped in surprise and shock as she felt Shigure's large, warm and somewhat sweaty hand pull hers down and against his solid member.

He sucked in a breath through gritted teeth at the sudden feeling of her cold hands against his burning organ.

"Sh-Shi-Shigure-san" Tohru stuttered, wide-eyed.

"Onegai…rub me"


"R-rub…me…" he placed his hand over hers and moved it up and down, fast. Once Tohru seemed to get the idea, she did as she was directed to do.

Shigure moaned and panted, falling back slightly and propping himself up by his elbows.

"Ah, Gomen nasai, Shigure-san! Am I hurting you?!"

She stopped…again!

"I-Iie! C-carry on! F-faster!"

Tohru gulped and moved her hand, flat-palmed up and down his length. She was a little surprised about how it felt. It looked so rough but it felt so soft, but hard underneath.

Tohru winced a little.

"Sh-Shigure-san, can I please wrap my fingers around your…ano…your thing? I'm getting a cramp"

"Hai! Onegai!" he pleaded. Tohru looked confused but shrugged it off and did it anyway.

"Ah! Oh god, harder! Faster! Tohru-kuuun!" he moaned and shuddered at the feeling. He was so close…so incredibly close!

"Oh, Shigure-san, I think you got something on you…here" she brushed her fingers against his balls.

"Oh no, my mistake"


"N-Nani?!" she winced. He didn't have to yell!

"Do that…again! Now! ONEGAI!"

Tohru reached for the soft flesh again.

"Honda-san?!" Yuki called, "I'm back"

"Oyyy! Tohru! I'm hungry!"

"Coming!!!" Tohru jumped to her feet,

"I'll finish this later, Shigure-san!" She said happily, "I have to finish dinner!" she rushed out.

"Ahhhhhh! Whyyyyyy?!" he whined.

"Oy! Be quiet Shigure! You're not in your Inu form so stop whining like one!" Kyou yelled.

"Oh, Shigure asked me to do him a favor! But I'll do this first! Can't let hungry stomachs wait too long!" Tohru giggled.

The End.


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