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Dominate Me

Seto looked down at the clouds. The blimp was traveling to KaibaCorp island for the final duel of the Battle City finals. His arms were crossed and his eyes narrowed, determined to win and prove to himself and the world that he was a much better duelist than Yugi could ever be.

"I have to get my hands on all three Egyptian God Cards! Then I will be unstoppable! Nobody will ever defeat me and I will reclaim the honor of being the best duelist in the world!"

Seto reached down and poured himself a glass of brandy. "I'll show Yugi nobody makes a chump out of Seto Kaiba!"

Seto gulped down the glass quickly. "I'll make Yugi pay once and for all!"

The CEO turned as he heard the doorknob to his room being turned. Maybe it was Mokuba with another bad dream. Mokuba always ran to him when he had a nightmare.

In the room stood Yami Marik with a grin plastered on his maniacal face.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

Marik laughed. "This saves times. Besides, I have an offer you can't refuse."

Seto put down his glass of brandy. "What do you have that I could possibly want?"

"Let's not jump ahead of ourselves, High Priest."

Seto narrowed his eyes. "I'm not the High Priest! I don't believe in all those lies Isis told me!"

Marik advanced. "They were not lies, Seto Kaiba. I know you are looking to attain the three Egyptian God Cards. I also know of your desire to defeat the pharaoh in the Battle City finals."

The CEO growled. "How did you know?"

"I know all. I see all, Seto. I know you want the power of the gods. Who wouldn't? The duelist who possesses all three will be more powerful than a god. He or she would be ruler of the entire world. A person could rule the world with fear as his scepter. We are more alike than you think, Kaiba, you and I."

"I am nothing like you!"

Marik chuckled. "Oh, really? I want the unlimited power of the pharaoh's Puzzle. You want the unlimited power of the Egyptian God Cards. Both of us want to defeat the pharaoh at his own game. You want to see him crumble in defeat. I want to see Pharaoh Yami destroyed. Both of us want the power of the gods! We are alike, Kaiba. When I look at you, I see myself. Ambitious. Proud. Powerful. Sexy."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow at the last description. "What did you call me? Did you just call me sexy?"

Marik laughed. "Yes, I did, High Priest."

Seto smirked. "Oh, really? What do you intend on doing about it?"

Marik waved his hand casually. "I will discuss that in time. But now, am I right in saying that you are willing to do anything to get those Egyptian God Cards?"

"I would do anything to get my hands on those cards! I have to reclaim my title as the number one duelist in the world!"

The yami nodded. "Okay, Kaiba. Then, why don't we make a pact? A deal?"

"What kind of deal?"

"You help me get Slyfer the Sky Dragon from the pharaoh. I will help you. You help me get Slyfer and after the finals, I will give you the Winged Dragon of Ra."

Seto laughed. "You mean you're just going to slap it into my hand?"

Marik raised an eyebrow. "You'd like it if I'd just slap it into your hand, Kaiba. What if I slapped something else into your hand?"

The CEO chuckled. "I wouldn't complain."

"Oh, really, Kaiba? Hmm…well, I will give you the Winged Dragon of Ra if you will help me destroy the pharaoh. We both will get what we want. You will regain your title and I will have the power of the pharaoh. We'll both reach our goals."

"So, what do I have to do to help you?"

"Just help me beat the pharaoh. And I will give you what you want more than anything else in the world."

Seto grinned. "And what would that be?"

Marik pulled Seto against him. "Me."

The CEO laughed. "What makes you think I want you more than anything else in the world?"

"I can make your every dream and fantasy come true."

"What would you know about my fantasies?"

Marik chuckled. "You are a lonely man, Kaiba. You try to dominate everyone you see by the way you carry yourself and by the way you talk to others. You seem so strong and confident. Don't you get tired of always trying to be the one in control?"

Seto gripped onto the yami's bare arms tightly. "How the hell would you know?"

"Don't you wish that someone would take away that need to be in control? Don't you wish for other people to control you every now and then? Have you ever let anyone take that control from you, Kaiba?"

Seto narrowed his eyes. "Once. But, I tossed him out of a window."

"Don't you wish that someone would dominate you….even if it was just once?" Marik leaned into Kaiba, stopping inches from the CEO's lips. "What about it, Kaiba? Do we have a deal? You want to be dominated. I can be the one to do it for you. What do you say?"

"Do you promise to keep your word?"

"I promise on my Millennium Rod to keep my word." Marik leaned in and took possession of Seto's lips. Seto felt Marik's tongue burst through the barriers and explore the inner depths of his mouth. Seto moaned as the Spirit of the Millennium Rod pressed himself against him.

Marik's hand reached for Seto's jacket and peeled it off of him. Seto reached behind him and removed his locket containing Mokuba's picture. Seto placed the locket on the glass table beside him. Marik removed Seto's belt.

Marik removed the dagger from the Millennium Rod and pulled back from the kiss. He cut Seto's shirt and ripped it off of him savagely.

"Hey! I needed that shirt!"

"You've got more where that came from, Rich-Boy!"

Marik leaned down and took Seto's right nipple between his lips, sucking and nipping on the budding flesh. The CEO's thick fingers buried themselves into the blond spiky hair.

Marik pulled back and grabbed Seto's wrist, pulling him into the bedroom. Marik pushed Seto back on the bed. The yami grabbed the curtain cords which were made of a soft material and bound Seto's wrists to the bed.

The yami removed his shirt and his belt. He removed his pants and his boots. Marik stood naked, his arousal already weeping from the sight of the shirtless, bound CEO on the bed.

"Now we can get this party started, Kaiba."

Marik placed himself beside Kaiba and stroked the bulge between the CEO's legs. Kaiba groaned as he moved himself into the cupped hand grabbing onto him.

"Anxious, are we? Are we enjoying ourselves?"

Seto turned his head, panting heavily as Marik started kneading his arousal beneath the fabric. "Marik….please."

"The great High Priest begs for more so soon? I'm afraid not, Kaiba."

Marik's hand left Kaiba and he laid on top of the CEO, grinding himself into the brunet. "I'm enjoying just having a little fun with you."

Marik possessed Seto's mouth again. Seto continued to thrust up against the body above him. "You're enjoying yourself, Kaiba. I like that. Do you want me?"


"Do you want me?" Marik growled, taking a handful of brown hair into his fist.


Marik grinned. "What do you want?"

"Dominate me."

Marik chuckled, releasing the brown hair and sitting up. He removed Seto's belt and pulled his pants off of his body. Seto's erection stood almost firm. The organ twitched and throbbed with more desired contact.

"You want to be dominated, Kaiba? I can certainly do that for you. Let's not forget who the master is here." Marik grabbed the belt.

The yami smiled as he whacked the leather belt across Seto's chest. Seto arched his back and moaned in pleasure.
"So, mighty CEO Seto Kaiba enjoys pain, does he?"

Marik slapped the belt against Kaiba's chest again and watched the brunet's organ swell.

Marik grinned, pinching one of his own nipples and twisting it in pleasure. "Seto…you're not the only one who enjoys pain."

Marik slapped Seto again with the belt, seeing the red marks appear on Seto's skin. The brunet moaned as his hips began to shift uncomfortably, searching desperately for something to rub against.

Marik dropped the belt, wrapping his hand around his arousal. Seto watched as Marik touched himself. "Gods…..get over here!"

"What's the matter, Kaiba? Uh…gods…..The show is too much for you?"

The blue eyes watched as the yami thrust into his own grip, squeezing himself tightly. Seto watched, thrusting into nothingness above him, wishing he could touch himself.

When Marik was about to come, he stopped stroking himself.

"Why did you do that?"

"I'm not done with you yet."

Marik disappeared and returned with ice cubes. The yami placed an ice cube on Seto's red chest. Seto let out a muffled scream as the coldness spread over the hotness on his chest. The ice cold water trickled down Seto's chest and onto the sheets below him. Marik took an ice cube and put it into his mouth. With one swift motion, he took Seto's arousal into his mouth.

"Oh Gods!" Seto almost screamed as the ice cold hit his manhood. Marik rolled the ice cube around the head of Seto's penis. Seto grabbed the cords binding his wrists and thrust into the combination of warm and cold above him.

Marik let the ice cube melt and swallowed the ice cold water. As he swallowed the cold water, he sucked greedily on Seto's manhood.

Marik held down the brunet's hips as the CEO tried to bury himself into the canyon above him. As Marik worked faster, Seto arched himself and writhed under the yami's touch.

Marik pulled back, making the sapphire-eyed teen growl.

Marik went into the bathroom and came out with lotion. "This will have to do."

Marik coated two fingers with the lotion and resumed his position. He gave Seto a long, slow lick up Seto's length as he slipped a finger beyond the protective wall of Seto's entrance.


Seto felt his muscles stretch and his body strain as the finger invaded him. Another finger joined its counterpart and Marik stretched the entrance further.

Marik chuckled. "So tight and hot, Kaiba."

Seto felt Marik bury himself deeper. A stroke of his prostate gland made him almost bring his hips off the bed completely.

Marik kissed down to the twin mounds at Kaiba's base. Marik licked the globes, taking one into his mouth at a time and sucking on them.

Seto gripped the cords and panted heavily. His skin was becoming hot and his eyes were glazed over with pure animalistic lust.

"What do you want, Kaiba?" Marik said positioning himself at Kaiba's entrance.

"Fuck me, Marik! Please!"

Marik grinned as he embedded himself into Seto's body with a single thrust. Seto thrust up against the body on top of him.

"Dominate me."

Marik started moving within the body below him, slamming his hips against the CEO's body. Seto's face was covered in a film of sweat, his body trembling with lust and desire.

Marik reached down and lifted one of Kaiba's legs slightly. He put Kaiba's leg over his shoulder and slammed into Seto harder.

Seto arched his back as Marik slammed against his prostate. "Marik…..touch me…please.."

Marik grinned. "No. I'll do so when I am ready!"

Marik pounded into Seto's body, the mattress creaking against the weight of the two boys. The blond yami growled, his body shaking with his impending orgasm.

Seto's body shuddered every time Marik slammed into his body. Both boys gave simultaneous moans of pleasure, their naked bodies writhing and thrusting against each other.

Their bodies covered in dripping sweat as their bodies fell over the edge of orgasmic bliss.

Marik reached down and grabbed Seto's manhood, pumping it frantically. Seto buried himself deeper into the grasp above him as his released erupted over Marik's hand. Marik grabbed Seto's hips and pulled his hips against him.

The blond yami spilled himself deep into the brunet's body.

Seto's leg fell limp on the bed, his body shuddering with his orgasm and his body twitching. Marik removed himself from Seto, the last of his release spilling onto the body below him.

Marik stood up and wiped the white sheets against his weeping, limp sex. "Did you enjoy your little domination session, Seto?"

"Yes…I did. Don't you dare tell anyone about this!"

"My lips are sealed, Kaiba. Will you help me get the pharaoh's power?"

Seto nodded. "I will."

"Good." Marik quickly dressed and used the dagger in the Millennium Rod to cut through the ropes. "Then we have a deal."

Seto sat up rubbing his wrists. "I will help you, Marik."

Marik smiled. "Good. Get some rest, Kaiba. You'll need it for tomorrow."

Marik left and Seto grinned.

"I will at last become the champion of Duel Monsters! I won't let anyone stand in my way of getting all three Egyptian God Cards! Then I'll be the most powerful duelist in the world!"

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