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Hentai: Sonic.

Author's Note: Okay, I'm just seeing how well I do here. are idiots who have fascist single mother period moods and can't tolerate any hentai, so I posted it here. This fic WILL have straight, yaoi and yuri, so if you can't stand that stuff, don't bother reading it.


Couple (for this chapter): ShadRouge/Shadouge/Shadow x Rouge.


START THE DAMN STORY, BITCH!111 (it's during Sonic Adventure 2, by the way).


Shadow was sad. Thinking of Maria again. He always did.

"Why so melancholy?" The busty bat said, shaking her hips provocatively.

"None of your concern, bat-girl." Shadow merely answered. Rouge always thought Shadow was in some kind of mood. That way she liked. He was an easy target for her teasing.

"Oh, really? Funnily enough I thought I was part of the plan." The bat batted her eyelashes like some kind of model. Sadly, anthropomorphic creatures never made it into the modelling business, so that was one of the reasons why Rouge was actually a thief.

"Shouldn't you find somewhere to sleep around here? I thought that cursed planet of yours is in it's night." Shadow shifted his crimson eyes to Rouge, who was ignoring, as usual. "Hmmm?" The hedgehog added, trying to catch her attention.

"Oh. But you forget Shadow, I'm nocturnal." Rouge smirked. She was winding Shadow up, again.

"But you haven't slept in the day-time, either." Shadow was actually catching on to Rouge's game. The bat knew her little tease-chance was over by now. She'd get him back later.

Rouge sighed. "Fine." It seemed now that Rouge was the annoyed one. "Is there anywhere to sleep in this dump?"

"Obviously, bat-girl. This place was habited by three hund-" interrupted.

"Please, skip the details. I'm not in the mood for chit-chat right now." Rouge said, still partially annoyed that Shadow could outsmart her.

"Come this way." Shadow grumpily muttered. He led Rouge down the hallway, passing.

Rouge took time to stare at some of the ARK's technical features, while walk-- *cough*-- strutting, of course.

Shadow did like to glance back a few times. Of course, he disliked the bat-girl, but she did have a certain aura around her that made her seem approachable. Shadow stopped.

Rouge did as well, and Shadow guided her in the small, cabin-like room that seemed to be quite nice and cosy actually. Well, in Rouge's definition anyway.

"Don't touch any of the things in here. And DON'T you dare think of stealing, bat-girl." Shadow commanded. He knew Rouge wouldn't really obey his orders. She never did.

"Okay, miss. OOPSIMEANSIR!!" Rouge smirked. Shadow gave a slight growl and slammed the door. Rouge slumped her shoulders and rolled her eyes. She saw a photograph. It was quite old, judging by the looks of it, since it had grey colour.

A blonde girl was holding the hand of what looked like a younger Shadow.

"Weird. God, what am I thinking?! This whole damn place is fucking weird." Rouge commented to herself. If it weren't for these comments she'd be insane by now.

Rouge sighed and put the photo down. She gently lay herself on her bed. She took off her trademark cat-suit and boots, not knowing half the time EVERYTHING she did, even to herself, was sexy. She sprawled her body out on the bed, in a star formation. ARK was hot, so she was sweating a little.

"Ugh..." Rouge silently murmured. Suddenly, the door burst open!

Shadow's eyes bulged. What he saw was straight up Rouge's panties. Rouge gasped and since there was nothing to shield his eyes or her body with. CRAP, she thought. Shadow just stood there, gawping in a complete mix or astonishment and embarrassment. Rouge blushed, her cheeks going the colour that matched her name.

Then, to both their surprises.. Shadow gained an erection. It poked out of his slim body. Shadow didn't know what to make of it, since he'd never actually gotten one before. Rouge, however, was gaining a TEMPER to match with her name.

"Pervert!!" Rouge squeaked. Shadow didn't know what to make of anything at the moment, especially since he didn't know why the thing that he used to pee was suddenly sticking out of his ebony fur. Both remained silent for about five seconds.

"God, you don't know what's happening, do you Shadow?" Rouge inquisitively looked at the thing peeping out. It was BIG. Not the biggest one she'd seen, but it stood at seven inches, and that was a lot for an anthropomorph. She hated to admit it, even in her mind, but she could feel herself getting very wet and to an extent, horny.

"No. What is so fascinating?" Rouge got up, and closed the door behind Shadow. "What, may I ask, are you doing?" Shadow asked, annoyed to some extent by the curiosity that he had about this.

"Shadow, did you know, that, with your sticking out thing, or your penis, as most people refer it to be, you can have pleasure?" Rouge's magenta coloured lips grew into a smirk. She was getting sexually excited again, even with Shadow, of all people.

"Somebody told me my penis can impregnate other things. I don't want to do that." Shadow 'hmmphed'.

"Please, Shadow, do this for me, you won't impregnate me, I promise.." Rouge wanted sex. She wanted it now.

Shadow didn't know what to do. He didn't trust Rouge, but his penis liked the word 'sex'. He sighed. "Fine, do what you want with me."

"Shadow.." Rouge took off her clothes, sexily. Her pussy was very wet, and this turned Shadow on even more. " have to put your penis in my vagina and penetrate." The bat said, pointing to her *ahem* area.

The hedgehog followed orders and both lay out on the bed, and he slowly put his dick in her. Rouge moaned and raised her legs gently, she had a craving for sex as much as jewels. "Let's see if you can ultimately cum.. Shadow..", the bat murmured as he

started to pump her. Shadow loved the feeling that his testicles were rubbing with Rouge's pussy. His dick was starting to feel it too, and Shadow liked it.

She moaned again, all the time. The hedgehog seemed to naturally know what to do, so he started to lick her nipples. Rouge gasped. Shadow went quite fast when he sexed her, adding to Rouge's amounting pleasure, her pussy was so sexually active now. Shadow could feel his dick going in and out, and it felt so perfect, even when Rouge was tight around his penis, which was occasional. Rouge loved this, panting and yelping. Shadow felt himself get a funny feeling in his pelvis, like it was jumping and he gasped, he saw come clear liquid come out. "Huh? What is this liquid?" Rouge rolled her eyes.

"Pre-cum. Don't stop." Shadow continued and Rouge moaned again, except now Shadow was licking Rouge's neck almost affectionately. Shadow now started to murmur. "Oh Shadow.. AH AH AH!!" Rouge felt herself ready to embrace the feeling she and probably Shadow were going to get. The ebony hedgehog ignored her shouting feelings, and murmured loud himself as he felt that huge feeling again. Both started to feel it in unison.

Shadow stopped licking Rouge and closed his eyes as he had his orgasm. Rouge did too. The white liquid sprayed onto both their genitals. Both panted and Shadow fell off the bed!! Rouge smirked. "You like that, Shadow? Let's do it again, sometime."

"Yes. Bat-girl, you are good." Rouge smiled.

"I know. You owe an emerald for your virginity."

Shadow frowned.


Crap or what?

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