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Volume 26 - Dragon Quest 6 - Happy Humming

"All right!" Rand thought, springing to his feet the moment his
friend was out of sight. "With the Elder sending Erdrick all the way to
Shiena, he probably won't get back until well after dark..."

After casting a quick look over his shoulder to make sure he was
indeed alone, the blonde boy allowed himself a broad smile. "Which
means..." he continued aloud, wringing his hands in anticipation. "Me
and Tania have the afternoon all to ourselves!"


Bolting back across the hilltop where his hometown was perched,
Rand slipped into Lifecod completely undetected. He knew his father
would be looking for him, having blown off all his chores that morning,
but the prospect of some time alone with Erdrick's younger sister was
too exciting to be eclipsed by any later punishment.

Down the worn path between the silk workshop and barn, then past
the well and item salesman, he made his way quickly to the small home
perched at the edge of the cliff. With the concealing shade of the
elder's house aiding the troublemaker's entry, he slipped inside before
anyone even noticed.

"Rand!" Tania exclaimed, lighting up the instant her boyfriend
entered. The fair-haired youth was panting and red in the face from so
much running, but the overwhelming desire which seemed to emanate from
his girl's entire radiant form made such burdens light. Every heaving
breath seemed to strengthen his manhood in preparation for the rare and
wonderful things to come.

"It's been so long..." he said breathlessly, striding over to where
she stood and taking the blue-maned female into his arms. They kissed
ravenously for a few minutes, Tania opening her mouth to let his tongue
explore without any coercion. Sounds of wet lapping and furious groping
filled the small chamber until the two lovers reluctantly broke apart,
both now flushed and aroused.

"Want to celebrate with something... special to remember?" Rand
asked politely, pressing his crotch into hers with a pleading, but
gentle, tone.

"No..." Tania responded meekly, turning her head away as she spoke.
"I know, I know..." the disappointed male went on, brushing her
long hair with a stray hand. "You're still not ready."

"You know I can't... do it... until I'm really sure." she continued
uneasily, slowly building up the courage to firmly deny him full-on
unprotected sex.

"But I had to try..." Rand responded with a wink, cupping one of
her breasts slyly as he guided his tongue into her mouth. The rush of
erotic gratification seemed to dissipate the black cloud that had
entered the room upon his rude inquiry, allowing the fair damsel to
melt in his arms once again.

"Thanks for being so understanding..." Tania finished, parting lips
to look her love directly in the eyes.

"And I know when it's time, I'll get to enjoy the hottest box in
the whole town!" Rand added raucously, teasing her by slipping a hand
between her legs and fingering her sensitive nub through the light
dress. Tania blushed furiously at the remark, but was swiftly carried
away to the bed before she could think to chastise him.


"I can see you've been waiting..." she announced, getting down on
her knees in front of him. Both could clearly see the sizeable bulge in
the blonde's white trousers, pointing at Tania as if cognizant of the
exquisite treatment about to be received. Giggling slightly, she tugged
gingerly at the waistband until it began to slide down, letting out a
gasp of surprise when the long shaft finally came into view.

"Goodness!" she exclaimed in mock surprise, both blue eyes watching
with fascination as the stiff rod bobbed lazily. "You really are horny!
Whatever did you do before you had me to take care of this?"

"Dreamed..." Rand said slowly, gazing into Tania's lovely irises.

"You're lucky to have me then!" she shot back gleefully, grabbing
his rod without wasting another second. He shuddered as her warm hand
engulfed his tool, then again when she immediately gave it a long lick
from top to bottom.

"Uhhhh... that's great, Tania..." Rand groaned approvingly, having
to resist the great urge to caress the back of her head as she fellated
him. He knew she preferred to go at her own pace, and would see that as
a selfish gesture regardless of how gentle.

As if approving of his restraint, the svelte teenager skipped
straight ahead to the final step. Pursing her lips ever-so-delectably,
she took as much of the fleshy pole as she dared, slurping loudly as it
entered the wet cavern past her lips.

Blinded by lust, Rand inhaled sharply as his girlfriend started
blowing him. The luscious sensations of her skilled tongue gliding over
his cock were too much to experience with eyes open, so he shut them
and leaned back on his arms. Tania only stove harder upon realizing the
effects of her ministrations, fisting the base of his prick as she
continued to suck.

Rand groaned dramatically as his girl's expertise quickly brought
him to the brink. He brought his hands to her shoulders, massaging them
so that Tania would know the time had come. She continued to go down on
him, however, as if oblivious to the thought that her orifice would
soon be full of white cream.

Just before climax, the blue-haired vixen pulled away, still
furiously jerking the shaft with an eager hand. Opening wide in smile,
she joyfully coaxed his sperm into her waiting mouth, eyes fluttering
at the sight of her partner's elated expression.

When the last of his seed was drained, Tania licked her lips to
clear away any errant squirts, then allowed the deflated tool to sink
back into Rand's lap. As he lay near-exhausted, she stood up, eager as
ever now that it was her turn.


Her lover slowly rose slowly -- tired, but more than willing to
reciprocate. He smiled giddily at her excited face, wanting to make a
move, but also delighted to simply stare, knowing he had permission to
bond so intimately and completely with such a beauty.

At last approaching and undoing his partner's belt with casual
ease, Rand leaned in and deftly kissed Tania's neck, easing open her
green dress amidst the distraction. As the silky material fell away to
the floor, he went in for the kill, lowering his probing lips until
they danced across her flushed chest.

The young female swooned at the treatment, allowing herself to be
turned around and gently lowered to the bed. Her bare back touched the
mattress, and expert fingers worked underneath to undo the brassiere
catch in a swift stroke. She gasped upon feeling the cool mountain air
caressing her small orbs, wondering if he would spend any time feasting
on the pert nipples.

Rand, however, wanted to bring his mate to a quaking orgasm just as
quickly and explosively as he had just received. Before she even
realized he had moved down below, her panties were gliding blissfully
off, revealing a truly delicate slit crowned at the top with a generous
tuft of bright, blue pubic hair.

Tania was shocked back to awareness by the sound of her own moans,
followed right after by a warm lapping at her most private of areas.
Instinctively, she tensed up, drawing her knees up and cupping her
breasts. This gave Rand much better access to her dripping honeypot,
and he took advantage of it without delay.

His tongue alternated between long licks up and down the length of
her pink crack and deep stabs inside the musky canal. Each minute trace
of contact between them exploded like a thousand fireworks in Tania's
sensitive loins, and in no time she was exuberantly spreading her legs
wider to give him even more room to work. And, in tune with each
lecherous moan, her quim was thrust forth in a desperate attempt to
increase the wonderful feelings that were rapidly enveloping her.

Slender fingers already massaging each of her twin mounds in turn,
the svelte girl let her free hand drift lazily to the cleft between her
legs, effortlessly diddling her reddened button. Rand appreciated the
assistance, knowing Tania was quite adept at bringing herself off, but
also secure in the knowledge that he could bring her to a creaming mess
with no help whatsoever.

The dual arousal quickly sent her screaming over the edge, pinching
her clitoris between her fingers and uncontrollably frigging the tender
nub as she came. Her blonde suitor gladly picked up the pace as the
trickle of fluid from her sacred passage increased to a gushing flow,
consuming the scented juice in earnest until she was finished. Once
spent, Tania lay still and whimpered as Rand continued to clean her up,
sparks smoldering within as the last vestiges of heaven faded away.

Dazed and sated from coming so hard, she closed her eyes and began
to nod off, secure enough to drift away in an unclothed state. Little
did the young girl know, however, that the sight of her defenseless
cunny was finally about to push Rand over the edge.


Her blonde mate was ill-equipped to resist the temptation long. As
his beloved dozed, he couldn't help but gaze at her wet, exposed pussy.
It was the most inviting gift he had ever beheld, messily leaking warm
juice and the intoxicating scent that always drove him wild. He thought
momentarily about waking her up with a second tongue-induced orgasm and
gleefully slurping up every drop of lubrication, but was then struck by
another fascinatingly alluring idea.

For a long time, he had dreamed of the day when Tania would blush
and open her legs wide to ask him to make her a woman. He had imagined
her vice-like channel caressing his cock as he took her virginity, and
desperately wanted to be the first to come inside the beautiful maiden.
As his mind extolled the possibilities for their first truly intimate
interlude, his cock began to grow to its usual aroused length, as if
tempting him to make that final plunge.

Knowing that his girl was opposed to losing her chastity yet was
the only thing that kept Rand from enthusiastically having vigorous sex
with her every time the gentle woman passed out from coming. He desired
nothing in the world more than to make love to her, but had so far
contended himself with merely enjoying the pleasures of her mouth.

Now, however, he was filled with a sudden wicked desire to take her
right there -- to hold her close and keep thrusting inside her tender
passage until they were both leaking sticky goo. Even though he cared
very deeply for her, the urge was simply too strong to refuse. He gazed
one last time at her pristine slit, knowing he would be the last to see
it so, and made his move.

Standing up once again, Rand pulled Tania's arms from her chest and
placed them on her knees. With legs wide open, she looked perfectly
willing to accept some hard cock, and her partner was more than ready
to take up the offer. Grinning broadly and blinded by lust, he grabbed
his tool and placed it at the entrance to her blue-framed flower,
trembling as the small ring of flesh engulfed his tool.

Tania stirred slightly at the feeling of something large and meaty
poking her sensitive hole. Her eyes opened again in tandem with the
fleshy tip spearing her vagina, and a look of shock quickly spread
across her face. "Nooooo..." she moaned halfheartedly, shuddering as
the crown passed entirely into her body. "Not... yet..."

Far from conscious enough to hear her pleas, however, Rand pushed
forward into her tight depths, grunting as his shaft was accommodated
by Tania's womanly chamber. She wailed in despair once again as he sank
another inch inside, gripping the sides of her mattress to prepare
herself for the invasion, but Rand seemed able to hold out and enjoy
the sensations rather than immediately ramming his pole in all the way.

Mewing softly as tip was repeatedly thrust into her sopping hole,
Tania held her thighs open even further, resigned to the fact that she
was going to have sex. Her confining passage was stretching open in
tune with each insistent push and causing Rand to venture even deeper
inside from the anticipation of popping her cherry. The delirious male
was nearly that far enough within when his bedmate brightened up
suddenly upon seeing a familiar figure appear in the doorway.

"Erdrick!" she called out joyously, feeling the pressure in her
belly loosen as Rand realized he was totally busted. Pulling out, the
overzealous teen tried to pull his trousers up in time before the
intruder realized what was going on. A swift blow to the chest, though,
assured him that Tania's brother was quite aware of his sister's
imminent violation.

Struggling to collect himself, Rand staggered towards the table as
Erdrick's swinging foot struck his behind with vindictive force. He
sailed through the air, sprawling on the table before dodging a vicious
elbow-smash that landed soundly on the wooden surface. Finally able to
master the wearing of pants, the interloper slipped away and bolted for
a nearby window. Barely making an escape, he leaped through the opening
right before another swipe sliced the air behind him.


"Oh my..." Tania exclaimed breathlessly, shamelessly probing her
womanhood in front of her brother as he drew closer. "He almost found
out this time..."

"You tease him too much..." Erdrick replied dryly, trying to hold a
strict face in front of his sister, but failing utterly at the merest
glance towards her plainly visible privates. His demeanor softened,
just as Tania expected, and the slender girl rose up to approach him
wearing only a gold bangle in her hair and small pendant between her
creamy breasts.

"Don't worry, I know you're the only one for me..." she whispered
in his ear, revealing Lifecod's most carefully guarded secret. Batting
her eyelashes, Tania looked deeply into her sibling's eyes and placed
her hands on her shoulders. "Well..." she asked innocently. "What are
you going to do now?"

Erdrick grabbed her by the waist, rubbing noses affectionately
before replying. "Make love to you, of course..." he replied raspingly,
grinning broadly as he pushed her onto the bed.

Tania squealed in delight as she crashed to the cool sheets, thighs
popping open to reveal the pink slot which Rand so coveted. Her brother
undressed rapidly, hungrily eyeing his naked sister while clothing
scattered every which way. The lustful maiden cooed delightedly,
teasing him by shoving a small finger up her hole while he watched.
When Erdrick finally closed in, holding his beau's legs apart while
letting his dick slap playfully against her twat, she pulled the wet
digit out of her hole and pressed it gently between his lips.

As he sucked the musky scent from her hand, the blue-haired teen
pushed forward, embedding his cock well inside Tania's glistening
opening and past the remnants of her maidenhead that he had taken years
ago. Having fucked for years, her passage adjusted to fit his manhood
as a glove, gracefully contorting to caress every inch of filling meat
as it slid all the way in to the hilt.

"Ahh... that feels SO good..." she moaned lustfully, reaching up to
fondle her own breasts. The rocking action caused each mound to bounce
jauntily on its owners chest, allowing Tania to playfully flick the
nipples as they passed between her fingers. Erdrick took note of his
mate's degeneration into a helpless, quivering mass, lying down on top
of her as they coupled to become even closer as one merged being.

Groaning brazenly as her brother's chest began to stimulate her
aureoles as well as her own experienced hand, Tania brought her hands
around Erdrick's back and pulled him tighter to her slick body, the
copious perspiration from their incestuous encounter allowing both
siblings to writhe freely along each other's lubricated flesh.

She let out a gasp of unbridled pleasure as the new perspective
forced the raging spike even deeper into her dripping cunny. Utilizing
the force of gravity, Erdrick was able to sink further into his sister
than before, energetically bouncing into her lap with furious strokes
which sprung tears of happiness from Tania's eyes.

"Faster... please..." she begged, dimly sensing the sheets become
damp under her butt from the fluid leaking from between her legs but
caring only about the explosive orgasm she was about to experience.
"I'm so hot for it..."

More than willing to oblige her, Erdrick increased the tempo of his
pounding rod, stabbing Tania's dripping hole with a fiery intensity
that caused the slender female to buck uncontrollably from such brute
and forceful penetration of her delicate womanhood. Her panting grunts
and wheezing breath became labored and staccato in a shameless display
of unbridled sexual lust, instantly altering her familial lover that
his flesh and blood was nearly at the brink of a forbidden epiphany.

As Tania's lions flared up, surging with feminine warmth, Erdrick
snaked his arms between the mattress and his sweaty partner, hugging
her as tightly as possible as she sailed off the brink into ecstasy.
Crying and screaming at the same time, the beautiful youth let the
sensations carry her away entirely, burying her head into the crook of
her sibling's neck to ride out the orgasmic tide.

"Come in me now..." she begged huskily, sensing the feminine juices
start to flow from her hole. "Shoot it all in me..."

The rapid contractions of Tania's womanly opening as well as her
own lewd commands proved too much for Erdrick to handle, and he began
spewing his own love juices into her young body. His prick released
torrents of hot, white cream easily into her already steamy snatch,
having been denied of the pleasure all day due to the meeting with the
village elder. Each blast of cum seemed to reverberate throughout the
teen's entire nude body, causing her to shudder with glee and delight
each time her womb was deluged with the slick cream.

Writhing and twisting in tune to each other's carnal joy, the pair
rutted together for another few minutes after their peaks subsided,
slowly winding down as they rode out the waves of climax until Tania's
cunny was too sensitive to stand it anymore. Lips trembling, she kissed
Erdrick gently on the cheek to let him know he had done well by her,
then let her head sink onto the soft sheets.


Pulling out of his sister's wet quim was an onerous experience, but
the future adventurer-hero eventually managed to disengage from his
incestuous mate and roll over beside her, taking a bit of time to
collect himself. By the time his heart rate had slowed down, Tania had
already drifted off into a fitful slumber filled with hardcore erotic
imagery. Holding back a smile, he sat up and stood on the solid floor,
still just a bit woozy from the magic effect of sexual intercourse.

As he tucked his spouse into bed, watching with piqued interest as
he legs unconsciously slid back and worth to relish the feeling of
gooey baby-making cream soaking into her fertile cleft, Erdrick's
thoughts slowly shifted to his meeting earlier, and the important task
which had been delegated to him.

The faster he hiked down the mountain and bartered for a good deal
on Lifecod's silks, the faster he would be able to return and give
Tania another magnificent knee-buckler ere nightfall. With any luck,
Rand would be too embarrassed about being caught again to attempt any
hanky-panky, and his younger sis would be ready and waiting by the time
he got back.

As long as nothing along the lines of a destiny-forging odyssey to
Save the World came along, life was looking pretty good.

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