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Like A Dog After A Bone

By: Lara Winner

It was always the worst when Kagome was in heat.

The heady scent of her exotic soaps would mingle with a distinct essence that was purely Kagome and downright distracting. The subtle hint of flowers and futuristic chemicals paled in comparison to the delectable, attention catching, all to arousing smell of rising feminine hormones.

Of course Inuyasha could make it easier on himself and not walk behind the young girl, conveniently downwind. But as soon at the logical thought attempted to cross his mind it was abruptly pushed aside to avoid contemplating. It seemed easier for him to deal with the constantly increasing naughty thoughts that burned into his brain if he could feign innocence and blame his righteous annoyance on Kagome and her normally functioning body.

Suppressing a growl, Inuyasha's breath nearly caught as the wind lifted the obscenely short scrap of green material that she called a skirt. Was that a flash of virginal white panties? This time the growl did reverberate in his throat, low and menacing. The damn bitch would be the death of him, if not by her constant need of protection then from the simple fact that his thinning restraint would earn him enough 'sits' to obliterate him.

If Kagome only knew the thoughts that ran through his head when she worked him up into this state of sexual frustration she would not stop blushing for a year. Even Inuyasha was tempted to blush but the constant semi erection that he concealed in his hakama was far too prominent and uncomfortable to ignore. He grit his teeth.

Yup, that was definitely white underwear.

A nip of guilt forced him to avert his eyes from Kagome trim posterior. Then again, his demonic urges reasoned, it could be Miroku in his position and the bouzu would not be content with just a glimpse. The bastard would want to touch and Inuyasha was not prepared to kill him just yet. Miroku's kaazana did come in handy sometimes. However, no one touched Kagome in that manner and walked away in one piece. He was the only one who would have the privilege.

Like a magnet drawn to finely polished metal, or better yet, a moth drawn to a deceptively dangerous flame, Inuyasha's eyes could not maintain their fixed stare on the muddy trail. Slowly they crept upward taking stock of the innocent vision before him. Mud caked brown loafers, smudged white socks, shapely caves, smooth silky thighs that he itched to run his hands over all they way up to where the little green skirt swished teasingly left to right hiding the source of that enticing scent…

What would Kagome do if he buried his nose between her legs just to breathe his fill of that heavenly scent?

She'd break him in two with the damn prayer beads around his neck, that's what she'd do. Only after ripping off his ears and landing a very hard strategic kick right to his balls. Then if he was lucky she'd 'sit' him a thousand more times and leave him to die.

Nope, no good. He was still aroused and getting harder by the second.

Inuyasha clenched his fists tightly trying to regain control. The rusty odor of his own blood stung his nose to no avail. Even the pain of razor sharp claws digging into his palms failed to quell the reactions of his traitorous body. The instinct to pounce on Kagome and rut with her right there in the middle of the trial was becoming hazardously appealing.

What was so fucking wrong with wanting to have sex with Kagome? It wasn't as if they lacked attraction between them. As a matter of fact Inuyasha knew that if his touch accidentally trailed to high when holding her legs steady on his back then her breath would catch, her body would stiffen, and her normal scent would change becoming tainted with a scent much similar to the one she was emitting now only less predominate.

Somewhere behind that saintly exterior Kagome wanted him. And perhaps she had yet to realize the inevitability of their coupling but with the rate he was heading pretty soon they ether be mated or he would become paraplegic from the neck down.

Even if he couldn't move Kagome could still maneuver by sitting on top…

The vivid mental image of Kagome naked and straddling his waist while rocking back and forth came unbidden to the hanyou's mind and the air rushed from his lungs. The sleek curves of her body were detailed from memory and as his daydream added a soundtrack of soft cries and breathless panting, Inuyasha felt the sweat trickle down his temple.

Now that he was painfully hard and in no way what so ever able to relive himself at the moment he could only bit his lip and reluctantly drag his eyes from Kagome's swaying bottom. From deep within the cool collected voice of his humanity laughed.

Pull yourself together. You're acting like a dog after a bone.

Before he could take refuge in the self-recriminating thought his demonic ego rushed to counter, Shut up! You want her but you're too chicken shit to try so from now on we're gonna try things my way. It's been nearly three years and your still jerking off alone. Even I could do better than that.

Again the cool voice laughed. Really? You think Kagome will appreciate you panting after her like a mindless animal?

This time the response was a barely discernible snarl. That still beats obsessing over her to the point of near idol worship! You did the same thing to Kikyo and look where it got you, the first time she kissed you was after she was dead!

Inuyasha's humanity bristled. That kind of behavior is the reason Kikyo wanted to get rid of you and if you keep this crap up Kagome will do the same! Then how will you take it?

For a moment the instinctive voice wavered but then boasted with its usual arrogance. Kagome is different. I've chosen her to be my mate.

The calm voice merely sighed. At least we agree on something. All I am saying is proceed with caution. There will only be one chance so don't screw it up.

Inuyasha shook his head clearing the voices back into their usual thought pattern. He hated when the neutral area of his mind became a verbal sparring match for the polar opposite demands of his blood. Although both urges had their points. Kikyo appealed to his humanity. Kagome simply appealed to both. And that was making it harder than ever to keep a tight reign on his sexual appetite.

So rutting in the middle of the trail was definitely out of the question.

It was all Kagome's fault, he fumed silently and, for good measure, sent a pouting glare in her direction. Before she had come barging into his life things were simple. Never before had he been plagued with constant states of arousal that could last for days at a time. But even more frustrating was the disturbing problem that she did not have to be in heat to create such havoc in his mind and body. Just the slight unconscious wiggle of her hips when she walked or a glimpse of smooth pale flesh could leave him in worse shape than ever.

Taking small, shallow breaths, Inuyasha bit back a pitiful whine. Her scent continued to surround him like a living entity hacking away at his defenses and making him loose the rigid self discipline he lived by. It was subduing his rational awareness, sabotaging his concentration, even going as far redirecting his train of thought no matter what was on his mind. Even craving for yummy ramen, in his opinion nectar of the Gods, couldn't stand up to his raging hormones.

The erotic picture of handfuls of ramen draped deliciously over Kagome's glistening skin, teasingly covering her breasts practically begging to be eaten up… He licked his lips. Gack! She was even invading his food. Something had to be done.

Hot, horny, and downright miserable, it was a blessing for Inuyasha when Miroku commanded the attention of the group.

"Perhaps we should camp here tonight. There is no way we can reach Kaede's before nightfall and I dare speak for everyone when saying that this last skirmish was quite exhausting."

Inuyasha forcibly jerked his attention the world that existed beyond mysteries hidden beneath Kagome's skirt and glanced about their surrounding surprised to see that the wooded trail had given way to a small, emerald green meadow. His teeth bared in anger at his own blatant preoccupation. It would only put Kagome and the others in more danger if he didn't find a way to overcome the need consuming him. Any manner of demon, even Naraku, could have happened upon them while he was busy fantasizing bout things that were… were… that were too incredibly tempting for words.

It took Inuyasha a moment to realize that the lecherous grin on Miroku's was not because of his proximity to Sango or Kagome but due to the fact that he knew damn well what the frustrated hanyou was thinking and exactly where dog demon's gaze had been fixed for the better part of the day.

If possible the Houshi's smirk grew even wider as he said casually, "There is also a hot spring near here. The thought of a bath is very appealing is it not, Inuyasha?"

"Keh," was all he could bring himself to mutter without turning twenty shades of red at the curious looks directed his way by Kagome and Sango. He folded his arms and glowered.

This was so fucking unfair!

Accepting that notion as the new definition of his situation, hell maybe even his entire life, Inuyasha chanted the words under his breath as one by one the group prepared for the coming night. As was inevitable, thanks to Miroku thoughtfulness, Kagome proclaimed her need for a bath and to punctuate her statement gathered her strange bathing necessities and headed for the water source. Though her scent remained heavy in the air, her absence would allow Inuyasha a slight reprieve and he gave a silent sigh of relief. Of course on second thought, she would be occupied and all alone and naked… He swallowed hard as a sneaky plan developed in his mind.

Granted it was not an original idea, nor was it unsuccessful. Actually spying on Kagome's baths had become a favorite pastime of Inuyasha's. When Sango accompanied her it was a bit more difficult to pull off but it had been done once or twice. But right now she was alone and he could have the view all to himself.

His blood tingled in anticipation. The dull pulsing of his neglected erection almost caused him to wince. Feigning complete guilelessness, he waited until he was sure that Kagome was given enough time to get in the water and settled before rising to his feet.

"I'm going to give the area a once over." He informed his companions briskly and, before they could comment, he cleared the field and was swallowed among the canopy of trees that lined the eastern edge of the meadow.

It only took a few moments for Inuyasha to locate the pond and find a suitable place to hide himself so he could comfortably observe the vision before him. It was like a still frame from one of his fantasies. Steam rose into the air creating an effervescent halo that shrouded the entire hot spring in a chimera of enchantment and amid the swirling mist was Kagome in all her unclothed glory.

Hungrily Inuyasha's gaze feasted on Kagome's exposed curves tracing every inch of her sleek frame from the top of her dripping hair to where the water reached just above her knees. Her skin was flushed from the heat of the spring giving her usual paleness a rosy complex. She trembled when the cool air caressed her damp flesh as drops of water ran in enticing rivulets between her breasts and down her flat stomach. The urge to lap the water up with his tongue caused the dog demon whimper.

There was thin line between need and obsession and Inuyasha had the sinking suspicion that his feelings for Kagome were delving into the later. Nearly every second of everyday she was on his mind whether it stem from worry, concern, anger, or the need to try every sexual position imaginable. There hardly seemed to be a time when she wasn't lurking in his thoughts and driving him crazy. This irrational dependency was beginning to frighten him.

Maybe if he fucked her once he could get her out of his system?

Like the proverbial light bulb, Inuyasha eyes grew wide as his flailing emotions grasped a concept he could understand. That's all it is, he thought determinedly, just built up tension. After he used her body all would return to normal and he could once again achieve focus. This would be his lifeline. This would be his very simple solution to a very complex problem.

The brashness of the idea remained unnoticed. All possible flaws in the plan were shuffled to the side and overlooked as hope replaced the resigned look in his eyes. The basics of the plan were covered. He would get his release from his overwhelming susceptibility to Kagome and… and in the process her mark her as his mate.

The more the scheme played in his mind the more appealing the idea became. Kagome the sex goddess would turn right back into Kagome the annoying bitch. Her emotional hold on his soul would disappear and he could concentrate on much more important things such as Naraku, jewel shards, and ramen. Not only would he start feeling more like himself again but this would also take care of that no good, flea bag, piece of shit, wimp of a wolf. He could solve two problems at once. It was genius.

It was this one-track insensitivity that always seemed to end with the prayer beads around Inuyasha's neck being activated and then a shit load of pain for the hanyou. He should have known to consider Kagome's feelings or risk the chance of loosing her. He should have questioned to what extent it would change their relationship. He should have realized that once with her would never be enough. But the diminutive chance that his objective could be accomplished was enough for Inuyasha to turn a blind eye to the consequences. The only hindrance he acknowledged was how to get Kagome to go along with it.

It seemed as if someone or something was watching over Inuyasha at that moment. It was only logical to the hanyou to accost Kagome while she was nude and in heat if he was to receive the answer he wanted so, in his typical spontaneous manner, he had silently dropped from his perch in the sea of thick branches and green leaves.

According to his plan he was supposed to touch ground, not land on something covered with soft fur that gave a muffled 'oomph' when they crashed to the ground. The scent of wolf filled his nose just as Inuyasha realized that whatever he had landed on was moving and cursing while instinctively trying to get free. The stench of wolf, that cocky overbearing tone, that stupid tail… only belonged to one youkai.


Ice blue met molten gold in momentary surprise as both boys stilled, bristling. A startled gasp to their right jerked their attention toward the spring. How could he have forgotten they were in plain view of Kagome? And on the ground in an undignified heap for that matter?

Blushing to the roots of her hair, Kagome dropped to her knees plunging her waist below the water and covered her chest with her arms. Clear gray eyes darkened to the color of storm clouds as her lips twisted in an angry grimace. The edge of steel did not go unnoticed and she snapped, "Turn around!"

A growl, loud and filled with jealous warning ripped from Inuyasha's throat as he turned to Kouga. The asshole had seen Kagome. His Kagome. Of course her scent would attract trash like this. It was his job to rid her of it.

Inuyasha scrambled to his feet. Grabbing the wolf by the throat and lifting him off the ground, he snarled, "You've got two seconds to get very, very far way or I'll gut you so fast your heart 'll still be beating when it hits the ground."

Kouga grinned, his eyes once again shifting to the side for another glance at Kagome. "Is that so dog breath? Ohh, I'm shaking with fear."

"Why you…" The hanyou sputtered. He was so angry that he didn't see the wolf youkai's hand ball into a fist or move toward his stomach until the air rushed out of his lungs in a wave of pain and he doubled over releasing his hold.

In the distance Kagome's screams of fury and concern sparked his anger even further. The cool voice of reason was eerily silent as a red haze engulfed his vision. Reverberating through his mind, radiating so deep that it shook him to the core, was the simple need to kill. This bastard was going to die.

Inuyasha, spurred by his irrational anger, lunged at Kouga. Colliding into the youkai's midsection with his shoulder once again sent them both crashing to the ground.

Unlike their usual banter and showing off, this fight was different. There was no longer the need to compete for Kagome's affections. With the prized female in heat this was now a fight to surrender or death, which ever should come first. All pretense of civility had faded in the blink of an eye and both Kouga and Inuyasha were reacting as would any lust driven youkai.

With nothing to get in their way, mad snarls echoed from the indistinct medley of thrashing arms and legs, as both boys set about biting and clawing the nearest flesh they could reach. Droplets of blood, long strands of ebony and silver hair, and clumps of auburn fur left a trial in their wake.

The sickening thud of his fist hitting the Kouga's jaw was music Inuyasha's ears. The occasional whines of pain that would come from Kouga only prompted him to attack all the more fiercely. The hanyou was completely overtaken by the youkai nature of his blood, so caught up in the heat of the moment and the simple pleasure of venting his uncontrollable urge to destroy, that his mind could not process one reason why he should stop. There was nothing that could bring him down. Not his enemy nor his humanity…


The smooth, authoritative tenor of Kagome's voice activated the prayer beads instantaneously. There was barely a second for Inuyasha to realize the dreaded word had been spoken before his face was imbedded firmly into the ground. The violent motion caught Kouga by surprise also and when the hanyou was jerked forward his dead weight trapped the wolf youkai beneath him. The simultaneous "Oomph's!" were followed by Inuyasha's muffled curses as the vicious fighting was drawn to an abrupt halt.

The length of the subjugation spell was just enough time for the sill huffing and puffing Ginta and Hakaku to pry Kouga free and put a safe amount of distance between the wounded boys. Slowly Inuyasha lifted himself from the ground and promptly winced. The scent of his own blood stung his sensitive nose and the pain that was curiously numb a moment before was now eagerly showing it's existence.

Still angry and now feeling a hint of betrayal, Inuyasha turned to Kagome and glared accusingly, "What the fuck did you do that for?

Kagome simply glared back unimpressed. "You were going to kill each other. I've told you a thousand times to leave Kouga-kun alone."

The hanyou's anger shifted to hurt. Kagome still insisted on taking that stupid, spineless, mangy, asshole, son-of-a-bitch, bastard's side. Even knowing that the deviated pervert was spying on her and if he hadn't been there watching over his bitch then Kouga might have savagely attacked her and ravished her and… and maybe she would have enjoyed it?

The thought of Kagome locked in a heated embrace with Kouga set Inuyasha's blood boiling all over again. Only this time his anger was directed at Kagome. "Oi bitch! What are you waiting for? Go see if wolf-crap is all right. I know you want to."

With a roll of her eyes Kagome scoffed, "Baka, if I were dressed I would make sure he's okay."

"Why are you worried about modesty now? From the way you're protecting him I'd think you wanted him to see you naked all along." He hissed.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome warned, daring him to goad her further.

Too angry to notice the sparking of Kagome temper, Inuyasha stormed over to the water's edge and leaning forward so he was mere inches from her flushed face, yelled, "Maybe that's why you were in such a hurry to get to the spring. You we're meeting him out here, weren't you? I turn my back for one second and you're off fucking around with that stupid runt-"


A loud splash punctuated Kagome's infuriated command. The warm water did nothing to decrease the force of impact and Inuyasha yelped as he landed face-first in the rocky silt. Consequently when he opened his mouth mud and water nearly choked him and the subjugation period of the prayer beads would not allow him to push himself up. Amidst choking and swallowing the muddy water the inane thought that he should drown in only a foot if water after all the mighty demons he had faced and lived was downright unfair.

And of course the dumb bitch was going to let him die.

The lack of air was just starting to become painful when someone garbed a fistful of Inuyasha's hair jerking his head right above the water level. Dark, ominous gray eyes were the first things he recognized in between coughing and gasping for precious air. As the black spots in his blurry vision began to fade he realized that Kagome was glaring at him nearly nose to nose. She was close enough to kiss. No, the psycho female had just tried to kill him. She still smelled delicious. Fuck that! Kagome was an evil wench who deserved to have some prayer beads of her own around her pretty little neck.

When Kagome realized he was starting to move she smirked. "On no you don't. Sit."

The beads pulled him down once again but Kagome's grip on his hair held fast nearly ripping the clump from his head. This time his yelp was loud and clear. "Bitch let go." He snarled.

"If you want to drown that's up to you but you're going to hear what I have to say first." She tugged his hair again for good measure earning a wince from the abused hanyou. "You have a nerve to insinuate I'm the equivalent of a whore. I'm not the one with an ex-girlfriend that I won't let go of. So the next time you want to jump my case because I'm worried about YOU and Kouga I suggest you be a little nicer about it because I AM NOT TAKING YOUR SHIT ANYMORE!"

The last words were a direct scream that Inuyasha was almost positive had Ginta and Hakaku along with himself slack-jawed in awe. Did Kagome just curse? Did HIS bitch just threaten him?

Suddenly her angry expression faltered and she sniffed, her eyed becoming suspiciously glassy. "How could you think that of me?"

Kagome in tears was not a good sign and Inuyasha floundered for something to say. Unsure how to console her, he stated the obvious. "You don't seem all that concerned about me ya know. What am I going to think? Everyone knows you like him. It's always Kouga-kun this and Kouga-kun that. I don't care what the two of you do but I'm sick of hitting the ground every time he comes around. If you like him so much why don't you just go with him then."

His intention had been to get her to stop crying and when her face flushed in pure rage he swallowed hard. The feeling in his limbs was back so slowly he tried creeping away from the violently irate young woman before him but her hold on his hair only let him go so far. Seething, Kagome shoved his head under the water in retaliation.

The hanyou came up sputtering, ready to verbally bash Kagome up one side and down the other for treating him so cruelly when all he wanted to do was rut with her, when his gaze landed even with her bosom. At this close the clear water no longer hid her body. He froze, every muscle going taught in his body as his eyes raked over her curves completely pausing all mental functions as his arousal came rushing back painfully.

Kagome gasped softly and sank deeper into the water pulling her knees up to her chest. Her reaction jerked Inuyasha back to the present and he felt his cheeks flame as his gaze shot up to Kagome's pink, startled face. This seemed so much easier when he was safe in the tree. This was his plan all along right, to tell her that she belonged to him and that they were going to have sex. So why was he feeling excited and embarrassed all at once? Why was he now choking on the words?

Torn between desire and the fear of rejection while completely unaware of how clearly his emotions were etched on his face, Inuyasha scrambled to his feet eager to be away from Kagome, her naked body, and her tantalizing scent. Once glance to the left told him that Kouga and his two minions had disappeared into the forest and satisfied that Kagome was alone, he fled into the trees needing space from the confusing female that, unbeknownst to him, was watching his retreat disappointedly.


After spending the night alone in a tree with a head full of hentai fantasies, Inuyasha was in a rotten mood come morning. Upon seeing Kagome and the dark circles under her eyes, the hanyou suffered a feeling of foreboding. She appeared just as irritated as he felt and if that was the case then his day had just gone from bad to worse. It didn't take him long to realize that his intuition was right.

First he had innocently offered to carry Kagome since she looked so tired. His observation earned him a withering glare from the young girl and then she turned away ignoring his offered back. Heeding the message that she needed to cool off Inuyasha kept to himself but at lunch when he asked her if she was going to eat the rest of her unfinished ramen she nearly threw the plastic container at him. And later he tried walking beside her, hoping to get some sort if reaction, but she studiously ignored him.

For the entire day Kagome had been giving him the silent treatment and the tension between them did not go unnoticed. It seemed every chance presented Sango and Shippo would give him that you're-such-a-baka look that was really beginning to piss him off. Though Miroku was much more subtle his disapproval was still quite evident.

Inuyasha knew when he was outnumbered so in order to keep the peace and his bruised face from kissing the ground he wisely kept his mouth shut and sulked in silence. They didn't reach Kaede's village until the sun was already starting to dip below the horizon. Like the previous day Inuyasha was pulling up the rear, though he was far from complaining. At least watching Kagome's bottom bounce took his mind off of the fact that she hated him at the moment.

Kagome's scent was increasingly stronger today. It was natural that as her cycle approached her body would reach its peak fertile point and as a result her enticing scent would spike dangerously. It was doing a number on his body as well as her own. Kagome's hormones were more than a little unstable. It was even going as far as to affect her mood. Not that he hadn't been a jerk and deserved the near death experience the night before, but it was unlike Kagome to remain angry for so long. And to compound the problem further, he could sense the restlessness that was brimming just beneath her serene surface. Her body was craving release just like his, and even though for humans the feeling was much less intense, it was prominent enough to turn his sweet Kagome into a harpy.

Inuyasha felt that the way to solve this problem was exceedingly simple. Kagome needed to get laid and he was more than willing to be of assistance. From his point of view having sex with Kagome would benefit everyone. Kagome could return to her normal cheerful self, the rest of their group would lighten up once Kagome came around, that stupid wolf would have to leave Kagome alone and, last but not least, he could finally get his body to behave.

More convinced than ever, Inuyasha once again set to plotting. After the fiasco the night before Kagome was sure to have Sango accompany her bath tonight so that was out of the question. After everyone went to sleep he could wake Kagome up and ask her to come outside using the excuse he needed to talk to her… but he had the feeling Kagome would not appreciate rutting outside. On the other hand he could wait until everyone was asleep and lean over Kagome and whisper his idea in her ear so that way when she said the dreaded S word he would land on top of her and they would in the perfect position to get things started…

As Inuyasha's mind continued to turn over every possible scenario, there was one he overlooked. However Kagome sent all of his precious plans crashing down round his ears as she turned to the group upon arriving at Kaede's hut and sated, calm as ever, "I'm going home for a few days."


Inuyasha could only watch dumbfounded as Sango and Shippo urged Kagome to rest up and hurry back and Miroku offered to walk with her to the well. Everyone appeared perfectly okay with her sudden decision to leave, not even at all surprised. Had they been expecting it? Had he made her that angry?

It took Miroku sliding up next to Kagome, far too close for Inuyasha's comfort, for the hanyou to jerk out of his stupefied daze. "I don't think so bouzo. I'll walk Kagome to the well." He growled, grasping Miroku's wrist.

Giving Inuyasha the evil eye, that was aimed just as much toward Miroku, Sango snapped, "I think you've done enough Inuyasha, don't you?"

"Yeah," Shippo seconded, "You've already made Kagome want to go home. Just leave her alone baka."

"Don't stick your nose where it don't belong runt." Inuyasha warned, "that goes for you too Sango." When both the young girl and the fox cub opened their mouths to protest he cut them off. "I'm not in the mood to argue so shut up. I'm going with Kagome and that's final."

"Well in that case," Miroku chimed in with an amused smile, "you had best let go of me and catch up with her because Kagome-sama is not waiting for you."

Inuyasha whirled around and sure enough Kagome was already half way to the forest. Giving his friends one last glare, he said, "Kagome and I have some things to talk about so stay put. If I catch any of you spying on us I'll use you to sharpen my claws, got it?"

He didn't waist another second and in three bounds he was by Kagome's side, watching her through the corner of his eye as they entered the canopy of trees. Her gaze was fixed straight ahead and her mouth was set in a grim line. Knowing there was no easy way to proposition her as he was going to, he decided to begin the conversation with something that was bound to get a reaction out of her.

"I don't remember saying you could go home."

Here it comes. Three. Two. One…

Like clockwork, Kagome stopped short and spun to face him with her gray eyes blazing. "Excuse me? Since when do I need your permission?"

"Since you promised you would stay three weeks and you've barely been here for one and you're already leaving." He shot back, glad that she was at least yelling at him again.

"I'm leaving because I don't have to stay here and be insulted by you." Kagome cried, turning on her heel and resuming her walk at pace so fast she was almost running. Her tone became spiteful as she goaded, "Kouga doesn't treat me the way you do."

Of all the things she could have said to get back at him, this had the right effect. Instantly his hackles rose and a jealous snarl rumbled in his throat. If she was going to bring that up all over again then he still had a few things to say about his bitch with that piece of shit wolf. And there was no way Kagome could mistake his anger as he began to mouth off.

"If you want that fucking wolf so bad then what's keeping you here? Obviously it's not me because I'm the bad guy whenever I try to protect you from him. Well maybe I'm tired of you throwing his feelings for you in my face. If you think he's so much better than me then go to him. But I'm warning you now that if you do the next time I run into him I'm going to kill him."

Kagome's pace slowed a little as she cast Inuyasha an incredulous look. "And what do you care? The minute I'm gone you'll go right back to pining away for Kikyo." She spat the miko's name as if it left a bad taste in her mouth. "You'd forget all bout me. I mean really, you don't even see me now. I'm just the annoying shard detector who can't live up to her."

"I never said that!" Inuyasha insisted indignantly, his voice rising to a near yell. "Besides, this has nothing do with Kikyo. This is about you and that bastard."

"The hell it is," Kagome hissed, "this has everything to do with Kikyo. You're still in love with her. There, I said it. Gods, I am sick of this. I don't understand why you get so jealous of any guy that comes within a foot of me. It's not like you care. I have every right to be with whomever I choose and if I choose Kouga there isn't a thing you can do about it."

The brash confidence in Kagome's words knocked some of the wind out of Inuyasha's sails and his chest constricted painfully. As they burst through the last of the foliage and into the well's small clearing, he grasped her wrist forcing her to stop. After a moment the intensity of his stare forced Kagome to look up and she worried her lip between her teeth absently.

"Have you made your choice?" He asked, the question sounding uncertain instead of demanding as he had intended.

"I don't know." Kagome sighed. "I don't know anything anymore and that's why I want to go home. I'm afraid I'm going to say something to you that I won't be able to take back. So before to comes to that I think I need to leave."

Her answer did little to reassure Inuyasha but he couldn't deny that he agreed. "You just need to calm down. You're moody right now and your not thinking rationally because your body is about to do that thing it does," he motioned his hand vaguely, "ya know, with the blood and all."

All at once Kagome's face went from drawn and pale to an embarrassed blush to red as fury sparked to life once again in her eyes. When she jerked out of his hold and started toward the well Inuyasha was genuinely confused. "What? What did I say wrong now?"

"You selfish, overbearing, egotistical, asshole!" She screamed, turning on him. Her eyes were glassy with frustrated tears and her hands were balled into tight fists at her side. "How dare you blow everything I just told aside because you think its PMS."

"Kagome-" He tried, but she would have none of his explanation.

"Shut up baka!" she cried, her voice choking on the words. "I thought after everything we've been through you would understand what I was trying to say…" she swallowed hard, forcing herself to continue. "Forget it. Just forget everything I said."

Her emotions were volatile, that much he could tell from a yard away. But why the hell did she get so pissed when he stated the truth. She was never this waspish normally, didn't she realize she was over reacting? Moving quickly, he placed himself in her path forcing her to stop.

"Move. I have nothing else to say to you." She replied coldly, without looking up.

Inuyasha tried to keep a leash on his thinning patience but the knots that she had his emotions tied in for the past two days were finally breaking him. "I bet you wouldn't say that to your precious Kouga," he sneered.

"I wouldn't have to Inuyasha. Kouga actually cares about me, he tries to make me happy, he tries not to hurt my feelings with the things he says, and he never makes me feel stupid or weak or invisible. At least when I look into his eyes I know that wants to be with me, that he's not forcing himself to stomach my presence. And that's more than I can say for you sometimes."

This time Kagome's words stung like a slap in the face. Before he even realized what he was saying the words were tumbling from his mouth heatedly. "If you're so convinced he's so fucking perfect then why am I the one willing to die for you, huh? Do you really think he could take care of you and protect you? I don't. The idiot can barely keep himself from getting killed much less keep you safe too. I'm the one who's there for you and I'm sorry if that's not good enough."

"Inuyasha I didn't mean it that way…"

He smiled bitterly, "Yes you did. You meant everything you just said. You want more than protection from your mate, all females do. Maybe your right, maybe I can't give you what you need. I guess I never could. I try to make up for it but I always fuck it up."

Kagome gaped, her eyes wide and startled. "What are saying?" she asked shakily.

That gnawing jealousy was back in his gut again but he couldn't shake it. He wasn't coming this close to bearing everything just so Kagome could go running to Kouga. He was staking his claim and it was high time Kagome realized that he was not letting her go without a fight.

"If you think Kouga could make a good mate for you then I say I could make you a better one. If you think I'm just going to roll over and play dead while he tries to make moves on you then you need to get your head checked. And if you think for one second that I'm not prepared to kill him the next time he gets within a mile of you, then you better think again. You're mine Kagome and I'm not letting anyone take you from me."

Affection warred with pride and the battle played out in Kagome's' eyes as Inuyasha watched her reaction carefully. It was hard to tell what she was really feeling but considering she hadn't bolted for the well again he was taking that as a good sign. When the softness in her expression faded into weariness he cursed silently. There was only one thing that gave her that wounded look and he braced himself for the inevitable.

"And what if I want the same from you? Complete faithfulness and loyalty? You can't give it, not when your heart is divided as it is now and I'm not going to be Kikyo's substitute. But Kouga on the other hand… He knows exactly what he wants." She whispered sadly.

"I know what I want Kagome and its not to die for the past. I'm alive and intend to stay that way. Kikyo knows this, we've talked about it." He confessed with a small grin.

Mild surprise filtered through Kagome's voice as she asked, "So where do I fit in all of this?"

He shrugged, "That depends on two things."

Arching a delicate brow in question, Kagome took the bate. "Which are?"

"We could do this the easy way and you decide who would be better mate for you, or…" his grin turned wicked with barely restrained glee, "you can sit back and let me kill that filthy, flea-bitten, jackass."

Inuyasha wasn't quite sure how he had expected Kagome to respond but when the young girl merely folded her arms and continued to glare daggers, he took an involuntary step back. Her foot began to tap against the ground and the soft thumping was a sure sign her anger was once again sparked.

"So that's it. I'm supposed to pick one of you like its no big deal or else have you kill each other. Gosh, that's some choice. Since it's a fifty-fifty chance maybe I should flip a coin?" She countered sarcastically. When Inuyasha blinked in confusion, the hold on her temper snapped. "I don't know about you but choosing the person I'm going to spend my life with is a little more complicated than that. A decision like this involves deeply-rooted emotions and they can't be taken lightly."

To Inuyasha she was over reacting. Dismissing her valid reasoning with a shake of his head he replied, "Keh, it's not complicated. It's either him or me so which is it?"

Kagome looked away, closing her eyes and sighing as if she were striving for patience. "Right now you're acting like I'm a piece of property or something. This is not the best time to grill me for an answer. I have to think about it."

"What is there to think about?" He asked dumbly. His bitch was annoying and equally confusing. He had always assumed Kagome would want to be his mate. Not that they had ever talked about it but she never once tried to hide the fact that she cared about him and certainly acted jealous enough. So why the hell was she beating around the bush now?

Inuyasha swore he could the see the corner of Kagome lips lift ever so slightly as she said, "I think it's about I time I compare both of you. Each of you has a domineering personality and I'm not sure I want that in a 'mate'. I might have to test the waters a little before I can make up my mind."

"Test the waters…" He echoed her words growling as their meaning took full effect. His blood was pumping hotly as jealousy mixed with the desire to throw her over his knee and teach her a lesson.

This time there was no mistaking the struggle to hide her smile. If she wanted to play that way then he could too and he knew just how to pull the rug from beneath her feet. There was no better way to ruffle her feathers than to tackle taboo topics with blunt accuracy.

"So you do want to fuck Kouga."

He jumped right in catching her completely off her guard. Kagome gasped, her eyes going wide and a pale blush staining her cheeks. "I did not say that. Of course I'm not going to sleep with him."

Taking a step closer, he looked down into her eyes and went in for the kill. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Inuyasha knew he was risking an awful lot by provoking her but to see her reaction made the risk well worth it. If possible Kagome's eyes grew even wider as the pale pink of her blush turned into bright red. Her mouth opened as if she would protest but no words seemed forthcoming. She tried several times to speak but the only thing she seemed capable of was to turn an even deeper shade of red.

Finally after endless moments of struggling with her embarrassment she managed to squeak, "I'm going home now." and before he could move to stop her, she bolted for the well.

For Inuyasha this meant victory and a second later he was right behind her. In a blur of green and yellow Kagome was over the edge of the well. Determined to catch her before she exited the well house, he jumped and in one flying leap landed in the well. Time dissolved around him, slowing to a near stop, but unlike usual his impatience made the few seconds feel like an eternity.

Kagome wanted him. He had seen it in her eyes and when her scent spiked with desire, becoming all the more enticing, he had his proof. The knowledge set heart to pounding with excitement and his blood roaring in his ears. Time itself could not move fast enough for the hanyou and the urgency to reach Kagome was grating on his nerves. The moment the ground solidified under his feet he sprang out of the well, and twisting in mid air, landed right in front of the flustered young girl blocking her way.

Giving a frightened shriek, Kagome stumbled backward. Losing her balance, she began to teeter over as the heavy pack shifted its weight to the left. It was an instinctive reaction for Inuyasha to catch her by her upper arms and steady her, but there was no excuse for the way he crushed her against his chest. When she unconsciously leaned into him he grinned rakishly.

"Oi wench, you still haven't answered my question."

Kagome stiffened in his arms, ducking her face away from his searching gaze. "And I'm not going to." She informed him breathless, though not entirely from her near tumble.

She was trying to hide it even though he could feel her body straining to get closer, hear her pulse and its frantic rhythm echo in his ears, and smell the tell-tale evidence in her scent as it wrapped around them like fine silk. It was stupid to deny what they wanted, what they both needed so badly. He had to assume it was some form of human modesty hang-up that made Kagome's brain contradict what her body was obviously demanding.

And as her very-soon-to-be-mate, Inuyasha knew better than to mistake her shyness for innocence. Not that she had ever been with a man before, if she had he would have killed the bastard and then scrubbed her down and marked her properly, but because Kagome knew damn good and well what was going on here. And she still had the gaul to pretend she didn't feel a thing. Well he'd see about that.

"You don't have to tell me," he whispered, lowering his lips to her ear, "I already know that you do."

"Need I remind you that I did not say yes." She snapped, her incensed reply muffled against his shoulder.

"But you didn't say no." He pointed out with a husky laugh.

Kagome shivered from the warmth of his breath against her neck. Half-heartedly she tried to pull away as she grunted, "I meant to say that."

Her pathetic efforts were futile and taking advantage of her small steps backwards, Inuyasha guided her farther back into the darkness of the small shelter. His voice was tempered with mock exasperation as he sighed, "You couldn't say anything because you want me. Just admit it. You've already picked me over that wimpy wolf."

"And what if I want Kouga?" She asked out of spite. In fact, she was so intent on being obstinate that she didn't even realize he was removing the bulky satchel from her shoulder.

"Then I guess," he leaned in closer, forcing Kagome to lift her head as he backed her up against the wall, "you're gonna kill me for this…" and before she had the chance to realize what he was going to do he brought his lips down on hers.

For a brief second Kagome froze but as he settled against her, gently coaxing her lips to respond, her hands fisted into his haori pulling him even closer. The soft persuasion of the kiss gave way to a flood of untamed emotions as she angled her head slightly to the side and pressed her mouth to his firmly.

It was one thing for the hanyou to fantasize about ravishing his sweet little Kagome but to know that she was willingly opening her arms to him hit him deeper than he expected. Something warm and fuzzy built in his chest and it mixed with his desire sending a tingling jolt of pure… contentment through his entire being. It was something he had never felt before and, leaning back from the kiss, he buried his face in Kagome's neck to take the moment revel in this newfound euphoria.

Kagome's soft breathing was music to his ears. When her arms slipped around his neck he gave into the impulse to taste her and lightly ran his tongue along her collarbone. Her soft gasp turned into a choked moan as her head fell back and her fingers tangled in his hair. He trailed the warm, wet path up the side of her throat, mouthing and licking her skin until he reached her ear. Tugging the lobe between his teeth earned him a soft cry as Kagome's back arched in pleasure.

Blindly, Kagome's fingers raked through Inuyasha's hair until his ears caught their attention. He thought his knees would buckle when she rubbed the furry triangles up and down, scratching the base lightly with her nails. A shiver crawled down his spine and he found he couldn't stop the soft, half whine half growl that rumbled in his throat. When his leg began to twitch in rhythm with the light strokes of her nails, Kagome chuckled. He knew she laughing at him but because it felt so damn good he just couldn't bring himself to care.

"Is that why you hate it when I play with your ears?" She asked with a languid smile.

"When you do it I get a hard on." He forced himself to mumble.

"Oh." She smiled, her expression turning thoughtful for a moment before a mischievous sparkle entered her eyes. "I could get you to agree to just about anything right now, you know that?"

Inuyasha nodded not really paying attention to what Kagome was saying. Nipping at her neck and getting her to tremble was quite stimulating, especially with wave after tingling wave of chills running through his body because of nimble fingers.

It was giddiness that prompted Kagome to tease him further by saying, "In that case I'll be staying here in the future for a few days."

It took a moment for the statement to make sense in the Inuyasha's muddled mind. He almost said yes, almost, but the demon blood inside him perked up at the thought of his mate being out of his sight and instantly he pulled back, growling in displeasure. "I'm not falling for that trick. You've gotta do better than that."

Kagome leaned forward and rubbed her nose against his affectionately. With a quirky smile she giggled, "I don't have to do anything. If I really wanted to stay you couldn't stop me."

"Keh. You're my bitch now and that means- oof!"

One second Inuyasha was standing and the next he was laid out on his back, mindful of the creaking wooden floorboards and looking at Kagome as she straddled his hips. Leaning over him, with her raven hair falling around them like a dark waterfall, she looked like a goddess. A very irate goddess… but unearthly beautiful none-the-less. When she made herself perfectly comfortable by sitting right on top of his stiff manhood he sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes.

The layers of clothing between them did little to obstruct the heat of her body and his skin burned, fanning his desire as she leaned down on top of him not stopping until they were pressed together and she was sure he was suffering greatly. Her voice was a husky whisper, rough and soft all at once as she ordered, "Look at me Inuyasha."

He did as told while debating if he should give into his urges and rub himself against her. As if she knew what he was thinking she grabbed two fist fulls of his hair and pulled hard enough to make him grunt.

"Listen to me and listen carefully. I did not wait patiently for three years for you to finally realize that we belong together to have you refer to me as 'your bitch'. I'm not going to stand for that. What we have is a relationship and that means that we are partners in this relationship. And so help me if you think you're going to order me around and I'm just going to take it because I love you. You taught me some pretty painful ways to defend myself and if I have to I'll use 'em on you. Understand?"

Again Inuyasha nodded, unable to force words past his dry throat. There was something incredibly sexy about Kagome taking charge and right now he was as good as putty in her hands. He made a mental note to remember this particular argument and bring it up later when he wasn't so… so fucking horny.

Well aware of the painful state of Inuyasha's arousal, Kagome leaned back once again. With practiced movements she undid the ties that bound the hanyou's haori in place. When the garment was loose she pushed the material away, her eyes clouding over as they strayed to the large scar in the center of Inuyasha's chest. Lightly she traced the marred flesh and he shivered.

"There's been so many times that I could have lost you. How can you think, even for one second, that I would want to spend my life with Kouga?" she whispered.

Running his hands up her thighs, relishing the smooth skin beneath his palms, he glowered, "I had to be sure. You're always taking up for him."

She grinned. "He's my friend and you're my mate. I hate it when the two of you fight because I don't want either of you hurt."

Adding to the delicious feeling of Kagome's nails raking up and down his chest, pride rushed through his veins like a heady wine as she accepted his claim. "I'm your mate? You mean it?"

Trailing her fingers down to the waist of his hakama, she began plucking at the ties. He knew she was denying the eagerness of her body and when her lips set in a determined grin, he found out why.

"I'll tell you want you want to hear just as soon as you tell me why it matters so much to you."

Inuyasha could be dense but he wasn't an idiot. He knew exactly what she meant and taking a deep breath he mumbled the words.

"What was that?" she asked, leaning closer. "I didn't hear you."

"I said I love you. There are you happy now?" He grumbled, only to have the soft purr that slipped into his words belie his annoyance.

A hundred-watt smile lit Kagome's face. "Yes I'm very happy."

Sitting up, impatient and feeling as if he would burst if her hips shifted on his one more time, he clasped her waist pulling her tightly to into him. There was no room for embarrassment, no room for any other emotions but love and desire as he looked deeply into her eyes and asked, "Can I please fuck you now?"

Kagome blushed, her breath catching. "Yes."

That one word was key to Inuyasha's existence and at that moment nothing could have torn him away from Kagome. Letting go of the restraint that he been clinging to he captured her lips in a desperate kiss, crushing their lips together roughly. Blindly Kagome helped him shrug off his haori and a small gasp parted her lips when he grasped her shirt at the collar and ripped the material right down the back and then pulled it off, tossing it aside. Taking advantage of every opportunity presented, he slipped his tongue past her parted lips kissing her as though he could devour her.

If the raging emotions that griped Kagome were frighteningly overwhelming she showed no sign of it. He wasn't sure if he expected her to be scared or nervous but instead of demonstrating either emotion she encouraged the fire ignited between them and clung to him as tightly as her arms would allow.

Using his claws, he to cut the blasted contraption that bound her breasts and removed it. With nothing between them he whimpered when she pressed up against his chest. His skin was on fire, acutely aware of her soft, smooth flesh. Running his hands up her back he pressed her as close as physically possible.

Completely lost in Kagome, Inuyasha reluctantly broke the kiss and dragged in a deep breath. With her lips swollen from his kiss and her eyes lidded and heavy with passion he could not remember a time she looked more beautiful. With her scent in the air, encompassing him with every breath and drenched in the desire that he sparked within her, he was discovering bliss.

He had waited too long, suffered too many sleepless nights and masturbated one too many times to let this moment pass in a frenzy of hurried sex. It didn't matter that they had all the time in the world to test each other's limits or that from now on he had full rights to touch her body. There were so many things he had dreamed of doing to her at this moment and before his control completely faded and he fucked the living daylights out of her he was going to do at least a few of them.

Gently Inuyasha laid Kagome on the floor. When her hands moved to tug down the waist of his hakama he stilled them and shook his head. He assumed the expression on his face said his intentions because she put up no argument, just smiled softly and allowed him to place her hands back at her sides.

Leaning over her, he dipped his head down to her lips and kissed her lightly. Kagome attempted to return the kiss but he moved away darting his lips down the side of her throat. Running his tongue along her damp, heated skin he reveled in her soft gasps. He cupping her breasts touching her reverently and in response she arched into his touch. Deep down a part of him was afraid of hurting and he was consciously trying to be a gentle as he could stand and as long as she encouraged his ministrations he would oblige her demands. Apparently she liked his hands right where they were and he smiled against her skin.

When Inuyasha's lips replaced his hands Kagome's gasps turned into breathless moans of pleasure. She was as mindless as he could want with her thighs clamped against his sides and her nails clawing into his shoulders. It was almost too much and he was sorely tempted push up her skirt, bury his face in the valley of her breasts and take her but only a thread of self-control held his impulse in check. When his lips moved down her flat stomach and he made quick work of the scrap she called a skirt, the scent that he lived for flooded his senses like a title wave and for a split second he thought he was going to loose it.

It took every ounce of strength with him to hold back. Leaning his brow against her abdomen he panted, nearly whining as his erection throbbed painfully. It was twisting his gut, burning deep down into his core with a fire so hot that he could barely stand it. His body, his very blood, was begging for release but he was determined to give Kagome hers first.

He would have liked to think the gesture was noble but he wasn't a liar, especially not to himself. For some reason to watch her in the throes of ecstasy was one thing that he could not get out of his head. For so long he'd imagined what kind of noises she would make, if any, and what her expression would be as she climaxed. He was doing this as much for himself as for her and maybe it did stem from wanting to make her happy but, all in all, it really didn't matter why.

He was so close to finding out. His body could hold out a little longer, hell, after three years a few more minutes would be a breeze. As long he didn't find his release just watching her…

Kagome's scent was too strong and with each breath the desire to seek it out was pulling him closer. Shredding the white material that was the last stitch of clothing on her body, he lowered his head trailing his lips up the inside of her thigh.

He looked up to watch her carefully. She was following his every move, her eyes narrowed to slits and her lips parted as she breathed in heavily. As he moved his mouth higher her body tensed in anticipation. A delicate blush painted her cheeks but she made no move to stop him, instead one of her hand tangled in his hair and began rubbing his ear.

Growling, trying not to focus on the steady stroking of her fingers, he sealed his mouth against her. Her head fell back and her hips pressed forward. A low cry ripped from her throat as he moved his tongue slowly, purposely torturing her. Her taste was the essence of her scent and tiny thread that was leashing his animalistic instincts snapped, reverberating through his body with a surge of white hot need.

Lifting Kagome's hips, digging his claws into her skin just enough to sting but not enough cut, he quickened the pace of his tongue. Intent on pushing her over the edge of self-control mercilessly, he slid one finger inside of her and when she bucked her hips he pushed in the second, moving them in and out with a deliberate rhythm Her breathing turned choppy almost instantly. Her muscles tensed and her pert breasts glistened with sweat as her fist clenched in his hair. Suddenly her entire body went taught, her eyes squeezing shut and her lips forming a perfect little O as a series of small, quaking gaps escaped her.

Inuyasha's golden eyes glowed with triumph. It was a gorgeous sight to behold, to see Kagome's control slip and her body react caught in its own wild abandon. His human blood was humming with passion and his demon blood was raging with delight at her absolute surrender.

Driven by the need that was now in complete control if his body, Inuyasha crawled up catching her lips in a searing kiss. He didn't see a point in letting her catch her breath and to his utter satisfaction he could feel that chord of tension already regaining force inside her body.

Holding on to her tightly, he sat back and pulled her up against his chest. This time he made no move to stop Kagome as she roughly tugged his hakama loose and dipped a hand inside. The coolness of her fingers sliding over his heated flesh caused him to growl, the sound muffled against her mouth. When she griped him firmly, pumping his shaft with slow steady strokes, his growl became a whimper.

He was dangerously close the edge and gripping her wrist tightly, he pulled her hand away and grinned. In one fluid movement he raised to his knees, leaned forward and pressed Kagome into the wall bracing her legs around his waist. Lightly he rubbed against her warmth and unable to stop himself he shifted his hips and slid inside of her.

He tried to go slow seeing her wince in pain, but the demon within him would not let him take this slowly. Griping her hips and crushing her lips under his once again, he impaled her swiftly. Her tight warmth surrounded him and it was unlike anything he's ever felt before. Perhaps now he partially understood why Miroku could not stay away from women for very long. This was so much better than masturbating.

Slowly, trying his hardest to hold to some sense of control and not hurt Kagome more than necessary, he moved his hips. For a moment she remained stiff but as his gently paced thrusts continued it was only a few moments before she was beginning to move with him. At first their rhythm tentative but as desire claimed them both their movements took on a more aggressive pace. Its seemed as if barely a moment had passed before he was driving into her and she was rocking back meeting him with an intensity that matched his own.

The inferno inside of Inuyasha was burning away everything but the feeling of being inside Kagome. He was loosing his grip, slipping over the edge when Kagome's nails scratched across his back hard enough to draw blood that was all it took. The slight bit of pain mixing with the tremendous surging pleasure broke the damn and filled him with a crescendo of raw ecstasy. He continued shuddering as Kagome's inner muscles tightened around him, contracting and milking him dry as her own orgasm overtook her.

Tucking his face away in the crook of her neck, Inuyasha closed his eyes still gasping for breath. The steady beating of her heart echoed in his ears and a small smile curved his lips. He dropped a small kiss against her throat, the lethargic afterglow of their mating making him unusually affectionate.

Suddenly Kagome giggled, the sound vibrating through her body giving him the most interesting sensation. Nipping at her throat, he asked, "What's so funny?"

"I…" she paused and he swore he feel her blushing, "I just realized that I half expected you to… to do it doggy style."

His grin widened with lazy pleasure. "We can if you want."

Kagome's arms tightened around his neck and she laughed. "Maybe later."

Neither Inuyasha nor Kagome was sure how long they remained entwined with each other but some time later, when they began to dress, Kagome gave Inuyasha a disapproving glare as she lifted up a ripped clothing for inspection.

"How in the world am I going to explain this?"

Tucking his red haori about her shoulders, Inuyasha shrugged. "Tell them the truth. We're mated."

He continued securing the garment and it took him a moment to realize that his mate was watching him oddly. He met Kagome's searching gaze without blinking and after a moment her head tiled to the side and she smiled, her voice etched with wonder, "Are you going to tell everybody? I mean you're okay with everyone knowing about us?"

This time it was his turn to be slightly confused. "Why not tell everybody. There bound to figure it out eventually."

She blushed in pleasure, looking down shyly, "I just thought that maybe you…" then she trailed off shaking her head. "Never mind. I'm just being silly. If it's okay with you then it's okay with me. Tell the whole world if you want." She laughed smiling brightly.

Kagome's smile was contagious and Inuyasha found himself returning it with a tiny one of his own. If Kagome was happy then he was happy. In fact nothing could make him happier except…

"I'm telling Kouga first."

A.N.- Gosh, it has been a long time since I wrote a lemon like this. I wanted to make Kagome more aggressive but also keep her in character so needless to say the lemon was sort of tame compared to where I wanted to go with it. Now that the fic is finished I have only one thing to say. Inuyasha's temperament is a pain in the ass! Trying to keep him in character while having react somewhat like a normal hormone-driven guy was damn near impossible. I hope I wasn't too ooc with this. So, do I leave it here or should I write another chapter? Man am I a glutton for punishment. *Hugs* thanks for reading! Luv ya guys!!!! *_*

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