Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ Seeing Is Believing ❯ Chapter 1

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Seeing Is Believing

By: Lara Winner

Hilde found herself standing on the threshold of temptation. It was just sitting there on his bed, in open view, begging to be looked at. The tiny voice of reason told her that she had no right to trespass and read whatever was in that notebook. But her curiosity, the little devil sitting on her shoulder, told her it was okay to peek. What could Duo's journal possibly say that she didn't already know about the braided idiot? The thought made her pause. In truth, just how much did she know about the real Duo Maxwell?

Hilde bit her lip as her feet moved of their own accord, step by step bringing her across his bedroom. She couldn't look, it wouldn't be right. Lightly she traced the book with her fingertips, trying to fight the urge to pick it up. She had been innocently putting his clean clothes away, that was the only reason she was in his room in the first place. She wasn't supposed to be lured like this but she couldn't help but be a little inquisitive. Whenever he had a moment of free time he was scribbling away in the notebook. There was bound to be something interesting in it. Gingerly, she lifted the book feeling guilty for her lack of self-discipline. What could it hurt? Just one little peek and she would put the book back and her temporary housemate would be none the wiser.

Holding her breath she turned the first page and grinned. The entire page was covered in various drawings of cartoon characters. There was a little face of Marvin the Martian, a miniature Bugs Bunny in swim trunks, Daffy Duck giving the finger, Elmer Fudd pointing his shotgun, and then there were other drawings that were of Duo's original design. There was a round-bellied man with a big nose. Another was of a woman in a robe with curlers in her hair and big round glasses on her comically misshapen face. Then there was this cute dog with what looked like a human leg hanging out of his mouth, and several different, but equally creepy interpretations of the Grim Reaper, complete with blood dripping scythe.

Shaking her head in amusement, Hilde turned the pages finding similar drawings until she came to a sketch of Deathscythe. Unlike the others, crude and drawn in pen, the gundam was drawn in pencil. She couldn't help but gape at the precision Duo put into every detail of the massive MS. Even the shading was perfect, giving the suit a life like quality, despite the lack of color. Duo had never told her he was an accomplished artist. However, from the little she'd seen she could tell he was very talented.

It didn't take her long to realize that Duo's "journal" wasn't what she had been expecting. There were no words to be found and strangely enough she wasn't surprised. It would be just like Duo to put his thoughts and feelings into drawings like these. It was obvious as she turned page after page that Deathscythe was a focal object in Duo's life. There were many pages filled with detailed pictures, each one done with careful perfection. It only served to remind her that it was only a matter of time before Duo left for space once again, taking the metal monster and her heart with him.

With a sigh Hilde closed the notebook, intent on placing it back on the bed when another tablet caught her eye. It was stashed under Duo's pillow, a protruding corner giving away its hidden position. This time she didn't think twice about what she was doing. Like metal pulled to a magnet, she found herself unable to resist this little bit of insight on Duo. It made her feel closer to him, just as she longed to be.

Feeling her heart beating with something akin to excitement, she opened the book, her breath catching at the very first picture. It looked like the remains of a Church. The building itself was crumbling, partial walls still standing, the proud steeple lying on the ground and the metal cross at the top was bent and twisted. It was a heart-wrenching picture, the vision itself provoking more emotions than a thousand words could have. Was this someplace from his past? The question seemed to scream for an answer but there was nothing to be given from the page before her except a sense of helplessness.

Turning the page two faces greeted her, each adding to the intense feeling of hurt that radiated from the sketches. One was a balding, elderly man. There were creases around his eyes from age and his smile was gentle despite the seriousness captured in his expression. The drawing was done to the man's shoulders but his priest's collar was evident. A little lower and to the right was another bust, this one of a young girl wearing a nuns habit. Her youth was plain to see in the smooth and delicate contours of her face. Her eyes sparkled, the effect vivid even done in pencil, as her smile was captivating. Hilde couldn't help but look upon them sadly. There was something poignant about these people, in the way that Duo drew them. It left behind a haunting feeling of unresolved guilt. This was obviously part of the reason Duo wore his trademark priest outfit.

Biting her lip, Hilde knew she had no right to go any further. These images were something Duo considered private, so private he kept this book hidden under his pillow. Yet she couldn't put it back. She felt compelled to see what feelings Duo locked away inside. She knew there were more layers to him than his smile showed. His eyes told the truth, the tale of a child who had lost his innocence long before he knew what life was really about. It broke her heart to know that he held so much pain inside. But it was there even if he convinced himself no one else could see it.

Swallowing hard against the lump that lodged itself in her throat, Hilde dragged in a deep breath and turned the page. She was greeted with the face of a handsome young man. She recognized his features, the messy hair that seemed to fall over intense piercing eyes and a mouth that was always set in a thin line. How could one not recognize Heero Yuy? Duo seemed to have his death glare drawn to perfection. Hilde could only recall speaking with the boy once. Apparently he had tracked down Duo's location and called on the vid-phone asking to speak with Duo. That had been a few weeks ago.

She continued to flip through pages finding several pictures of Wing's pilot, pausing at one of Heero riddled with bullet holes, and couldn't help but wonder if Heero and Duo really got a long. She was getting the distinct impression Duo wanted to kick Heero's ass for something.

More pictures assailed her with their complexity. There were sketches of Quatre, as Duo saw him, each one capturing the boy's sunny smile and kind nature. She had never met the heir to the Winner Corporation but from what Duo said, he held Quatre in the highest regard. The pictures were only further testament to that fact. However, Hilde couldn't help but smile as she came across a familiar sight. It was a boy in a clown costume. Half of his face was covered in a clown mask, a tear drawn just below the eye. The half of his face that was visible was expressionless.

Had it only been three weeks ago that Duo had reluctantly allowed her to drag him to the circus? Hilde could barely remember the off hand comment she made to Duo but her interest in Trowa Barton allowed Duo to find his lost comrade. He had given her a compliment saying he never would have found Trowa without her help but it seemed since returning from his visit with Quatre, Duo was different. It wasn't anything she could directly place but it made her feel as if he was trying to put as much distance between them as possible. He rarely came to the house anymore except to sleep. He was always preoccupied with fixing Deathscythe or tracking and retrieving parts for the gundam. She had no right to keep tabs on him, they were only friends and even that was a strong word. She was helping a terrorist, and as soon as he was given an assignment he would leave. And once he left she had the sickening feeling that she would never see him again.

She mentally shook herself. She was the foolish one who had gone and fallen for him. He could leave whenever he chose and she would be damned if she'd try and stop him. With that in mind she turned page after page not really seeing the images drawn. She barely recognized pilot 05. Duo had him drawn with an angry look on his handsome face, waving his kanata in a fatal arc. Duo had even done a picture of Relena Peacecraft. She was wearing what appeared to be an expensive looking party dress, complete with gloves up to the elbows and heels. When had Duo met the former Queen of the world?

Something like the feeling of jealousy filled her but she trampled the emotion down. She turned a few more pages only to find them blank. The feeling of jealousy turned to disappointment as she realized he hadn't bothered to draw a picture of her. She felt silly for expecting it. She wasn't something that stood out in Duo's life and she could understand that, even deal with it. With a sigh she closed the book and lifted the pillow to put it back. As she did so a piece of paper slipped out from the last page of the sketchpad. She picked it up curiously, turned it over and felt her heart leap traitorously.

It wasn't just any piece paper, it was a newspaper clipping of her picture. Her discharge from Oz had been low profile but the local newspaper had printed a small article on it anyway, not saying the reason behind her dismissal but hinting there was more to the story than just the incompetence of a soldier. To her relief no one seemed to really care about her discharge, they credited to her youth and military inexperience. It melted her heart to know Duo had cut her picture out of the paper and kept it.

With this new bit of information tucked securely in the back of her mind, she opened the book to the last page hoping to replace the picture just as he had left it. But unlike she expected the page wasn't blank, instead she found another portrait staring back at her and she could do nothing but gape. She recognized her image and yet the girl she saw before her was still someone else. Her eyes didn't shine this brightly or hold this much sparkle. The curve of her lips wasn't this sensual or pouting. The contours of her cheeks and brow didn't seem this prefect. Her face wasn't this…Beautiful.

Was this how she looked in Duo's eyes?

Gently she traced her fingers over the pencil's lines smiling softly. The emotions she tried to keep at bay welled forth making her fingers tremble. To her astonishment, it was only drawing of many. In picture after picture he depicted her with a grace and beauty that she couldn't find in herself. He made her look intimidating in her Oz uniform and he made her look sexy in her space suit. She couldn't help but laugh, in one picture he had her dressed in Catwoman's skin tight leather while in yet another he had her wearing Wonder Woman's cartoon costume. Suddenly her breath caught, her eyes widened and she blushed deeply as her gaze landed on a revealing drawing of herself.

The nude body Duo put to paper made her heart start to pound frantically. Every line was sleek, giving way to a willowy form filled with soft curves. In her mind she knew her body didn't compare to his imagination's erotic conjuring. At least she hoped it stemmed from his imagination…. The thought made her stomach flutter nervously as her body flushed with warmth. Had he seen her? Had he spied on her… perhaps while she was changing or showering? He wouldn't dare, would he?

She sought out the next picture and bit her lip as it confirmed her suspicion. Duo's skill had her wearing a thin camisole, the right strap hanging off her shoulder showing the curve of her breast as the hem reached just above her panties. He had her head cocked to the side and an inviting smile on her full lips giving her a sexy almost come-hither expression. If he had not seen her wearing the camisole then how would he know she owned such an undergarment? Duo wasn't a gundam pilot for nothing, stealth and infiltration were a second nature to him.

She suspected the thought should have angered her but it did just the opposite. It made her feel giddy and excited to know that the boy she loved had watched her, to know that his eyes traveled every inch of her body and he still found her a worthy object to recreate. Yet despite her excitement she couldn't help but wonder what he found artistically attractive about her skinny, shapeless figure.

"Ya know, they say curiosity can be very dangerous."

Duo's menacing voice shattered the still silence of the bedroom. Guiltily Hilde looked up, a furious blush staining her cheeks as she met Duo's frowning countenance. He had a towel slung carelessly over his shoulder as he stood in the doorway leaning against the frame in a nonchalant stance. His tank top and shorts were damp with sweat, as was his hair that was beginning to come out of its braid. Inanely her mind registered that Duo had just returned from his daily jog. Throughout the last month and half they had been rooming together she could only recall one other time she'd seen him in something other than his priests garments. Her mouth went dry.

When she failed to respond, Duo's voice became even softer as he asked. "Do you make a habit of going through my things when I'm not here?"

His words jerked her out of her stupor. "I…I'm sorry…really." Hilde stammered, hastily closing the book and placing it beside the other one. "I was going to put your clothes on the bed and I saw the books lying there and I…" Feeling the intensity of his gaze wear down her courage she whispered, "I'm sorry."

Shrugging his shoulders, his version of a response, Duo pushed away from the door, kicked his sneakers off and carelessly flopped down on his bed flinging one arm over his eyes. Unsure if he was dismissing her presence or just too angry to talk Hilde tentatively took a step away from the bed. Despite the uneasy feeling blossoming inside her she couldn't seem to tear her eyes away from him. The steady rise and fall of his chest and the sound of his soft breaths brought forth a naughty urge to straddle his waist and pin his wrists to the bed. She blushed, her heart beating madly as she tried to bring her attention back to the situation at hand. "Don't be pissed off at me, please."

"Why should I be?" Duo countered with mock innocence.

His accusing tone made Hilde grit her teeth. "I said I'm sorry. What more do you want."

"I want you stay out of things that are none of your goddamn business." He snapped in reply, his anger beginning to show through in his tone.

If he had slapped her in the face it would have stung less. It was true, she had no right to go through his things and she knew he deserved to be angry, but what gave him the right to draw numerous sketches of her and say it was 'none of her business.' She wasn't sure what hurt more, the fact that he insisted on shutting her out or that he had no regard for her at all.

Hilde's anger rose making her lash out defensively. "Considering you've thoughtlessly invaded my privacy, I don't think you have room to talk Maxwell. Quite a few of those pictures are of me and I'm not sure I appreciate what they imply. So maybe I should be asking you if I have the right to be angry."

To her surprise he remained quiet, not saying a word.

As the minutes ticked by, with only the sound of their soft breathing and the ticking of the clock on the far wall to distract her, Hilde waited for Duo to say something, anything. Funny how the boy could talk for hours on end about absolutely nothing and yet when it came to something important, like what was going through his mind right now, you couldn't get him to say two words. She let out a frustrated sigh knowing that she wasn't angry and it was foolish to pretend otherwise.

As she continued to look at him her frustration slowly turned to determination. She wasn't going to let this opportunity go. Now was as good a time as any if she was going to get the answers she wanted. Gently she sat beside him, the bed dipping a little with her added weight. Copying his example she laid back and felt her skin tingle as her arm pressed against his. Folding one arm behind her head, she watched him closely, waiting to see if he'd pull away. He didn't move.

"Hey look… I'm very very sorry." She said softly. Pulling up all the courage she could muster she covered his lax hand with her own. "Forgive me?"

The corner of his lips twitched, a smile trying to break it's way through. "I guess. It's not like I'm really mad at you anyway." He relented. To her surprise he turned his hand palm up and closed his fingers around her own.

After a moment a mischievous smile curved Hilde's lips as she playfully nudged his arm with her elbow. "Well…" She sighed making his grin widen. "The least you could do is say you're sorry too."

"No can do babe. See, people only say they're sorry when they have something to be sorry about." Removing his arm from over his eyes he turned his head to look at her, melting her with his wicked grin. "I'm not sorry."

She tried not to blush or read anything more into his words. As it was the closeness of his body was invading her façade, making her heart pound and her stomach flutter. His lips looked so kissable and soft as they curved into his infamous lopsided grin that always made her feel flushed. What would he do if she kissed him? Would he protest if she leaned closer and coaxed his lips open, sliding her tongue along his? Would he pull her closer and kiss her back or would he push her away and brush her off? There was only one way to find out.

He was still staring at her, his eyes lidded and heavy. She wanted to think it was desire that shimmered in their dark depths. Unsure where the courage came from, she leaned closer, propping herself up a little as she brought her lips down to his. She stopped, barely touching him, giving him the option to stop her if he wished to. Instead he leaned up closing the distance between them.

It was the softest brush of lips, almost as if he was afraid to press too hard, and her breath caught at the tingly feeling that coursed down her spine. Instinctively she pressed closer, eliciting a soft grunt from Duo as his fingers threaded their way through her dark locks. Reluctantly she pulled away licking her lips nervously as she grinned. "I've wanted to do that for a long time."


Duo seemed genuinely surprised at her admission and Hilde laughed caught between embarrassment and giddiness. "Yeah really. As a matter of fact I'd like to do it again."

"Then what are you waiting for?" He asked, his voice low and husky. "I won't bite unless you want me to."

Stifling a giggle, she straddled Duo's waist and gripped both his wrists in a light grip, pinning them to the bed. She knew his slim body was deceptively strong and agile. He could easily throw off her hold and yet he remained passive, smirking at her. Leaning down she obliged his challenge, wiping the smirk right off his face as she kissed him soundly. It was hard to focus on the thoughts running through her mind as her lips moved against his hungrily. For over two months she'd been keeping her feelings inside, denying herself the luxury of even acknowledging them, and now they burst forth controlling her body with a will of their own. They overwhelmed her.

Needing to catch her breath, she pulled back earning a sound of protest from Duo. Her breath came in harsh gasps and a pale blush slowly crept upon her cheeks as she realized that her kisses were doing quite a number on Duo too. His growing arousal felt delicious as it pressed itself against her where she sat perched on top of him. A warm feeling seemed to settle in her abdomen, slowly creating a dull ache that radiated between her legs. Her body flushed hotly as she fought the urge to rub against him restlessly. Looking down at him she tilted her head to the side and smiled softly. Releasing his hands, she slowly began to undo the buttons of her shirt.

Duo's dark eyes watched the movement of her fingers with an amusing combination of shock and lust. She wanted him, and since he obviously wasn't about to object, why not take what she wanted? She had always prided herself on having a level head in any situation. It would be foolish to think this was anything more than just sex and accepting that, she would not demand or expect anything from Duo afterward. But if this was all she could have with him then she would also be fool to let this chance pass her by. Knowing that made all her hesitations fade as she slipped the light blue shirt off her shoulders.

Leaning down once again, she pressed her lips to his as his warm hands settled on her waist, slowly and gently moving up her sides. She couldn't help but gasp and shift her hips as Duo returned her kiss, aggressively sliding his tongue past her parted lips. He groaned against her mouth arching his hips off the bed, teasing her cruelly with his fingers as they began caressing her breasts through her satin bra. Her nipples tightened as the silky material rubbed over her skin and she moaned deep in her throat.

Breaking the kiss, Duo sat up abruptly making her gasp. She shivered as his arms came around her tightly, pulling her against his chest. She could see and feel the effort it cost him to try and keep his body under control as he rested his chin against her breastbone and looked up into her eyes. "Do you have any idea how close I am to ripping your clothes off and fucking you right now?" He asked hoarsely.

"That's the whole idea silly." She chuckled as she looped her arms loosely around his neck.

He closed his eyes and shook his head, burying his face against her neck. "I shouldn't be doing this Hilde." He whispered, his breath warm against her skin.

Duo's words confused her. She frowned, her thoughts beginning to make their way through the desire that fogged her brain. "What are you talking about? Why not?" She questioned in a small voice.

"Because…" He paused, kissing the hollow of her throat, then sighed, "Because I know better than to take advantage of you."

She pushed him back, forcing him to look in her eyes. "I know you don't love me-"

Duo cut her off. "You're wrong. I do love you and I really want to be with you and that's the problem…" He looked away, squirming at the unsatisfied state of his body, "I should do the right thing for once."

Glaring daggers at Duo, Hilde purposely wiggled around on his lap as she lowered her lips to his ear. "You're still fighting me, even now."

She sighed, nipping at his earlobe, "Ya know, I've done just about everything I can to open your eyes," She paused pressed a soft peck just below his ear, "But you're still so clueless," Using the element of surprise to her advantage she slipped one hand inside his shorts and grinned when he gasped, "Now, I can give up on you and walk away right now and leave you alone so you can make yourself miserable," Gently she closed her fingers around him making him whine softly, "Or I can give you one more chance to realize that I love you too and nothing you can say or do will change that."


"Don't push me away Duo." She titled his chin forcing him to look at her. "Please." She whispered, stopping his reply with a kiss.

It took him a second to respond. Slowly she felt the tension drain from his body as he deepened the kiss, searing her soul with the unrestrained passion he put into it. She lightly ran her fingers over his length once more before pulling her hand away causing Duo to whimper. She wanted to run her hands over every inch of him. Impatiently she began to tug his tank top over his head, biting her lip as her eyes roamed over his bare flesh.

Meeting his eyes she smiled seductively at the dazed look their violet depths. She felt his hands move up her back as he started groping for the clasp to her bra. Her grin turned completely evil as another naughty idea came to her mind. Pulling his hands away, she pushed him on his back shaking her head. "Not yet." She laughed.

Hilde gave Duo a wink as he arched one brow curiously. He knew she was up to something, she could see it in his weary pleading expression. She crawled off the bed and slipped to her knees hooking her fingers in the waistband of Duo's sweat shorts and pulled them off with one good hard tug. She felt her heart slam against her ribs as her eyes fell on Duo's proud erection. Just like the rest of his god-like anatomy he was perfectly proportioned, long and thick.

She swallowed hard as she ran her palms over his thighs, forcing his legs apart and fitting herself between them. He watched her with wide disbelieving eyes and she tried not to smile. Her Duo never expected her to be this demanding, did he? Well wasn't he in for a surprise, she thought, as she lowered her mouth to his rigid member.

His hips jerked and she heard him moan softly as she slowly took him into her mouth. Gently she applied suction, going down on him till his length threatened to choke her. Then teasingly she pulled off only to take him back in, increasing suction as she swirled her tongue over the ridged skin. Vaguely, she felt his fingers thread themselves in her hair trying to guide her as he thrust gently into her mouth unable to help himself.

To make his sweet torture worse, she clawed her nails into his sides, limiting the movement of his hips. She felt the fire burning inside of her flare even hotter as his low growls rose in pitch, each one a little more breathless than the last. To her surprise even the taste of him tempted her to make him cum, to give him what he so badly wanted. Instead she reluctantly slid her lips off of him and leaned back, watching as he tried to catch his breath through lidded smoky blue eyes.

"Why'd you stop?" He whined softly.

Hilde rose to her feet meeting his glare with a smile and a shrug of her shoulders. "And let you have all the fun? I think not." She replied airily as she moved to unbutton her jeans.

Duo leaned up on his elbows, his eyes riveted to the curve her hips and the v of her white panties, as she let her jeans fall to the floor. Kicking off her shoes and socks, she nudged the clothes out of the way with her foot. Once again standing at the end of the bed, she felt her body flush at the sight of Duo's sinful body. Reaching down she lightly trailed her fingertips over the damp skin of his stomach, slowly moving up his chest to where his unraveling braid lay across his left shoulder. She gave the chestnut mass an easy tug enticing Duo to sit up. He took hold of her waist, pulling her closer.

"These have to go." He murmured as her panties joined her jeans on the floor. Pressing biting kisses along her stomach he sighed, his words slurred, "Much better."

Her skin tingled. His lips felt so warm and ticklish as they moved across her flat tummy. She felt his hands run over ass as they made their way up her back aiming for the hooks to her bra. A second later she stood before him naked, her body pulsing with unstated desire as he continued to grace her body with teasing kisses. She knew she should be embarrassed or even nervous but she wasn't. She couldn't remember when anything had ever felt so right or so good.

A small cry escaped her throat as a warm wet tongue flicked over her tightened nipples, first one then the other. Of their own accord, her hands wound themselves in his disheveled hair holding his mouth to her as he began to suck on each nub. Her breath caught in her chest and her head fell forward as feelings she'd never felt before seemed to come to life inside her, each sensation only adding to her pleasure and her torment. Then his teeth scraped over her flesh and her desire mounted even higher making her rub her legs together from the burning tension that was building inside her.

She was so lost in the havoc he was wreaking over her body that it took her moment to realize that of one his hands was creeping it's way up her thigh. His touch dipped closer and closer to her center and she parted her legs as her heart began to pound with excitement. She bit her lip as his fingers reached their goal. Everything inside her seemed to pause at this new torture. She pressed closer as he rubbed her slick folds. When he stroked her clit she clutched his shoulders as her knees threatened to buckle. Then he drove her to softly cry out his name as his talented fingers moved even further, slipping within her trembling body then moving out only to enter her again and again.

Just when she was sure she couldn't stand anymore of his assault, certain she would come apart at the seams, he retreated and pulled her astride his lap. His strong arms wrapped around her slim form, holding her against him tightly. As her hips settled down on his she felt his hardness slide deliciously against her and she let a low moan, leaning her brow to his. Their eyes met and the naked emotions that clouded his beautiful violet pools made her heart skip a beat. Taking is face in her hands she kissed him, putting her heart and soul into it.

Unable to deny them both any longer, Hilde shifted her position just enough to take him inside her. She rocked her hips slowly, her small gasps of pain muffled by Duo's tongue invading her small mouth. Fire seemed to ignite in her blood everywhere their bodies touched and even the sharp prickles of pain couldn't dim the feeling. Needing more, needing to feel him completely inside her, she pushed down hard and whimpered breaking the kiss as her nails drew blood where they clawed into his back. She felt a single tear slip from her tightly closed eyes as his entire body tensed.

"Hilde?" He whispered softly, gently brushing the tear away with his thumb.

Placing a finger against his lips, she opened her eyes and smiled slightly. It wasn't so bad, at least not unbearable. In fact… She moved experimentally, rocking her hips, and gasped just as Duo closed his eyes and grit his teeth. Little tremors seemed to spread through her muscles as her body closed around him tightly. Holding her breath, she pushed down a little harder, and again she was assailed with an incredibly intense burst of pleasure. Judging from the expression on Duo's face, he was feeling it too.


She moaned her lover's name softly, increasing the rhythm of her movements, as Duo ducked his face against her neck and began mouthing her pale skin. His harsh breathing seemed to fill her ears and the sting of his rough kisses only made her body respond more wildly. It was almost too much. She had never felt anything so thrilling, so consuming. She felt as if something had to give, as if something was building and almost ready to burst. Closing her eyes, she rode him harder, meeting his small thrusts, reaching for whatever was waiting for her.

It was right there, she could feel it… Then like a damn filled with too much water, the floodgates opened and she was swept away on a current of pleasure that made her cry out. Like liquid fire it flowed through her veins, rippling through her body, making her tremble. She barely felt Duo's arms tighten around her or heard the soft hoarse cry that ripped from his throat as he followed her over the precipice and into the flames.

For a few moments all Hilde could hear was their soft breathing as they tried to catch their breath. She could feel the frantic pounding of Duo's heart as it beat against her chest. The cool air flowed against her damp skin and she shivered, burrowing herself as closely as she could to Duo's body. He continued to hold her and she smiled to herself. She had set out to get answers… and honestly did not see this coming. The irony of it made her laugh softly.

Duo shifted beneath her. "What?"

She shook her head, leaning back to look at him. "I was just think it's funny that if I hadn't snooped around in your stuff this never would have happened." With an impish grin she placed a peck on his lips. "I never would have gotten the guts to kiss you if I hadn't seen those pictures."

Duo flushed, a sheepish smile crossing his face as he looked down. "That was supposed to be my secret. I figured you'd freak if I ever told you how I felt and I didn't want you to hate me or kick me out so I didn't say anything." He shrugged, finally looking in her eyes. "Besides, I might be a motor-mouth but I've never been good with words, at least not when they count."

She gave him another kiss then smiled brightly. "I love you."

"Love you too." He whispered, laying back on the bed and pulling her down with him. The movement made both their eyes widen. He grinned.

"Say baby, you're not really tired are you?"…

A.N.- Well, yet another DxH story… are you surprised? Ah well. This one is for Loyce by special request. She needed some cheering up so here it is. I had wanted to go a little more on wild side but it ended up being pure sap. Nimby is at it again. Thanks for reading, I can't pinpoint everyone of you but you know you guys mean so much to me. Luv ya guys!!! *_*

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