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A Miko's Demon..................

A Demon's Miko



Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha!! So you can't sue me! Besides, even if you did you wouldn't get but like.........20 bucks, which ain't a whole lot. Also I have Generals in here, though I know that there aren't any in the story line.

************************************************************** *************************************************************************** **********************************************

*Kagome's P.O.V.*


Kagome checked the pregnancy test one more time. Pink meant try again and blue meant 'Congratulations!'.

That test was so blue.

Kagome felt faint and she landed heavily on the toilet seat. *How can I be pregnant?* Kagome thought frantically, *How could this have happened? I have never even had sex before!*. She sat there for a long time till she heard her mother come in from the grocery store. She sat there for a moment more before gathering up the courage to get up, go downstairs, and tell her mother. She got up and went as slowly as she could to avoid the inevitable that awaited her downstairs. "Uh, Mom?" Kagome nervously whispered. "Yes dear?" her mother asked, noticing her daughter's scared face. "I, uh, I have something to tell you" Kagome said, almost crying.

"Oh, baby, what is it?" Her mother asked concernedly, going over to her daughter and putting her arms around her. "I......... I" as she spoke, Kagome started to cry, " I'm Pregnant!". When she said that, Kagome started to outright bawl. Her mother stood there, shocked beyond words as she stared at Kagome. She looked as if she herself was about to faint, but she didn't. Instead she comforted Kagome. "Oh, honey!" she said, and hugged her hard, as if she was trying to talk away the pain, if only for a little while.

*********************************************************************** *************************************************************************** *************************************

A week later Kagome got ready to go back to the Feudal Era. She knew that if she was the least bit late Inuyasha would come and drag her back to the Feudal Era. Kagome was still perplexed on how she could be pregnant when she was still a confirmed virgin. Confirmed because she had gone to the doctor and had gotten checked out. She was about 1½ months pregnant, and there was something stranger still. The baby was growing at an abnormally fast rate. They could already tell that the baby was a boy.

*He said that my body was about 1½ months pregnant, but the baby was closer to 2½ or 3 months formed. Plus the fact that I still don't even look pregnant, the only reason I even thought I might be was for no reason at all. I don't even remember buying the test, but I remember anticipating it as I came home. That is more than enough to convince me that this must be some form of magic, most likely from when I was in the Feudal Era. The thing is, I don't remember coming in contact with any other sorceresses after the one that resurrected Kikyo, but she was killed by Inuyasha, and even that was a long time ago.*

*But back to the situation at hand though* Kagome thought as she finished packing. She saw that she had about 10 minutes left so she sat down on her bed and looked about her room. *My room has changed so much in the past few days.........I wonder why mom wanted to by all of the baby stuff now? It's not like I am about to give birth any second now that the baby seems to have stopped growing at the moment*.

The desk that once resided under her window was gone, and it now had a expensive oak crib that was stained a nice dark brown, with yellow padding with white puppies and brown trees on it, with a little night stand beside it, pushed beside it. On the other side of the room, in the corner, was a matching rocking chair and baby changing table, with a built in dresser, to save on space.

*And the little dresser is already filled with clothes for my little baby boy* Kagome thought uneasily. *It is hard enough in my life already with the jewel shards, demons who want the jewel shards, and my none existent life here on the other side of the well, but now a baby too? I guess it is a good thing that the baby will be born in early June, so maybe I will be able to finish this year with little to no problem, and then mom said she would babysit for me, but boy am I glad that next year will be my last year in high school (A/N: Yea, I made this take place like a year later then in the series but just work with me ppl), and then by that time, if I want to, I can start college*

Kagome took another look around the room and had to smile. "I guess mom is really excited about me having a baby, even if it is years sooner then we both had planed" Kagome said to herself, with a giggle in her voice. *I wonder if Inuyasha will notice the difference in my scent or not, considering he has such a great sense of smell and all* Kagome vaguely thought, as she took one more look around her room and then noticed the time on her clock. "Oh well, time to go" Kagome said to herself. * Well, one good thing will come to this I guess, Grandpa won't have to make up any more ridiculous illnesses for my sake anymore* Kagome thought resignedly, as she picked up her pack and went down stairs.

When she got downstairs she put her pack beside the door and then went into the kitchen with her mother. " Well," Kagome said, "I'm going now." Her mother, who had been washing dishes, turned and looked at her. She dried her hands and went over to Kagome. "Are you sure honey? That you are up to this, now that you are pregnant?" her mother said concernedly, for Kagome and her unborn baby. "Yes, momma, I'll be fine" Kagome said, gently reassuring her mother. "Well, if you're sure, then I'm ok with it" Her mother said, her gentle smile strained with worry.


*Oh no!* Kagome thought frantically, as she heard Inuyasha screaming from the well, " I've stayed too long!* Kagome hurriedly said good bye to her mother, grabbed her stuff, and ran to the well. "'Bout damn time, Wench" Inuyasha said impatiently. For some reason Kagome got very, very angry, more so than usual, at this. "SIT BOY!" she yelled, as she walked to the well. As the curse took effect, she went down the well, hopped out the other side, and started running to the village. *Whoa, I feel a little tired!* Kagome thought, as she started running. She was almost halfway to the village when she heard Inuyasha come out of the well. She was halfway there when she looked back and saw that Inuyasha was catching up with her. She looked back again and grinned evilly. Inuyasha's eyes widened and one thought went through his head. *Oh, shit* Inuyasha thought as Kagome opened her mouth.

The words 'Sit Boy' resonated through the forest, just seconds after Inuyasha was 'sat' by Kagome, for the second time in 10 minutes.

With Inuyasha followed a long string of curses that said 'hello' to the dirt. Kagome stood there smiling, when she suddenly sensed jewel shards nearby. Kagome hurriedly put her stuff down by a tree and ran over to Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, there are jewel shards close by!" She said, as she helped him get up. Inuyasha jumped up as the spell wore off, and let Kagome hop onto his back. She pointed to the direction of the shards and Inuyasha ran in that way.

As Inuyasha ran in the direction Kagome had pointed to, he smelt something that he couldn't identify, but made his skin crawl. The feeling soon past, and Inuyasha pushed it to the back of his mind and forgot about it. What he didn't know was that Kagome had sensed this person, and could tell that this person was very powerful. When they got to where Kagome had sensed the shards, they found an unusual demon. There was a huge dragon, that had a blue body, with a green spine along its back, and green horns on its head, with gold spikes around its eyes, and gold claws on its feet. Kagome leaned forward and put her head beside Inuyasha's. "He has 4, Inuyasha" Kagome whispered into his ear, as she looked the dragon over for shards.

" Where are they?" Inuyasha growled back, as he sat Kagome down. "There in each of his paws" Kagome said, as she moved to the 'safe place' Inuyasha pointed to. *Yeah, this had better be a safe place!* Kagome thought, as she put her hand on her stomach. Inuyasha ran off to fight the youkai, mindful of the shards in its paws. Inuyasha, surprisingly, didn't try to anger the demon, but just went to attacking it with his claws. The dragon demon roared as it felt the pain inflicted by Inuyasha's claws. It furiously looked around for what had attacked it, and once it spotted Inuyasha, the demon roared again. It stood up on its back legs and lower body, and thrust out its front paws to try to strike Inuyasha.

*Normal P.O.V.*

That was a big mistake. Before the demon knew what happened, Inuyasha had clawed off its front paws, and Kagome was taking the shards from the cut off paws. The dragon roared again, from pain and anger, for both its lost paws and lost jewel shards. Now, though, the demon knew what Inuyasha was after and was then very careful to keep its back paws out of the line of fire. "So, now you're gunna act cowardly, and hide your remaining paws, huh?" Inuyasha said, mocking the already angry demon. The demon growled, it was severely pissed off; It had been beaten by this little speck, which was worse because it even had 4 jewel shards embedded in its body, and it still lost. Inuyasha grinned, and started to mentally congratulate himself on beating another foe, because he was also thinking the same thing.

*Inuyasha's P.O.V.*

*Stupid demon!" Inuyasha thought, "He doesn't even know the right way to use the jewel shards! How dumb can this demon be?* The Tetsaiga(sp?) transformed as Inuyasha pulled it out, while he ran at the dragon demon. When Inuyasha got within slashing distance, the demon had second thoughts about fighting with Inuyasha and took off trying to run on its remaining two feet. Inuyasha easily caught up with the demon and cut off its feet, causing the demon to trip and fall. Inuyasha landed and quickly grabbed the two jewel shards from the thrashing paws that Inuyasha just chopped off the demon. Inuyasha watched the demon for a moment, as the demon tried to move around on its destroyed arms. *Man I am getting soft nowadays,* Inuyasha thought, as he decided to take pity on the demon and kill it.

Inuyasha quickly walked towards the demon, feeling guilty as he prepared to kill the demon. *Its just not right killing something that is defenseless, but I know that it would have a horrible life now that it is mutilated, both defending himself and living in the demon ranks, I mean, what Lord or General would want a demon that has all its arms gone? It would still be a force to be reckoned with, but no upperclass would take more than a first look at it and tell it no, plus it's a really bad fighter anyway, and no self respecting demon would want pity to be taken on it, and still live with it* Inuyasha nodded to himself, as he readied his sword and then brought it down on the demon. He looked the carcass over and then began cleaning his sword off.

At that moment, though, he heard someone scream. It took a few moments for it to register who it was. *Kagome!* Inuyasha frantically thought, as it took a few more seconds for him to realize that she had screamed and, when it did, Inuyasha become the wind. Just then, something happened. "What the fuck? What the hells happening?" Inuyasha said to himself, as he felt what felt like.........the world was slowing down. Then, just as quickly, the world righted itself and went back to its normal speed. Inuyasha found himself, along with Miroku and the others, standing a bit behind Kagome.

*Kagome's P.O.V.*

Standing in front of Kagome was a very ugly looking hag. *What in the friggin' hell is this?* Kagome thought frantically. She heard someone gasp behind her, and Kagome turned around to see who was there and to her great surprise, saw Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. Kagome turned back when she heard the hag in front of her start to cackle. "So, I see that my spell worked after all!" she laughed again, and continued, "So, you must be wondering why, exactly, I made you pregnant, and also maybe how I did it?" The hag said, smiling evilly as she looked at all the faces in front of her. "You're damn straight I want to know, seeing how it's me that is pregnant!" Kagome yelled, as she put her fists on her hips and cocked her head to one side.

*Normal P.O.V.*

Inuyasha and the others, who had been lost until that moment, collectively gasped, finally figuring out what was happening. Their eyes grew big, as they looked over at Kagome, and the back to the old hag in front of them. They all appeared to shocked into silence, but that, of course, didn't last for long. "What? What do you mean, you ugly bitch?!"Inuyasha snarled, as he stepped up past Kagome. "Exactly as I said, Little Miss Miko over there is pregnant!" the old woman said gleefully, as she watched Inuyasha clench his fist and growl. "You bitch, Ima kill you right now!" Inuyasha yelled, as he leaped forward, as he pulled Tetsaiga out.

As Inuyasha ran at her, the hag jumped back and laughed once more. While she hovered in the air, the hag began to transform into a young, beautiful, cat demon. She now had long black hair, that looked as if it was part blue, flawless complection, vibrant green eyes, red lips, on her forehead was a black upside crescent moon, and on her cheeks were two green lightening stripes.

Inuyasha leaped for her again, and again she managed to jump out of the way. "Hehehe" The demon laughed, as she kept dodging Inuyasha's angry blows, " you think your puny attacks can hurt me, you fucking little half demon?" Inuyasha growled and snarled at the comment, and then he tried to attack again. "Ha!, even thought the child will be mixed, its parentage won't allow for it to be this damn weak! Not as weak as you, you sorry little weakling!" The demon smiled evilly and paused as Inuyasha stopped to get his breath back.

"I will be.........nice though , and tell you why, what for, and how I did this. Does that sound agreeable, half demon?" The demon said, as she leaped over to a nearby boulder and perched on top of it. Inuyasha growled again, but nodded and sat back with the rest of them. All of them were interested in hearing what the demon had to say, especially Kagome.

"All along my ancestral line there have been prophets, and demons who had other variations of seeing into the future. My father, who was once one of the greatest Generals for the past Lord of the South, had the power of the prophets. It only manifested itself after my father was past him prime and had stepped down from his post. He prophesied that a great demon of mixed parentage would come to rule over all of the Lands. He would not be of high class, low class, or even mixed class of demons, but would be a mix of a human and a demon of the very highest class, a Lord of the Four, and that the human would be a priestess of the highest power. The priestess would be very different from all other priestesses, and would travel with a variety of beings."

"The only person he told was me. Had he told anyone else, especially one of the Lords, they most likely have killed him on the spot, or have labeled him as a crazy old fool. He died a few days later, by another demon

who had had to much to drink that day, and had been looking for a fight.

From what he said, that it would be one of the Lords, it was easy to figure out which Lord that it would be. There were only the Four, and they were all well known. It was finding the Miko that was the hard part. So I looked everywhere, for a very long time. Finally, I found one that looked promising.

"The priestess Kikyo seemed prefect, she matched the description almost perfectly. She protected the Shikon Jewel, and had a power that exceeded all other priestesses. Then she fell in love with you, Inuyasha, and she lost an extensive amount of power. I took my eye off her, now that she had lost so much of her grace and power. Then she sad. Anyway, I stopped looking like I did, just asking around about every five years or so, and just bided my time and waited. Then, lo and behold! Here comes this mysterious girl, with the Shikon Jewel in her body, where as the jewel had been burned with Kikyo's body, and who's power exceeded who own name! With that, everything practically happened by itself, the power, the people,.........but not the damn demon Lord! So, I studied the all of the Lords."

"The Lord of the North was out, he would kill humans for sport and was half crazy. The Lord of the South was out as well, he couldn't and wouldn't use a humanoid form. Finally, the Lord of the East was also out, he was getting on in his years, and he is also very happy with his mate. So that left the Western Lord, Lord Sesshomaru, who is your half brother, right,

Inuyasha?" The demon stopped an smirked at the shocked group.

Kagome's eyes widened and she started to feel very light headed. " you saying th.........that I am pregnant with Sesshomaru's baby?!" Kagome shrieked, as she looked at the demon with of fascination and horror. "You had better believe it Miko" the demon said, smirking evilly at Kagome.

"B........BUT HOW?!" Inuyasha sputtered out, as he leaned forward dizzily. *I know Sesshomaru was never around Kagome with out me around, and that he would Never go along willingly with this! There must be some type of magic going on here, but how could I have not notice this? How could Sesshomaru not have noticed this either?*

"I know what you are thinking, Inuyasha, and it was quite simple actually. The only hard part was getting Sesshomaru drunk enough to get him to do what I needed him to do," the demon giggled, as she looked over their stunned faces again.

"You see, there was this big party that all the Lords and other demons of nobility of required to go to, so poor me and poor Sesshomaru had to go. Well, he went and was so miserable that he gave in and started to drink as many cups of warm sake he could get his princely hands onto. After many, many cups he got drunk enough to have a spell cast on him without him noticing. So, he went and got himself a female, and they fucked long and hard all night long. When he would cum though, his seed didn't go into the female he was with, but into Kagome, who had the female version of the spell place on her while she was taking her bath that night, which is why no one noticed the spells"

"Seeing how the poor girl has fainted, and all of you look like you are ready to try and hurt me, I think it is time for me to take my leave," With that, the cat demon just.........disappeared.

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Sesshomaru: You know, for me being one of the main characters in here, I sure didn't make much of an appearance, did I?

L.S.D.2: Remember this, Sesshy-chan, All of my chaos is organized, I didn't put you in this chap for a reason, I am thinking of putting just you and Kagome or something like that, maybe in the future, or maybe with you getting a visit by this mysterious cat demon that made Kagome pregnant with your kid!!! So be quiet.

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