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A/N: I was in a playful mood today, I thought this up and here it is. Sorry if it's rushed, this is one of those stories I didn't plan, I just wrote. 






         There were times when a man couldn't stand the pain of loving someone who didn't return his feelings. At least, not in the way he wanted her to.

         Kyo had been walking the path of a man denied love for most of his life. Oh, he had a few people, an oh so precious few, that cared for him and had a special place in his heart. But there was only one he loved with a desperate passion and an unshakeable loyalty, only one who haunted his every moment, who tormented him as much as she delighted him. Tohru.

         From the very first time he had laid eyes on her, he had been smitten. At first he hadn't realized it, having never loved another in the way he adored her. But he had definitely noticed her from the very beginning. It hadn't taken long for her to work her way into his life, she became indispensable to him. And it wasn't just in the domestic areas; though it was true she cooked his food, cleaned his clothes and straightened his room.

         Tohru was there for him in so many ways. She listened to his problems without judgment, offering sympathy and understanding in a sweet, often silent way that he appreciated. She made him laugh, and her kind generosity was impressive, though it annoyed him how often she allowed people to take advantage of her. But, over time, he had grown to realize that it was just another way she expressed her affection for those she cared about. Tohru knew perfectly well she was being taken advantage of; she just didn't care because she loved her friends that much.

         Kyo had fallen in love with Tohru long before the day she witnessed his transformation into his true form. But after that day, when she accepted him for what he was, Kyo fell completely under her spell. He had always resisted loving her, knowing Tohru deserved someone who could give her a normal, sane life. He had managed to keep some small part of himself, his very being, away from her because he knew to love her was wrong, an impossibility for him and nothing but a burden for her. He kept that one small part of himself safe, knowing he would have to survive once she left, to move on and love someone else, not as much as he loved Tohru, but enough to be content.

         But that day…when she saw his true self, when she proclaimed she wanted to be with him no matter what the obstacles, even her own fear, that day Kyo had lost himself to her. There would never be another woman for him, not ever. He could never love another, not even marginally, Tohru had taken everything he had and everything he was.

Oh, Kyo still knew he couldn't be with her. Ironically enough, now that she possessed him completely, he was even more aware of how much she deserved a normal person to love. In claiming the last free part of him, she had become inaccessible. He would never dream of making her his now, he could never put her through the anguish of loving someone born under the curse of the Cat.

But he still loved Tohru, still wanted her with all of his being, she was like a sickness in his blood, an obsession, his madness. Every day he saw her, every day he talked to her, every day he longed to take possession of her and make her his.

Kyo never acted on his desires, though there were times when they came into physical contact, innocent touches for the most part, that drove him to the very edge of his sanity, testing the limits of his restraint. Some days he could shake the wild surge of lust that tore through him from such contact, and other days he couldn't. On the days when his longing refused to subside, he would go home, straight to his bedroom, and quietly masturbate to relieve the agony.

Today was just such a day. He had been walking home with Tohru when she had tripped without warning, and he had naturally caught her before she fell. He managed to angle her body so that their chests didn't come into contact, but her breasts had slid across his arm and the feeling had been electric, shooting straight to his groin and giving him an instant hard on. 

Kyo had immediately blushed and set Tohru away from him, hurrying ahead of her so there was no chance she might spot the evidence of his erection. She hadn't thought anything of it, since Kyo was usually given to a wide range of mood swings around her. She had just thanked him and followed him home.

Thank god the damn rat hadn't been there! Yuki had to attend an impromptu Council meeting and wouldn't be home until late that night.

Kyo had stormed into the house, ignoring Shigure's call of welcome, and gone up to his bedroom, throwing his bag on the ground as he reached for the fly of his uniform pants.

Kyo now sat on the bed, his head bowed, his aching dick in hand, stroking himself with an almost frenzied urgency. He could still feel Tohru's breasts pressed against his arm; still smell the unique scent of her on his clothes.

Pre cum was starting to leak from the tip of his penis, aiding his hand in its impassioned movements, and his mind was immersed in a fantasy of taking Tohru in an endless number of positions.

Thus he was startled when he heard a gentle voice say, "Kyo, what on earth are you doing?"

Kyo's eyes flew open and his expression was one of horrified dismay as he turned his head to stare at the girl who stood nearby, watching him intently.

He took in her shapely, dark beauty with minimal interest, a scowl on his face. "What the hell are you doing in here? Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

"But I did knock, Kyo," Kagura protested, her eyes riveted by the sight of his swollen cock, which she had never seen before. She licked her lips as liquid heat seeped through her at the sight of him. "You didn't answer."

"Any sane person would have taken that as a sign that I didn't want to be bothered," Kyo snarled, yanking his bed sheet over his lap so her view of him was obstructed.

Kagura immediately pouted, to his immense irritation. "We've known each other forever, Kyo, and we are going to be married one day, so I shouldn't have to knock."

Kyo felt his temper rising to the breaking point, and his hair rose like the fur of an angry cat. "Will you STOP saying that? We are not getting married, and just so you know, I always expect you to knock!"

Kagura's lip trembled for a moment as if she might burst into tears, and Kyo winced, not wanting to have to deal with her bawling. But then, in typical Kagura fashion, her expression changed, turned to one of mutinous anger and she advanced on him with one finger pointed at his face.

"We are too getting married, you promised. And I won't knock if I don't want to," she shrieked. "Now stop stalling and tell me why you were jacking off!"

Kyo blinked at her, thinking he out to be used to her insane mood swings by now, and utterly embarrassed by the knowledge she had actually seen what he was doing.

"Uh, well, er, um," Kyo began to nervously stutter as she halted mere inches away from him.

Without warning, Kagura's anger vanished to be replaced by concern. "Poor baby, have you been suffering from male hormones? I could help you with that, you know," she crooned at him.

At first, Kyo considered laughing in her face and telling her to get out. It was what he would do under normal circumstances. He was relieved she thought his frustration was due to simple teenage hormones, and that she had no clue how deep his feelings for Tohru ran.

Despite his common sense telling him to order her to leave, Kyo hesitated. Here was a chance to alleviate his physical distress. While it was true he could ease his pain by masturbating, he had been doing that for months, and the idea of reaching release through other means was tempting. He knew Kagura meant what she'd said, she'd help him in any way he asked, she was that devoted to him.

He tried to weigh the pros and cons of such an act, but under the circumstances it was difficult. His body was on fire for Tohru, but he couldn't have her. Settling for Kagura somehow seemed wrong, though, so he struggled against his body's cravings and muttered, "Thanks but no thanks."

Kagura jerked back as if he'd slapped her, and tears once more surfaced in her eyes. "Oh, I see, you think I'm some stupid little girl who wouldn't know how to please you."

Kyo sighed and held up a hand to halt the rising pitch of her voice, not wanting anyone to hear what they were discussing. "No, it's not that."

"What then," Kagura demanded.

Kyo struggled through his muddled thoughts, trying to come up with some believable excuse for her without telling her he wanted no one but Tohru.

Kagura took his silence for a refusal to answer, and she studied him with intense concentration before her eyes suddenly widened and she said, "Oh my god, you like men don't you? That explains why you've always rejected me in the past!"

Kyo stared at her in stunned surprise, speechless, until she sighed and started to turn away from him. He came to his senses then, grabbing her arm and shouting, "No, that is not it at all. Where the hell do you get these crazy ideas of yours?"

Kagura turned back to him with a look of relief and ignored his question to ask, "Well, if you don't like men, and I'm making myself available to you, then why are you refusing me?"

Kyo was back to having no answer for her, and once more Kagura came up with an answer of her own.

"It's because you like someone else," she screamed, causing his body to jump. "Who is she? Is she someone at school? Is she that friend of Tohru's, the blond?"

Panic set in when Kyo heard Kagura speak Tohru's name, and he frantically shook his head. "No, no, listen, I'm flattered you made the offer, I just don't think it'd be fair to you," he stammered.

That brought Kagura out of her furious musings. "Why do you say that?"

At this point, bald truth seemed the best option, though Kyo was careful to omit any names. "Because it's not you I want right now, but a fantasy girl. I'd just be using you."

Kagura frowned, tempted to demand who this fantasy girl was, thinking it some actor or model, but she wisely kept quiet about that and instead focused on his comment about not wanting her right now. Didn't that mean Kyo wanted her sometimes? The thought was exhilarating, and she was easily able to push aside a vague sense of disappointment over the thought he might use her. After all, he might use her this time, but if she was good enough to leave an impression, he would surely seek her out when he wanted her. Eventually he would learn to want no one else.

"That doesn't matter to me," she firmly declared. "I love you, and I am yours, Kyo. I always have been. Use me if you will. I want you to."

That did it. Kyo had been fighting his conscience, but to have Kagura state her indifference to his lack of desire for her in such an open manner, and to blatantly offer him use of her, was more then he could bear.

He took her hand and guided her to the floor in front of him before tossing aside his bed sheet and exposing his penis to her once more. She studied it with avid intensity for several moments before reaching out to gently run one finger down it. Kyo gritted his teeth as pleasure surged through him, and he placed his hand in her hair, drawing her face down to his lap.

Kyo had no intention of having sex with Kagura. He was saving himself for Tohru. Even if it was for the rest of his life. But there were other ways to achieve release, and oral sex was certainly one of the best.

Kagura obeyed his silent command without question, her hot mouth closing over his weeping cock, and his breath came out in a rush as some of the tension in him eased, even as his state of arousal increased. Kagura was hesitant in her motions, and Kyo was as inexperienced at such things as she was, but he managed to guide her with gentle pressure from his hands.

Kagura soon settled into a competent rhythm, her head slowly bobbing up and down, following the dictates of his hands. The soft sucking sounds of her mouth were intermixed with his quiet gasps of pleasure as she drew him as far into her mouth as she could manage. Kyo was careful not to force himself deeper then she allowed, understanding she was too inexperienced to fully accommodate him.

But though what Kagura was doing was bringing him pleasure, it wasn't particularly arousing. It felt good, but it wasn't bringing him any closer to release. She just was not the woman he wanted. Kyo almost growled in frustration, letting his eyes wander over Kagura's slender shape, but he experienced no reaction to looking at her. And so he did the only thing he could do at that point.

Kyo closed his eyes and imagined she was Tohru.

His body knew she was not, but the mind could be equally seductive and arousing as the body. He deliberately forced images of Tohru through his mind while Kagura sucked his cock, and eventually his body began to believe it and respond, because it was Tohru that he really wanted, and it was so much sweeter to pretend she was pleasuring him.

The mouth around him suddenly felt perfect, shockwaves of ecstasy rippling through him, the sensation rapidly building. He began to pump his dick into Kagura's mouth, his hips lifting off the bed from the force of his thrusts, though he was still careful not to gag her. His fingers tightened in her hair, his breathing became increasingly shallow until he was almost gasping for air

He began to grind himself against Kagura, almost desperate in his need for release, all the while thinking of Tohru. Thus it was inevitable that he whispered her name as he felt his climax approaching.

"Tohru," he moaned, his head rolling back as another wave of pleasure swept over him.

Between his legs, he felt Kagura pause, but it was not that which caused him to go still. Rather, it was the sound of a voice saying, "Oh, Kyo."

Kyo's eyes snapped open and his head whipped around to stare at Tohru in horror.

Tohru was standing in his bedroom, only a few feet away, her eyes wide and confused.     

Kagura had the presence of mind to release his cock from her mouth, though she did so with obvious reluctance. She had initially been mad when she heard Kyo call Tohru's name, but once she had opened her eyes and seen the girl in the room with them, she had assumed he'd said Tohru's name because he'd seen her standing there. Kagura had the grace to feel slightly embarrassed to be caught in such an intimate act, but part of her felt unashamed. She did love Kyo, after all. Nonetheless, she rocked back on her heels and avoided looking at Tohru.

But Kyo and Tohru paid no attention to her, their eyes only for each other.

Kyo had no idea what to say to Tohru. There was no way he could possibly explain what had been going on, not without hurting Kagura terribly as well as exposing himself to ridicule if Tohru did not return his feelings for her, which he believed she did not. He was certain Tohru had no idea how he really felt about her. Then again, Tohru had already heard him say her name just now…

Tohru stood frozen in place, unsure of what to do. She had come up to ask Kyo what he wanted for dinner. His door had been slightly ajar, so she had walked in without knocking. She had immediately spotted him on the bed, with his back to the door, and had started to approach him. She had just reached the edge of the bed when she saw he was not alone.

Kagura was on her knees in front of him, sucking him off as he ran his fingers through her hair. Tohru had come to an abrupt halt and stared in disbelief, unable to believe what she was seeing. After several moments, when it finally registered in her brain what she was witnessing, Tohru tried to leave, but found that she couldn't. She had never seen people in the throes of passion, and she found it both arousing and disturbing. Though she knew she should go, she couldn't seem to make herself move.

Kyo looked beautiful. His face was contorted in an expression of intense pleasure, his body writhing against Kagura's mouth. He was still wearing his school uniform, but she could see the lines of his well formed body rippling beneath the material in a hypnotic pattern. His cock, perfectly shaped and swollen, slid in and out of Kagura's mouth with impassioned speed, and Tohru's eyes followed the movements in rapt fascination, a strange heat spreading through her body.

When his head lolled back, and he moaned her name, Tohru had been helpless to resist answering him. She knew, in that instant, that he wanted her. Whatever he might be doing with Kagura right now, he was thinking of her, Tohru. The knowledge of his desire for her was devastating to her senses, and as his eyes opened and he turned to face her in alarm, she hesitantly stepped closer to him.

When Tohru took a step towards him instead of fleeing, Kyo suddenly found the ability to speak. "Tohru, listen, I can explain-"

She held up a hand to silence him. "Don't bother, I have eyes, I can see what is going on."

Kyo blinked at her, a blush spreading over his cheeks, his eyes dismayed. "I know you can, I don't think you're stupid or anything, it's just I have to tell you-"

Tohru glanced over at Kagura as she calmly interrupted him. "Continue what you were doing."

Kagura blinked at her in astonishment and Kyo's mouth fell open. Tohru gestured for Kagura to do as she said, a slight smile on her face, "Really, go on Kagura. I was watching you together, and it was beautiful. Please don't stop because of me."

Kyo just sat there and stared at Tohru, but she ignored him, walking away to shut the bedroom door before returning to the foot of the bed. Kagura knew she was serious the moment Tohru closed the door, but she still hesitated, glancing at Kyo.

Kyo couldn't take his eyes off Tohru. She had enjoyed watching Kagura pleasure him. What did that mean, if anything? And did it really matter right now, or ever? He could see Tohru's eyes were dark with lust, but there was something else, a hint of jealousy, and he was still uncertain what to do, but then she whispered, "Please," again and he finally gestured for Kagura to come back over to him.

Kagura slowly crawled over to him, casting a hesitant glance at Tohru before once more sliding the length of Kyo's dick into her mouth. She wasn't sure she enjoyed having an audience, but she would do whatever Kyo asked of her. And now that she knew they would proceed undisturbed, she decided to bring herself some pleasure as well, sliding her fingers past her panties and into her pussy, finger banging herself while she gave Kyo head.

Kyo's eyes remained locked with Tohru's, and he saw them darken with lust as she looked down at Kagura loving him with her mouth. For his part, Kyo remained perfectly still, unsure of what to do, how to act. He was incredibly excited by having Tohru so near, but at the same time he felt as if he were being unfaithful to her.

Tohru sensed his trepidation, and she drew closer to him until her lips brushed against his ear. "I know why you're doing this."

Kyo went rigid but was careful to whisper when he said, "What are you talking about?"

"It's not Kagura you want," she replied. "You want me."

He didn't even bother trying to deny it, turning his head so their eyes once more met, hers full of understanding, his full of need. "Yes."

That one word seemed to lift a great weight off his shoulders, but he ignored the feeling, waiting for her reaction to his admission.

Tohru stunned him with a blinding smile as she softly commented, "I knew it, the moment you moaned my name a minute ago. I'm not sure why you never told me you wanted me, so I could be the one touching you right now."

"Oh god," he groaned, one of his hands curling into the sheets of his bed, his hips instinctively thrusting up against Kagura with bruising force as Tohru's arousing words danced in his head. Kagura responded to his frantic motions, slipping her fingers in and out of her own vagina with increasing speed as pleasure skittered through her.

"It's enough I know you want me, so for now, I've decided to let Kagura continue where she left off, if only to save her feelings," Tohru went on in a voice too quiet for Kagura to hear.

"But I want you," he growled in protest, tempted to push Kagura away and throw her out the damn window.

Tohru smiled and winked at him, "I know, but you'll have to wait until she's gone. Consider it a punishment for not coming to me first."

Kyo could have argued he had no idea how Tohru had felt for him, but it would be pointless and he didn't want to fight with her anyway. He watched as she glanced down at Kagura sucking his dick, and when Tohru teasingly wetted her lips and then winked at him, Kyo uttered a deep moan of pure lust, which only further incited Kagura.

Tohru smiled at him and then reached out to run her fingers through his sweaty hair, and he leaned into Tohru's caress, even as he thrust himself into Kagura's mouth, pleasure, need and frustration ripping through him simultaneously. To know the woman he loved returned his desire was thrilling, to have to settle for someone else was torturous.

"Please, I need," he muttered, rubbing his face against Tohru's hand. "I need you."

Tohru cast another telling look at Kagura, but Kyo refused to follow her gaze.

"I can't do this with you watching," he growled.

Tohru knew exactly what he meant. It was his way of declaring his feelings without giving them away to Kagura. He had to feel Tohru; he couldn't be content with simply having her there, so close yet out of reach.

Tohru decided then and there she couldn't bear to watch him with another woman, even if it was really her he wanted and not Kagura. She stepped closer to him and, since his hands were busy guiding Kagura's head on his dick, Tohru laced her hand through the hair on the back of Kyo's head and then pressed his face against the juncture of her thighs.

Kyo's reaction was immediate and pronounced, he growled against her flesh and moved wildly against Kagura, the pleasure racing through him increasing tenfold as he smelled the musky scent of Tohru's arousal, pressed as she was against his face. Tohru slowly lifted her skirt and used her free hand to remove her panties. The moment she took them off, he was lapping at her.

His tongue found her clit with unerring accuracy, teasing it with gentle strokes as he rocked himself against Kagura's mouth. The taste of Tohru was unlike anything he'd experienced before, tangy and sweet and addictive. He nuzzled against her thighs, parting them a fraction, before laving the lips of her vagina with his tongue.

Tohru moaned and leaned into his face, her hand tightening in his hair as he thrust his tongue into her tight pussy. Kyo responded to her soft cry, his body coming up off the bed as he rammed his cock into Kagura's mouth with such undisciplined motions he could feel her teeth grazing him, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was the sound of Tohru's pleasure, and knowing he was responsible for it. He was so turned on he could come at any moment, but he wanted Tohru to orgasm first.

And so he removed his tongue from her vagina and fastened his lips over her clit, drawing it into his mouth and pleasuring her as he'd always dreamed of doing. Tohru gasped, her thighs tightening around his face, and began to buck her hips against him. His own hips set up an answering rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of Kagura's mouth in perfect tandem with the sucking motions of his mouth on Tohru's clit.

Tohru fell against him as he relentlessly suckled her, her knees giving out, unable to support her weight, forcing her to kneel on his bed. Her body was burning up with pleasure as she writhed against him, her orgasm fast approaching as tendrils of pleasure and tension wound themselves through her with increasing intensity.

Tohru looked down at him, his head moving between her thighs as she fucked his face, and that was finally what sent her over the edge. She came hard and fast, her juices spilling from her sex as she cried out in ecstasy. Kyo immediately released her clit, ducking down to lap up every last drop of her release, reveling in the taste of her orgasm even as he gave himself up to his own climax. He tightened his hands in Kagura's hair and thrust into her mouth, spurting his seed into her. At the same instant, Kagura achieved her own orgasm, her release sliding down her fingers as she came.

Tohru collapsed onto the bed for a moment and Kyo dropped over next to her, staring at her in wonder. Kagura slowly stood up and blinked down at them, annoyed her intimate act with Kyo had somehow evolved into a threesome of sorts. Before she could say anything, Tohru suddenly stood up, grabbed her panties off the floor and hurriedly slipped them on before heading to the door.

Kyo sat up to protest her leaving, but Tohru glanced back at them and said, "Thank you for an enjoyable evening. I suggest we keep it to ourselves."

The severity of her words was tempered by the wink she gave them, though Kyo knew it was meant for him alone, this was her way of mollifying Kagura no doubt, by making the other girl believe this would never happen again. And indeed it wouldn't. As soon as Kagura left Shigure's house, Kyo had every intention of making Tohru his and Kagura would never touch him again after tonight.

Kagura watched the other girl leave and then glanced down at Kyo. "Well, that was all pretty weird," she finally replied, before shrugging good naturedly since it seemed she had won her man, settling onto the bed beside Kyo.

Kyo stared at the door through nearly closed eyes long after Tohru had left, wishing it was her curled up beside him instead of Kagura. Now was not the time, he knew, but soon, soon Tohru would be his. After sharing a night like this, he knew he would no longer be content to live without her. He would find a way around his damn curse, so he could be with Tohru the rest of his life…with this thought in mind, he drifted into a blissful sleep.     









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