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[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A/n: Please don’t be mad at me if this suck’s it’s my first attempt at a Lemon one-shot.

Disclaimer: I do not own Wolf’s Rain or Inuyasha.

They were in heat and were desperate for relief, they were desperate to mate with a strong woman who would bring them strong pups. Who better then the woman who joined their entourage a few months ago because she somehow ended up in their dimension.

Pairings: Tsume/Kagome/Kiba

*Mating Season*

It had been two months ago that Kagome had come into their lives. They had been fighting with Jagara and her people, they had been trying to take Cheza. They were losing. And badly. Then a white light began to fill the clearing and standing in between the two fighting sides was a woman. A beautiful woman.

She had long knee-legnth blue black hair with piercing sapphire eyes, she wasn’t very tall standing at about 5’3 with delectable curves. She had a sleek black wolf tail, black claws, fangs and pointed ears. She was wearing all leather, black leather pants and a black leather vest over a dark blue sports bra or something of the sort. She gauged the situation quickly and began to attack Jagara and her people. She got rid of many of them quickly with her swords and whip. In the process though she got many small wounds from where the bullets skimmed her.

She pushed them back far enough, that they were forced to retreat and she turned to meet the wolves she saved. She examined them curiously. After all she was in a foreign land and she had no idea how she got there.


Kagome had been walking through the forests aimlessly. She was after all a demon now so she wasn’t as weak as she was when she was human. It was the Shikon’s wish that she become a demon so that she was strong enough to protect the Shikon no Tama. So she changed into surprisingly a wolf demon. She had no choice over the matter and the Jewel would change her into the same type of demon as the youkai that loved her the most. Ironically it turned out to be Kouga.

She would have been a kitsune if Shippo hadn’t died, but he did and therefore she changed into a wolf. Kagome was unconscious for a full weak as the changes took place, they were extremely painful. Her entire body had to tone and reform itself, inside and out. Her tail had grown and her ears became pointed. She gained canines and claws and her face thinned down to a royal, more aristocratic appearance.

She was remembering training with Sesshoumaru. That had been absolute hell. He was a slave driver and then there was white. When she could see again she saw two groups. One group had four wolves and someone who smelt like a flower. So she attacked the group that reeked of evil. Unknowingly attacking Jagara. Not that she cared who she was attacking.

She turned to the group of wolves after she was done and examined them. The alpha seemed to be the white wolf with gold eyes. The other dominant was the gray wolf. There were two subordinate’s the lanky brown wolf with a bracelet on his right foreleg. The other was a somewhat stocky light brown wolf. The girl was...pretty.

She had short pink hair and red eyes. She was tall for someone her age about 5’7 dwarfing Kagome by 5 inches. She had to be about 13 if Kagome guessed. Kagome was very curious about her. She walked up to her cautious of the wolves that were staring at her, she delicately sniffed the air before her eyes widened and she cocked her head to the side.

“You smell like...lunar flowers.” Kagome said. “How odd.”

“Thank you for saving this Cheza and Cheza’s companions.” Kagome quirked a brow.

“No problem. Just one question Miss Cheza.”

“This Cheza will do her best to answer.”

“Where am I?” Cheza looked confused. Kagome changed her question.

“Uh. When am I?”

“This Cheza does not know.”

“I see.” Kagome said sniffing the air. As she did so she fell to the ground covering her overly sensitive nose and growled.

“God! What is that smell.” Kagome muttered to herself. “It smells like humans damaged the earth...This must be the future, cause this sure as hell ain’t the past. Even the tree’s are crying.” Kagome muttered not really paying attention to the shocked expressions on the four wolves faces.

“This Cheza wonders if you are a wolf.” Kagome’s head snapped to her.

“I suppose you could call me a wolf...but I’m more of a wolf demoness.”

“This Cheza has never heard of a wolf demoness.”

“I’m guessing that we are all extinct by now...a wolf demoness is a wolf with stronger abilities then a normal wolf, if strong enough t hey have the power to take a humanoid shape like the one I’m in and we have super speed, strength, smell, hearing and other abilities. We also have the power to change into our larger counterparts.” Kagome explained to Cheza.

“May this Cheza see your wolf form?” Cheza inquired.

“Okay...” Kagome said. “Don’t be scared.”

‘Scared?’ Tsume thought snorting. ‘Tch what’s there to be scared about?’

Just as he thought that standing above them was a large two story tall wolf. They watched shocked as the wolf shrunk to the size of a normal wolf with three tails and blue eyes, it’s coat was a thick and silky sable in color. She was beautiful. They watched as she slowly, cautiously walked towards Cheza. Cheza was fascinated by the wolf before her and gently stroked her fur. Kagome barked happily. She licked Cheza’s cheek and turned to the other wolves and cautiously walked up to the proud White wolf. She gazed into his eyes and diverted her gaze when she heard an excited yip come from behind him.

She was startled when the young, lanky brown wolf came prancing up to her. She cocked her head at him curiously. He barked out a greeting, she returned it with one of her own and almost grinned at the cute wolf. He was so innocent, he reminded her of her little Shippo.

The air turned blue around her and standing in front of them was the woman again. She grinned at the brown wolf who looked up at her curiously. Cheza walked up to the woman and smiled.

“Thank You...”

“Your welcome Miss Cheza. I’m Kagome.”

~!~End Flashback~!~

As Kiba recalled Kagome had been quite shocked to find that the four wolves had a human form. Kagome had taken it upon herself to join their little entourage in order to protect Cheza. She had been shocked but delighted. She took immediately to Toboe, treating him like a son. She adored the cute wolf.

Hige on the other hand she had some problems with dealing with his perverted nature. It took many punches and whacks from Kagome, Kiba and Tsume for him to get it. There were definitely sparks flying between Kiba, Kagome and Tsume. She couldn’t help but feel attracted to both of the handsome wolves.

It was not common for a demon to have more than one mate but it did happen. She was attracted to Kiba’s dark looks and Tsume’s fair ones. Kiba had messy brown hair and startling blue eyes, Tsume on the other hand had light silver hair and golden eyes, both different as night and day yet they managed to call to her in ways she never even knew were possible. She wasn’t the only one feeling the effects though. Both men couldn’t help but be attracted to the petite woman. And now, now she was in heat and they were aching.

Kagome hummed softly to herself as she made her way to the springs nearby where they were camping. It was one of the few hot springs left, scattered throughout the forests. One of the few things that the humans had managed not to muck up. When she got there she divested herself of all her clothing and sunk into the comforting hot water. She sighed in bliss unaware of the two pairs of eyes watching her hungrily.

“This feels so wonderful.” Kagome practically purred as she let the hot springs soothe her weary muscles. It was getting harder for her to control the urge to jump one of the handsome men, or even both. Now that mating season had come around she’d have to keep a very tight hold of her libido. Yup, She’d have to repeat her mantra over and over again when they were near. ‘Must not jump them, must not jump them.’

“Yeah, right.” Kagome muttered to herself in response to her thoughts.

“It’ll be near impossible to control myself around them.”

Just the thought of those two delectable men, naked made her groan out loud. Her mind providing fantasies involving her and two certain wolves in many a provocative positions.

“These next few weeks are going to be hell.” Kagome muttered crossly.

“Why is that Kagome...” the deep baritone voice purred from directly behind her. Kagome jumped nearly a foot in the air and clutched the area where her heart was. She turned to find Tsume and Kiba, naked, in the springs behind her. She gulped.


Kiba chuckled and swam up to her, she of course scrambled back not quite sure how she could resist them when she was in heat. ‘Someone up there hate’s me, I swear.’ Kagome thought.

“What are you two doing here?” Kagome stuttered.

“We came to claim what was ours. You see Kiba and I came to an agreement. We don’t want anyone else to have what belongs to us, so we’ve agreed to share.

“S-Share? Share what?” Kagome asked nervously.

“You.” Kiba purred his arms snaking around her slender waist as Tsume came towards her from the front. Kagome moaned as she felt Kiba’s hands caressing her breast from behind. Tsume smirked and dipped down and claimed her lips. His tongue traced her lips as his teeth nipped her lower lip, pulling it into his mouth so he could suckle it. Kagome growled in pleasure as they continued their ministrations.

“Kiba, Tsume, Oh!” Kagome cried out as Kiba’s fingers found her clit. She panted in pleasure before roughly claiming Tsume’s lips nipping them harshly and then soothing them with her tongue, her hands traveled over his chests and shoulders admiring the strong muscles. Her mouth left his and traveled down his neck, nipping, licking and sucking the entire way. When Kagome found a particularly sensitive spot on his neck she began to torture that spot mercilessly drawing a groan from Tsume.

While Kagome distracted him she slipped her hands beneath the surface of the water and caressed his hard member. Tsume growled in surprise as Kagome licked his chest scar and moved onto his nipples. Kiba in the meantime was enjoying suckling on Kagome’s neck as she ground her backside into his groin.

She wrapped her little hands around Tsume and began moving them up and down, over his long length as he growled with pleasure. Kagome bit his nipple and soothed the bite with her tongue, she laved both of his nipples before making her way down past his six pack. She smirked wickedly at him as she ducked under the water and her mouth wrapped around his erection. Kiba steadied his friend as Kagome went down on him, he was smirking the entire way.

When Kagome came up again Tsume dragged her out of the springs to the shore where he kissed her hard and passionately. Kagome’s arms wrapped around his neck as he kissed his way down to her neck and to her breast. As Tsume laved her breasts with attention Kiba came around behind her resting his hands on her hips and turned her head so he could claim a kiss. His tongue and her own battled for dominance for a few minutes until Tsume’s tongue found Kagome’s clit, Kagome cried out holding onto Kiba as Tsume’s tongue explored Kagome. Kagome growled when his tongue entered her body, in and out. Kiba’s fingers found their way to her pussy again as he gently pushed one into her body when Tsume’s fingers left her. Tsume not one to be left out of it all added one of his own fingers to the mix causing Kagome to cry both their names as she had her first orgasm of the night.

“Gods, You’ll be the end of me.” Kagome managed.

“Get on your hands and knee’s. “ Tsume choked out.

Kagome grinned wickedly as she did as ordered.

Tsume growled and positioned his hard cock at her wet entrance. He pushed in slowly, knowing she was a virgin and extremely tight. He groaned as the head of his cock entered her moist, tight, virgin pussy. He pushed until he came to her maidenhood. He glanced at Kiba who kneeled in front of Kagome and kissed her. He thrust once, hard into her breaking her barrier causing blood to color his thigh in colorful spurts. Kiba kissed her, caressed her hoping to take away some of the pain caused by Tsume’s intrusion.

“God, Kagome. Your, so, tight.” Tsume growled out trying his best to stay still and let her adjust to his girth.

“That hurt.” Kagome growled

“Don’t worry Kagome...Nothing but pleasure from now on.” Kiba soothed.

Tsume started to move slowly with shallow thrusts. He pulled halfway out of her and thrust in about two inches before Kagome slammed her hips backwards making him sink into her completely drawing moans from both of them. Kagome noticed Kiba’s little problem and lapped at his erection. He gave a startled groan as Kagome began to suckle his cock. She managed to take half of his length comfortably, she began to bob her head up and down slowly at first, she didn’t want to hurt any delicate pieces. She managed to get a few more inches down, till her nose was lightly brushing his brown pubic hair. Her throat muscles tightened in obvious protest of the foreign object occupying her throat.

“That’s good Kagome...” Kiba encouraged the beautiful woman.

Kagome moaned around his cock as Tsume hit a particularly sensitive spot inside of her, causing Kiba to moan as her moan made her mouth vibrate around his cock. Tsume moaned as Kagome tightened her muscles around him in pleasure. Tsume’s thrusts were now hard and deep forcing Kagome to go down further on Kiba. Not that there were any complaints from anyone.

“Kagome...” Kiba said crying out as she pulled her mouth off of him and nipped the head of his well lubricated cock, she lapped at the pre cum that formed and was about to take him back into her mouth before her orgasm hit her unexpectedly. She cried out in surprise as her muscles tightened to an almost painful degree around Tsume who, also surprised, ejaculated deep inside of her womb. Tsume rested his head against her back as she milked him for all he was worth. Kagome fell to her elbows at the pleasure resting her head against Kiba’s thigh, his erection poking her in the face.

Kagome laughed breathily.

“God. That was wonderful.” Tsume breathed as he pulled out of her. Kagome nodded her head in agreement.

She turned to look at Kiba and pushed him down on his back. “Someone isn’t satisfied though.” She sat astride the handsome wolf and lifted her hips, with Kiba’s help and gently sank onto his long, thick erection, both groaning as inch after inch disappeared into her. When she had his entire length buried within her she began to move slowly at first, her hands resting on Kiba’s chest as she rode him.

Kiba grabbed her hips and thrust up into her causing her to cry out with pleasure and tighten around him setting up a chain reaction. “Oh, Kagome, faster, harder, please, ride me.” Kiba panted.

“As you wish.” And she began to move up and down, over him, when she thrust downwards he thrust upwards. Before either of them could reach climax however Tsume cut in. “May I join you?”

“How?” Kagome asked curiously.

“There is still one orifice we haven’t tried yet.” Tsume purred. Kagome’s eye’s widened. Kiba pulled her to him so that they were chest to chest. Kagome eyed Kiba wearily as her eyes widened when she felt something probing her asshole.

“Oh god please tell me he’s not going to do that.” Kagome said.

“Shh...It’ll only hurt for a moment.” Tsume comforted as he pushed the head of his cock against the ring of muscles surrounding her ass. He pushed hard and the head of his erection entered her anal orifice causing her to cry out in pain. Kiba was gently caressing her back and placing small love bites on her neck.

He slowly eased the rest of his length into the tight orifice, mindful of Kagome’s pain. When he was fully seated inside of her, he waited for the tears to stop, waited for her to adjust to the new sensation. Kagome found the sensation odd and new to her. It felt good having both of them inside of her separated only by a thin membrane of flesh, it felt forbidden. Kagome pushed her hips back experimenting with the feeling.

She moaned. The guys took that as a sign to ‘go ahead’. Kiba pulled out of Kagome slightly and Tsume thrust in, then Tsume pulled out as Kiba thrust in, they started this cycle off slowly, hesitantly and it eventually became, fast, hard and deep thrust, all three of them moaning and crying out their pleasure.

“Harder, faster.” Kagome panted as both wolves proceeded to satisfy their chosen mate. Kagome’s eyes began to loose focus as did her two lovers. Kiba whimpered her name as he felt his mate tightening around him. Tsume growled deep in his throat. Kagome cried out cumming violently around Kiba, unintentionally tightening around Tsume as well causing both of them to slam into her and release their seed.

Kagome had almost passed out with the sensations and lay pliant between them. Tsume pulled out of her pulling her to the side of Kiba as he spooned her from behind. Kagome had snuggled to Kiba’s side in exhaustion as Tsume spooned her. She kissed his lips gently, tenderly and turned slightly to give Tsume a good night kiss as well.

“Goodnight, Love you.” She murmured to both of them before drifting off to sleep.

They both smiled tenderly at the young woman that held both of their hearts.

“Love you too.”

A/n: Sorry if it sucked...I’m new to writing lemons and uh...stuff...I’ll probably revise it later if I’m not satisfied with it...Please review.

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