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Friendly Easter Fun

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic. Sonic Team and SEGA own it. I make it short and sweet so we can get down to business! Thank you.

It was a warm April afternoon in the Chao Garden. The chao were having their annual egg hunt, and having a very good time while Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit watch. Amy sighed. "What's wrong, Amy?" "Oh, nothing, Cream..." Cream just gazed at her friend. "Something's wrong. I can see it in your eyes. Please tell me."

Amy looked at Cream. "Well, how long have we be friends?" "It'll be 4 years tomorrow." Amy sighed again, and looked at the pond. "4 years...time's just passing by..." Cream giggled a little. "Remember when we were younger? How you'd always chase Sonic around?" Amy laughed. "Yeah, I remember. He's so cute. I wish he would stop running from me." Cream nodded a little, and noticed Amy was sweating a little.

"What's wrong, Amy? You're sweating!" Amy blushed a little. "Oh, sorry. It's just I got Sonic on my mind, and it's making me...Ummm..." She looked at Cream's innocent face. How could she tell her friend that she was aroused by the blue hedgehog? Amy then looked at Cream. "Cream, I guess you're old enough to know." "What is it?" asked Cream. "Well...I have very deep feelings for Sonic..." "I know that, Amy." "No, Cream. I mean really deep feelings. Sometimes, I dream about us being alone somewhere, then we'd kiss. Our bodies would be close together, then he would slip my dress off..." Cream began to blush bright red as Amy told her.

"Amy! You must really love Sonic that much if you were willing to do that!" "Oh, Cream, I do love him..." She felt her legs getting shaky from talking about Sonic, and she also felt a warm feeling farther up her legs. Cream sighed again. "You know, I kinda know how you feel. I have the same feelings for someone..." "Oh, really?? You got a crush on someone?" "Don't tell anyone, Amy!" "I won't." Cream took Amy's hand. "I think I have a crush on Tails..." "Tails?? Gosh, Cream..." "It's more than that..." Cream sighed and smiled. She then felt a weird feeling between her legs as well. She put her hand down there, and saw her fingers were wet. "Amy!!" Amy chuckled a little. "Oh, Cream, you're just aroused."

"What's that?" Amy turned to her. "Well, you're 10 now. And judging by that age, you've tended to develop your organs." "My...organs?" "Yeah. You know you privates, right?" "Ummm...yeah?" Cream blushed at that. "Don't be embarassed. I went through the same thing. I still do! Anyways, when you have deep feelings for someone, your..." Amy cleared her throat a little. "Well, you get wet down there..." Cream was blushing too hard from Amy's little sex ed lesson. Amy looked around a little, then looked at Cream. "You know, there are ways to fix that." "How?" Amy just gazed at the little doe. "We're friends, Cream, and friends help each other out." "How are you going to help me?" Amy began to gently rub inbetween Cream's legs.

Cream giggled a little. "That tickles, Amy!" "Yeah, your privates are very sensitive. Just relax, Cream. Amy'll make it all better..." Cream tried to relax as Amy caressed the crotch of Cream's panties. Amy felt the moisture coming out every time she rubbed. Cream began to moan a little as she did so. "Oh, Amy, that feels so good. You're my best friend..." "I know, Cream." Amy stopped then got up to Cream's face, then gently pulled her into a soft kiss. Cream struggled a little. " kissed me! We're girls!" "So? There's nothing wrong with girls kissing girls." Cream blushed rather hard, but Amy rubbed her head. "Cream, just relax..." "I don't know. Is it right?" "Cream, we don't have to do this..." Cream sighed and pulled Amy into the kiss.

Their lips embraced. They let their tongues out and started licking each other. They were both blushing as their tongues caressed each other. Amy then began to pull on Cream's dress, but Cream decided to undo the dress herself. Amy looked down as Cream's dress dropped a little, revealing the doe's breasts. "Your's look cute for a girl your age." "T-thank you, Amy..." Amy began to gently massage one of them. Cream moaned from the wonderful feeling. It was so awkward for Cream to be doing these things with a girl. Amy then took Cream's left breast and began to lick the nipple while massaging the right one. "Ohh, Amy..." Amy began to suck on Cream's breast causing Cream to moan a little louder. Amy then began to run her tongue down Cream's body, obviously aiming for a special area.

Cream began to tremble, knowing that any second, she knew what Amy was going to do. Amy then eased Cream's panties down a little, revealing her wet snatch. Cream gasped. "Shhh, relax, Cream..." "Ok, Amy." Amy pulled her panties off, and began to softly lick Cream's vagina. Cream started moaning from the pleasure. Amy licked Cream's vaginal walls softly and easily, being very gentle on the doe. "Amy...Oh...I love you...Go faster!" Amy began to drive her tongue deeper into Cream's snatch, and began licking faster. Cream moaned loudly as she did, and began massaging her breasts. Amy then put her whole mouth on her labia and proceeded to suck it. "Oh, Amy! Yes! More! Ahh!" Amy tongue was tearing up the insides of Cream's vagina. She started to taste a sweet nectar from inside. She knew Cream was about to cum, so she sucked harder.

"OH, AMY! I'M GONNA..." Amy sucked hard as Cream screamed with ecstacy. Then Cream finally hit orgasm, and shot her sweet nectar into Amy's mouth. Amy gulped as much juice out as she could as Cream caught her breath. "Oh, Amy...I love you." "I know, Cream. Now it's your turn..." Cream looked at the pink hedgehog. "You don't mind?" "Go ahead! You're my friend, do what you want to me!" Cream decided to mimic what Amy did, so Cream went straight for Amy's clit. She started by pulling her panties off. Amy helped by taking her dress off, leaving her completely naked. "Wow, Amy. You've got a beautiful body." Amy blushed. "Aww, Cream, you're so sweet." Cream then slowly inched her face towards Amy's waiting vagina, but Amy got an idea and stopped Cream. "Amy, why did you stop me??" asked Cream with a disappointed look on her face.

"I got a better idea!" Amy lays down on the ground. "Lay down with your face in my pussy. Yours will be in my face." So, Cream lays down in the 69 position with Amy. "This'll be fun, Amy!" And the two began to suck at each others snatches.

But unknown to them, somebody just walked in. It was Tails. Apparently, he was looking for Cream, but he found more than what he asked for. He saw the two eating each out. "Whoa..." Tails ducked behind a bush, hoping they didn't see him. But as he sat in hiding, he could still hear the sound of sucking and moaning. The noises started to get to Tails and covered his ears. He then looked down and saw his member was sticking up. He then decided to take another look through the bush. He watched as the two naked girls ate away at each other's vaginas. Tails then grabbed his member and began to masturbate. "Amy...I feel like someone's watching." "Huh?!" Amy got up, and grabbed her Piko Piko Hammer. "Alright, c'mon, you pervert! You can't hide forever!" Suddenly, Tails fell out of the bush. "Tails?!" Amy blushed, as did Cream. "Oh, God! I'm so sorry!"

Amy trembled, looking around. "Uhhhh...we were just sun-bathing!" "Yeah, sun-bathing!" Amy couldn't hide it very well. "It's ok. I'll go..." Cream watched Tails walk off. "Tails, wait!" She ran to the fox even though she was naked. "Please stay! We're your friends!" "You sure? I don't want to seem weird..." Amy laughed. "You're not weird, Tails! You know you like looking at naked girls!" Tails blushed. "I DO NOT!" Cream giggled. "Yes, you do. Admit it! You saw me and Amy having sex, didn't you?" Tails sighed. "Yes, I did..." "And you were jerking off, wern't you?" asked Amy, watching his member throb. "Yes..." Amy cooed a little. " look like you could use a little help..." "Huh??" "Cream, lay Tails down. We're gonna have a little fun..." Cream walked to Tails with a hungry look in her eyes. Tails was slowly laid down. "Oh, man. I feel all funny inside!"

Cream licked her lips. Then, Amy got beside Cream, and began to rub his member. "You're gonna feel a lot more funny once we're done with you!" "What are you going to do?" Amy licked her hand, and rubbed the tip of Tails' prick, causing him to yelp. "What are we going to do?" asked Cream. Amy licked her lips then. "We're going to give him the best head he's ever had." "How?" Amy whispered in Cream's ear, causing Cream to blush, but she nodded then. Then, Amy and Cream both began to lick Tails' throbbing member. "Ohh, God..." Cream slowly let his shaft go into her mouth as Amy let his nuts in her mouth. The feeling of getting both his dick and nuts sucked felt great. Tails moaned as they sucked him silly. Cream then pulled it out of her mouth, and began to jerk him off. Amy continued to suck his balls, but felt them pulsing in her mouth.

"Amy, I think he's gonna blow." Amy spat his nuts out. "They're pulsing really bad. You better stand back!" Cream continued her hand job and Amy licked the head of Tails' cock. Tails cried out, and shot a huge load of cum in Cream and Amy's faces. Cream held onto Tails' member till he finally quit squirting his semen, and licked some of the cum off his member. "Wow, Tails! Was that your first nutt?!" Amy licked the cum off of her face. "No, that was my first blowjob, but I don't know if that even counts! Ohh, that felt so good..." Cream and Amy laughed a little, knowing they did a good job. "But the fun is just about to begin!" said Amy. Cream then crawled onto Tails body and strattled him. "Think you gush another load?" "I can try, Cream..." Cream then lowered her vagina towards Tails' erect member, and soon had it sliding into her. "Ohhhh, that feels so funny." said Cream, seeing as how she's never really had sex with a guy.

Tails slowly began to rock Cream as Cream rubbed her breasts in Tails' face. "No way I'm gonna be left out!" said Amy. Amy then put her face inbetween Tails and Cream's working genitals and managed to slide her tongue into Cream's pussy once more. Amy licked as much as she can, whether it was Tails' cock or Cream's clit. "Oh, Tails! Harder!" cried Cream as she rubbed her tits. Tails started to thrust harder, and to the girls surprise, his member got bigger! "Wow! So big!" cried Amy. Tails blushed. "I know. We foxes tend to get very big during sex." "I love it, Tails! The bigger, the better!" Tails continued to bang Cream hard. Amy then sat down, spreaded her legs, and started to finger at her vagina as she watched the two fuck. Tails then flipped Cream over on her back, and went right to work on her. Cream laid their and cried out loudly with every thrust of his cock. Amy started to cry out as well from her little fun. "Oh, I wish I could be on Tails right now!"

"YOU'LL GET YOUR TURN, AMY!!" Cream screamed as Tails continued to pound her clit. Then, Cream couldn't take it anymore, and had her orgasm. Her juices provided enough lubrication to cause Tails to orgasm. Tails managed to slip his cock out before he shot off in her. Amy pulled her fingers out, which were drenched in her own juices. "Hey,'s my turn now!" Tails laid down as Amy got on top of him. "I'm gonna do all the work for you!" Amy let his member go into her pussy, and they began to rock. Cream looked at the two, and smiled. "Tails, how about I give you a little extra something?" "Say what, Cream?" Asked Tails, but was cut off with Cream sitting on his face with her pussy right on his mouth. "Eat my pussy, Tails!" Tails obeyed and started sucking it while he continued banging Amy. "Oh, Tails! Oh, it's feels great!" Amy and Cream both moaned loudly, then looked at each other. "This threesome rocks, Cream!" "I know! Why don't we all have some fun!"

With that, Cream and Amy started making out. Tails just licked away at Cream's pussy while continuing to pound Amy. Cream pulled away from the kiss, and started to play with Amy's breasts. Cream massaged Amy's right breast while sucking on the left one. "OH, GOD! I LOVE YOU BOTH!" Amy wailed as both Cream and Tails pleased her in more ways then one. Tails began to hit the back wall of Amy's vagina, but that didn't stop him from screwing her. Cream finally managed to bend herself down to Amy's vagina with Tails' cock still bouncing inside. Cream then began to lick some of the opening. "CREAM! TAILS! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!!" Amy screamed. "I'm close to orgasm too!" shouted Cream as she slurped. "Guys...I'm gonna...I'm gonna!!" Tails started to screw out of control, knowing he's seconds away from exploding one last time. They all screamed out in joy as they all hit orgasm. Tails slipped his member out and shot his final load all over himself.

Cream splattered Tails face with her juices, and Tails began to lick away the tasty treat. Amy slowly got up off of Tails as did Cream. "Let's clean him up, Cream." Amy and Cream then licked the gooey sperm off of Tails' stomach as Tails just sighed in exhaustion. Amy then stood up, as did Cream. "Alright, Tails. We've had fun, but now, I want to ask you something." "Ok, sure..." Amy looked at Cream and winked. "Which one of us looks hotter?" Tails just looked at the two naked girls and sighed. "You're both very hot." "Yeah, but you can only have one!" said Cream. Tails sighed and just laid down. They laughed and laid down on both sides of him, cuddling with him. "No matter who you want more, thanks for all the fun." said Amy. "Hey, Amy. Who said a guy can't love two girls?" asked Cream. "I don't know, Cream, but in this case, we both can have this little guy."

Tails smiled and looked at his two ladies. "Heh, two girls in love with me, and they both want me." "Yep, you're our foxy-pimp, Tails!" said Cream with a giggle. Amy giggled as well, as they all sighed and fell asleep. All the while, the chao still played happily that day. That warm, fun, easter day...

Did you like it? It's my second lemon, and I felt like doing it a little hardcore! ^__^ Read and review, thank you!

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