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A/N: The Muses of Parody have been hovering close lately, so advance warning not to take this seriously. And I'm really only `posting' this on a half-dare. SoM likes to poke at me until whatever I'm ranting about gets turned into a drabble. -__- So if you understand the mockery, you understand. If not- *shrugs* Ah well.
Kagome tilted her head admiringly to one side when the silver-haired man in front of her offered a low bow. She could hear Shippou snort from his cozy position in her arms, reluctantly switching her focus. At her questioning expression, he simply shook his head and continued to stare at the youkai standing across the fire from them. After all, there were times where it was just improper to tell the woman you'd decided to keep for maternal purposes that one of your own kind was using his height to look down her shirt.

“I'm sorry to have disturbed your evening,” the stranger pitched his voice carefully to slide along Kagome's skin like a caress. Earning yet another eye-roll from Shippou as well as a yawn. His golden eyes narrowed briefly in warning to the little kit, right back to gentle cajoling before Kagome noticed the change. “My name is Youko Kurama.”

Kagome blinked, uncertain as to whether or not she should respond when Shippou lazily scratched his neck and offered, “I'm Shippou and this is my Mother, Kagome.”

“Shippou-chan!” Kagome scolded softly, lowering her own voice to a whisper and sending the other kitsune a slightly apprehensive frown.

Shippou patted her reassuringly and hopped out of her arms. Turning back to her, he offered Kagome his biggest, most pleading eyes and whined out, “I'm hungry. Is dinner ready yet?”

Youko's lips twitched in amusement at the way the girl's annoyance crumpled under the force of those eyes. He covered his mouth with one hand to hide his smile when she patted the little kitsune on the head. Indulging himself, he watched her with unblinking intensity as she went to her bag without another thought for his presence. Yet, he was expecting it when the kit turned a stern frown on him and gestured for him to sit. Complying with a nod, Youko gracefully folded his arms and lowered himself to a more accessible position.

Shippou took up an almost militant stance in front of the new kitsune. Chin up and little hands stuffed up in his sleeves, he braced himself and sized this `Youko Kurama' up. He walked a slow, deliberate circle around Youko and hopped onto the youkai's knee once he was certain his perusal of the kitsune's assets had been as thorough as possible. Settling down with the air of a diplomat about to engage in negotiations, Shippou leaned back and stared up at Youko's face.

“You're here to try to fuck my Mother, aren't you?”

Youko tilted his head and reached up to brush his hair back over his shoulder in a perfect, elegant motion. “Yes.”

The intention has been verified! Shippou squeezed his hands into fists in his excitement, careful to keep them where Youko couldn't observe the telling action. Settling in and biting hard on his tongue until the urge to grin had passed, Shippou let his eyes narrow in feigned suspicion. “And-?”

Youko let out a mock sigh and reached into his kimono. He made a show of searching for a moment just to see the kit squirm before pulling out a small grey pouch and dropping it onto the shrewd little kitsune's head. “She'll enjoy it.”

“And?” Shippou snatched up the pouch and stuffed it in his own vest.

“I won't eat her,” Youko solemnly assured him.

Shippou nodded in approval and hopped off Youko's lap. Unable to stop the way his chest puffed up in pride for his victory, he cast one last sly look over his shoulder. “I haven't been sleeping well lately. It would be a shame if I had a nightmare and suddenly called out for-” the threat cut off when another identical pouch hit him square in the forehead. This time Shippou did grin, slipping the second pouch into another hiding place on his person. “Suddenly I have an urge to go play with Kirara... and keep everyone else away from this spot.”

Youko reached out to ruffle Shippou's hair. “You obviously aren't suffering any long term effects from exposure to humans.”

“My Mother deserves nothing but the very best.” Shippou arrogantly turned up his nose at the implication he would slack off in his responsibilities just because his chosen matriarch happened to be human.

Youko slipped a third pouch into Shippou's hand and smirked at the way the kit snapped to attention for him. His golden eyes gleamed, following Kagome's oblivious figure as she dug into her strange pack for something to feed the kit. Dipping his head, Youko pitched his voice to a quieter whisper. Assuring Shippou with all the arrogance of a healthy kitsune, “The very best is exactly what you have found for your Mother.”

Shippou grinned and nodded his head once to the beautiful kitsune in full satisfaction. Tucking that third and -he knew- final offering into his belt, he fairly strutted back around the fire to collect his dinner. Once he was fed and pampered for the night, Shippou would direct his utmost care and focus to upholding his end of their bargain:

Keeping the others away while this Youko Kurama treated his Mother to a perfect night.

Admittedly, he might have been slacking off in his responsibility to see to Kagome's care. Then again, Shippou could and often did console himself by saying none of the males within reach were good enough in his eyes. But this kitsune seemed perfectly willing and able to make up for that oversight. How could he call himself a devoted son if he wasn't making sure her needs were being attended to by an absolutely prime partner?

And how could he call himself a kitsune if he didn't equally profit from the one he chose?

**End Note: Please forgive any misuse of the character known as “Youko Kurama” as crossovers are not generally my area of work... Then again, this is parody, and as all the characters are borrowed for my amusement, I suppose it doesn't really matter. XD

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