InuYasha Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ A Father's Love ❯ Down the Well ( Chapter 1 )

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A Father’s Love
Author: Lúthien Tinúviel-Minyatur
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Kagome/Inu Yasha, implied future Sesshoumaru/Rin, Sango/Miroku Kurama/Hiei
Warnings: Implied mpreg

Archive: LiveJournal

Summary: Kurama follows Kagome down the well. There, he is reunited with the child he gave up.

Notes: Sequel to “A Father’s Fate”

Beta: baiyu_dan, my wonderful fiancé who tells me everything I write is as wonderful and beautiful as me, even when he and I both know it’s awful and I know I’m not that wonderful or beautiful. Ai shiteru, dearest.

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Chapter One:
Down the Well

The Higurashi Shrine. He had been there several times before, offering prayers for children he never expected to see or hear any news of ever again. He wondered if the Spirit Detectives had ever harmed any of them, or if they had even survived the normal trials of being a demon.

The tree there comforted him. It had stood for nearly as long as he had been alive. He had heard many stories of lovers proposing in front of that tree. He knew several stories that others never heard or thought only of as myths and legends.

Sighing, the young man lowered his sling bag and placed his hands together, palm to palm. Lowering his head, he prayed for his eldest son, his miracle child. Sighing again, he rang the bell to alert the gods and turned away.


As he had many times before, and suspected he would many times more, he turned to face the voice. A girl with mid-length, shiny black hair in a school uniform, -- Shuichi wondered for a brief second why all female school uniforms seemed to have inappropriately short skirts -- with a large hiker’s backpack on her back ran up to him.

“Hello, Kagome.”

Kagome stopped when she caught up to him, breathing hard. “Is that all you’re taking with you?” she asked, pointing at his small sling. Shuichi looked at it, then looked at Kagome.

“Do I need more?” he asked, his emerald eyes clouded in confusion. Kagome sighed and shook her head.

“Whatever. Well, let’s not keep dog-boy waiting.” Straightening her backpack, she strode over to the mini-shrine. Shuichi just shook his head and followed her.

Finding that she had already thrown her bag down into the well, he glanced at her. “So, this is how you do it. The Bone Eater’s Well. I had always wondered...” He then threw his bag after hers. “After you,” he said.

She looked at him disdainfully for a moment, then leapt down into the well. Assuring himself that she had already passed through, Shuichi followed her.

~~Warring States Era~~

It had been a long time, thought Shuichi once he appeared on the other side. Kagome had already climbed her way out of the well, as was evidenced by the muted shouting he heard above him. He smirked, then made his way up.

“At least I brought your potato chips, didn’t I?!” he heard Kagome shout as he poked his head out of the well.

A demon with long white hair and dog’s ears wearing a red kimono had already torn into the bag of chips that Kagome must have had in her pack. His golden eyes quickly landed on Shuichi.

“Who the Hell is that?!” he demanded, leaping to his feet. Not waiting for an answer, he seized Shuichi by his neck and held him at least six inches off the ground. “Who the Hell are you?” he growled out, his claws against Shuichi’s throat. “What are you doing here?”

“Sit boy!” With that phrase, the demon boy let go of Shuichi and planted his face into the ground. From Shuichi’s viewpoint, it seemed as though the beads around his neck glowed with light as Kagome uttered the command. “His name is Shuichi Minamino, and he’s a classmate of mine! He’s here because he asked me if he could come!” To Shuichi, Kagome continued, “I’m sorry about this, Shuichi. Inu Yasha can’t control his temper, I’m afraid.”

Inu Yasha got up painfully. “What the Hell did you say yes for?!” Then he jerked his head up and looked sharply at Shuichi. His nose twitched. “You smell familiar.” Suddenly Shuichi found his face was scant inches away from Inu Yasha’s. “You smell like that fox demon thief, Kurama. You can’t be him, though. Kurama had long silver hair and golden eyes and was at least a head taller than you.”

Shuichi chuckled softly. “You have a good nose... for a half-demon,” he said softly. “I assure you, I am he.”

“Prove it,” challenged Inu Yasha, ignoring the half-demon jab. Shuichi simply raised an eyebrow and gathered his energy, causing his yellow travel tunic to flap slightly around his ankles and his ruby hair to sway in the resulting breeze.

“I trust I don’t have to make the transformation?” he asked as Inu Yasha backed away from him.

“Feh. Do what you want,” Inu Yasha said flippantly, though he privately was thankful that he would not have to face the transformed Kurama.

“I thought as much,” Kurama said. He turned to Kagome. “Shall we go?”

“Uh... sure,” Kagome said hesitantly. She hauled up her pack and followed Inu Yasha to the village, Kurama following closely behind.


It had been years, thought Kurama as he walked into the village. Only fifty years had passed for Yoko Kurama, but for him, it had been anywhere between 439 and 515 years. So much had changed. He watched as Kagome uncomfortably waved away bows in her direction.

Kikyo had not noticed the humbleness of the villagers, or if she did, had not minded. Kagome, however, still saw herself as a junior-high age girl misplaced in time.

Yes, much had changed.

During the walk, Inu Yasha had not stopped glaring at him. Kurama was as yet unsure if Inu Yasha just didn’t trust him, or if he actually was jealous of him. Somehow, though, he hoped that it was the former. What Inu Yasha would do to him if he was jealous... he really didn’t want to think about.

“Kaede! I’m back!” Kagome brushed back the reed-woven door. “And I brought a friend!”

Kaede? Little Kaede? Kurama had most certainly not seen her in several centuries, not since Kikyo had died. He had always liked Little Kaede, thinking that she was a sweet and innocent young girl-child.

Suddenly an old woman with a stooped back and an eye patch in miko robes appeared in the door. This was certainly *not* the Little Kaede Kurama remembered. Little Kaede had the use of both her eyes and stood straight-backed.

Clearly, Little Kaede was no longer so little. And if the patch was any indication, no longer so innocent, either.

“Hello, Kagome. Inu Yasha.” Kaede glanced at Kurama. “And who do ye be?”

“This is a classmate of mine from school,” said Kagome before Inu Yasha could intervene.

“Minamino Shuichi, my lady,” Kurama said respectfully, bowing at the waist.

“Greetings, Shuichi,” said Kaede, returning the bow. Then she turned to Kagome. “Ye cannot bring people through the well thus, Kagome.”

“Oh, don’t worry about him,” Kagome cheerfully disagreed. “He can take care of himself.”

Kaede held her gaze on Kurama long enough to make him begin to feel uncomfortable. If any of the Little Kaede he remembered still remained in this frail body, he knew that she would see him for who he really was. “Aye,” she said finally, “This one can.” Stepping back, she invited them into her small home.

“Where are Sango and the others?” Kagome asked while Kaede ladled soup into bowls for them.

“Sango and Miroku are tending to a small demon problem in the forest and Shippo and Kirara are resting, also in the forest. I do not expect them to return until the morrow.” She said this as she handed a bowl to Kurama.

Smothering the instinct that immediately made itself known, Kurama took the bowl, thanking Kaede. After the customary thank you to the gods -- and silent prayer from Kurama, -- the four began to eat.


Later that night the full moon found Kurama outside looking up at the stars, remembering days long past. Days that were at the same time full of the greatest of joys and yet full of the greatest of pains. A noise behind him caught his attention, but he did not draw his gaze away. “Lady Kaede,” he greeted her, recognizing the footfalls even after all these years away.

“’Tis you, is it not?” she asked without preamble. “You are the fox demon Kurama I knew of old?” Kurama smiled softly, pulling his attention away from the stars.

“Of all I knew back in this time, I was certain that my Little Kaede would remember me.”

A snort came from Kaede. “Your Little Kaede is little no more,” she pointed out.

“To me, you will always be my Little Kaede, keeping my secret safe from Inu Yasha. I have always been grateful to you for that.”

“Is it still required of me? I have held my silence for many years.”

“For only a short while longer, Little Kaede. I have finally returned to see to the duties I was forced to forsake so long ago. I have returned for my Honokitsu.”



Miko: priestess
Honokitsu: Flame fox