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Setsuna cursed herself as she ran through Mahora’s pathways, leaving its other occupants with the recollection of only a blur. Why, tonight of all nights, did she have to get caught up in a dinner party with Kono-chan? The sun was setting and the moon was rising, she had only moments to spare!

The lobby of her dorm building was subject to high winds as she passed by and hit the stairs, blowing off years of accumulated dust and reaching the third floor in record time. She skidded to an almost comical stop as she reached her room and flung the door open. Her bag hit the bed, the door slammed, and then her clothes followed it quickly. She leapt for the ‘other’ bed in the room, a heavy metal box that almost resembled a coffin, with a timed lock to hold it shut until morning.

Outside, the sun had already passed below the skyline, but a single sliver of green could still have been seen if the way was clear. It took but a moment, as the lid was closing, to fade away entirely.

The Journal of Konoe Konoka

First Moon

Dear Diary… no, that sounds silly, and this is a serious matter. Maybe I should wait to write this, but I feel I have to do it while I still remember it all vividly or something will be lost. My heart is still pounding from it… I’m really worried, but at the same time, filled with a happy anticipation. Perhaps I should start from the beginning, yes, that would be best.

Exactly one lunar month ago, I now realize, was when it first started. I had invited a few of our classmates over for a dinner party, as I do sometimes, just to liven up the atmosphere. I had even managed to get Secchan to come, though it took more skill than usual to convince her. She seemed very jittery for some reason, and I think I understand why now.

About half way through the dinner, she gasped, startling everyone, and then bolted before I could ask what was the matter. She was a blur going out the door. We thought about following, but she was moving pretty fast. That combined with Chachamaru-san saying she knew what it was, and that it wasn’t something we should worry about, kept anyone from chasing after her. I wanted to, but I knew that if Secchan had a personal problem, it was better to let her find it in herself to tell me. Hehe, that’s surprisingly literal.

The dinner was strained only for a few minutes before it returned to the previous cheerful attitude our class is so good at. I was planning on serving ice cream for dessert, but had underestimated the number of people that would appear. It was starting to get dark, so Negi-kun and Asuna objected, but our school is well lit enough, and the convenience store is only a few blocks away, so I overrode their objections gently and went out to augment our ice cream supply. The nights were chilly enough that I didn’t worry too much about it melting on the way back, fortunately. The trip to the store was uneventful and pleasant, just the night sounds providing a dark but happy orchestra.

I was almost back to the dorm, just a block away, when I felt it. Someone was watching me. As soon as I felt it, before I had time to run or scream or anything, they spoke.

“Konbanwa, Kono-chan.” It was a strange voice, but familiar at the same time. My inability to recognize it lead me to pause, and that’s when I saw it. Two pits of night that the shadows couldn’t hope to contend with. Eyes, I realized after a moment, staring into mine; they shone with emotion, intense… powerful… and indescribable. I heard not a sound as the eyes began advancing toward me at a leisurely pace. They held me rapt, frozen, unable to run or shout; I even forgot to breathe once or twice, I think. As they came closer, the light from outside the alley began to have enough force within it for me to begin making out an outline. A slim, toned body, female, walking with a confident gait. Behind her… two large wings, the most visible feature in the near-darkness, purest white in color. I began to put it together then, who this was, but it was only when she stepped fully into the light that I realized it.

Long, athletic legs, a slim build, modest but firm breasts, her form seeming to glow slightly in the lamplight, her large white wings really glowing in the darkness. And did I mention she was naked? Yes, completely naked. Somehow, it didn’t seem important at the time.

“Uhm… Uh… what…?” I managed to stutter out, attempting to ask a question. Her eyes were boring into mine with those intense emotions, making it difficult to think.

“I just came to say good night, Kono-chan.” She answered, walking towards me slowly, her voice low, with an undertone that made me shiver with… something. I couldn’t do anything. She stopped in front of me, her wings spreading and then surrounding the both of us, putting us in our own little world. She gently took my face in her hands, caressing my cheeks with her thumbs as she pulled me forward and leaned my way. I’m shaking again, just remembering it.

Her eyes were locked to mine, calling me, holding me, caressing me… as our lips met. We held it for a few seconds; I could barely stand the intensity of even that chaste touching of lips. I even shed a few tears as the feelings overwhelmed me. Then she drew back, and smiled a loving smile at me, wiping the tears away with her thumbs.

“Good Night, Kono-chan.” She whispered, and then backed away, disappearing into the darkness once again. I fell to my knees then; they simply wouldn’t hold me up anymore, they shook so much.

“Secchan…” I finally whispered to the empty street.

Funny, I never let go of the ice cream the entire time.

Author's Notes: So, new ficcy, Third Quarter Waxing, yet another KonoSetsu... what can I say, I've caught the madness. I'd guess that many of you have questions, many questions, about what exactly is the deal with Setsuna acting so funny. All I'll say is that you'll have to wait and see. A cookie to the person that guesses correctly before chapter 2 is posted! Anyway...

You can all thank Yuki Myco for beta-ing this, as well as agreeing to take on beta-ing the other two of my KonoSetsu fics(the ones I'm still trying to write at the moment, I mean). And of course, Akamatsu-sama be praised.

Next time, on 'Third Quarter Waxing'! Will Setsuna stay this way? Will Konoka figure out why she's acting so different? Will Setsuna put some more smooth moves on Konoka? Let's hope so!