InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Violation of Honor ❯ Chapter 1 - An Ill Fated Confrontation ( Chapter 1 )

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Violation of Honor

By Rinseternalsoul

**Disclaimer: I do this for free. I'm not affiliated with Rumiko Takahashi's Inuyasha, and only write free fanfiction for my love of twisting her character's to my dark, demented will. May the smut live on.

Summary: Canon. Years after Naraku's destruction, Sesshomaru faces a new foe with a nightmarish weapon that erases free will and compels the victim to complete submission by the female wearer. The vindictive demoness is bent on restoring her ancestors' lands to her control, and the first demon lord that she crosses will become her slave in all things carnal. Beaten, drugged and repulsively used, Sesshomaru longs for death, but a miko's gentle hand and soft voice gives him hope and a reason to live on. Sess/Kagome, Graphic Lemon Warnings

A/N: Hello everyone! Welcome to my latest Kagome/Sesshomaru saga. It's going to be full of blood, pain, laughter and love. Plus lots of raunchy sex. GOTS to have the raunchy sex! LOL! I've mixed a little Japanese history into my fictional tale. Don't go crazy if some of the historical facts are a little off. It's for entertainment, not a history lesson. I will warn you that this one is going to have some raw emotional scenes of sexual degradation for Sesshomaru, so proceed at your own risk.

The whole thing, especially the beginning chapters, will be wrapped around warped acts of sex. I will not be warning for lemons, because there will be so many places to mark that it would only serve to disrupt the story.

I do not condone the reading of this fic by anyone 17 years old or younger.




In the unexplored jungles of South America - March 3, 1432

"Lady Azusa, the slaves have cleared the passageway of the tomb. The entrance to the inner chamber is barred by a solid stone door many layers thick. It is impossible to proceed further."

Her calculating vermilion eyes narrowed and a sly grin curled her blood red lips. "Oh, I would not worry about that Iku, I believe that I have just the thing to take care of that tiny problem. She reached up and pulled the heavy gold chain from around her neck. Each link was thick and solid, formed into a smooth rectangle with slightly rounded corners, then linked to another of the same. At the crest, hung a large five sided charm that just barely fit in the palm of her elegant hand. The medallion was thick, solid gold, and intricately crafted with an odd, yet undeniably beautiful pattern around the outer edges. Asuza lovingly traced the smooth, depressed circular formation in the center, which left the beauty of the piece lacking, and incomplete.

The tall slender demoness ran a long finger, tipped with perfectly manicured talons painted carefully in deep carmine, fondly over the ancient pattern. Centuries had passed since she first acquired the somewhat gaudy piece of the puzzle. It was long passed time that she finally uncovered its sister piece. The center stone. Her search had led her across the world, from the grassy Highlands of Scotland to the Jungles of the dark Amazon, and at last, her quest was done. The long and empty centuries spent chasing her destiny were now behind her. A new life awaited her after today. Victory was at hand.

She climbed down from her steed. The huge, heavily armored armadillo youkai grunted with her shifting of weight, before its mistress leaped gracefully to the forest floor. Around her all work had ceased while servants and slaves cowered from her passing, as she made her way into the dark stone opening of the chamber's great hall.

Behind her strode her valued retainer and second in command, Iku, who was trusted with most of her tedious affairs. Those of which Azusa had no wish to tackle in favor of more... stimulating activities. The male youkai's mind was not only swift and intelligent, but held a calm genius in the war room. The oddities of him were easily overlooked when faced with his assets, and Iku's mind for battle would soon be put to good use. Besides, what care did she have for his preference in companionship, male or female? She had plenty of hard, warm bodies to meet her needs.

And she had exorbitant needs.

Soon, Asuza's revenge would bring down all who had ever dared stand against her ancestors. She would avenge her grandfather and restore their legacy in the homeland.

The long hall was illuminated with flickering torches, which cast haunting shadows over the rugged surfaces of the stones. She, herself, had no need of such frivolities, as her night vision was beyond reproach. The flames served the pathetic mortals used to haul away the years of fallen rock and debris. The stench of them was almost not worth the laboring effort, especially considering their nasty habit of falling dead at every turn. She could not count the numbers of human slaves, now nothing more than rotting matter on the forest floor, used in pursuit of her illusive treasure. Their fleeting lives mattered not. She had plenty of wealth, and Iku had an eye for the slave market.

The long hall finally ended in a widened chamber built solely to worship the threshold of the crypt beyond. The doorway stood before her, looming in silent dominion, and forbidding access to any that would trespass beyond. The silence was profound in the flickering darkness, making it nearly impossible to drown out the nervous breath's of her servants. Everyone waited anxiously, and with great fear, to see what their mistress would reveal. The mortal slave's nervous dread smelled strong and acrid in Asuza's nostrils, as they worried over her wrath should this be another failure to produce what she sought.

There was no need.

This was it and she knew it well. The pattern was there, a match, and she was sure of her success. Azusa lifted the heavy medallion and inserted the pattern side into the slot forged by an ancient foreign hand, and adorning the intricate designs upon the door.

A perfect fit.

The door began to grind stone against stone, moaning its grievance at this momentous occasion. It appeared to magically pull back into the wall, while expelling a foul stench of long ago death and ancient black magick from the bowels of the chamber within. Azusa willed her feet to be still in her excitement. She wanted nothing more than to tear into the room and rip her treasure from its resting-place, but dignity prevailed and so she waited. It seemed an eternity before the harsh rumbling of the moving stone ground to a halt, leaving only enough remaining to access her valued medallion.

Azusa pulled the charm free, and entered the chamber. Behind her, Iku followed, now holding a weak flickering torch in his hands. The light cast an eerie glow over the room, but a sparkle of reflection quickly caught her eye.

It was there. A breath of relief washed from her lungs just before her feet ran of their own accord. In the blink of a human eye she stood in front of the stone.

A massive blood jewel, carved magnificently into a deceptive glamour that belied its dark truth. It lay atop a podium of majestically carved stone, and there on the front of the stone was another five-sided impression. Once again, Azusa placed her medallion in the recessed shape, and once again, it slid in with perfect precision. Through the silence there was an audible 'click', and a grin of triumph drew her lush ruby lips upward.

Azusa reached out to the stone and carefully, reverently, pulled it from the spot of its resting. She held the sizeable red glittering jewel in her palm and ran her fingers over it in silent awe.

Still, her task was not yet complete.

She reached out, and withdrew the medallion, which she then firmly held in her palm. She took the jewel and placed it into the circular impression at the center of the charm. The jewel slipped in effortlessly, and then, with a blinding flash of red glowing light, it became one with the medallion.

"Ah...," she breathed in wonder, "It is complete."

Azusa's perfectly manicured claws were shaking with anticipation, as she placed the chain once more over her head until it rested warmly against her pale flesh. Immediately the amulets power began to flow within her. The stone glowed, and its crimson light was reflected in her unusual eyes.

The Amulet of Coactum was hers at last.

She turned to her followers and they immediately fell to their knees, bowing low, shivering and chanting her praise. "Hail to Azusa!"

Her laughter echoed through the ancient chamber, and causing the very Earth to rumble with dread.


Japan - Sengoku Jadai, three years after the destruction of the evil hanyou, Naraku. Late May 1571

Inuyasha stood and then slipped Tetsusaiga back into his sash, all the while wondering if this was a good idea. Since Naraku's demise the shard hunter's earned their living the only way they knew how, by killing rouge demons. It was a tough life, but one they were well used too, and it served to put food on the table. Villager's needed protection, and for a price, they would get it. Well, Inuyasha silently grumbled, except when they had no tenure to pay. Then they were forced to slay the demons for nothing, which really pissed him off, but couldn't be helped.

This mission was different than all the rest, and it sat uneasy with him to leave Kagome for so long. Several days ago the isle of Shodo-Shima sent a messenger pleading for the immediate assistance of the now famous demon slayers. Apparently a small gate to Hell had opened on the island and the place was being swarmed by ogre demons. Their job would be to kill the ogre's and seal the hole. That was no big problem, and Inuyasha was actually looking forward to the action, because things had been a little boring lately. His worries stemmed from leaving Kagome behind.

Around a year ago old Kaede passed on to the next world, leaving Kagome to take over as village priestess. Her duty of repairing the Shikon no Tama was over, and Kagome's wish after the final battle had successfully sent the stone into oblivion. Sometimes it still ticked him off that she used the wish to secure the survival of youkai in the future, but hell, he couldn't say too much, since he was a youkai too. Well, at least half.

He had been through the Bone Eater's Well to the far off future, and there were little, if any, youkai left in the world. Kagome simply made sure that humans and youkai would both learn to live together and adapt to the changing ages. It was a pure wish that destroyed the jewel, but destroyed his only chance at becoming a full-fledged youkai. Strangely, that really didn't bother him anymore. She had offered him the jewel once it was complete, just as she promised that she would, but after fighting his demon half so many times, Inuyasha decided to pass on that dream. Some things were meant to stay as dreams and never become reality. It was a good choice, and in the end, Kagome's pure heart proved true with her wish.

Unfortunately, with the destruction of the jewel, came the unexpected end to the old well's magick. He would never forget the day Kagome discovered that she was trapped in the past. He had never seen her so broken. It tore him apart that he couldn't help her get home to her family, but secretly he was glad. He never wanted to be parted from Kagome. She was his strength and his closest friend. He wished it could be more, but that would never be. There was too much pain between them now. Kikyo's memory stained their relationship in a way that could never be repaired. He could not help but see Kikyo in Kagome, and it was unfair to her.

Kagome was not Kikyo, and Kikyo was certainly not Kagome, but sometimes, when he looked at her, he could still see his brave priestess looking back at him. No, Kagome deserved someone to love her for who she was and not who her soul once belonged to. They were as close as two people could be, but it could never be anything more.

"Kagome, are you sure about this? I can stay and leave it up to Sango and Miroku."

Kagome looked up from the bag that she was packing him for the trip. She put on a brave smile just for him and tried to ease his mind. "Don't be silly, Inuyasha. The people of Shodo-Shima really need your help. From the message that was sent, it will take all of you to set things right there. I'll be fine. Besides, I have Shippo to protect me." Shippo stood up and puffed out his young chest. "Yeah, Inuyasha, quit worrying. I can handle it!"

"I ain't worried, runt!" Inuyasha barked. Damn, he hated it when they got all mushy on him. "Fine, whatever, but you better make sure nothing happens to Kagome, or I'm going to have fox stew when I get home."

"Ack!" Shippo squealed before jumping in Kagome's lap. Kagome fell over backwards from the sudden impact, because her little fox friend had grown quite a bit since she first met him. He was as tall as her waist and weighed twice as much. Inuyasha snickered at the fox and miko heap now sprawled in the floor, and Kagome sent him a warning glare.

"Kagome, Inuyasha, are you ready?"

The three of them looked up to find Sango peeking in the mat door. Shippo scrambled off of Kagome and she quickly stood up. "Hi Sango. I was just finishing with your supplies." Kagome reached down and picked up the bag. "It's a little heavy, but it should last until you reach the island. Don't forget to restock for your trip back home."

"Thanks Kagome. I won't," Sango said with a smile. Suddenly her face turned beet red and she jerked her head back from the mat door. They heard a slap, just before the echo of "Hentai monk!"

"But my dearest Sango, I am your loving husband!" Miroku argued miserably.

Shippo giggled and shook his head. "He'll never learn." Kagome and Inuyasha agreed.

Kagome watched as her friends disappeared into the distance. It was the first time that she would be without them for more than a week. Miroku figured the trip would take nearly three months to complete and arrive back home. Three months without Inuyasha. It was a little scary. It wasn't that she didn't trust her ability to protect the village, because she had been training hard to improve her skills. It was just separation anxiety. Since she had been trapped here, she had come to rely on the presence of her friends to help fill the void left from missing her family. Now, for three months, she would have to get by on her own.

Well, at least Shippo would be with her. She affectionately leaned down and rubbed her hand over Shippo's loose hair and he laughed before jumping away. "Come on Shippo. Let's get back, so that I can help you pull your hair back. Then we have to get ready for noon worship at the shrine."

Together they headed back to their meager hut. Kagome decided that she would throw herself into her work, and it would help pass the time until her friends returned. She smiled as she noticed several villagers already crowded around her hut waiting for the priestess to help them with their troubles. It looked like she wouldn't have too hard of a time keeping busy.



Chapter 1 - An Ill Fated Confrontation

Japan - Sengoku Jadai, August 1571

Rin ran with gleeful joy through the wide open field of wildflowers. She reveled in the sweet, pungent, aroma wafting up from the thick mass of blossoms. The wide smile and open arms were all that was needed to see the budding young woman's state of mind.

They had been traveling through the thick forest all day and it felt wonderful to let her energy free with a run. Her strong, lithe legs stretched long for each stride. Small butterflies flitted up in her wake, and loose petals floated behind her. Finally at the edge of the field she spotted her lord resting beneath a huge maple tree. She slowed just a little before spinning around, and sending her kimono into a bell of silken color.

Sesshomaru watched Rin running through the field, while he casually scanned the area for possible danger. He had spent the last three years in complete and utter boredom. Since he and Inuyasha dispelled the filthy menace, Naraku, from these lands there had been a rather depressing lack in excitement. Oh, there was the occasional clash with Inuyasha, but other than that there wasn't another truly worthy opponent left alive. Well, none that dared to tread dirt on his territory at any rate.

He usually didn't happen across his obnoxious half-brother but once or twice a year, and they had only just sparred three months ago. Things were looking bleak for a break in the lull and he couldn't help but feel a bit put off. Didn't anyone aspire to gain power anymore? They would die trying to take it from him, but they could at least try.

Jaken sat at his side drifting off to whatever dream-world irritating imps inhabit while sleeping. Hopefully he will not begin to snore, Sesshomaru thought irritably. He was quite comfortable where he was and had no wish to move.

Perhaps it was time to expand his territories? A good border skirmish would be just what he needed to get his blood pumping. The Lord of the North was the most likely to give him a good fight. The snow monkey was a dangerous foe. The last time they crossed claws, Sesshomaru nearly lost an ear. Hmmm, that had possibilities. He would keep it in mind.

The humans in the area were slaughtering one another with reckless abandon, and saving him the trouble. The mortals warred incessantly, and though he sought excitement, they were a waste of time. Why did he need to fight them, when they would kill each other, saving him the trouble? They were simply an irritant, and not worthy of his notice unless they mistakenly got in his way.

It was rumored there was a human warrior, Oda Nobunaga, who currently conquered the mortal realm with a deadly fist. From the information received, his recent escapades were more ruthless than anything a demon would loose on the human population. The interesting thing about that particular human was that Nobunaga was said to be allied with a female of great power that drove his campaign of destruction. A youkai female.

It was also said that she was a female of stunning beauty with a heart as cold as the snows on Fuji's highest peaks. Not surprising really. Beauty was merely a distraction, giving women the upper hand in slaying their enemy, the male. He never trusted a beautiful woman, and he never consorted with women of lesser beauty. It made for a tiring, if not futile attempt at companionship.

This mysterious demoness, and her military advisor, were said to be guiding Nobunaga's path of destruction straight through his own lands in the West. Human battles were of no concern to him, even on his lands. The mortals pathetic power plays were a mere blink of an eye for one such as himself, and thus properly ignored. As a demon lord, his concerns were focused upon keeping his boundaries well protected from those of his kind seeking to gain power or cause trouble. Territory, after all was the name of the game. He tolerated no malicious demon infiltration on his lands.

As for the mortal and his army, it might be beneficial to further inquire of the female's intent. If her sole purpose was merely to aid the mortals on some inane crusade across Japan, then the situation was irrelevant to his purpose. On the other hand, if she dared direct her pathetic mortal army toward his lands with hopes to gain power and territory from the youkai realm, she would find herself quickly slain along with any humans who were fool enough to interfere. He spared no youkai seeking to overthrow his power, even if they had a lovely smile.

Would she be brazen enough to challenge him? He could always hope. It would certainly be a momentary reprieve from the day to day boredom that he was becoming increasingly ensconced by. A little human blood on his hands was nothing, and maybe the female would provide some reasonable entertainment for a time. Perhaps he should send Jaken to investigate? Yes. That would suit him well.

"Jaken," Sesshomaru snapped as he stood to his full height. Before giving the kappa youkai an opportunity to open one bulging yellow eye to answer him, Sesshomaru called again, "Jaken!"

Immediately Jaken came awake and prostrated himself as a proper groveling vassal should. "Y... Yes, my lord? Your lowly servant is at your command."

As if Jaken would be anywhere else? Sesshomaru chose to ignore the obvious and instead issued his orders. "You will seek out the human army led by one Daimyo, Oda Nobunaga. I wish to know of the demoness allied with the mortal. Determine her degree of threat, and return to me in three days. And Jaken, do not be seen."


In three days time Jaken returned none the worse for wear. One benefit to his short stature and green complexion was the ability to blend in when the occasion called for a little stealth. He was anxious to locate his lord and master, not only to relay the important information that Lord Sesshomaru required, but also to ensure that his place was still secure by his majesties side. After a couple of days outside of his master's company, Jaken always became quite anxious to return and once more bask in his master's presence.

He also missed Rin - just a tiny smidgen and no more - but he would never ever admit it.

The first sight of his master's magnificent, pale flowing hair set a smile on Jaken's face that stretched from one end of his face to the other. "My Lord! My Lord! Oh, how I have missed you master!"

Sesshomaru gave a curt nod to his retainer and waited patiently for him to complete his groveling, while Rin ran to the toad and tackled him in an embrace that sent them both toppling over backwards while Jaken cursed her existence emphatically. As usual, the girl ignored Jaken's demeaning tirade over her lack of control, and continued to welcome him back into their company. Finally, his patience wore thin and Sesshomaru interrupted the ridiculous scene. "Rin, cease your display. Go and gather wood for the fire this evening."

"Hai, my lord!" Rin responded immediately with her usual cheerful acceptance and raced off to her given task. Sesshomaru then turned his full attention back to Jaken.

"It is as you said, my lord. The army of the human Daimyo, Oda Nobunaga, is gaining territory in the Nogoya region near the southern tip of Lake Biwa. It is said that his military planning is near brilliance, but a closer look revealed that much of Oda's planning is by the advisement of his trusted ally, a youkai female that goes by the name Kobe Asuza." Jaken took a moment to clear his throat before continuing his report. "Lady Asuza, as she is called, is attended by one Satou Iku. Iku is her most trusted and loyal advisor and is thought to be the genius behind Oda's strategy. Breaching their stronghold was not an easy task, my lord, but I would do no less than risk my very life in servitude of you. After a closer inspection I overheard Lady Asuza discussing the take-over of youkai lands by diverting the attention of the demon lords by using the mortal armies. If I do say so myself, the woman sounded quite sinister, and should not be trusted."

"Your opinion is of no concern to me, Jaken. The information you offer, however, is highly intriguing. The Kobe clan were once rulers of a vast expanse of land in the West which was conjoined with the East and North."

Jaken nodded in remembrance. "Hai! Yes, I remember the Kobe legend. Their King, Kobe Hatamaru, was destroyed for atrocious acts forced upon his own subjects, and his lands were divided equally among the demon lords of the North, East and West. Legend has it, that the King was unrivaled in cruelty and love of torture. As I recall, he was quite mad."

"Those lands were taken by my grandfather and now belong to me. The woman seeks to regain her clans' power by beginning in my domain?" A huff of indignation accompanied the ready cracking of knuckles, signaled Sesshomaru's tiny thrill of excitement. "She must die."

An evil grin of expectation curved Jaken's pointed leather beak and he did a little swaggering dance in his joy. It had been so long since he had followed his lord into battle! There was nothing more pleasing to behold than his Lord Sesshomaru in full battle mode.

"Jaken. Prepare Ah-Un. You will escort Rin home to the palace at once."

Jaken stumbled, turned, and fell on his behind. "Huh? My lord, but I thought?" His disappointed questioning was ended as quickly as it began when Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes in warning. "Y... yes, my lord," Jaken muttered, resigning himself, once again, to the task of babysitter for the human woman-child. He clambered to his three toed feet grumbling to himself about silly ningen children, but dared not say another word concerning his task.

Sesshomaru turned toward the direction of Lake Biwa wondering what lay ahead for him. Would the results of this venture fall short of his expectations? Would the enemy he sought beg for mercy or fight to the death? Slowly his lip curved into a wicked smile. Finally, something to break the monotony.

It took Sesshomaru only one half day to arrive at the once-abandoned castle that now served as the base of operations for Kobe Asuza. He surveyed the area, turning his nose up in disgust at the hundreds of humans scurrying around. Most were Samurai, but some were slaves that appeared to be dedicated to the repair of the ancient structure. Dozens of human men pulled thick ropes, guiding massive stones over wooden guides, while women darted around serving water and food.

He scanned for a youkai presence and quickly located the one he searched for. Obviously she was aware of his arrival, as he could sense her moving fast through the inner sanctum of the castle. There was at least one other powerful youkai in attendance, but the remaining were beneath his notice. They would be easily dealt with if they chose to attack.

Sesshomaru leapt from his perch and landed in the middle of the bustling square. His appearance served to send dirty-faced mortals scattering in fear. A group of human soldiers foolishly formed an attack line against him, some holding swords and other's flint rifles imported from the America's. It appeared that Nobunaga had embraced the foreigner's trade for firearms. That would certainly put their enemies at a disadvantage. Unless their enemy is this Sesshomaru.

Three deafening booms came from the overly nervous human soldiers, all of which Sesshomaru easily deflected with his jaki whip. That action sent the fools staggering backwards in disbelief and terror. Another round of balls were shot at him at the same time several dozen soldiers shouted battle cries before plunging forward to their deaths. Sesshomaru used his left hand to take care of the speeding bullets, while drawing his sword with his right. In one spin he felled four mortals with his blade and caught one more with his left claws. It was times like this that he missed his Tokijin, for that sword truly loved to spill blood with a vengeance.

Three more turns, and one very ostentatious flip, proved the end to the remaining soldiers brave enough to attempt an attack. It was good exercise, but nothing more than a warm up. His real prey had yet to show her lovely face.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I presume."

Sesshomaru flicked the blood from his blade and easily sheathed it beneath his obi. He then, nonchalantly turned to face his challenger. She was tall, nearly as tall as himself. Her thick mane of auburn hair fell around her face, sending spiraling waves of color over her shoulders and down to brush lightly just above the enticing curve of her hip. Her eyes were the color of the sun in autumn, and her lips painted a fiery red. The elaborate kimono she wore was wrapped closely, revealing all of her soft curves, and the unusual thing about it was the missing under layers. Instead of her inner wraps, her skin was bare revealing a deep 'v' of exposed flesh the color of freshly fallen snow. What drew his attention to the strangely missing garments was the large ruby amulet hanging from a heavy golden chain around her neck. He could sense a separate power emanating from that charm, and for some reason it made the hair on the back of his neck bristle in awareness.

"You presume correctly," he replied in a deep baritone that hinted nothing of his true temperament.

Standing by the females' side was an equally tall youkai male with long midnight blue hair hanging straight and coving half of his face. With only one visible lavender eye he watched Sesshomaru closely, gauging his actions and preparing for attack. The warrior was silent, standing by the witch's side, but it was clear that he was ready to defend his mistress with his life. So be it then. If that was a sacrifice that he was willing to make.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Kobe Asuza, and this, she gestured to the youkai by her side, is my trusted retainer, Iku. I have been away until recently, traveling abroad. Please, do allow me to show you some of the magnificent things that I've collected in my world tour." Her voice was confident and demanding, yet sensuous and inviting. It was a husky feminine drawl that called to his baser instincts, and one that he refused to respond to.

"I care not for your trinket's woman. I am here seeking your death." With that, Sesshomaru slid Tenseiga from his sash. He would use the Meidou Zangetsuha to rid himself of the intruder. She would be sucked into Hell through a large crescent shaped rip in time and space, eliminating her threat completely from his lands.

With and impertinent 'tsk' Asuza shook her head sadly while gifting him with a smile that was as beautiful as it was wicked. There was evil and madness in her eyes, and Sesshomaru knew that she would never back down until one of them was dead.

"My, what an impatient one you are, my lord. And very handsome, as well. Could we not seek to settle our differences in a more compelling fashion? Fighting is so bad on the claws." To emphasize her words she held up a slender hand with five long fingers tipped with perfectly manicured and painted claws.

She must think him obtuse. He would never stoop to rutting with the likes of her. She would not sleep her way into his power.

Just when he prepared to launch an attack, she made her first, and only, move. She took one step forward, before the amulet lying against her chest began to glow. The light seemed to spread, briefly flashing in her eyes, and that was the moment that Sesshomaru knew he was lost.

His body was not his own. Even his mind was becoming muddled. His sole purpose at that moment was to kill the witch who dared attempt to control him, but his body refused to head his command. Appallingly, he sheathed his sword. Why had he done that? Feminine laughter drew his attention, and he looked up at the demoness. Her deceptively beautiful face was alight with glee.

"You belong to me now. A handsome inu slave fit to pleasure me until I tire of you. Delightful, no?"

Through clenched teeth Sesshomaru managed to say, "What... are you... doing to me?"

Asuza chuckled lightly and swept her fingertips slowly and sensually over the brick lined surface of a low wall. "Why, my slave, I thought that you were not interested in my little 'trinkets'. Very well..." she said before returning her full attention to her captive. "I will tell you. This...," she clasped the amulet lovingly in her slight hand, "... is the Amulet of Coactum. I searched the world over, spending centuries to find it. Now I hold the power of the Gods. Through it, I can control the minds of others. Anyone, mortal and youkai alike, are all subject to my will."

This, Sesshomaru thought, was going to be a bother.


A/N: Poor Sesshomaru. He has no idea what evil things I have planned for him. Muahahahaha! I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter of Violation of Honor! This story attacked me, and simply will not let go. I've been absorbed with it for weeks, and can't think of much else. Don't fret though, I haven't forgotten Madman. I just had to get this out so that I can focus on it again.