InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Pretending to Pretend ❯ Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve

If Kagome didn't have concrete evidence that Inuyasha was attracted to her – it certainly felt as hard as concrete, anyway – then she might have been embarrassed with the way he was just silently staring at her naked chest, not sure what he was actually thinking. Was he judging her? Comparing her to Kikyou, perhaps? And how did she measure up in that contest? But when she really studied him, his facial expression, or lack thereof, actually reminded the miko of how Sango had told her Miroku had looked the first time she'd shown him her boobs.

She couldn't help it. She giggled.

That got his attention, as he finally managed to lift his eyes from her chest to her face.

“You look like you've never seen breasts before, but that can't possibly be true, so what gives?” she teased him lightheartedly.

Actually...” he started, his voice cracking, which had her giggling again. Clearing his throat, he started over. “Actually, in our few moments of intimacy together, Kikyou never got beyond bra and panties.”


Kagome's eyes lit up at the unexpected news.

“Really,” Inuyasha confirmed, figuring his new girlfriend definitely deserved to know what he had, and hadn't, done with his previous girlfriend.

He couldn't concentrate with her breasts right in his face, though. Sighing, he closed his eyes. “We kissed a lot, touched each other over our clothing a lot, but the clothes never started coming off until the start of college, once we had our own apartments, and she'd said she wanted to take things slowly, so...”

“Oh, you poor dear,” Kagome murmured, never having realized that, on top of everything else, Kikyou had been giving him a major case of blue balls.

He nodded, cracking his eyes back open.

“It was hard...”

“I bet,” she interjected. He laughed.

“No, well yes, but I mean, keeping a leash on my youkai instincts was hard.”

“Because you wanted to be all primal and just throw her down and ravish her but she wanted you to take your time and be slow and gentle?” Kagome guessed.

He nodded again.


How he was managing to have this conversation with a topless Kagome sitting in his lap he had no idea.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

“Ex-excuse me?”

I certainly don't want you to keep your youkai side on a leash,” she said. Thinking of something else as his eyes widened, detecting the faintest hint of worry on his face, Kagome went out on a limb and added, “And if you're even remotely worried about this...” Reaching down between her legs with her right hand, she cupped his erection through his jeans, which earned a hiss from the hanyou as he closed his eyes again, his hips grinding into her palm of their own accord. “I already know, and it doesn't bother me.”

It took a second for those words to make sense to him.

“Did Miroku...”

She shook her head.

“Kikyou told me, in disgust, when I confronted her about the breakup back during summer break.”

“And it doesn't gross you out?”

He had been worried, a little, teenie tiny bit. While he'd been pretty sure that Kagome wouldn't have freaked out on him, probably wouldn't even have stopped him, he'd been worried that it would be an unpleasant surprise. He'd actually been thinking about how, or when, to warn her, if they were really going to do what it seemed like they were planning on doing.

“Honestly,” Kagome answered, “I don't think it would gross me out if you told me you were going to form a knot.”

His eyes widened again at that.

“I love you,” she stressed, “and I'm sick and tired of you ignoring the fact that I'm sitting here topless.”

That got him going. Grinning at her wickedly before purposefully lowering his gaze back down to her exposed chest, he made a show of licking his lips.

“Believe me, I'm sick of ignoring it, too.”

That said, his hands that had been on her hips moved faster than she could see. All of a sudden, his left hand was pressing against her back, keeping her from falling as he leaned forward which caused her to lean backwards, while his right hand roughly fondled her left breast as his mouth attacked its twin. She gasped at the unexpected onslaught of sensation, her left hand clutching his right sleeve while her right hand lifted up to grab a fistful of hair, although not in an attempt to pull him away. His right index and thumb teased and pinched her left nipple while his tongue moved in circles around her right, and she retaliated for the unrelenting stimulation by moving her hand up to his ear, rubbing in a way she now knew he liked very much. That had him growling against her flesh, the vibrations sending shivers down her spine that had her gasping while the scent of her arousal flooded his nose.

The next thing Kagome knew, he'd picked her up and was carrying her towards the bedroom, her hands automatically going around his neck to hang on while his mouth descended on hers again as he kissed her hungrily. With both hands cupping her ass, holding her in place, she responded by wrapping her legs around his waist, returning the kiss with all she had.

Tossing her down onto her bed once he reached the bedroom, chuckling deeply at the way she blinked up at him in surprise as she bounced on the mattress, Inuyasha reached forward and grabbed both of her pajama pant legs at her ankles, and yanked.

Suddenly finding herself lying on top of her comforter in nothing but a pair of white lace panties, Kagome's modesty was the furthest thought on her mind as she propped herself up on her elbows in time to watch as Inuyasha divested himself of his sweater. As his hands moved to the button on his jeans, however, she scrambled to turn over and crawl up to the foot of the bed.

“Please, allow me...” she said, his hands dropping away to be replaced with her own. “It's like opening a Christmas present.”

Slowly, torturously so for the hanyou, her nimble fingers worked to unfasten the button, the tip of her tongue poking out of her mouth in her concentration. Then, she pulled the zipper down, her free hand cupping his length at the same time. He groaned, barely resisting the urge to rock against her hand. As she began tugging down the sides of his jeans, revealing bright red boxers that made her smile – red did seem to be both of their favorite colors – Inuyasha didn't know how much more he could take when, finally, after getting his jeans to his thighs she let go and scooted back a bit.

Immediately, he removed his jeans the rest of the way, nearly tripping himself up in his haste to get his feet out of the pant legs, which for someone with his natural balance was quite the feat. His enthusiasm had her laughing again, not at him, but just because she was so happy she couldn't help but laugh in her joy, and he was not offended. Looking up and seeing her sitting there on her bed, dressed in nothing but white panties and a smile, and realizing that he, himself, was only wearing a pair of red boxers, his erection plain as day with the way the fabric tented, it was hard for Inuyasha to believe that this moment was really real, that this was really happening. It certainly hadn't been his goal when he'd first come over. If he could go back and change anything now, he wouldn't change a damn thing. Not the way Kikyou had broken his heart, or the way Kagome had felt the need to keep her true feelings concealed, or the way he'd slowly started to fall for her without realizing it, or the way in a moment of desperation to not be seen as a gold digger she had confessed her true feelings to Kikyou, or the way it had taken him a week to build up the nerve to talk to her about it and admit to his own feelings after overhearing said confession. If any one variable was changed, who knew what kind of havoc the  butterfly effect from that change could bring? No, he would endure it all knowing that it would land him right here, right now, and without even having to ask, he knew Kagome felt the same way.

“What are you thinking?” she asked him at his suddenly rather serious expression.

He smirked.

“That you're still too overdressed.”

She cocked a brow at him, sure he had been thinking something much deeper than that although she would let it go. “I could tell you the same thing,” she said instead.

“Oh yeah?” he asked playfully. “What are you gonna do about that?”

“This...” Kagome replied, as she reached up and hooked her fingers into the elastic waistband of his boxers. Pausing for only a moment and meeting his eyes, he nodded. She tugged.

Wow, it really is the exact same color as a dog's, she thought, amused. Or half of it is, at least, she amended, as his bright reddish pink erection sprang free, the taut flesh shining in the light of her bedroom lamp.

Aside from color, it looked completely human, and since he was uncircumcised, his foreskin actually was the same color as his body. It was only the glans and the first bit of shaft, what his foreskin covered when flaccid, that was reddish pink. Being lonely and in love, she had done a lot of research on the subject over the years. But even having been forewarned about his coloring she hadn't really known what to expect, especially with the way Kikyou had told it. She had been prepared for his shape to be a little different, too, but aside from perhaps being unusually big there was nothing inhuman about it.

And as far as she was concerned, big was a good thing.

Having fully stepped out of his boxers, Inuyasha supposed turnabout was fair play as he observed the way Kagome just sat there and stared at his dick. It was the lack of disgust on her face and the tantalizing scent of her arousal that had him feeling brave enough to just stand there and let her soak it all in rather than wanting to reach for the nearest object in a lame attempt at concealing himself. But after a full minute of silent staring enough was enough.

“Your turn,” he reminded politely, trying to keep a touch of humor in his voice as he pointed with his right index finger to the white lace panties she still wore.

To the damp white lace panties she still wore.

Finally, her eyes drifted back up to meet his own, but then they turned wicked, the promise in their stormy depths making him hold his breath in anticipation.

“In a minute,” she said teasingly, before reaching up with her right hand, her fingers curling around his exposed flesh.

It was something she'd been fantasizing about for a while now, plus the more innocent part of her psyche had been curious. He felt like velvet wrapped steel, soft and yet unyielding. Not really sure what she was doing but figuring his reaction was a positive one, she studied the way his extra skin slid up and down the shaft as she stroked him. Then seeing a bead of moisture at his tip, she rolled it around with her thumb and smirked when his legs shook.

Seeing her reach for him so brazenly, hissing as her hand closed around him and immediately started pumping, the hanyou was reminded once again how there was truly no comparison between her and Kikyou. On that fateful night nearly five months ago, he and the other miko had shyly gotten into bed together in their underwear, sitting rather awkwardly until they'd tentatively started kissing, until finally the passion had built up between them. Slipping his boxers off under the blanket, Kikyou had started stroking him, but when she'd boldly pulled back the covers she had, of course, proceeded to freak the fuck out.

In that moment, as Inuyasha stared down at Kagome experimentally jacking him off, his hips languidly rocking back and forth as she explored this new territory, he was suddenly reminded of her previous assurance that she didn't want him to suppress his youkai desires. Then the wicked little bitch rolled a bead of precum around his mushroom head and he damn near lost it.

Suddenly, it was like flipping a switch in his brain.

“Panties off before I tear them off,” he growled as his left hand snapped down and latched onto her right wrist in a death grip and flung it away from his cock, bringing her teasing to an abrupt end.

Unhurt but startled, Kagome looked up at him only to gape at the way he was staring down at her with an unmistakably predatory glint in his eyes, crimson red bleeding into the edges of irises she'd only ever known as golden yellow. She couldn't have hidden how badly the sight turned her on even if she'd wanted to, what with his canine sense of smell, but as it was, she scrambled to obey, barely laying back and pulling her panties down and away before he pounced.

Belatedly bracing for impact, because by the time her brain registered the fact that he'd moved he was already lying stretched out on top of her, kissing her senseless, legs resting between her own, it took the miko another couple of seconds to realize that he actually hadn't entered her. That probably would have hurt, but his goal in that moment was clearly to give her, to give both of them, nothing but pleasure.

Rocking his hips against her while his right hand snaked its way between them to fondle her left breast again, the delicious friction from his shaft being pinned between their bodies taking enough of the edge off for at least a minute or two, Inuyasha moan-growled into the kiss when Kagome one upped him by spreading her legs wide while also reaching down between their bodies to make sure the underside of his shaft was rubbing against her just right with every stroke. Kagome started rocking her hips as well, then, helping him to find the perfect rhythm in a dance that was lost somewhere between sex and dry humping, her hands tightly cupping his buttocks.

“Kagome...” he groaned between kisses. “I want you so bad.”

“Then take me,” she replied, her voice just as strained as his was.

He wanted to. He wanted nothing more than to just gyrate his hips enough to align himself and plunge forward, but he could tell she was close and he would not take his pleasure without first delivering her own.

Ceasing all movement, he pulled back from their continual kissing and whispered in her ear, “You first.”

That was the only warning she got when suddenly, the warmth and weight of him was gone, and in the very next instant, there was a ravenous inu-hanyou feasting from between her legs.

“Oh kami!” she shrieked.

Pinning her legs back and open with his hands on the backs of her thighs, her legs bent at the knees, Inuyasha's time spent watching Internet porn during the closing months of his and Kikyou's relationship had thankfully gifted him with enough knowledge to at least somewhat know what he was doing, and for the rest he relied on his instincts and Kagome's own varying reactions to guide him. The miko was losing her mind, and verbal commands like higher or faster were out of the question, but it didn't take him long to figure out what had her losing her mind the most and he kept at it until, in a last ditch effort to not completely scandalize her neighbors, she blindly reached beside her head for the second pillow and just managed to bring it to her mouth in time to partially muffle her scream as the best, most mind shattering orgasm of her entire life rocketed through her body at warp speed.

Not sure when he should stop but figuring she would certainly tell him to at some point, he just kept right on going, pinning Kagome's thrashing body to the bed with little effort. She endured it for as long as she could before finally squeaking out the desperate plea, “No more!” and he ceased immediately, sitting up on his legs at the foot of the bed, his own arousal as obvious as ever as he licked his lips in satisfaction.

Kagome removed the pillow from her face just in time to see his satisfied expression, and chuckling a little, she muttered, “Cocky bastard.”

Inuyasha made a show of glancing down at his lap.

“Why yes, yes I am.”

“Okay,” she said. “Now that you've had your fun, how about putting that thing to good use. It's your turn now.”

His eyes, which had still had the faintest hint of red around the edges, bled just a little more crimson at her words. He wasn't on the verge of transforming, his inner beast was just a little closer to the surface than normal. That he felt comfortable enough around her to let himself go to that extent really meant a lot to her, but no more so than it meant to him, that he could let himself go, that she accepted the beast within him.

“Turn over,” he commanded then, and fully understanding, she obeyed without hesitation, propping herself up on her hands and knees, facing the headboard.

The visual of Kagome presenting herself to him like an inu bitch stirred something in Inuyasha deep inside. If he hadn't already realized he'd fallen in love with her, this sight would've had him falling right then and there. Approaching her without delay, he came up behind her and palmed her ass lovingly, massaging the fleshy globes. Kagome, in response, lowered her front half towards the bed, resting on her arms from elbow to wrist. Grabbing her left hip with his left hand, then, careful of his claws, he aligned himself with his right hand and waited until he felt his tip at her entrance before moving his right hand to her right hip.

“You ready?” he asked, his voice, while more gravelly than normal, still reflecting the compassion he felt for her. “I don't want to hurt you.” If he weren't secretly worried about doing that with clawed fingers, he would've taken a moment to better prepare her.

“You won't hurt me,” she assured him then. “I've...uh...broken myself in,” she admitted, only slightly embarrassed by the confession.

He rumbled his happy growl in approval of this revelation and thrust forward. They both gasped at the sensation, the feeling of being engulfed in moist heat completely foreign to him and nearly overwhelming, while for Kagome, knowing the object inside of her was actually attached to the man she'd been in love with for over two years was damn near overloading her heart. A few tears of joy slipped down her cheeks unbidden, which had Inuyasha freezing in place, not that he wouldn't have had to pause a moment, anyway, to keep from losing it.


“I'm just so happy.”

That was all the reassurance he needed, and with the jolt from the initial shock of it all slowly starting to fade, he pulled his hips back, groaning as he did, only to push forward once more. The pace was agonizingly slow, at first, but it was for his own sake as well as hers, as he gradually increased his tempo as his body adjusted. It didn't take too long before he was slamming his hips forward in powerful thrusts that hit something buried deep inside Kagome she'd never even known existed, and she once again buried her face in the pillow to keep from crying out embarrassingly loud as a completely different type of rapture overtook her.

Feeling Kagome shudder below him, her inner muscles tightening around him in a wonderfully unexpected way, her muffled cries of ecstasy ringing in his ears, Inuyasha tightened his grip, both on her hips and on his sanity, as he increased his speed even more. All he was thinking about in that moment was her pleasure, of wanting to give her all that he could, all that he was. Suddenly feeling that all too familiar tingling in his balls, there was hardly any warning. Unlike the slow approach of a finish line whenever he pleasured himself, a goal he frantically sought to reach, this time, Inuyasha barely had time to register that his release was imminent and then it hit him, his mind going blank as the most powerful, mind-blowing orgasm he'd ever experienced ripped his soul to shreds.

Crying out in a way that could have easily been mistaken for pain if Kagome hadn't intimately known better, she felt the way Inuyasha's whole body trembled as a rush of heat flooded her insides, and then he was lying against her, his shaking and sweaty body draped across her back, his hands moving from her hips to her breasts although he didn't fondle them, merely using them to hold on, whether to her or to his sanity, or both, she wasn't sure. As her body slowly came back down from its own euphoric high, the knowledge that he, too, had found such bliss, with her and within her, gave Kagome an almost overwhelming sense of satisfaction that had nothing to do with how sated she currently felt.

Feeling an odd sensation across her upper back after a moment, between her shoulder blades, it took the miko a few seconds to realize that Inuyasha was actually licking her. Her hair had fallen forward during their activities, exposing the expanse of glistening skin, which he was now giving uniform, repeated strokes of his tongue, and instead of being weirded out her heart melted at the realization. Granted, he'd been using his tongue on her in a technically much more intimate way only a few short minutes ago, but this act now was decidedly canine, like he was giving her doggie kisses – either that or he found her sweaty skin especially delicious at the moment – and she wasn't honestly even sure if he knew he was doing it. A part of her didn't want to shatter the moment, but, on the other hand, she was starting to get a little uncomfortable, physically, and would really like to be able to turn around and sit down.

Fortunately, before she could even make the decision to clear her throat or something, Inuyasha seemed to come back to his senses. Abruptly ceasing his ministrations, he paused for a moment, belatedly realizing what he'd been doing, and then blushing hotly, grateful she couldn't see his face at the moment, he raised himself back up and pulled himself back and away from her. Kagome immediately shifted herself around while tugging down her blankets at the same time, getting herself underneath them and propped up against her headboard at the far right of her bed, with plenty of room for Inuyasha to snuggle up beside her on her left.

Offering her boyfriend a warm smile when he gave her an awkward, apologetic look, she patted the available spot at her side.

“Come on, silly,” she teased when he looked mildly surprised. “What? Did you think I was going to kick you out now or something?” She laughed. “You're spending the night with me whether you like it or not.”

“I guess I didn't really think about it,” he admitted a little sheepishly as he got himself into bed beside her. “I wasn't planning on ditching out on you, though.”

“Well that's good,” she said before giggling a little.

Seeing the way Inuyasha's attention was immediately drawn down to her still exposed breasts when she laughed, she didn't get upset, but rolling her eyes, she pulled the blankets up a little bit higher and held them against her chest. That caught his attention and he raised his eyes, which were back to their usual golden yellow color, back up to her own.

“Sorry,” he apologized somewhat insincerely, his tone of voice playful, which earned him another giggle from his happy girlfriend.

Snuggling up against him, Kagome leaned her head against his shoulder, and he responded by wrapping his right arm around her body, holding her close.

“This is nice,” she said after a moment.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “I'm glad this isn't awkward.” Then he remembered the way he'd started licking her back. He cringed. “Or at least, it's not too awkward.”

Lifting her head up to look at  him, she smirked, and then licked his cheek. His eyes widened in surprise.

“No, you were right the first time,” she told him, in a roundabout way of letting him know she wasn't disturbed by what he'd done. “Awkward was believing I had to conceal my true feelings, and then realizing I had outed myself, my friends only pretending to have bought my lame excuse. Awkward was when I was sure the love of my life, my best friend in the world, not only did not return my feelings, but found my feelings for him too uncomfortable to remain my friend.”

Laying her head back down against his shoulder again, she added, “I'll tell you what's not awkward. When my half canine youkai boyfriend exhibits behavioral traits inherent to his species.”

“You're fucking amazing, do you know that?” he told her, before turning his head enough to bury his nose in her hair. He inhaled deeply. “And you smell fucking amazing right now, too.”

“I would imagine I smell like sweat and sex, and you.”


She laughed at that. Not her childish giggle, but a full belly laugh.

“Well I'm too tired and it's too cold to take a shower, so you get to bask in the scent all night long 'cause I already went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before you showed up, so I've got no reason to move from this spot until morning.”

“Sounds good to me.”   

Clicking off her bedside lamp, they were plunged into darkness, although it only took a moment for her eyes to adjust thanks to the city lights creeping in through the window. He could still see as plain as day.

“So when you said during your big confession to Kikyou that you'd cried to your mother about it, your feelings for me, was that part also true?” he asked after a moment, wanting to know if his suspicions about Mrs. Higurashi were correct.

“Yeah,” Kagome admitted. “Mom knows I love you, which is why she agreed to go along with 'the plan,'” she said with air quotes, knowing he'd see the gesture no problem. “She warned me, too, not to get my hopes up.” Smiling, and glancing Inuyasha's way, Kagome gave him a human style kiss on the cheek. “I'm glad I get to tell her that I got my fairy tale ending, after all.

“Did you agree to pretend to be my girlfriend because you were hoping I'd fall in love with you?” he asked, not at all upset. He was merely curious.

“Actually, at the time, no.”

Looking him in the eyes, enough light coming in from the window to not only let her see him, but to catch in his eyes and give them an otherworldly, demonic glow, Kagome explained how, when she'd originally volunteered to pretend to be his girlfriend, when they'd been discussing it in his apartment, she really only had been thinking of him, of doing it for him because she would do anything to help him. It hadn't occurred to her until later that he could possibly wind up developing feelings for her, but even then, she hadn't really believed it. It had been a fun, fanciful thought, a true fairy tale ending, like her mom had called it. She'd thought about the possibility like a daydream, fantasizing that wouldn't it be nice if that wound up happening, but even as she'd thought it in passing she'd thought she'd known that, in reality, he would most likely only ever see her as a friend.

“I actually did toy with the possibility of you and I getting together eventually fairly early on,” he admitted then. It was Inuyasha's turn to earn a look of surprise from his partner. “While my heart hadn't been ready to think about romance, and I hadn't really been capable of feeling romantic love for you, in the beginning, because I was just so torn up over Kikyou, I've always cared for you, Kagome. In a weird way of kind of separating myself from my emotions, just looking over the situation, I'd thought, well, maybe down the road you and I could end up together for real. It wasn't really something I'd wanted, at the time, but I consciously realized that I would not be opposed to the idea, either. I was just so numb, and the idea of loving anyone seemed unrealistic back then.”

“I understand,” she said, because she did. “And then let me guess. Even back then you brushed off the notion as just a passing 'what if' because you thought I only saw you as a friend.”

“Yeah.” He chuckled. “We're quite the pair, aren't we?”

“I'm glad. I'm glad we are a pair.”

“Forever,” he confirmed with a nod.

Her eyes widened a little bit.

“Did...did you just ask me to marry you?”

“Uh...” Blushing again, and glad that her human night vision wasn't sharp enough to catch it, he answered, “Unintentionally, I guess.” He took a deep breath. “Well crap, that probably should've been better planned.”

She giggled.

“I didn't really think about it,” he admitted then. “I just blurted it out because, as far as I'm concerned, I do want you in my life forever. So yeah, will you marry me?”

“Of course I will,” she answered without hesitation.

He pulled her into another kiss, and as one thing led to another, Kagome got to learn, first hand, that Inuyasha did indeed know how to us his hands without his claws being an issue. He also learned that he wasn't the only one with a talented tongue. It was another hour before they finally fell asleep, Kagome held securely in Inuyasha's spooning embrace.

~ Fin ~