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Author's Notes: This is my first attempt of a Trunks/Pan Bra/Goten fic. Lemon will be in the upcoming chapters. Please note that I'm only placing this story on to see what kind of response I'll get from it…sort of like a test run, so it may get yanked off in the near future. Enjoy the story!

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A Lesson In Humility Written by gokusgirl

Chapter One

He stepped out of the shower, grabbed a nearby towel, and roughly dried his hair. He hummed to himself as he ran a comb through his lavender locks, pleased with its current length. He had decided to let it grow; opting to forego the traditional cropped bowl style that he had worn as long as he could remember, besides that look was definitely so five minutes ago. More to the point, he needed a look that would turn heads, preferably those belonging to the opposite sex.

He turned up the volume on his stereo system as Linkin Park's One Step Closer pumped out the speakers, his gaze falling upon his reflection in the full size mirror. Standing there, clad only with a towel wrapped around his waist, he inventoried his appearance. He brought his arms forward, flexing the muscles in his strong shoulders and well-defined abdomen at the same time, all the while smirking deviously.

He was truly a god.

Only three weeks ago, this strange ritual began. Trunks was now twenty-eight, and he suddenly wanted to venture out, to spread his wings and fly into the social world. The driving factor for this was primarily his newfound lust for female company.

Before, Trunks never was too bothered with female companionship, he was kept excessively busy with grad school and working part-time for his mother. She was grooming him for the president's spot at the Corporation, and the position was quite a bit more than just signing papers and making appointments. He had experienced first hand what his mother went through on a daily basis and it was an overwhelming responsibility. However, Bulma was confident in her son; too bad Trunks didn't think share her optimism.

Then by chance one evening, when Bulma had asked him to go back to his office to retrieve some important documents, he ran into a beautiful twenty-five year old intern. After talking with her for merely five minutes, he took her into the boardroom and had sex. It was his first time, and all he needed was a taste. A taste that was burned in his brain; a sensation that gratified every fiber of his body so much that he needed it… repeatedly. He had intended to save himself for marriage, but from the looks of things it seemed very unlikely it <that> would happen. Besides, he was tired of being the world's oldest virgin. Goten, having lost <his> virginity at the ripe age of seventeen, had him outnumbered already.

Trunks' only downfall was that he quickly lost interest in the women he slept with. Most if these women were beautiful, talented, and would do just about anything to be with him, but frankly he just didn't feel that way about them. Once that surge of pleasure had rushed out of his system after sex, he was basically finished with them. He was dreadfully cold about it too; sometimes he would throw their clothes at them and order them out. Yes, he really had made a name for himself.

To make matters worse, his best friend had jumped on the bandwagon and was even more callous than he. Goten had been in the game longer, so he taught Trunks all the do's and don'ts. At the end of each evening, they would call each other and retell all the graphic details of their sexcapades. It was almost like they were in competition. Trunks had to hand it to Goten; he was a smooth player, albeit sometimes awkward, his cool looks, and the lines he laid on the women were tight. Trunks had to admire him to that degree.

As Trunks pulled his slacks on, Bra walked right in, standing at the doorway with her hand on her hip like a worried mother.

"Don't you know how to knock?" Trunks said never looking her direction, buttoning up his silk shirt. She never responded, only walked into his room and flopped across the bed.

"So…you and Goten whoring again tonight?" Bra said playfully.

"We don't whore. We…club," Trunks said holding up two belts. "Which one… the black or the blue?"

Bra studied the belts carefully. "Black if you're wearing your black shoes," she said as she reached over to flip through his CD case. Trunks slipped his belt on, turning to watch his sister nonchalantly nose through his belongings.

"So what are you doing tonight?" Trunks asked with a smirk.

"I have a term paper due… after that Pan and I are going to watch Training Day," Bra said with a yawn.

"Pan…" Trunks said as he sat down on the edge of the bed to put his shoes on. "She's here tonight?"

"Not yet. She should be coming any minute, though." Bra stared at her brother, watching his reaction when Pan's name was brought up. He was aware that Pan had some secret crush on him, but he could never consider it; she was only seventeen. Nevertheless, he would always speak to her briefly whenever he saw her; he loved the way she became so damn nervous when he was in her presence. So, he would make her day by saying hello, hoping that at night she would be fondling herself as she thought of him.

"…So, Goten is coming over?" Bra finally said, her eyes sparkling with mischief. Being drawn out of his little daydream of Pan, he looked at his sister, frowning disapprovingly.

"Yeah, he's coming over." Trunks said with a slight growl. That was another thing Trunks knew… Bra was a very flirtatious woman around Goten, and even though they were best friends, he'd be damned if Goten would take advantage of his own sister. He wouldn't allow it. "Can you do me a favor and stay out of his face tonight?"

"I don't see what the problem is," Bra said sitting up with a pout. "You can have your fun, but I can't?"

"Goten's just not you're type," Trunks replied, shrugging his shoulders as he pulled his hair back. "Down or ponytail?"

"Down," Bra said as she crossed her legs, her foot bouncing in the air. "…So what is my type? Since you seem to know what I prefer."

"Someone who's not Goten," Trunks said as walked into the bathroom. "Look, I've got to blow dry my hair. Just leave him alone tonight, alright?"

Bra sucked her teeth, flopping back on his bed again as the sound of the blow dryer came on. "Damn… he primps more than I do!" Bra laughed.

The doorbell rang and Bulma dried her hands on her apron to answer it. When she opened the door, there stood a very young version of Goku, the only difference being that his hair was cut close near his ears with the top being spiked. Bulma smiled, looking Goten over as she shook her head.

"Don't we look handsome tonight?" Bulma said pleasantly. Goten blushed, scratching his head very Goku-like as he shuffled in. "Vegeta, take a look at Goten."

Vegeta glanced up at the demi-Saiyan for a second before resuming to eat his dinner. "So what?"

"Vegeta," Bulma scoffed, her hand on her hip.

"Uh… is Trunks upstairs?" Goten asked politely.

"Uh-huh. He's probably waiting for you. By the way, where are you two going tonight?"

Suddenly being apprehensive about talking about where they were going, Goten laughed nervously. "It's uh… The Oasis." Bulma crossed her arms at her chest, nodding impressively.

"Wow, that's a high-profile club. I'm sure Trunks used the CC to get in tonight." Bulma said as he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not sure Bulma," Goten said as his eyes went to the floor.

"Okay, enough questioning. Go on up." Bulma said walking away from him. He nodded and ran upstairs quickly. Bulma sat down across from Vegeta at the table, picking up her coffee cup. "Is that Oasis club a gay club?" Bulma asked him with worry in her voice.

"How the hell should I know?" Vegeta shot back, never lifting his eyes off his plate. Bulma's jaw clenched as she took a light sip of her coffee to calm her rattled nerves. After a moment of silence, Vegeta looked up at her, a small smirk on his face. "No… it is not." He continued to eat, and Bulma thankfully sighed as she continued to drink her coffee.

Goten exhaled noisily with relief when he got to Trunks' bedroom door. Bulma always asked too many questions. And as always, he told too much. The end result would be Trunks cursing him out for 'telling his business'. Bulma could never get a straight answer out of Trunks, it was always an 'I'm not sure' or 'I don't know', and then he would answer a question with a question, which really pissed Bulma off. Even after threatening to kick him out, Bulma would give up and head straight for Goten to get the skinny on the current situation. She knew he was an innocent child that lacked the savvy of being evasive like her son, so he spilled the beans quite easily. The latest thing he told her was the origins of the marijuana that Bulma found in his room. After Trunks convinced her that it wasn't his, Goten turned right around and told her that he was with him when he purchased the illegal herb. Consequently, Trunks had his credit card confiscated for two months, not to mention he had to commute around the city via public transportation after Bulma and Vegeta made him park his car as well. Hn, Goten thought as he remembered that one. If I was caught with marijuana in my room, my mother would have whooped my ass. Tsk, tsk, the way the rich handle their young…

Goten opened the door to Trunks' room, and the first thing he saw was Bra laying across his bed, singing along with the music on the CD player. The thing that caught Goten's attention was the way she was laying on the bed. Totally unaware that he was in the room because of the sound the hair dryer and the music that filled the room, she laid there spread eagle, her skirt rising little by little as she bobbed her legs on the bed. Goten licked his lips, imagining those legs wrapped around his waist, better yet… his shoulders. He quietly walked up to the bed, and stood right at the edge. His eyes roamed over her body once more before he spoke loudly.

"I wondered what I had to do to get you on your back," Goten said, voice booming, making Bra jump. She pulled herself up on her elbows, panting heavily from the scare. Goten smiled, "Hiya Bra."

After she calmed down, she smiled back sweetly. "Goten." That was all Bra could say at the moment, as she could feel herself heat up instantly, but she sat up on the bed to compose herself. Being Saiyan like he was, she was able to detect changes in a person's pulse and breathing…and even when a person felt aroused. "You scared me, you bastard."

"Well, you didn't hear me when I came in and," Goten said with a laugh, sitting down next to her. "I couldn't resist. Is he in there drying his hair?"

"Yep," Bra said standing up, slipping her shoes back on.

"He needs to cut it… he looks like fucking Fabio." He noticed Bra head for the door and he got up quickly, placing a hand on the doorknob. Bra glared at him, trying her best to escape. He leaned forward, inhaling her scent deeply. He smirked wickedly at her noted arousal. "Leaving so soon?"

"Yes, your niece is coming over tonight." Bra snapped. She slapped his hand away and opened the door just as Trunks walked out of the bathroom. She leaned forward to Goten, whispering, "And what you said when you first came in here… all you had to do was ask!" Bra walked out, closing the door practically in Goten's face. He stood there, astounded by her saucy remark. The sexy minx, he'd just had to have her.

"Hey," Trunks said gruffly. Goten slowly turned around, his shocked expression still on his face. "What were you two talking about?"

"Nothing," Goten said regaining his senses. Trunks didn't like the answer, so he became more direct.

"Don't fuck her." Trunks warned him.

"Hey man, chill. We were just talking." Goten said waving his hands. "So, are you ready?"

Trunks smiled lightly, "Yeah… did you get them?"

Goten patted his jacket pocket. "Right here."

Trunks threw on his jacket, his father's trademark smirk on his face as he slapped Goten on his back. "Well, let's prowl."

Next Chapter: Trunks & Goten meet an old friend; Bra & Pan have a talk about the guys.