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~Belle: May I present the Inuyasha/Kagome version!

~Inuyasha: It's about time you give me the girl in one of your fictions!

~Belle: Yeah, yeah, the Sess/Kag version is on still entitled Online Drama.

~Sesshoumaru: I am very interested in how you shall alter this story.

~Belle: yeah, so am I! Let's cross our fingers that it's good.

~Inuyasha: Keh, it better be good or else I'll steal all your ramen.

~Belle: Jerk, trying to starve a poor college student.



Inuyasha watched as Kikyo's car drove away from Naraku's beachfront property. He then redirected his attention back to Jakotsu. The other young man squirmed under the assault of golden eyes.

"So, you mind telling me what was going on up on that roof?" Inuyasha demanded, staring intently at one of his best friend's little brother. Jakotsu suddenly smiled at Inuyasha, making the dog-demon suddenly uncomfortable.

"Why do you want to know? It's not like you are interested in her, are you?" Jakotsu rose to his feet and asked slyly Enjoying the look of panic that flashed into Inuyasha's golden eyes.

Inuyasha crossed his arms in front of his chest and stuck his hands up the sleeves of his white button up shirt. The cold night air was suddenly giving him the chills. "Keh, whatever."

Jakotsu had a wide grin break out across his face as he reached out to encompass Inuyasha in a hug. He backed away from the statue-like Inuyasha and winked at him. "I guess I was right. You'll be glad to know that she likes you too."

Inuyasha's arms fell out of his sleeves and a small grin lifted the corners of his lips. "Really? She said that?" A new light seemed to shine behind his golden eyes as childish hope was evident upon his face.

Jakotsu laughed at his expense and turned towards the house to open the door, only to find it locked. He jerked a few times and grunted in aggravation before pounding his fist on the heavy oak door. "Let me in!"

Inuyasha caught his wrist to stop the banging. "You're going to piss off Naraku." He told him with a serious expression.

"So? I need to talk to Bankotsu, he's my ride home." Jakotsu explained.

"I'll take you home, you can tell me more about what Kagome said about me." Inuyasha offered heading towards his jeep. Jakotsu reluctantly followed.

"I think it may be a better idea if I walked the twenty miles. It certainly would be less stressful than revealing what Kagome told me in confidence." Jakotsu admitted. He hopped into the jeep, determined to not reveal anymore to Inuyasha.


Kagome and Kikyo were sitting in the kitchen as Kaede made them a strong batch of herbal tea. The old lady placed two warm mugs before the two young college students who gratefully accepted them.

Kikyo blew on hers to cool the warm mixture. Kagome took a cautious sip that burned her tongue, she wanted to cry out but as she observed Kikyo and Kaede observing her reaction keenly she refused to admit the burn. She smiled at them, "It's a little hot."

Kaede nodded, "Yes, child it is hot tea after all. I am glad that Kikyo brought here. She is also interested in medicine and works for me in the first aid unit. You two seem to have a great deal in common."

Kagome laughed disbelievingly at the comment. "That's unlikely, since I grew up in the states and she's from Japan, it's hard to think we'd have much in common."

"You will both be studying in Australia. You will also be seeing Inuyasha a lot." Kaede answered calmly as she sipped her tea carefully.

"What do you mean by that? Are you and Inuyasha friends?" Kagome turned to address Kikyo. The latter set down her mug of tea softly upon the table laced her fingers together as she sat prim and proper.

"Inuyasha is common sight in the medical unit. He is constantly allowing himself to be injured. Granted his demon blood allows him to heal quickly, he is still receiving medical attention often." Kikyo answered, her dark eyes searching Kagome's for truth.

"So he gets into a lot of fights?" Kagome asked shaking her head. Great, as if Kouga wasn't enough of a problem dealing with all the fights he got in for no good reason, it sounded as if Inuyasha made an even bigger habit out of it.

"Do not get the wrong impression, Kagome-dear. Inuyasha cares for his friends and whenever one is insulted he takes the insult personally. Ever since the death of his parents he has been overly protective about anyone he cares about." Kaede explained.

"Oh," Kagome answered as she allowed herself to be lost in her thoughts. She thought back to the conversation she shared with Jakotsu on the top of Naraku's roof. After the death of their parents Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha both changed.

Sesshoumaru withdrew into himself and denied all his friends and relied upon himself entirely. Inuyasha became overly protective of his friends. Apparently, before the accident both brothers were incredibly outgoing and were the best of friends. But after the accident, they drifted away from one another and their personalities became polar opposites.

"I'm sure he would much prefer to have you tend his wounds that Kaded-baba," Kikyo replied, knowing that after hearing she was not the one to treat Inuyasha Kagome would chipper up. She was right!

"Well, I'll leave you two alone. I'm an old woman and need my beauty sleep. Good night girls," Kaede set her cup in the sink and then abandoned the two women as she walked to her room for a long slumber.

"She's going to need to sleep for a long time then." Kikyo replied under her breath, earning a snicker from Kagome. "Want to stay up and watch a movie?"

"Sure, you want to tell me what the real story is behind you and Naraku?" Kagome asked with a curious expression as she watched Kikyo's face pale.

"How about we get something to eat?" Kikyo evaded the subject.

"Do you have any popcorn or anything?" Kagome inquired as she walked over to the cabinets and pulled out two bowels. She looked at Kikyo expectantly, but she only shook her head.

"We don't have popcorn. We have ice cream though, will that work?"

"Sure, ice cream is even better. What kind of girl night can you have without ice cream? It's a shame that Sango isn't here too." Kagome answered as she pulled out a drawer to retrieve a pair of spoons. Kikyo opened up the freezer and pulled out some chocolate ice cream. She set it on the counter when she noticed Kagome's eyes enlarge to the size of saucers.

"Is something wrong with chocolate ice cream?" Kikyo questioned. Kagome smiled quickly and shook her head. Kikyo took the spoons and started to dish out the sweets.

Kagome's grin grew, "I love chocolate ice cream."


It was dark in the halls that Sesshoumaru Hayate was led through by the assistant of Ryu Higarashi. The dark wooden doors were opened before him on the twelfth floor and the assistant roughly pushed Sesshoumaru inside and locked the door behind him. He was trapped.

Golden eyes adjusted to the intense darkness of this new room. There was a single light in the far corner, casting an eerie shadow of a powerful, domineering individual whom sat behind a large mahogany desk with his face resting in his chin, observing the inu-youkai with keen, piercing sapphire eyes.

"Have a seat, Sesshoumaru Hayate," the voice of presumably Ryu Higarashi ordered in a gruff voice. Sesshoumaru remained calm and kept his temper under wraps; he was greatly annoyed with being treated condescendingly by this man. However, he had to admit that he respected anyone that could cause him to feel intimidated.

Silence continued between the two men who both emitted waves of power. Suddenly, amused laughter greeted the attentive ears of Sesshoumaru, who began leaning back in his seat. He arched a bewildered brow, who was Ryu Higarashi exactly? The laugher stopped abruptly and the older man leaned across the large desk and met Sesshoumaru nose-to-nose.

His long dark hair brushed against Sesshoumaru's nose. He smiled a most terrible smile and Sesshoumaru suddenly felt uncomfortable, but he refused to allow his discomfort to show. Ryu sat back.

"Sir, you desired this conference to discuss a merge between our two corporations?" Sesshoumaru inquired with his voice calm in spite of his unease. His posture remained erect and he showed no signs of weakness in front of this business over-lord before him.

"Let us cut to the chase, Mr. Hayate. I don't really care about merging my business with yours in Australia. I want to know what your interest in my daughter is." Ryu answered, his dark blue eyes narrowed at Sesshoumaru as he laced his fingers together and reclined in his chair.

Golden eyes stared at him incredulously. "Excuse, this Sesshoumaru, I mean, me?"

"My daughter, why have you made arrangements to serve as her host home during her exchange in Australia?" Ryu clarified.

Sesshoumaru blinked once, then twice as he stared at the man in front of him in stoned silence. Words finally formulated so that he could answer. "I have become friends with Kagome and thought it would be best if she were to stay under my roof. At least I know she will be safe that way. How did you know this?"

Ryu waved his hand to dismiss the thought. "No big deal. Kagome's mother hates me since the divorce and I have to use a private detective to keep tabs on my own daughter. I know everything."

"Everything?" Sesshoumaru echoed, his posture growing more rigid in the thought of someone as important as Ryu Higarashi knowing about his karaoke performance. Inwardly, he cringed at the thought of people thinking about him in a light hearted fashion.

Higarashi laughed at the uncomfortable man sitting in front of his desk. "Don't worry, I don't know everything. But, if I find out she's pregnant with your child or your brother's child or that perverted boyfriend of her best friend and there is no ring on that left hand I will castrate you myself." The humor that began his declaration soon left his tone and the last part of the threat left a bitter taste in Sesshoumaru's mind.

Sesshoumaru smirked, "Do not worry. I have no intentions of impregnating your daughter. Or allowing either of those two to do so."

Kagome's father rose from his desk and towered over the sitting Sesshoumaru. His eyes were lit on fire with an angry intensity. "What do you mean? Is my Kagome not good enough for you? Is that what you are saying?"

Completely beyond words, Sesshoumaru rose to his feet as well and looked at the man eye to eye. Damn, Kagome's dad was tall! Their eyes locked in a contest of wills. "I never said Kagome wasn't good enough. I'll have you know that I like your daughter a great deal and will see to it personally that her happiness is secured!" Sesshoumaru shouted in a thunderous tone, his calm demeanor cracking in his annoyance. "She is my friend," he concluded in a much subdued tone.

Ryu's expression softened at the revelation and he grinned before reacheding across his desk to pat Sesshoumaru on the shoulder in a fatherly affection. "Great! I thought you'd say that. So are you interested in running a branch of my genetics research facility in Australia?" He asked as he sat back in his seat and pulled out the top drawer of the desk. A large cigar was removed and he held it to his lips. He offered another one to Sesshoumaru, who declined.

"Fine, live a long and healthy life. It's not like cigars would hurt a youkai with your immunity. Lucky bastard." Ryu grumbled as Sesshoumaru continued to stare at the most random man he ever laid eyes upon.

"Actually, I don't have much interest for genetics." Sesshoumaru replied in a bored manner, as he fought to regain his composure. Kagome's father was almost as talented as Mr. Hayate had been in ruffling Sesshoumaru's feathers.

"That's a shame. That's what Kagome intends to work in after she graduates. I have several other divisions to my massive corporation but that one is the most profitable at the moment. But personally, I don't care for it that much myself," Ryu continued as he huffed on his fat cigar, his eyes taking on a distance glaze.

"Sir, I'm afraid you have lost me in your banter." Sesshoumaru was trying hard to follow the man's train of thought, but there simply was no pattern to it.

Ryu rubbed out his cigar on his desk. Sesshoumaru quirked his ivory brow at the action, he was getting a great deal of exercise with his eyebrows that night. "No big deal, this isn't my desk, so I don't care if I scar it up." Ryu explained as he remained completely calm.

Sesshoumaru's right hand rose to forehead and he massaged the area between his eyes, he could feel a headache growing there. This man was so confusing. "Sir, I've had a long day. I believe I would like to return home now if there is nothing else you would like to discuss."

"Sorry about all this. You must think I'm rather insane. I'm not; I'm just eccentric, especially when Kagome is involved. She's my only daughter after all. I just hated that Kouga wolfish fellow she kept seeing. I'm certainly glad that Miroku started that bet so that either you or your brother would win my daughter. Your father was a great man, so I'm confident that both of his sons would be honorable," Ryu explained as he pulled out his pocket watch to check the time.

"What are you talking about? What bet with Miroku?" Sesshoumaru could feel himself growing angry. That would explain Miroku's insistence on Sesshoumaru and Kagome being around one another. That would definitely be a motive; everyone knew what an addict to gambling Miroku was. That would also explain the odd behavior of Bankotsu who was no doubt backing Inuyasha in the ploy.

"Sorry son, but I have to hurry out. I have other meetings to attend. Let me know if you decide to work for me in the states. I'd love to have someone like you in the family," Ryu suggest as he brushed past Sesshoumaru, but not before pausing to ruffle the long, silky, silvery hair.

Sesshoumaru watched as the man left him alone in the dark room. His hair was now knotted and he reached his fingers to smooth it out. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. After a heavy sigh of relief he made his way to the door, but before he could open it himself it was opened for him.

A short man, who looked toadish in his appearance stood before him. He was incredibly short. His height couldn't have been more than 4'10. "Sesshoumaru-sama, Higarashi-sama has requested that this lowly Jaken serve as your personal retainer. I am to serve you in any task you deem too beneath your greatness." Jaken graveled at his feet. "I am also to serve Inuyasha-sama."

Sesshoumaru stared down at the toad demon in disgust, as his sensitive nose detected the smell that only a toad would possess. Sesshoumaru stepped upon the back of the youkai and walked out of the room. He really wanted to get home now.

The Japanese toad youkai pulled himself out of the indention he made in the floor. "It must have been the comment about Inuyasha-sama. I suppose I shall have to dedicate my loyal services to Sesshoumaru-sama solely."


Miroku groaned once again, he had walked to get a glass of water from the kitchen sink and had tripped over Kouga, who apparently fell asleep in the hallway. What was he doing on the stairs anyway?

After kicking the wolf youkai out of his way he grabbed the desired water to quench his thirst. It didn't look like he was going to be winning the bet with Bankotsu. He wasn't even sure if Sesshoumaru even bothered to show up to Naraku's party. As he walked back into his bedroom he decided to check his away message, although he was weary of anything his rival might have written.

~SexyMonk: (*I am away right now making love to my beautiful Sango. Either that or being beaten senseless by the love of my life*)

~Leader7: I would choose the beaten senseless, or beaten rather. You never had much sense.

~ SexyMonk: (*I am away right now making love to my beautiful Sango. Either that or being beaten senseless by the love of my life*)

~Leader7: Look, I think we need to call off this bet. Apparently, my little bro is interested in the chick as well and I don't want to be involved in playing with ppl's love lives.

~SexyMonk: (*I am away right now making love to my beautiful Sango. Either that or being beaten senseless by the love of my life*)

~Leader7: so the bet is off, may the best brother win (*Leader7 signs off*)

Miroku read the messages and sighed, perhaps he should be relieved. If the bet was called off then he wouldn't technical have lost, right? He narrowed his eyes as he thought about the message more. What did he mean by him not having any sense to lose!?!


~Belle: It's kinda hard to have two versions!

~Miroku: Am I the villain?

~Belle: Why would you think that?

~Kikyo: Naraku is obviously the villain.

~Naraku: No I'm not!

~Belle: Calm down. And stop screaming Naraku, I won't let Kikyo purify you.

~Naraku: Ha!

~Kikyo: Yeah, well you better watch your back.

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