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"Dead Land" Reviews/Comments [ 12 ]
 Title: whheeee
Reviewed By: Whitetail [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 18, 2007 20:32 CST
Aw snap, I wish you could come back and finish this, its so suspensful! ;__; I love it!
 Reviewed By: DragoneyesBC [MediaMiner Member]  On: July 25, 2004 08:03 CDT
Poor Entango. ;_; People don't give the horse a good supporting role in any story.~sigh~oh well but that makes me wonder......is Entango a he or a she???? 0.o
 Title: askldjhasdgyu
Reviewed By: Lolly  On: July 07, 2004 10:25 CDT
NOOO!! Poor Entango! hrmm...who COULD it be? I'm totally oblivious! X_X CON_TIN_UE =3
 Reviewed By: Green Devil (not suppose to be on the computer *shifty eyes*)  On: July 06, 2004 11:25 CDT
En... ten... go...? Noooo! Poor horsie! Baku loved him so. Ooo! This is getting real interesting. I want more! I want to read more so I hope you write more soon! ^_^!
 Title: Shadow of Light (not logged in)
Reviewed By: Shadow of Light [MediaMiner Member]  On: July 01, 2004 17:33 CDT
Overall Rating: 10 of 10
WAAAHH!!!!! ENTAGO'S GONE!!! *grabs roll of paper towels* Sorry got a bit overdramatic there. Please update this one and the others I jsut gotta know what happens!!
Reviewed By: Charon the Sabercat  On: June 29, 2004 22:32 CDT
Please, come on! I already excluded him from nearly all of my fanfic, no reason for you to kill him already! Entengo-sama.... GO REVIEW MY FIC ALREADY! IT'S UPDATED! I'M WAITING!
Reviewed By: Charon the Sabercat  On: June 27, 2004 20:41 CDT
That and I've got fanart! Go read my fic, then go to my author bio and click on my homepage! It'll take you to Fanart Central, and you can look at my fanart! Fanart! Bai Bai!
 Title: "Only this and nothing more"
Reviewed By: Raven haired saiyan  On: June 24, 2004 19:00 CDT
*blink* *blink* I have nothing to say in this since I don't know what to say in the first review of the chapter, well in this chapter I mean. Seems very interisting but what DID Baku do to upset him (and of course I know it's only a prank) and how far did he go? In the later chapters will it have mystery stuff in there like "who did what?" for example? I'm obviously anxious to know. I hope it's like "The series of unfortornute events" since I've only read three and it seems good. PS, In which episode did he do that to Caption? Cause I don't remember any episode showing that. Maybe it's because I didn't see much of it due to the satallite and school. Well that's my review chao.
 Title: I'm Back!
Reviewed By: Charon the Sabercat  On: June 24, 2004 14:05 CDT
Sounds like he ran into the Dead Marshes or something. It'd be cool it he did. Lord of the Rings/SD Gundam crossover, oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. I actually contemplated doing something like that, but my SD Gundam-hating-Lord of the Rings-fanatic friend nearly killed me for suggesting it. (sigh) My fic's going well! I suggest for the third chapter, however, you watch Muppet Treasure Island. Or at least find the song "Cabin Fever" and listen to it.
 Reviewed By: Green Devil (not suppose to be on the computer *shifty eyes* _>)  On: June 23, 2004 13:38 CDT
Lol! Yeah, I noticed that part. I don't know why but it was hilarious to me because of the sound Captain made. Lol! Anyway, this fic is pretty good so far. I'm glad you're trying to get back into the writting spirit with this. Those two will never stop fighting will they? Which is why I already have the final song for my fic already picked out... I just gotta get there first. But Zero doesn't seem to be mad at Baku anymore, he just wants revenge. Hmm. Wonder what Baku saw... Well, hope you write more soon! ^_^!
 Reviewed By: Whitetail *too lazy to log in*  On: June 23, 2004 11:39 CDT
o_o does Baku really slap captain in the butt? *is oblivious* Anyways, this is great so far, keep goinnnng...eek...I need to get moving on my fics e_e;;
 Title: Something RANDOM!!!
Reviewed By: NeoYami [MediaMiner Member]  On: June 23, 2004 00:52 CDT
Oh dudes...have you ever noticed in that one episode of SD where they're making the silly movie that Baku slaps Captain in the butt with his wodden sword. O.o;;;;;; Go look for yourselves!!!! >_

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