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User Name:HelloKat
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Registered On:September 09, 2004
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Biography:Please feel free to drop inand say hello in my guestbooks at the links below. I'll also be posting any ramblings and information related to my fics here as well instead of having them accumulate under this profile page. Thanks for your continued support!

Journel Entry1: http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=HelloKat_2004
Journel Entry2: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=hellokat_2004&mode=full

I'm old enough to read, write, and work. Love kitties, but I'm a Yuki lover all the way! I love his character--very easy to maneuver, at least for me! I love both the anime and manga (from what I can understand from talented and kind translators).

I can't believe I actually did it! My first fic and hopefully no kitchen sinks are thrown. I've read so many Fruits Basket plus InuYasha fanfics (love both storylines), and I'm constantly amazed at how well the stories are written. I've had farfetched ideas for some time until finally one started to make more sense to me. I've gotten the whole plot idea down, and I'm constantly writing on stickies whenever the inspiration hits me. I will say that the storyline in itself is complete, and I know where I will be going with this plus the finale.

If you would like to contribute, please pass it on! I'll give credit wherever credit is due and see if I can integrate the idea into my storyline. If it cannot be done, then I'm very sorry. But then again, good ideas that can't be used doesn't mean you can't create a story based on the idea! I'd love to read it!

If you want to flame me (oh, please don't!) for whatever conceivably honest reason, please be kind and don't use foul language. I simply will not read it. I hate typing it out (thanks a lot Kyo, Haru, Rin, you too Akito, etc.!), and I hate it even more when it's directed at me.

I hate plagiarism and will not stand for it. That said, if you feel that I might have 'stolen' something from a different author (have to cover all bases, right?!) or from you, please let me know. I don't abide by this practice and any mistakes that are indeed made I will fix posthaste--I'll even go so far as to credit the author.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed, especially from the wonderful storytellers out there (please, pointers)!

I'm blabbering again--I tend to do that--not to mention the fact that I'm rather picky when it comes to grammar and spelling (when not sure, usually a 'sp?' follows). I like articulating my thoughts into words, and I don't like being redundant in my words. Fancy words (I've been told this) are part of my vocabulary, but I'll try to tone it down for my readers. If you don't understand a phrase, just let me know--as you can see, I love to explain in detail what I'm talking about!

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! Okay, enough. On to the real fun stuff. This fic is drama/angst material and will only get more so as the storyline progresses. It will mainly be centered on Yuki (of course), and Kyo and the rest of the gang will definitely have a hand in the story. No, this is NOT yaoi (sp?) or shounen-ai (sp?), and I will not change my mind so please don't ask. Please give the story a chance--in and of itself it should appeal to all readers alike. Gosh, I hope I don't let anyone down.

Anyway (focus H'Kat), I will not be including too much outside characters--that means people that aren't related to the Sohmas (except for Tohru of course). Friends outside will appear here and there, but no real whole chapter will be dedicated to let's say the Yuki Fan Club. In my mind, they are useless and don't contribute to my storyline (I meant the fan club! Other side characters are of course wonderful). This 'curse' that plagues the family means that mainly the family will have to deal with it, not anybody from the school body.

That being said, I will use characters here and there to move the story along that appear in both the anime and manga. So if you're not up to par with the later chapters of the manga, then I am sooo very sorry if I spoil anything for you. Of course if you're a die-hard fan, you would already know many of the details anyway, right?!

I will use details from manga (English and Japanese), anime, and weird speculation to mix them into the storyline. Definite twists is what I'll be gearing towards! If you feel that I should include a certain aspect from the anime or manga into my story, once again, let me know, and I'll see if doesn't interfere with my storyline. Be forewarned, I may not be able to use it, but thank you just the same!

Japanese vocabulary. I'll be the first to say that I am by no means an expert (born and bred in the USA), although I'm constantly confused for being Samoan (sp?), Vietnamese, Taiwanese, etc. Perhaps an ancestor... FOCUS H'KAT! All right, if you can correct me for any grammar or spelling errors related to my Japanese phrases (or English for that matter), I would sooo appreciate it!

Japanese culture. (Thanks Ina-chan for reminding me.) I'm no expert by a long shot! I have my ideas by reading manga in general and such, but to delve in it scares me. I'm afraid I'll offend true Japanese people out there! Like my fav author has done, please let me know if I've misrepresented anything here...honorifics, culture issues, cuisine, etc. I really want to get those right...it's what makes my fanfic seem a little more authentic.

I don't intend on bashing any of the main characters, although it may seem so at the time. Kyo and Shigure fans, be FOREWARNED--it may seem that I'm making them look bad, and I'll try very hard not to (later on you may want me to!) or at least explain why in my post remarks.

This storyline is unique since I tried to stay away from the usual "formula" out there. Again, definite twists in this world of mine! It drags a little at first, but it'll pick up--PROMISE! Also be aware that the story is about the STORY, not the pairings. That's why I didn't classify it under Romance. Hints here and there and implied later on (haven't gotten that far yet), but that's not the main focus of this story.

I am always inspired by the music I listen to. Variety is my middle name and if you can see my CD collection, you'd have to agree (no heavy metal or extreme alternative though). I will include "suggestions" to my readers as to what song in particular I listened to while writing the respective chapter. I may even include lyrics in the storyline...it'll just depend. I will forewarn that I speak/read fluent Spanish so don't be surprised to see some suggestions for Spanish music! Hey, have a little culture in your life! You'll like it! I will translate as best as I can, of course.

JUST IN!!!! All post remarks and such will be posted at the bottom of each chapter in my author's area. I will post on this page related info to each release, but mainly it'll focus on new developments outside the story plus an explanation as to why a chapter won't be posted on time.

Here's one for the censors: I don't own the anime, manga, songs, lyrics, characters, magazines, or any other outside material that may be used in this fic. Coincidences do happen in this twisted world, so it's very likely to happen in this fic, too!

Finally, thank you for reading and reviewing and thanks to all storytellers out there for inspiring me to give this fic a shot!
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