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User Name:Lennex
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Registered On:October 10, 2004
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Biography:Update Feb 25 2006

I realized that people who read my Crossover story may not know what the deal is with the OC. In my DBZ story i put a little backstory to him but not in cross so i will put it here if you get curious on how this is a DBZ cross.

My character, whose name is Lennex, started off as a human from America. Due to a student exchange he was sent to Satan City and due to author power stayed with the Briefs Family. Due to an enemy who has yet to be named or even written, a wish was made on the eternal dragon to make him a Sayjin. His current power level is that of a Super Sayjin equaling Trunks and Goten in power but not experience. When he was human he was an avid martial arts fanatic. Think of him as another Mr. Satan just not as lame. (I love Mr. Satan) After the wish he was trained by the three greats, Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. He takes his new status as a Sayjin very seriously and attitude wise can be a lot like Vegeta, who is his favorite teacher. I think thatís all you need for a better understanding.
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