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User Name:kaja1234
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Biography:Hello to you all. You have entered my bio, who knows what horrors await you inside my warped mind? Let's find out. -Opens Gigantic Doors, there are humans being tortured. Blood, bones, and other stuff litter the floor. Screams echo off the walls as youkai peel the skin from humans arms, gouge out their eyes, and painfully pull out their fingernails. Shuts the doors.- Well, was that horrible enough for you? Did you maybe throw up five or six times while reading this? Maybe pee your pants? Heh, that's just one of many horrors that await you in my mind, and possibly some of my fics, I will be writing a horror fic soon. Until then, here's my OC, you steal,...and I kill! -Brandishes bloody samurai sword-

Name: Anaki (anna-key) Yuiete (you-ee-et)

Age: Actually 5,000 years old, looks 16.

Youkai: She is a pureblooded wolf youkai.

Hair: White with red and black streaks, comes down to floor, is usually swept back into a ponytail, letting it hover off floor about 4 inches.

Eyes: A peircing shade of pale golden, with flecks of white in them.

Looks: Wears a low cut black halter, black hakamas tied together 2 inches above ankles, has red bands around wrists and ankles. 2 Red stripes on each cheek and 1 crossing over each eye, has golden rose tattoo on back which activates a special power when she is very angry.

Personality: Doesn't care for humans. Or anyone else, except Hiei, who is her boyfriend. She's cold toward everyone, except the Rekai-Tentai, her brother, and father.

History: She was born in the darkest recesses of the Makai, barely trusts anyone for her family was killed by her own kind. Yama took her in after rescuing her from her traitorus pack, trained her and raised her as a sister to Koenma, she is the princess of the wolf demon tribe and of the spirit world.

Weapons: She has numerous weapons, a katana, a scythe, lots of shuriken, some spikey maces, and various types of guns. She will occasionally just don a black and silver choker or a silver bead neckalace, it's also a weapon, when removed it can morph into any weapon she chooses. Other than that she's fully loaded down with artillery.

Special Attacks (Uses a lot of energy, last resort attacks.)

Soul destruction: It kills the enemy's soul and body, kinda what a spirit beast does, only much more painful.

Vines of Jingoku: She is an animal youkai and therefore able to control plants. Vines shoot up from the ground, wrapping themselves around the opponent as they begin to use their Spirit Energy. The opponent can't feel or see them until it's too late, and by then they've tried to fire their attack. The vines don't allow it, and transfers it back through them like hellfire. It destroys their insides and as they die the vines drag them to Jingoku. (Jingoku is hell in Japanese, I think Jingoku just sounds cooler.)

Mind Control: She has immense psychic powers and can use them to make her opponent into a living puppet, she can even force them to kill themselves, and they can't break free from it.

Regular Attacks (by my standards anyway. Don't use that much energy.)

Dark Blade Slash: A simple shadow blade attack.

Blood Rain: Steals opponents spirit energy with blood-like rain.

Dark Spirit Blow: Poison darts/spikes hone onto opponnent's Spirit energy and chases until they are killed. If they hit the person who issued their attack, that person isn't harmed.

Tormented Soul: Forces person to relive the worst moments of their life. When it ends they're just a mere shell, but may regain their sanity after a few years. It depends on how strong they are.

Death's Kiss: Using her fangs while kissing an enemy, she injects them with a powerful poison, which kills them in seconds.

Petals of Illusion: Kinda like Kurama's Rose Petal attack, except with Black Rose Petals instead of Red. They surround the enemy and create frightning illusions, and as they try to run away, they are sliced to ribbons by the deadly sharp petals or they burn to death from the heavy friction, or both. :}

Can't come up with anything else, but if you like my discription you'll more than likely love my fics too. Now go away! Away from my warped mind!

(To anyone who reads this, don't take it personal. It's just how I am.)