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User Name:Aine of Knockaine
Last Visited On:Apr. 05th, 2011, 15:48:35, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2004
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Biography:Who is Aine of Knockaine:

From Celtic Mythology: Aine was the Goddess of love and fertility. She promoted love between humans, but had been against rape or a 'forced' love. She was also called the Faerie Queen of Munster and Limrick.

Who is the writer using Aine as a penname:

I am a happily married mother of two (BOYS! Yes, my life is VERY busy.) that lives in Ohio. I started out wanting to be a graphic artist and ended up as an accountant working for a luxury car manufacturer's captive finance company. (I won't say where, but if I write the AU Trigun fic that's in my head, then you'll probably figure it out :))That's about it, after all having a family you don't have much of a social life. Oh' to be young again (Heeee...)

I just love Japanese Animation! To the point of collecting now! (Thank you E-Bay!) The attention to detail that the Japanese have is just amazing and the story lines, WOW! This is probably because of the artist in me crying to get out.

First Anime watched (That I can remember):


First purchased:

The Guyver (Am I showing my age yet?)



Rurouni Kenshin


Cowboy Bebop

InuYasha (Gotta get this one next)

Vampire Hunter D (Tell you what, watching 'Bloodlust' on a 65in big screen with surround sound is AMAZING!)

I also love to read! I remember first being introduced to fanfiction about a year and a half ago, while looking for screen caps of Rurouni Kenshin. At first I thought it was kind of nuts, but now...I'm an addict (Is there a 12 step program for this?) Any ways, a year later I have finally mustered up the courage to write a story and nowI can't stop!I evenhave a couple ofAU stories for Trigun floating around in my head and once Forever Mine is finished, be on the look out for one of those next! (I'll post lowdowns shortly)I also love 'love' and fairy tale endings. What can I say...I'm a hopeless romantic!

Can we all say YAAAY to fanart!

Here is a short cut to Ricki's Trigun Anime Planet: http://geocities.com/whatcher_2/index.html This site is awesome and if you are looking for Sunsilver's fanart, go to Susan's Fantastic Fanart!

And to view Silvermoons Blackwings beautiful renditions of McKenna, Knives and Caden check out her out here: http://sethrity.deviantart.com/

Such talent! I feel loved! ;o)



Future projects:



(AU) When an evil curse had been set upon the vampire lordís second son, eternal slumber was his lot until the fated one awakens him with three drops of blood, no more, no less. However, that was only the beginning. Once the day-walker woke, the curse twisted him, turning him sinister, the exact opposite of his true nature. Can the one person who returned him to the living save him and break the curse or will her fate lead to her doom? Dark Vash/Meryl, Nicholas/Milly, Knives/?(maybe Marianne or OC) Rated: M


The Birthday Wish

Make a wish and blow out the candles. Mimori Kiryu has made the same wish for her birthday since taking up permanent residence in Lost Ground. Now on her seventh birthday, will the number be a lucky one, making her wish finally come true? Mimori/Ryuho Oneshot Rated: M

The Birthday Present

Sometimes the most precious gifts arenít bought, nor are they wrapped in boxes and bows. Mimori soon discovers this after Ryuho leaves her behind, yet again, to finish the fight for the Lost Groundís freedom. But when the war is finally won, will the Ryu heir reunite with his beloved or will startling revelations keep him away? A continuation of The Birthday Wish. Rated: M

Notes, Announcements, and other good fun stuff!

Not much going on... I'm boring again!
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