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User Name:Fuzzy Eared
Name/Nick:Fuzzy Eared
Last Visited On:Sep. 30th, 2007, 14:44:51, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2004
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Biography:I'll probably only be doing Yu Yu Hakusho fanfics. I absolutely love the story and the characters and, yes, I will almost always involve some sort of relationship between Hiei and Kurama. Don't like, don't read. ;)

I welcome flames, as long as they are constructive. I request that all reviews be completely honest. If you think that my literature piece was crap, inform me of your opinion and please explain why.

A great quote from Kooriya Yui's profile:
"While I respect a lot of authors and respect a lot of fanfiction opinions, there are a few things I will not stand for. I do not tolerate violent expression of homophobia. I do not tolerate flamers who flame a fic because it is shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, YAOI, or YURI. I do not tolerate plagiarism. I do not tolerate people who flame because it's fun."

I apologize to everyone who tried to access my web page and were unable to find it. The host site deleted it without any warning - probably because of the fanfiction content (no matter the warnings everywhere). And, like a genius, I didn't have any of the files backed up. So there is no way for me to recreate the site without spending a ton of time that I really don't have to do it.

~*** Completed Stories***~

Achieving Grace:
Type: one-shot

My Pretty Knife:
Type: one-shot

~***Works In Progress***~

Type: origins (before the series)/AU
I've finally figured out where I'm going to go with this one.

A Well Too Deep:
Type: continuation (TWT)
An ending is planned with a possible sequel - either that or a fairly long epilogue. I'm placing this fic between the Dark Tourney and the Sensui Arc.

Type: filler
I'm just using these partial stories to get out some of my speculations about the end of the series. So nothing about the characters or plot of the series will be altered. It's not really a heavy duty story like UB and AW2D so I'll update this one when I have the urge to. The chapters should be able to stand alone. But you'll likely have to know the end of the series to follow them.
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