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User Name:midnite-azn
Last Visited On:Apr. 16th, 2005, 19:13:09, PDT
Registered On:November 11, 2004
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Name: Cassie (amazing huh? I bought it at the 2 shop for 5! Great Bargain huh?)

Surname:I won't tell you my real one...so...er Kitamura...?

D.O.B.: 27th January 1992 (WOOT WOOT! I'M 13 NOW!)

Age: Guess. I am between 12 and er...14...wow..that's so hard...

Nationality: 99 Asian, 1 Aussie!

Favourite Colour: GREEN! and my second favourite colour ish orange( because of Autumn...I love Autumn)!

Favourite Food: Green Apples!

Favourite Song: Numb Encore by Linkin Park and Mistaken Identity by Delta Goodrem

Fav Anime/ Books and Pairings:
Cardcaptor Sakura:



Marmalade Boy:

Fruits Basket:
Kyo/Tohru Honda

Fuushigi Yugi:

Inu Yasha:
Kagome/Inu Yasha

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

I have way more animes and manga and books that I have seen/read but can't be stuffed typing anymore. Can't reach the mouse...Oof!

Slayers is soooo funny!

Thoughts: I need pancakes...I had 2 dreams in a row about pancakes...craving p a n c a k e s...urgh I really want pancakes...sweet...maple syrup...Mmmmm...

Updates 6:24pm 5th February 2005

PLEASE READ! I dunno if I will continue any of my fics...high school ish taking a lot out of me...I get lost (like the time when I ended up in a year 10 Maths class...oops) It takes me ages to get home (school ends at like, 3:15, and I get home like...5?) and then it takes me heaps long to get my homework done...I can only write on the weekends now...;_;

Forgotton Promises: I have kind of lost interest in this fic...But due to the overwhelming response to this fic, I might justcontinue Although this will not be a my first priority fic.

8 Steps Plz review...hope you like it! Completed

I'm A WHAT! Posted, Hope you peepz like it Part 2 will take me ages, so beware, no updating for a while.

To Be Loved In Full Moon Wo Sagashite...I finished the first chappie, nearly done the second...posted...finally..please review

Any Last Thoughts?

I haffa lot of stories to do...I'll try my best, also I don't know If I can update cuz I have to go to school now...I keep meeting really annoying little kids which are like one year younger than me, and they try really hard to impress me 'cuz I'm older, I find that so annoying...but I'm too nice to tell them to go away...

I had this girl today at Chinese School, who sat right next to me because my bestie at Chinese School sat next to someone else ('cuz she didn't think I was going to be there). She kept on leaning over to my side, she was like literally sitting on my seat...I was trying to draw...it was like 'Hello? I'm trying to draw, can I have some space?' and then this other girl tried doing that too...that was really annoying me like hell. I was like drawing and they would be asking me questions and comments like,
"How do you draw so well?" 'Cos I can...
"That is so cool!" Yay...
"That is wicked"yay too...(yawn)
"Can I have it?" No, nup, nay
And then she turns up with OUR group (I'm just a jealous bastard) and squeezes in between me and my friends...
And then when I thought I had got rid of her for good, she turns up at my dancing class...((cough...I started to talk energetically to my other friends...who were nice enough to interrogate me so she didn't exactly penetrate my ears...yay...))
Hopefully everything will be okay next week...

And one last note, reviewmy friend's stories, midnite-goddess, but she's currently rewriting all of her stories.

I MISS EVERYBODY AT CANNING VALE! MISS YA HEAPZ! But hi to everbody at Perth College
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