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User Name:MomsDarkSecret
Name/Nick:Dark Secret
Last Visited On:Feb. 01st, 2014, 13:00:38, PST
Registered On:November 11, 2004
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Biography:Updated: 09 April 09

About me:

I'm an adult fan of anime and started writing fan fiction because of my daughter, who also writes. I have always enjoyed writing but was never that interested in expending the effort necessary to get published. It was not until the Internet made it possible to get other people to read your stuff without pestering your friends until they hate you that I found an outlet for my creative interests. So now I write original fiction and fan fiction and post it all over the net. I have no one specific area of interest, except that many of my stories are yaoi (boy-boy fluff and slash) in nature. But I write comedies, romances, adventures, fantasies, mysteries; pretty much whatever strikes my fancy.

I write short stories, usually between six and twelve chapters, that the average reader can get through in an hour or two, and I always finish my stories. I manage this feat by always writing a complete story arc summary ahead of time so I know how the story will progress. Sometimes a story will diverge on me, but the story arc helps prevent writerís block and keeps me on track. But this is why I tend to write lots of sequels. If I really like characters Iíve written about, Iíll think up another story for them, rather than drag out an existing story and never quite end it. I donít think thatís fair to the reader.

(Ok, that's not completely true! Golden Teahouse has no summary. I just make that one up as I go, so there's a good chance it may never end. I can't even follow my own rules!)
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