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User Name:missashlee28
Last Visited On:Oct. 28th, 2007, 21:11:23, PDT
Registered On:December 12, 2004
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Yahoo Handle:missashlee28
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Biography:fanfiction from ashlee...

You know, when faced with an entire box to fill with information about myself, I realize...that I'm rather boring. ;) It also makes me feel a bit narcissistic but I'll give it my best shot anyways, I suppose.

I'm currently an English major (History minor) at ASU--and I'm graduating in May 2008! I am also a Circulation Attendant for the Phoenix Public Library.

I'm a pretty quiet person, unless you happen to get me started on something, in which case you might never hear the end of it. I like to stay home though or spend time with friends and I'm definitely not into the party scene. On first impression it might not be obvious, but not long into my company you'll realize that I'm just a huge nerd. Which I'm okay with. ;) I'm also planning on getting married sometime in the future to my fiance of six years.

Currently, I'm extremely busy with my new job position and finishing up my degree. I try my very hardest to write on my free-time, but my updating can be called sporadic at best. If I start a series and don't update right away, don't worry; I haven't forgotten about it! It is just me trying to juggle tons of ideas with no time. ;)

Current Works


This fic focuses on the relationship between Kakei/Saiga and takes place prior to the manga. I'm not quite sure how long it will be, but I do know that I'm very interested in completing it. However, it may take some time, as I'm taking this fic very seriously and making sure that I only produce quality. I'd say smut will probably be involved at some point. Percent Completed: 15?

In Your Arms:

Part of the Legal Drug fandom, this is for the themes from the 101_ficlets community and legal_scribbles community on LiveJournal. It focuses on Rikuo/Kazahaya; however, it does contain some other pairings. This is one of those things that I write when inspiration strikes (which is rather often). They are full-length, sometimes very long but most of the time, short drabbles. Chapters can be read as stand alone, unless otherwise stated. Percent Completed: 10


I still get a lot of questions about this but the fic is completed. I thank all those who reviewed it! Percent Completed: 100

Completed One-Shots:

Best Laid Plans
Long Road Home
Raindrops on My Eyelashes

Other Works:

You can also find all of my fanfiction by going to my homepage. Please, feel free to e-mail me with any questions. I love communicating with those who read my fics.

Favorite Couples:
Zoro/Sanji -- One Piece
Ichigo/Rukia -- Bleach
Rikuo/Kazahaya -- Legal Drug
Sanada/Atobe -- Prince of Tennis

One Last Note:
Thank you to all of those who take the time to review any of my fanfiction. I appreciate any and all comments, no matter their length. I appreciate constructive criticism and edits very much as well. Again, thank you.
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