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User Name:Naro
Last Visited On:Jul. 01st, 2009, 20:07:06, PDT
Registered On:December 12, 2004
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Biography:Hi I'm Naro, otherwise known as Ro. I'm a big fan of mary sues and CYOA's-nolonger aloud on this site, so damn-and so on. I love to write, kinda obvious, but yeah, and often include myself in my stories (ex. Ro, Rose, Amy, ete.), so there's the evidence of the mary sue thing. Something I hate, and when I say that I mean LOATHE, is constructive criticism. I hate it so much that I even made a threat to go along with it, so here it goes: if you ever give me constructive criticism I will not hesitate to hunt you down, castrate you(if your a guy), put your head on a pike, and take your little finger home as trophy. So yeah, that's about it, I think. I don't know, but I'll add more later.
Also, a friend of mine will be using my thing, too. Her name is Shio. Say hi Shio-chan! ^o^
Anywheres, I'm gonna give Shio-chan some ranting room aswell, so enjoy! ^.^
Shio: Right. So I have lots to say and most likely a lot of time to say it. Yeah that was pointless but still. :) Heh heh. Anyways. I love to write marysues and such. I'm new at the whole ff thing but I'm good (Or so I'm told but I think they're liying through there teeth...) I mainlywrite for YYH but I'm also working on some GW and IY ff. By now I bore you. 'Tis the truth but I still needed to do so. Now, if anyone is woundering, and you probably aren't, but my Mary-sues tend to have the name Akari or Shio. There are others but I won't get into that... I have a fancy for Kurama (My baby!!! *Get's Chibi-eyed*) I love Kenshin (First Bishie so I'm loyal got the OAVs. Love those and need desperatly to see what Cartoon Network has yet to show or had lost there account with the creator) and no matter how much I like Quatre I will never seperate the Shonen-ai pairing we all know and love (Or despise ya never know.) By now I do have an favourite author-ess (Is that how you spell it?) It's Rozefire. She rocks. And I like to read her livejournal sometimes. Sounds creepy I know but thats only cuz I live in my slightly happy world filled with many things that I think are fun... Wait that made no sense. Scratch that. Sigh. Oh wells I need sleep or something close to that maybe falling uncouncious isn't as bad as it sounds. Anywho. TTFN, Ta-ta for now!! *Waves had vigerously*
Ro:And that was the lovely Shio-chan. I wonder if I can sell her on eBaY...anywheres, I must be finding my notepads so that I can be putting them on this site and ff.net. I have a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedley dee-er-I mean a lovely story in which Miroku and Inuyasha get lost in Victoria's Secret. Now while you all wipe your orange juice and what-not off your computer screens, I'll be off in the fruitless search of the Holy Grail or something like that. Eh, I'll figure it out later. Bai!
Shio...again: I have to tell you ppl about a fan fic I just read. It was great and sad and... well all of the above. It's Dead Famous by Rozefire. It was the best ever. It was sad and funny and awww, cute. What got me the most was, wait I can't tell you read it dang it. Just be prepared for crying all you gals. and if yer thinking oh I won't cry she's bluffing, I have three words for you: TOLD YOU SO! well thats it fer now. I will add on... maybe I sould get a livejournal...
Shio: Mehehehe!! My Muse He is back!!
Kurama: I am?
Shio: Yupps!! I love it now I will try to put up FF buuuuut... I need Ro-chans help. So When I get her over to meh house then I will tourture her with teaching me... things *shifty eyes* So have a happy.... whatever!!
Kurama: Bye... *gets glomped by Shio*

Shio no longer shares my account and has gotten one of her own. Don't ask me the name, she has neglected to tell me it. *plots Shio's demise* But yeah, go look for her fics.
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