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User Name:KhakiBlueSocks
Name/Nick:Khaki Blue
Last Visited On:Mar. 25th, 2005, 21:58:03, PST
Registered On:December 12, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:KhakiBlueboy
AIM Handle:KhakiBluebot
Biography:Greetings and salutations fanfiction writers and readers alike! I'm a 19-year-old,heterosexual, african-american male from Louisiana! (Yes, I am country, and proud of it, dagnabit!)

I enjoy many different types of writing styles and have a interesting facination with MPREG stories...(Yeah, it's gross, kinda, but it's interesting to see the different ways people write it!)

When it comes down to Digimon Couples, there are five that I agree with, the rest I don't know about, or don't WANT to know about, or can't stand:

KOUMIMI Prodigiously Pink)


TAIORA (Now, come on. That's a given!)

JUNATO (You could say I wrote the book on it!)

KENYAKO (She finally got a man!)

Once upon a time, I was a pretty frequent fanfiction writer, but I had to leave because of school and computer dramas. Now, I'm out of school, an active social life, and a head full of ideas just waiting to be put to great use! Just call me the Fanfiction version of Mase (The Welcome Backguy,remember?)

I like all different types of anime, from Inuyasha to FLCL! The only one I can't stand is Beyblade! Show me Beyblade, and I'll show you blood! Namely, yours! My all time favorite anime to date is Digimon, which is where part of my screen name came from. "Khaki Blue" refers to my high school uniform colors: khaki pants and blue shirts. The "Sock" part refers to Izzy's green socks in season one. I get into greater detail later.

I currently am addicted to the Case Closed magna comics, and am just getting into anime movies. The best I've seen so far: My Neighbor Totoro (Gotta start somewhere), Kiki's Delivery Service (The only time I think that Disney isn't evil) andSpirited Away (This time, I DO believe the hype!)

I also run a somewhat successfull website called "The Anime-Green Sock", a gallery site with Inuyasha, Digimon, Trigun, etc. I also provide links to fanfiction stories that I particularly like, so don't be suprised if your story turns up on my site! Next year, I plan on moving it to AOL and rechristning it "TAKCTAGS: Version3.0" That's is, if all goes well. If not, the site will stay right where it is! And hopefully, I'll have timeto get back to it!

If you notice that the majority of my stories are about pregnacy and childbirth, it's because...well...that's the only thing that I really know how to write about! I can try writing about different things, but I think I just want to get this phase out of my blood. I'm not a sicko or a degenerate or anything, I just think that it's one of the most beautiful things that the human body does in it's entire lifetime. Besides, I like to think that these stories are just a contiuance of all those love stories you read that don't go past the wedding! You hear about the bumpin' and the grindin' but you don't hear whathappens after the fact. In my opinion I write aboutwhat happens after the wedding night!

And now, to answer a question that's probably on everyone's mind: "What's with the socks?!"

Honestly, I don't know! I like the word "Sock" and I use it at least once in every story I write! Besides, these two pieces of cloth don't get enough appreciation! They keep your feet warm, and they come in all sorts of colors! I started with the "Sock" thing when one day I was watching digimon, and I saw Izzy wearing these funky green colored socks and for some reason, I started using that word in writings!Oddball, I know, but hey!

When I'm not in front of my keyboard, or in front of the TV, you can find me either at work, reading a book in the library, driving around town listing to anime music (my CD player currently has the classical music version of Inuyasha's theme song "Change The World", "Homage for Inuyasha", Outlaw Star's full theme "Through The Night", Rurouni Kenshin's "Sobasaku", FLCL's "I Think I Can" and a whole lot more, not to mention what's on my computer!) or i'm in the kitchen, putting Alton Brown (The guy from "Good Eats") to shame!

A current status on my stories:

Love Knows No Yamato: Completed - By far one of the longest stories I think I ever wrote. Or at least the second longest. Thanks to all the reviewers who gave me encouragement to finish and keep at it! I write for you!

Forever Green Socks of Love: Directors Edition: Approaching Completion - I'm currently working on the "last" chapter of this story: still debating if I'll separate these chapters up into individual ones, but I'll save that decision for another day.

If you ever notice, on some of the reviews I write, I tend to award the writer "Sock Honors". This is a little thing I started to recognize my favorite authors/writers! I originally planned to take the stories that rank high sock honors like platinum or super a special section on my website. I still plan to do that, but it may have to wait until I make the decision to relocate. So, just for the record, if you see "Sock Honors" on your story, it's a good thing!

Well, I think I covered everything! The in's and out's of the very strange dude known to all as KhakiBlueSocks! I hope you enjoyed reading my bio, my stories and my reviewsas much as I constantly enjoy reading yours! Happy reading, and don't forget...GREEN SOCKS ROCK!
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