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User Name:Bakagami and Shinigami
Name/Nick:Kasumi and Sakura
Last Visited On:Dec. 24th, 2005, 19:31:08, PST
Registered On:January 01, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:rabid_inu_fangurl5618
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:we REALLY are two personalities within the same person. Bakagami(Kasumi) and Shinigami(Sakura).
(some people were asking about this. we are seperate people in fics that we appear in. sorry for the cunfuzzledness!!)
we fight.
a LOT.
but we DO get along sometimes...and those times are funny.
Shini-chan: yeah, i'm the cool and collected one.
*Baka-chan trips over her own foot and eats carpet*
*shini-chan sweatdrops*
Shini-chan:...and she's the wild one.

we both love anime, reading, music, writing, pocky, and sushi. and Vashy-kun. our husband. oh, and girls. we are happily bisexual.

Baka-chan: YEAH! what she said!
Shinigami: anyways...if you want to know ANYTHING else about us, just ask. our email adresses are bakagami_and_shinigami@yahoo.com and rabid_inu_fangurl5618@yahoo.com.
the last one we check the most, if you were wondering.


Bakagami: we are both 45% dog demon, 45% wolf demon, and 10% cat demon.

we are inuyasha's older half-sisters and likewise, sesshoumaru's younger half-sisters.

Miroku is our sempai. he taught us a lot.
and we even have 13 kids to prove it. (DONT ASK ABOUT THEM)

at the age of 257 demon years, we were taken in by the gundam wing guys. we live in one of Quatre's big mansions with them, in cali, by the ocean.
he lets us have big parties.
they are ALL our big brothers if you ask any of us. Duo owns a blue thong.
Baka loves braiding his hair.
Shini and Wu-Wu both get to help braid Heero's now long hair.
that's why Wu's is short. ^_^
Quatre and Trowa have a daughter!!!
she is cute. he name is Kei. Kei Winner. she is pretty. she is a test tube baby, of course, and is now 3. she will be in future fics. we will also be making appearences in our fics.
so yeah...

we are 497 years old in demon years, 14 and 3/4 in human. our demon b-day is on every 15th of the month, and human is dec. 15th.

shini has long black hair with red ends, black,soft, fuzzy dog-like ears on the top of her head, golden eyes, and usually wears black.

baka has shoulder length brown,red,black,and orange hair(dyed too many times...XD), chocolate brown eyes, brown dog-like ears on her head, and lives in jeans and graphic tees.
if you want pictures of us, just ask. although, they are of us in human form. we don't take many pictures in our demon forms...i'll give you our photobucket accout name or whatev. and you can see us.

Shinigami: wow...she made sence the whole time! i'm amazed...

*bakagami facefaults*

Shinigami: uh...we'll be going now...

love much,
Shinigami and Bakagami!
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