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User Name:shadow_genin
Last Visited On:Sep. 10th, 2005, 20:41:37, PDT
Registered On:January 01, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:neko tamashi
Biography:I'm one that left and came back! (I still am a member to deviantart, another great art community, but I wanted a fresh start where no one is familiar with my work.)

I love to draw...yeah that's obvious^^; I like to write when I have time. I'm a female artist, and I'm in college. One day I'd like to go to school in Florida to continue drawing like I do and possibly become an animator.

I like games, especially RPGs. They are fun. Unless they are horror RPGs, then I'm a fraidy cat. Unless other people play with me. I'm into Dance Dance Revolution at the moment game wise though.

I like books. I used to be big into science fiction, like animorphs, but now I mostly like fantasy. Manga, of course, is always a great source of reading materal as well. I'm curently reading Alice 19th....then again, I'm currently reading ALLOT of mangas. lol

Art wise, I'm not just one kind of fanartist. Meaning : I'm not just a Yu-Gi-Oh fanartist, I'm not just a Naruto fanartist or ect. Please do not peg me as such. That has happened. Not fun.
Sometimes my work may even be my original characters^^.

I see media miner has changed a little. Image uploads are faster. And I really appreciate being able to search under any category of art I want. Glad that's back. Comment-wise it's about the same - dismal. I mean views are nice, I'm glad people SAW my work, but comments make my day. Everyone likes SOME acknowledgement, even if it's a little. I don't feel that bad about it anymore if I get upset when I don't get acknowledged b/c a great anime character named Naruto taught me that that is okay.^0^ Just so that you move on and keep trying. ( artist leaves you to ponder whether she was serious about that last statement.) Seriously though, I'd love to be like some of my favorite anime characters just to have their level of confidence and perserverance. But that's why we like them, isn't it? But I've noticed that allot of people with great stuff on the site has had no comments until I crossed their path, and that baffled me to say the least. Sad, ne?

Anyway, not much more I can write that's on my mind right now that included bio material, so I'll end it here. ^^

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