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User Name:Rune_Spirit
Last Visited On:Nov. 15th, 2007, 15:06:59, PST
Registered On:January 01, 2005
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hey, thanx for checkin' out my bio! I have an account under this penname on fanfiction.net, please check it out.

About me:

Age: Don't matter cause I don't act it. (I took a quiz that says I act 16)

Sex: Female (n' lovin it!)

Hair: Brown; reaches the small of my back

Eyes: Different shades of brown; they change colors

Fav. Shows: Inuyasha, X-Men: Evolution, Case Closed, Lupin III, Xiaolin Showdown, The Winx Club, Project dot hack/udeden, Teen Titans, Code: Lyoko, Cyborg 009, Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Fav. Female Characters:
Inuyasha: Kagome
X-Men: Rogue
Case Closed: Rachel
Lupin III: Fujiko
Xiaolin Showdown: Kimiko
Winx Club: Flora
Hack/Udeden: Oukka the Divine Fist
Teen Titans:Raven
Code: Lyoko: Yumi
Cyborg 009: Francoise aka 003
Yu-Gi-Oh: Tea (Anzu)
Harry Potter: Hermione
One Piece: Nami
Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power: Zakuro (Renee)
Final Fantasy X-2: Paine
Zatch Bell: Sherry

Fav. Male Characters:
Inuyasha: Sesshomaru
X-Men: Remy (Gambit)
Case Closed: Jimmy
Lupin III: Jigen or Guemon
Xiaolin Showdown: Raimundo
Winx Club: Kikko
Hack/Udeden: Balmung
Teen Titans: Beast Boy
Code: Lyoko: Ulrich
Cyborg 009: Joe aka 009
Yu-Gi-Oh: Kaiba or Bakura (Yami no Bakura)
Harry Potter: Draco
One Piece: Zoro (Zolo)
Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power: Pai (Sardon)
Final Fantasy X-2: Baralai
Zatch Bell: Brago

Inuyasha: InuyashaxKagome
X-Men: RoguexRemy
Case Closed: JimmyxRachel
Lupin III: LupinxFujiko
Xiaolin Showdown: RaimundoxKimiko
Winx Club: MusaxRiven
Hack/Udeden: OukkaxBalmung
Teen Titans: Beast BoyxRaven
Code: Lyoko: UlrichxYumi
Cyborg 009: 009x003
Yu-Gi-Oh: KaibaxTea (Anzu)
Harry Potter: DracoxHermione
One Piece: ZoroxNami (ZoloxNami)
Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power: PaixZakuro (SardonxRenee)
Final Fantasy X-2: BaralaixPaine
Zatch Bell: BragoxSherry

Fav. Triangles:
Inuyasha: InuyashaxKagomexNaraku
X-Men: RemyxRoguexPietro
Case Closed: JimmyxRachelx...?
Lupin III: LupinxFujikox...?
Xiaolin Showdown: RaimundoxKimikoxJack
Winx Club: MusaxRivenxDarcy
Hack/Udeden: BalmungxOukkaxSanjuro
Teen Titans: Beast BoyxRavenxA Villian (Adonis, Johnny Rancid, etc.)
Code: Lyoko: UlrichxYumixTheo
Cyborg 009: 009x003x002
Yu-Gi-Oh: KaibaxTeaxBakura (KaibaxAnzuxYami no Bakura)
Harry Potter: DracoxHermionexRon
One Piece: ZoroxNamixSanji (ZoloxNamixSanji)
Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power: PaixZakuroxDeep Blue (SardonxReneexD. B.)
Final Fantasy X-2: BaralaixPainexNooj
Zatch Bell: BragoxSherryxSebé

Fav. Movie Genres: Anime, Horror, Mystery

Fav. Movies: Princess Mononoke, The Matrix (the other two sucked), Harry Potter (all three), Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Pirates of the Caribbean (There's gonna be a second one, yay!), Pretty Woman, Dogma (I'm and Athiest), Holes, Heaven Help Us, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, 13 Ghosts, Rose Red

Dislikes: Comedy movies, that time of the month, nickelodeon shows (especially Sponge Bob), having trouble creating her personal website, having trouble creating an online RPG, frizzy hair (my hair gets so annoying)

Fav. Music: Evanescence, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, No Doubt, Eminem, Metallica, AC/DC, and a LOT more

Side Notes:
Why weren't many Horror flics in my favorites? They aren't scary anymore. In the last 5 years, I’ve 'eep'ed during a horror movie only once, and it was because i was shocked, not scared. Horror flics have become shit. (The Exorcist was disturbing, not scary and the movies I did like were because of characters/plot, not terror.)

Why don't I like Comedies? They are all immature humor. I mean, it's like 'look! He farted!' HAHAHAHAHA!' it's completely and totally retarded. Farts and all those other things movies joke about aren't funny.
Who do I think is funny? Jeff Foxworthy, South Park, Far Side comics, Bill Mar, etc.

My Muse:

Name: Zander

Apperance: He's a Shape shifter. When not in a form, he's a floating blob of translucent silver, green, and blue tie-dyed goop w/ red eyes.

Likes: to sleep and be lazy, Karolyn (sometimes)

Dislikes: RuneSpirit's fan fictions, Karolyn (sometimes)

Note: Karolyn is Zander's sister and muse of my friend, Elfklutz1200

News on my Fics:
Last Updated: June 5, 2005

Important: Next week we have more finals and I'm going to Boston for three days. Also, since school's almost out everything's really hectic with graduation parties and whatnot. That plus the intense writers block I'm experiencing is going to make things extremely difficult, I have no where near as much time for writing.

Unexpected Feelings: Ch. 11 is posted! I know, I haven't updated in a while, but I'm hitting a block, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Unexpected Love has been deleted because no one read it. Go here: www.angelfire.com/falcon/floatinghearts/winxclub for great pics.

The Tesseract: I've posted chapter 7! This one isn't quite as good as my others, but it'll do. It may take me a while to update again, since I'm having trouble writing, but I do have a full 4 pages written.

The Theory: I've posted ch. 3, and I was wrong. This is not the end, it may be up to 7 chapters. I'll update it, but I'm going to try and focus on my other fics. This was a result of slight writers block and now I'm getting blockage for this one as well.

5 Days to Fall in Love: I have decided to post, even though I'm only working on chapter 6. I figure that I'll just deal and make the best of things. I'll add chapters between once every other week and once a month.

Breakfast: Finished; Sequel on the way

Note: I do not always update my profile often. Things may change, without this page changing.

The Sequel to Breakfast. Plot: Sebé asks for Sherry's hand in marriage (in years to come) and her mother says yes. BragoxSherryxSebé
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