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User Name:ObscureAnimeWriter
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Registered On:February 02, 2005
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Biography:ObscureAnimeWriter Log 1: February 4th, 2005

My one goal under this penname: To write fanfiction for obscure anime titles/couplings!!!

I find it a shame that good series like Hana Kimi and Vampire Game are so overlooked by the populace just because America hasn't caught on yet (we're always late on everything anyway). Therefore, I'm writing for obscure anime titles to help them along a bit. Besides, it's so hard to find fanfiction for them. It would be nice to start a fad or something...publicity is what I'm after, in other words. I also intend to write for strange couplings in more popular anime's. Such as Miroku/Kagome for InuYasha or Mousse/Akane for Ranma 1/2, for instance. Just anything odd that springs to mind...

Hope y'all enjoy somethin different. You can also find me 'n my fic's on fanfiction.net under this same penname, but this will be where I post my lemon chapters/one shots.

My current fandom of choice is Bleach, Ishida/Orihime-centric OneShots primarily. I have one of these with citrusy intentions, but the rest are (somewhat) good clean fun...Well, cept for all the really bad puns I tend to use. Those can't be helped, tho, sorry.

My fanart can be found here: http://s62.photobucket.com/albums/h102/megaminoeien/

Feel free to drop your comments in my review box and/or via e-mail.

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