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User Name:Enzeru
Last Visited On:Apr. 15th, 2014, 02:20:46, PDT
Registered On:February 02, 2005
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Biography:Well what to say???
I'm 22 y/o, I come from sweden and I love to read fan fictions.
I love to watch anime and read manga as I love to draw my own works and do fanart.

I'm a complete Yaoi addict so I love to read yaoi fics, and that's probably what I'll write the most myself.

These are animes/mangas from witch i read fan fics from and my favourite pairings.

Weiss Kreuz: Omi X any of the georgeus Gaijin in weiss and schwartz. (Omi X Schuldig absolute favourites)

Kyou Kara Maou: Yuuri X Wolfram, Yuuri X Conrad

Fake: Ryo X Dee, Ryo X Rose

Bleach: Ichigo X Renji, Ichigo X Hitsugaya, Ichigo Ichida

Fruits Basket: Thoru X Shigure;Aya;Hatori;Haru;Kyo;Yuki; in pairings of two or more, AyaXShigureXhatori, KyoXHaru, YukiXKyo,

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